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First Experience With Friend’s Sister

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Hi, porn sex story readers dot com and followers my greetings to you all. This is my first story here, in fact, the first experience of my life, I wanted to share this sweet experience with all of you. Before that I would like to introduce myself, I am Tarun aged 27-year fair look 5.8” tall and normal 6” tool. staying in Bangalore and I work for one of the reputed MNC company.

Since it is my first sex story. So sex experts, lovers, writers and readers please do forgive me for any mistakes. I welcome your feedbacks and suggestions to my inbox i.e [email protected]
This sex story is my first experience in my life with my friend’s (girl not girlfriend) sister. Friend Name is Pallavi white fair face 32c breasts 30 waists and 34 size good ass. and her Sister name is Karunya thin body white silky skin with 28c breast 28 waist and 30 size good ass.
This happened in 2015 when I was 25. One day My friend called me in the evening and asked for small help. I said ok I’ll do what is the help.

Friend: My sister is completed her degree and she wants to do job in Bangalore
Me: Oh good, don’t worry we’ll search a job for her.
Friend: Before that, we should arrange for staying.
Me: Don’t worry we have lot of ladies’ PG in Bangalore
Friend: No. Since she is new to Bangalore she cannot stay in PG
Me: Then what to do

Friend: Can you keep her with you in your room till she gets a job? Then I’ll make her move to PG Depending on job location.
Me: Am staying alone in a small home you know right here even I don’t have separate bedroom may be it’ll be difficult for her to stay.
Friend: That’s ok she’ll adjust I already explained everything to her.
Me: OK no problem for me.

The day came Pallavi and Karunya came to the room and they both stayed here for 2 days and karunya adjusted to me and room. Since Pallavi PG is too far from my room she went back to PG. Me and karunya only staying in the room we both together started searching for a job and after a long search finally, she got a job in the reputed company after 20 days. By that time we both became good friends. But her joining day was 15 days later and she decided to go back to her native for some days. And she said after coming back she’ll move to PG. It was a bit shock for me and I kept quite suddenly she came to me and hugged me tightly, I hugged her back and planted a kiss on her fore head. She went to her native.

She came back after 15 days am very happy and I can see some spark in her eyes after seeing me. That day we enjoyed a lot we went to have chats, park, and temple and we came back we had our dinner then we decided to watch a movie. She told that she wants to sleep beside me by holding my hand today. I said no problem and she slept left side of me by holding my left hand keeping her head in my lap. I was sitting and watching a movie. She was wearing green little deep neck salwar. I can see her cleavage through it. Since it is a first time I am started sweating and feeling bulge in my night pant. Am in no mood to see the movie after seeing her cleavage. I thought she slept and I wanted to go toilet to pee. But she was holding my hand and she pulled me back n I fell on her and her boobs pressing to my face I felt very smooth like a bun over there. I said sorry and went to the toilet and changed from night pant to shorts.

I came back and slept beside her facing my back towards her. After 10 min she put her right hand and leg on me and her breast pressing against my back suddenly my penis stands up in 900. I turned towards her she is breathing heavily and I started kissing her face. I took her right hand and placed on my short. She is holding my penis and started massaging it over my shorts. After 2 minutes She came over me started kissing all over my face n finally kissed my lips for 10 min.
Am pressing her boobs in one hand and her ass in another hand, then I took her one boob in my mouth over her dress n bite it lightly. She started moaning she bite my ear. I have gone mad n came over her now pressing her boobs like mad. Now I remove her top, she removed my t shirt and she is licking n biting my nipples. She was wearing a black bra, she helped me to unhook her bra now am squeezing one boob and sucking another. We are breathing heavily now she is only in her pant.

I am kissing her from fore head to navel then I came little down and removed her pant and kissing from toe to pussy over her panty. I am licking her cunt she holding my head and pressing towards her love hole. I removed her panty and kissing her pussy it was neatly shaved and her pink color pussy lips making me mad, I bite pussy lips and started licking her pussy, inserted my tongue inside her hole. It was tasted awesome she was moaning heavily, she removed my short with my underwear. took my penis in right hand and started stroking it.

we shifted to 69 position she took it in her mouth I was on cloud nine. We sucked each other for 5 min, I came over her and asked are u really ready for it. She blushed n bite my nipple. She is taken my penis and trying put it in her love hole, I gently pressed it was paining to both of us and she is very tight. After trying for 15 min am able to push 2 inches inside her. I took a long breath and pushed again by applying a little force and felt her hymen. She got tears in her eyes by pain, I told her to hold on it’ll turn into a pleasure and slowly started moving my dick in and out. She was making a mark on my shoulders by her nail. I fucked her like that 15 min and I was about to cum I removed my penis I cum on her belly.

We slept hugging each other we had 2 more sessions that night. Next day she shifted to her PG. then one day I got the opportunity to fuck Pallavi and Karunya together I’ll share that in my next story based on your feedback. I would like to taste different girls and aunties so anyone willing, could mail me to [email protected] I mainly look for a good friendship and then a good person on the bed for fun. The details will be kept confidential by me. Waiting for your reply.

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