First Encounter – Chapter 3 by Miss Behave

First Encounter – Chapter 3

It was now a week since Mr Manning had last summoned me to his office.

For the first few days back at school I had been relieved not to have been called back to see him, but now that the week was wearing on I found myself getting very aroused at the thoughts of what he had done to me.

I knew it was wrong of him to do that, I felt used and dirty, I still felt those things but now it didn’t seem so bad when I relived it in my daydreams.

I found it would pop into my mind at random times of the day, my nipples would stand to attention and my clit would start to throb when I was sitting in class. Sometimes I had to work really hard to concentrate on my lessons but sometimes I’d give into the feelings and let myself imagine him doing all these things to me again.

At the end of the week I found myself trying to think of excuses to go to his office but I didn’t have the courage to actually go and I didn’t know what to say to him even if I did.

When the bell at the end of last period went off we all headed for the main exit, it went right past Mr Manning’s office. In the crush of people around me, as we all filed through the corridor I saw him standing in the doorway surveying everyone as we all shuffled past.

I looked directly at him but he wasn’t looking, he turned his head and caught my eye, slowly a smirk started to turn up the corners of of his mouth and I felt my cheeks flush and my pussy contract. I broke the eye contact when I saw his eyes zero in on my expression, I dipped my head down lower so he couldn’t see me. He had looked at me like he had wanted to eat me and I really wanted him too.

The weekend took ages to pass but finally now it was Monday morning and I was eager to get to school.

I hadn’t seen Mr Manning all day, even though in the corridors between periods and lunch time he was usually always going around. Our last period today was PE and I was really always good it the physical stuff we were set to do so at least it would be a distraction.

Entering into the sports hall with the other girls we sat on the benches talking and gossiping while waiting for Mrs Roberts to come out of the office and begin today’s exercises.

I wasn’t paying attention and I heard girls whispering and giggling to my left and when I looked round to see what they were laughing at I saw Mr Manning starting to set up the gym equipment. Jess and Hailey next to me were making comments about his ass. Hailey next to me wolf whistled and he immediately spun round to see who had done it and while he looked at Hailey he glanced at me and I could tell my cheeks were inflamed with embarrassment and he told the others next to me to quiet down.

For the entire lesson I couldn’t stop myself thinking about what he had done to me and how confused I was about what I wanted now. Part of me wanted it all over again but also another part told me it was bad to want that from a teacher but I couldn’t stop.

At the end of the lesson we all headed to the locker rooms, I and a few other girls decided to go for a shower and the rest just grabbed their belongings and went straight home, in the shower I was distracted by my thoughts, I didn’t notice but before long I was the only one left in the showers.

I washed my hair quickly and was rinsing off when I heard footsteps coming into the shower room, I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around myself and was just about to leave when I pulled back the curtain to my cubicle, Mr Manning was standing there.

I jumped when I saw him, I wasn’t expecting him to be in the girls locker rooms. I didn’t know what to say, I just stood with my towel wrapped round myself, I clutched the front tighter for something to do, I was still dripping wet.

Mr Manning smiled, looked me up and down and said ‘Well Violet, what do we have here?’ I looked at him ‘I don’t know Sir, I said.’ I wondered if I should just start walking back to the locker room to get dressed but the way Mr Manning was studying me made me stay where I was.

He took a couple steps towards me, he started to remove my towel to uncover first my breasts, he looked hungrily at them. I wasn’t quite sure what to do so I looked down at the floor, feeling the heat rush to my cheeks once more.

I held onto the towel with my arms so it didn’t fall completely to the floor as he started gently rubbing my nipples with the backs of his fingers, they went harder than they already were. ‘Look at me Violet’ he said. Slowly I raised me eyes towards his face and looked right into his eyes. ‘Do you like this Little one?’ he said as he clamped both my nipples between his fore and middle fingers and applied a little more pressure.

I leaned forward with the pain I was feeling but didn’t respond to his question. I did’t want to tell him I liked it, I was ashamed that I was starting to enjoy the attention he had gave and was giving me again now. He let go and walked away, I watched him walk away from me and I felt disappointed that he was leaving me.

I wanted to tell him to stop but I couldn’t say the word because I couldn’t understand my own need to feel the way he made me feel. After a few minutes standing, I headed to the locker room to find him sitting next to my belongings on the bench. I stopped at the door, I knew I didn’t want him to leave me so I quickly walked towards him, I dropped my towel on the floor and stood before him naked.

My body tingled with excitement, my breathing became heavier as I stood looking at him, waiting to see what he would do. ‘What do you need Little one?’ he looked me right in the eyes. I felt tears behind my eyes as I thought about what I really felt, ‘You, Sir.’ as I stepped as far as I could in front of him.

I kept my eyes closed while I waited to see what he would do. I sensed him shift slightly and felt him pull me further towards him so my legs were almost touching the bench. I could feel his hot breath on my stomach ‘Would you like me to touch your pussy Little one?’ he skimmed his hands up either sides of my thighs. My breath hitched ‘Yes Sir.’ It came out as a sob and I was embarrassed at how much I needed him to take whatever he wanted from me. I didn’t care anymore if it was wrong, I just needed him to take control.

I was wet, I could feel the juices pooling around my pulsing clit. ‘Open your eyes, Little one’ he said just as I felt him slide his finger into my folds of flesh. I looked at him and seen the serious look in his eyes that told me he wanted it to. Rubbing back and fourth a few times through my folds and skimming my sensitive clit was almost unbearable, I needed more contact. I knew I needed to cum soon.

He slid his hand back and slowly circled his fingers at the entrance to my pussy, spreading my wetness around he pushed in slowly and let me adjust myself, I opened my legs wider for him so he could move more freely. I could already feel my pussy contracting with need and squeezing his fingers, he groaned and told me to hold onto his shoulders, I did. He went faster probing deeper into me each time, I could feel myself start to build towards orgasm, I tensed slightly, he must have felt my grip on his shoulders tighten too as he slowed his pace. I tried to thrust down to elicit more pleasure, he chuckled and told me to behave as he would only punish me for being too greedy.

He kept up a slower pace of teasing my pussy but I felt his thumb circle over my clit, it made me moan when he touched it and the more pressure he put on it the more I felt it swell and pulse with the need to cum. I tried to push into his touch more but he never let me, ‘be a good girl now, Violet’ was all he said. I tried to stand still but I couldn’t stop myself shifting forward every few seconds.

He stopped circling my clit and pulled his fingers out of my pussy slowly, watching my face as he did so. He must have seen the disappointment cross my face because he told me he wasn’t done with me yet. He told me to step up onto the bench, one foot on either side of him, I didn’t hesitate as he held onto me as I stepped up. I felt so wet and turned on I would have done anything he told me to.

Once up he told me to hold onto the large hooks in front of me and as I gripped them he told me to lean back and not let go. He spread my legs open and hoisted my thighs up onto his shoulders, he slouched down a bit so that his mouth was right at my clit, he tongued me, swirling gently round the edges of my swollen throbbing clit. He held onto my ass with both hands tightly, continuing his assault on my body.

My mind was reeling and I couldn’t think straight, all I wanted was for him to make me cum. He lavished long slow strokes up and down my pussy slit but never let me get near orgasm. ‘Please Sir’ I begged but he just ignored me. I started to push myself forward to grind into his face. He spanked my ass cheek really hard with one hand and bit down on my clit with his teeth, I screamed in pain at his teeth clamping down on my clit, it hurt and it made me focus on what was happening to me. He kept it clamped for a few seconds more and then he let go all at once, the feeling came back in a rush and overwhelmed me. The pain searing from my clit outward was too much to bear, I started to cry, trying to hold onto the hooks and keeping myself balanced was hard to do amid the intense pain.

‘Look at me Little one’ I heard him say but I was so focused on the waves of pain finally starting to subside, relief flooded through me that it was starting to pass now. He spanked my ass harder this time with his hand and more forcefully told me to look at him. When I leaned my head forward to look at him I could see my juices glistening all over his mouth, lips and chin. It shamed me to see how wet he had made me, I was mortified that I had gotten him soaked.

‘I’m telling you right now to behave, I’m in charge of what you feel and do right now, remember that, the more you disobey my instructions the more I’m going to punish you for it, do you understand?’ I whimpered ‘I need to cum please Sir!’ ‘I know you do little one but only when I say you can, you must ask for permission and be given it from me before you allow yourself to get too close to orgasm, if you cum without asking I will make you regret that decision, understand?’

‘Yes sir, I’ll try to hold back, I swear I’ll try but please let me cum soon, I can’t take anymore, please sir’ I begged. ‘The more you follow the rules little one, the more you’ll be rewarded, so behave’ was all he said before he dived back into my folds and started to lavish my clit with attention again, I tried so hard to concentrate on not letting myself cum. I was afraid of what his punishments might be.

He kept sucking and nibbling on my clit, I tried to relax and not react to it but it was impossible not to feel his tongue licking softly at it, his lips pinching it and his teeth grazing it constantly, it was a delicious feeling but one I couldn’t last much longer having to endure.

His right hand left my butt cheek, I felt him slip his fingers into my pussy, the slow strokes of his fingers on my pussy walls was increasing my need to cum so much but I held on tightly to my resolve to obey. I let my body goes as limp as I could while absorbing all the pleasure running through me, its the only way I could try to hold off my orgasm.

I was just about managing to relax and enjoy what was happening without getting to close to the edge then suddenly I felt a finger threatening to breach the entrance of my asshole, he was rubbing back and fourth between my pussy lips and my ass and suddenly I realised what his intentions were, he was spreading moisture to my ass so it would be lubricated as he pushed into my tight hole.

I immediately tensed myself up and clenched as tightly as I could. Mr Manning ordered me to unclench myself but I couldn’t. I felt the sting of the slap on my ass cheek, it made me push forward further to the wall where his tongue only slipped past my clit into my pussy lips instead, I held on tightly to the hooks as I forced myself forward. The next slap came hard on my ass and again made me push forward but I was so close to the wall and Mr Manning’s face that I had nowhere left to go. I was trapped, by him, my need to cum and by not wanting him to finger fuck my ass.

‘Relax now Little one, or I’ll make it hurt worse until you beg and scream for me to stop’ I felt him say the words as his mouth moved buried in my pussy lips. The words were muffled but I understood what he had said. I tried to relax and go limp like before but it was more difficult knowing what he had planned to do to me. I pushed myself away from the wall slightly allowing him more room, as I did his tongue went back to my clit once again.

His finger grazed my asshole again, I clenched then immediately unclenched when I could feel his finger caught between my cheeks. He pushed in slightly, ‘Please Sir, No’ I whimpered, he continued to probe in an inch and back out, I could feel everything, over and over again he explored pushing deeper in every few times. I started to cry, I couldn’t believe what was happening, the pleasure in my clit humming, the overwhelming feeling of having him assault my most intimate place and being embarrassed by my need to cum and my need to stop him doing these things all became too much, I sobbed so hard as I held onto the hooks for fear of falling, my body and mind wracked with sinful need and deep shame.

‘It’s ok, you’re ok Little one’ he told me as I cried. ‘Everything is gonna be just fine, I’m gonna take care of you, don’t worry, just remember to ask for permission to cum, don’t dare cum without my say so Violet.’ ‘Please Sir, can I cum?’ ‘Not yet Little one’ ‘Please, I have to cum, please I have to cum now Sir’ I begged but still he told me no.

With his finger rooted deep inside me and his lips sucking forcefully on my swollen needy clit while the tip of his tongue flicked the very end of it, I begged again to be allowed to cum but I felt the slight shake of his head that told me no I wasn’t allowed to. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I felt the rush that I had held back for so long finally flood through me as I screamed and cried and told him I was sorry.

He pushed as far as he could into my asshole as my body tensed as the waves of intense tingling explosions pulsed hard from my core outward sending shivers up my spine and down my legs. My legs lifted off of his shoulders and my knees started to slide up the wall with the power of the orgasm rushing through me, I was crying, screaming and my mind completely oblivious to any thoughts of embarrassment or the shame I had felt before had completely disappeared from my mind.

All I could feel was the intense pulsing now, everything else was lost until I felt Mr Manning clamping his teeth down on the source of the throbbing explosions, more intense than ever, I throbbed harder as his aggressive ministrations started to build up the need in me to cum again. I didn’t know it could build back up so quickly that I tensed even further than I thought was possible, my knees up the wall as high as I could get them, almost reaching the hooks where my hands had turned white with the force of holding on, my hands feeling numb, almost aching but I didn’t care, all I wanted was to cum again.

Mr Manning slipped his finger out of my ass only to replace it with two instead, I could feel the extreme tightness that wasn’t there before so I knew he had added another finger, I was too lost to care but as he pushed in further I felt the difference even more keenly, my ass tensed as he worked his fingers in and out, over and over.

His teeth clamping down hard was too much, I gave in again and before long I was screaming, incoherent words tumbled out of me, they made no sense, I involuntarily started to pull away from Mr Manning’s face only to crush back into him with my pussy forcing him against the wall, I kept pulling away and back again but now he kept up with my movements, never letting go of my ass with his left hand holding me up, the fingers of his right hand deep inside me massaging every last ounce of pleasure that was in me, coaxing it out slowly now as my movements slowed as the intensity of my orgasm started to ebb away.

Once my orgasm had subsided enough I could feel the pain now start to register in my clit as his teeth were still clamped down hard and his tongue never stopped flicking at the very tip, as the pain seared through it I begged him to stop but he didn’t, he sucked it harder and bit down even harder before finally releasing me. I wasn’t prepared for the intensity of pain that suddenly overtook me as blood rushed back into my clit, I screamed with the pain ‘That’s only part of your punishment for cumming without permission, Violet’ he said to me as I waited the seconds to pass that felt like forever to feel the intense pain wane from me. I breathed out heavily as I felt the relief coming.

He slipped easily out of my ass now as I relaxed and he held my ass with both hands as my legs began to receed down the wall and finally I stood on the bench again. He wrapped his arms round my thighs and told me to let go of the hooks now. I did as he told me and I was relieved he held onto me so tight, all my limbs felt weak now and I was not sure if I could stand up on my own, as he let me slide down his arms,they came up to my waist and then he stood up still holding round me tightly while he turned me round and sat me down on the bench where he had been.

He held each of my hands in turn and rubbed life back into them, he never spoke, just rubbed my hands, arms and legs for ten minutes. Soon they started to feel less numb, I didn’t know what to say so I just stayed quiet. I remembered he had said I had only suffered part of my punishment for cumming without permission. I didn’t dare ask what the rest of the punishment would be, I was secretly hoping if I didn’t mention it he would forget.

‘Are you able to walk now Violet?’ he asked looking directly into my eyes. ‘Yes, I think so sir.’ He gripped my hands and pulled me up ‘Then come with me, lets get you cleaned up.’ He lead me back through to the shower room and turned on the water silently urging me to walk into the stream of warm water. I stood and let the rivulets of warm water soak my weary aching muscles, it felt soothing.

Mr Manning stripped naked and joined me in the cubicle without saying a word. He took some of the body wash from the dispenser in the cubicle and rubbed it over both of his hands into a lather. ‘Turn and face the wall little one’, I did as he instructed and soon felt him wrap his arms round my waist, pulling me into him, I could feel his erection start to prod at my bum, he slid it through the gap at the apex of my thighs and held it there, he reached his hands between my legs and started to wash away all the juices that had flowed from me and that had started to dry in place. As he washed me his cock was rubbing very gently at the skin between my thighs, I could feel him growing as he moved very slowly in and out while he cleaned me thoroughly.

I pushed back as his fingers went deeper into my folds to wash my clit and pussy lips. I yelped at the sensation of him touching my now overly seniative places. ‘Stay still now little one or I’ll make the second half of your punishment unbearable’ he continued to rub gently and I tried to stay still but I couldn’t help but let out small involuntary moans as he cleansed me. Finally he stopped and moved backwards with me to get me into the stream of water to wash everything away.

While I had my eyes closed under the stream of water he took both my hands and tied something round both my wrists, it was a lanyard that normally would hold the teachers whistle, he tied one round both wrists then used another one to secure my wrists up to the shower pole going up the wall in front of me. ‘Please don’t tie me up Sir’ I pleaded but he told me that what he was about to do to me was going to be pretty rough and he needed to ensure I would stay in place like a good girl should.

I was scared, I didn’t know how much more I was able to take of his punishments. He pulled my hips back so my arms were outstretched. ‘Hold onto the shower pole, this is going to be intense Violet.’ I did as he instructed, I wrapped both hands round the bar as much as I could with my wrists being tied so close to it and held on tightly.

He held a firm grip of my hips and kicked my legs open wider with his feet so I was better balanced. Once he was happy with my position he started stroking up and down my back with both hands, the water splashing onto my lower back and down my ass, he positioned himself, his feet closer together, then I felt him push his hips towards mine and I knew he was about to take my virginity. I knew by now it was pointless to protest so I just silently let the tears slip from my eyes, down my cheeks. I said nothing, just waited while he guided the head of is cock to my entrance, pushing in very slowly til he hit home, out again very slowly and in again faster, he picked up speed and gripped me tight, I could feel the thrusts as he fucked into me harder and faster until he was going at such a fast pace and so aggressively that I started to lose grip on the bar I was holding onto, I had to let go and put my hands against the wall instead to steady myself as he pounded into me with such force I could feel myself building to another orgasm. Moaning with each thrust that hit the end of me, I didn’t think I could take another orgasm right now but it was still building up at my core.

It built up so quickly that I asked for permission to cum but he told me not yet, I held it back as he fucked into hard and fast then he told me I could cum when he did and it wouldn’t be long, he was pounding into me so much that I was losing my grip on the wall now. Clinging with one hand on that wall and one wrapped round the pole I tried to steady myself.

I felt his cock swell and I felt him grip even tighter and pull me back harshly while he buried his huge hard cock deep in my pussy, ‘Cum now’ he ordered loudly, I let go of the orgasm that I had been holding back for what felt like ages as I felt his hot seed spurt into me and coat my pussy inside. I moaned as my orgasm raged through me and I felt my pussy contract, milking his cock, making sure I got everything he had to give me.

He stilled for a few minutes as we both caught our breath. He slipped out of me. I hoped he was done with me for today, I was exhausted and really couldn’t take anymore.

‘Are you OK Violet?’ ‘Yes I think so sir’ I replied as he started to untie me from the pole and then took the lanyard from my wrists. I rubbed round my wrists where there had been pressure marks left. He told me they would go away in an hour or so just like the marks left from the handcuffs he used on me once before. He held round me and cuddled me in the shower, he kissed my forehead and told me I had taken all his punishments extremely well and that he was proud of me for lasting so long while he toyed my clit earlier.

I smiled shyly, it made me happy that he was pleased with me and I knew I wanted more from Mr Manning. I knew I wanted to learn to take all he had to give me and that I would try my best to obey his every instruction from now on.

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