First time BI by chubeez

First Bisexual Experience

I’m 51 years of age always been attracted to women rather than men. I’ve been through the whole marriage bit kids and all. My first relationship of 25 years had been sexless for 5 years and enough was enough. When I met my partner we were teenagers I loved her very much. After the breakup I really didn’t want to fall in love with anyone again. In terms of sexuality I’m straight, I find women attractive and as George Michael one said sexuality it’s about who you can love not just who you can get it up for. My sex life after the breakup became thrill based rather than love based. It started with porn which got more repetitive and less exciting as time went on. I quickly moved to using prostitutes but even that started to lack excitement especially when it was clear they weren’t into the sex. I started using online streaming sites and found I loved being watched by others. But for a middle aged man most of the people looking were other men. However, I found the naughtiness of being watched by people of the same sex exciting. Sometimes they would chat to me and complement me on my cock my big belly or my arse. If I was lucky they’d tell me what they’d like to do to me, I’d always cum at the end of the session. And the thought of a guy jerking off to my cumming was awesome. Now I wanted to try the sex for real.I knew I didn’t want to date a gay guy, as discussed above any relationship would have to be with a woman. What I wanted was the same anonymous set up I’d enjoyed online just with real cocks and arses.

Now I had prepared I’d cam’d with guys while penetrating myself with sex toys (another fad where the excitement soon waned – sex toys that is) and I love the feeling of something solid against my prostate. I even found it quite arousing to suck on the toys before use. Anyway, I decided to go to a gay sauna. No chat no dinner just sex. I didn’t eat for two days before hand and douched to make sure everything was going to be good. I was very nervous, what if I didn’t like it what if I got disgusted with what I was doing but couldn’t back out? I didn’t have a type I wasn’t attracted to so anyone would do, but what if I unwittingly approached someone out of my league and made a fool of myself. So I hatched a plan, I would be passive sit in the sauna naked and allow anyone to do what they wanted to do to me. Whether I liked it or not I was not going to say “No”. I put cash in my pocket put my wallet in the hotel safe and headed to the sauna. It was 1:00pm in the afternoon so there werebpeople around when I arrived. I walked up to the entrance three times but couldn’t get up the nerve to go in. On the fourth approach the receptionist saw me and waved me to come in. 25 Euro’s got me in and rented me a towel and a locker. The receptionist was very helpful,”Ok Hun” he said, “head to locker room put all your clothes in the locker. You can go naked anywhere but put your towel on in the bar, off you go”.

My heart was pounding as I headed to the locker room. I remembered at school fearing the ridicule I’d incur if I got a stiffy changing for sports in front of the other boys. Here it was allowed, encouraged. I quickly got undressed slipped off my underwear. There was no-one else there but just for a laugh I dropped them on the floor and them bent over to pick them up. I don’t know where he came from but a guy pushed past me in the narrow corridor between the lockers making no attempt to avoid physical contact. His penis brushed against my arse, the first time I’d felt a penis against my skin. I kind of froze he muttered “sorry” and went on his way. I put my stuff away, checked no-one was looking and lubed my arsehole and headed for the sauna. My cock was hard with anticipation, and it was liberating to have it waving in front of me for everyone to see. When I got to the sauna there were two guys in there. They were kissing one was holding the others cock while second one was playing with his nipples. They both got up to leave when I arrived probably heading to one of the private rooms to finish what they’d started. Alone I stretched out my towel on the top shelf of the sauna and climbed onto it and reclined much the same way I’d done many times before for the webcam cock in hand. I felt a bit self conscious like that so I closed my eye’s layed back and relaxed enjoying my nakedness.

15 minutes or so later two guys came into the sauna. By now my big belly and heavy breasts were soaked with sweat. The sweat on my back was running down my arse crack. Every where on me was wet. I could feel my heart racing and my cock stiffening at the thought of what might happen. My self doubt was enormous would they even like me? I didn’t know. One was in his fifties grey hair skinny if I remember rightly a bit taller than me with an above average sized penis that he covered with a towel when he sat down, not on the other side of the sauna but on the bench below the one I was sitting on. The other guy was younger in his 30’s brown hair quite muscular. He too, but much more brazenly than the first guy, laid his towel on the lower bench obviously wanting to show off his naked body to the two older men. But instead of sitting he stood and started to rub my belly. I didn’t complain, this had been the plan all along. I let the towel fall so my erection was fully exposed and to let him know I was interested. As he rubbed his hand over my belly it felt amazing I could see his hand glistening with my sweat as it worked my ample flesh. All of a sudden I saw him look down at the other guy who was stroking his thigh and give him a nod towards his rock solid cock. The older man needed no more encouragement and started to softly lick the younger mans cock and caress his balls. I wondered at the sight before me. Me totally naked dripping with sweat being massaged by a man with a huge erection that was now deep in the older guys throat with my own cock stiffer than I’d ever seen it. The feel of big manly strong hands on my skin was totally different from the feel of a woman touch. He moved his hands to my inner thighs push a finger into my lubed arsehole and barely touched my cock when disaster right in the middle of the most exciting sex session of my life I blew my load. Now on the webcam once I came the show be over. But this guy wanted the favour returned. He licked the cum from my belly which made me freeze with fear. He didn’t seem happy even though the other guy was doing a good job of sucking his meat. He stood up grabbed his towel and gestured for us to follow him. Which we did. He’d rented a private room which he lead the too of us to and took us inside once inside he locked the door. What the fuck, after cuming I was practically straight again the thought of having sex with a man was far less appealing now. But it was obvious that I had cum and now the debt must be repaid. I REMEMBERED I had told myself whatever I was asked to do I would do it. The young guy pushed me to my knees. I was now a straight guy who was going to get a large sweaty cock shoved into his mouth. What was I going to do? Also now the older skinny guy was also in position. The younger guy slapped my face with his erection hard. I went to get up and he pushed me down again. “Oh fuck” I thought. His cock was soaking with pre-cum and it smelt like old underpants. No way I wanted that in my mouth. He pressed the hood against my tightly closed lips pulling back his ample foreskin. I didn’t yield so he slapped me round the head. Ouch fucking hell. Meek as a mouse I stuck out my tongue and licked the purple helmet almost gagging. His hands clasped behind my head and he thrust his huge dick against my lips. I yielded and took his cock in side. He laughed took his massive member out of my mouth and indicated the second guy should do the same. He was cut and his cock was also dripping with pre-cum and sweat.Another slap and I opened my mouth to take the older guys cock. He shoved it right done my throat and fucked my throat 3 or 4 times and then pulled out. I gagged thought I was going to be sick as tears Rolled down my cheeks. I fell down on all fours. The younger guy knelt in front of grabbed my head and thrust his cock into my mouth again and started to fuck my mouth. I just did my best not too bite his dick

(I didn’t want another slap). I just tried to escape the situation by just thinking about the promise to myself that I would just get on and do whatever was asked of me. But suddenly I felt two hands stroking my huge arse. I’d already surrendered to the brutal mouth fucking that was currently going on. It was out of my control not my responsibility so no problem but this was two much. I whipped my head round to to glare at the older guy just long enough to realise that he had a monster 9 inch rock hard cock ready to penetrate my virgin arsehole when slap my head was pulled round and the mouth fucking continued. At the same time I felt my arse checks being parted and a warm tongue licking the length of my arse crack. I had to say it felt good. My dick started to get hard again. The mouth fucker was on a steady rhythm every few seconds he’d stop to let breath and then go back in with long slow strokes he was in this for the long game. The arse fucker slowly inserted one finger them two fingers into my virgin arsehole. I thanked him silently for at least stretching me out before he raped me. Then more tongue this time concentrated on my arsehole itself. This is something I’d never experienced before and it felt so good. I felt his hand reach between my legs to squeeze my solid erection. I think he did it because he wasn’t sure if I was enjoying our session, but deciding I was he decided to go in. I felt the thing I’d thought about the most before coming to this place. I felt the head of large cock pushing against my arsehole. I was crazy with anticipation. Now I’d used toys before and while I was now very comfortable getting those through my sphincter this thing was much bigger. I felt the pressure increase against my hole the large cock partially inside me the mouth fucking stopped, oh shit. The old guy pushed as hard as he could the pain was exquisite. I pushed back on his dick trying to open my anus to allow the monster inside me. My erection disapeared and I almost fainted with the pain but his enormous cock was now in side me and it felt so good. And so the arse fucking began. Slow long strokes a mix of subsiding pain and intense pleasure. The younger guys cock was pushed back into my mouth. Both my holes now filled with cock. The sweaty aroma of the guys crotch was nectar to my lungs the precum now tasted sweet and delicious. I worked hard to get his cock as far down my throat as possible so I could bury my nose in his pubic hair. The feeling in my groin from that monster cock thrusting in and out was un-believable. I wanted to piss shit and cum all at the same time. The two guys were working as a team matching each other thrust for thrust now slowly increasing the pace together. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they both came in side me. With a woman most of the time you have to ask them if they’ve come. These guys climaxes would be evidenced by the fluid they spillt in my body. The young guy came first his cum hitting the back of my throat and dropping on my tongue I’d never tasted it before but not salty. I held his cock in my mouth and sucked him dry. He headed south stuck his head under my crotch and started sucking my rather limp cock and the older guy pounded my arse for all he was worth I started to cum. The longest and most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I had to stay there for another minute or two while monster cock finished. I heard a groan behind me and his cock was thrust in me as far as it would go, and he pumped his load deep in side me. He pulled out and I could feel his cum running out of my arsehole and down my leg.

We all collapsed in a heap. I must admit I was in pain. But it was the best sexual experience of my life so far. We all shared a long deep kiss and then we shuffled off to the showers. I got dressed went home and never saw them again.

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