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Nothing had been going right since dad’s death two years ago. The huge volume of wealth and acres of land my father had earned was stuck in a legal hell hole because my uncles and aunts wanted a share of their brother’s wealth. Although I had graduated with flying colours, I couldn’t find a suitable job that paid well, and neither were we well off for me to pursue my higher studies. Since his passing, mom and I were living on the meager income from my part-time job.

One day, when I returned from work, I saw my mother, Ritu, consulting with a Swamiji at our home. He was sitting on a bamboo mat, with a single lamp and incense lit by his side. Surrounding him were several sheets of papers, what looked like horoscopes. As soon as I entered the home, the saffron draped swami beckoned me by his side and looked at my palm. He read my palm intently for a while and asked my mother for my horoscope. I didn’t bother about it and went to my room to freshen up.

Mom seemed restless that entire evening. She had burnt our dinner and the vessels kept slipping out of her hand while she was cleaning up. I wondered why she looked so sad and distant.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked her, sitting her down on the sofa beside me. Mom just kept her head down and didn’t respond. I moved closer to mom and put my hand on her shoulders. “What happened, mom?” I asked her again.

Mom relayed everything that had happened that evening to me. The Swamiji was well known for identifying and resolving black magic and curses. After carefully looking over our situation and our house, he concluded that our family was under the influence of some complex black magic. It had the markings of our close relatives all over it. He had said that the only way to resolve this is if mom marries someone born into a very specific horoscope. After much searching, the only horoscope that matched was mine.
“Do you remember, when I was a young kid, I used to tell you I wanted to marry you?” I said, shaking her out of her haze. Mom’s rosy lips broke into a gentle smile. I pulled her close and hugged her. “Let’s do it, mom. Let’s get married.” I said.

Mom laughed heartily, remembering the days long gone. She ran her fingers through my hair and kissed me affectionately on my forehead. “You kids grow up so quickly.”

“But you don’t seem a day older than 25, mom,” I said and kissed her cheeks.

I held mom’s hand and bent down on one knee. “Mom,” I said, and she looked at me surprised. “Will you marry me?” I asked, kissing her hand. Mom had tears in her eyes when she nodded to a yes. I stood up and hugged her tight, crushing her gigantic boobs against my chest. My dick was hard and was ready to burst out of my pants. My hands left her shoulders and traveled down. I grabbed mom’s ass and pulled her closer to me, smashing my hard dick on her groin.
Mom pushed back suddenly and fixed her saree self-consciously. “Go to bed,” she said, and swiftly made her way to her own bedroom, locking the door behind her.

We met with the Swamiji the very next day, who fixed a date of marriage at the end of the week, at an old temple in the outskirts of the city. The rest of the week seemed to go ever so slowly. I couldn’t concentrate properly at work and almost got yelled at many times.
At home, however, I was much more relaxed. I started flirting and teasing mom. At first, mom was shocked at my behaviour, but soon gave in and every time I called her by her name or as my wife she would look away in shyness.

Mom was the first woman I had fantasized about since I reached puberty. After facing a moral dilemma in the earlier days, I soon gave into my cravings and jerked off to the thoughts of my own mother many times. The innumerable opportunities where I got a peek at her naked thighs, or cleavage or her huge boobs arrested by tight blouse would be the fuel of my fantasies that night. Over years of yearning for my mom finally seemed to bear fruit!

Our wedding day finally arrived. Mom and I packed our new clothes in a bag, and we left for the temple early in the morning. The Swamiji had arranged a simple ceremony for us. Both of us changed into new clothes and quickly finished the ceremony. Once I tied the mangalsutra to mom’s neck, she bent down and touched my feet. I felt a familiar stir in my pants and it took all my resolve to keep me from getting a massive boner.

Then the swami blessed us for a long life and a healthy child. Mom looked at him in shock. “Swamiji,” she said meekly, “are we supposed to…” she stopped mid-sentence, unable to find the right words. The Swamiji understood her predicament and simply smiled at her. “It is not entirely necessary for the newlyweds to consummate,” he paused allowing mom to breathe easy, “but it doesn’t hurt either.” I had full privileges to fuck my own mother.

Later, Swamiji instructed on a few daily rituals and taught us a couple of mantras we had to chant together before going to bed every night for the next two months. Only then would we see an improvement in our situation.

We were sitting on the sofa relaxing after a tiring bus ride. Mom was looking beautiful than ever that evening. She was resting her head against the back of the sofa and had her eyes closed. The saree draped over her chest was fluttering carelessly under the strong breeze from the fan above us.

Mom seemed to sense me scanning her body, and she opened her eyes. “What?” she said, nodding at me.

I smiled at her. “Why don’t you go take a bath, and I’ll get us some dinner,” I said and left.

I returned home in a little while with our dinner from a nearby hotel and some loose jasmine and rose. I could hear mom humming softly in the bathroom. Imagining her wet and naked aroused me further.
I changed the sheets on mother’s bed and started decorating it with the fresh jasmine and rose petals I had just bought. Soon I heard the water and the humming inside the bathroom stop. Mom must have finished her bath. I heard the latch of the attached bathroom open, and my heart beat increased. Mom came out of the bathroom looking like a fresh rose in the dew. She was wearing a towel around her chest, which did little to hide her aroused nipples. The towel was just long enough to cover her pussy, and the rest of her fleshy thighs and legs were mine to see.

Mom was shocked seeing me in the room but she recovered quickly and gave me a weak smile. “What are you doing here?” she asked, holding up her soiled clothes against her chest.

“Just getting our bed ready for tonight mom,” I said. Mom noticed the decorations on the bed and was immediately surprised. Then she turned her head down in shyness and pressed her clothes closer to her chest.

I went closer to mom and lifted her head by her chin. She looked even more beautiful close-up. I bunched the stray hairs that had fallen on her cheek and pushed them behind her wet ear. “You look so beautiful mom,” I said and kissed her cheek.

Mom immediately lets go of her clothes and fell on my shoulders. “Gosh, you are such a romantic!” she gushed. I held mom’s bare back and snuggled closer to her. My dick was extremely hard and was pressing against mom’s pussy. I started gently kissing mom’s wet neck and licking the beads of bathwater. I lowered my hand below her waist until it reached her slippery ass cheek. I firmly grasped her buttocks and gave it a firm squeeze.

Mom let out a squeal of laughter and freed herself from me and hid behind the bathroom door. I lunged towards her and she shut the door in my face. “NO” she laughed from inside the bathroom. “Go get the table ready.” She said, still laughing.

Neither of us could concentrate at dinner. We were both giggling and making awkward small talk like teenagers. Even after dinner, sitting cross-legged next to mom chanting the mantra that the Swamiji had taught us, I was restless and handsy with mom. “Stop it!” mom said, hiding her smile. By the time we were done, I had a raging hardon that was I shamelessly brandishing to mom.

Once mom was done chanting, I pulled her close and started to kiss her on the lips. Mom opened her mouth to accept me and reciprocated with equal enthusiasm. My hands explored her body and she did the same. Mom wasn’t wearing any bra or panties, and her bare body was only shielded by her thin nighty. Mom moaned loudly into my mouth every time I pinched her hard nipples or squeezed her ass. “Please honey, stop!” mom said half-heartedly. “I’m your mother,” she said, still massaging my dick over my pants.

I pulled down my track pants and my hard dick sprang out. Mom was astonished to see my 6-inch dick and licked her lips sexily. I stood up and removed my t-shirt as well, kicking my pants aside. I was completely nude in front of mom. Mom looked at me with a wild passion and started to rub her pussy and her boobs looking at me.
I stretched out my hand for her, and mom took it. I pulled her up and towards me. My naked cock poked at mom’s dripping wet pussy and she let out a moan. I ripped out mom’s nighty in one swift motion and tore it off of her body in seconds.

Mom cupped her breasts and her pussy with her hands shyly. I pulled mom close to me and started to penetrate her. Mom grabbed me and gently bit my shoulder. “Not here” she said, sliding my hungry dick away before I could enter her. “In the bedroom.” She said catching her breath. I lifted mom’s naked body in my strong arms and took her into the decorated bedroom.

I threw mom on the fragrant bed and admired her beauty for a few seconds. Mom’s hair was loose and some of her strands fell over her shoulders and her big boobs. Her nipples were erect and aroused. Her pussy was leaking and her juices had coated her pubes.
She lifted her hand and beckoned to me. I went down on mom and started to lick her pussy and lapped up all her juices. My hands were all over her tits, which were soft and sweaty. Mom moaned and bucked her hips into my face every time I pinched her nipples.

My tongue snaked its way down mom’s love hole- my birth canal and began pleasuring her immensely. Mom’s hands were all over my head, rubbing and pulling my hair for support. “Ooohhh yes, suck my beta. Suck your mom’s pussy. Aaahh mom moaned.
I rubbed my nose against her clit and occasionally flicked it with my tongue or suckled on it. mom responded to my moves very verbally, which only inched me to try harder. Soon, I felt mom’s pussy walls tighten and soon she squirted all over my face. She orgasmed for a couple of minutes before falling limp on the bed, trying to catch her breath.

My throbbing erection was waiting to get some action. I spread mom’s legs apart and mounted on her as she lay tired and unable to move. I ignored her feeble protests as I started to penetrate my hard cock into her pussy. Her cum had lubed her insides quite well and my dick went in with no resistance.

“Mom, I had been waiting for this moment for so long!” I said as I kissed her. I started pumping her pussy, gently at first and then gained proper momentum. I bucked my hips hard into hers, ramming my dick deep into her pussy.

“Aaaahhh… fuck meeee… fuck mee baby…. I have never had a cock this big inside me! Aaaahhh….” Mom moaned as I fucked harder and deeper into her pussy.

“Yeah… take it, mom…” I kissed all over her and licked her sweaty bare skin. Mom co-operated quite well and responded to all my moves. It was evident that she was in need of a good fuck all these years.

Finally, I felt thick blobs of cum rush into my cock. I began to quiver and I quickened my pace. Mom held my buttocks with her soft hands and began to knead them and started moaning. “Yeah, baby… fuck me… plant your fertile seed inside mom’s pussy… aaahhhh, make me your true wife son…. Ummmaaaa” she kissed me as I pounded deeper into her pussy.

With one last thrust, and with mom pushing down on my ass, I reached deep inside her velvety soft pussy and leaked a week’s worth of sperm deep into her womb. I fell on her, tired. After a few minutes, I rolled off of her and some of our love juices leaked from her pussy.

Mom turned towards me and patted my cheeks. “That was wonderful beta. Thank you” she said. “No, thank you, mom!” I said and kissed her cheeks.

“You can call me Ritu now. We are husband and wife” she said and shied away.

“Ritu, my sweetheart,” I said and kissed her lips. The gentle pecking soon turned hot and heavy. Mom gave me a naughty smile when she saw my dick ready for another round. she lay on her back and invited me to take her again.

Soon, all our problems washed away. Mom and I sold our property and moved to another city, where mom got pregnant and gave birth to our child.

The end.

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