first cuck experience

One day, while my roommate was out with her boyfriend, I borrowed her dildo for some solo fun. To my surprise, it was one of those cloning kits that she used on her partner. The experience was amazing and the size was perfect. Recently, during a FaceTime conversation, my roommate and I shared intimate details about our sexual encounters. I confessed to using her dildo clone of her boyfriend’s penis and even squirting from it one time. She was shocked but also flattered that her boyfriend’s penis could pleasure another woman so well.She half-jokingly suggested that I come over and try sitting on it for real. I laughed and said I’d love to try it firsthand. then she said he was at her house for a visit which left me really horny thinking about what she might be hinting at. When I arrived at her house she took me upstairs to her room where her boyfriend was already waiting in a chair at her desk. I blushed when I greeted him and he laughed, saying my friend had already filled him in on the situation.My friend told him to drop his pants and he did and i finally got to see the same cock that had made me squirt before. She looked at me with an encouraging gesture and I couldn’t help but feel turned on knowing the owner of this penis was so close by. “Go ahead, courtney” she giggled.I walked over and grabbed his throbbing cock, imagining how it would feel inside me. My friend watched as I took off my pants and underwear and lowered myself onto him. I was that wet that I just slid right onto it and felt his cock twitch inside of meAs my friend watched I couldn’t resist bouncing up and down on top of him hard and fast. After about 30 seconds I couldn’t hold back any longer and ended up squirting all over her boyfriend and the floor. I got off of him and led down on the bed flustered from my intense orgasm. I watched as my friend finished off her boyfriend and took his load inside her. I couldn’t help but hope that next time she lets me take his load instead.

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