Fingered my fwb whilst on a date with another woman

So me (m) and my friend (f) had a fwb deal where we fucked, did oral, anal, hand stuff and other kinky stuff once or twice a month. This was very inconsistent tho, sometimes is we did stuff twice a week, sometimes we went weeks without doing anything. About 4 or 5 months into this agreement, I went on a date to a restaurant with someone I was messaging with (and sexting 😋) on social media.

The date wasn’t going too well, she wasn’t initiating any conversations and it was sometimes like talking to a brick wall, but I then saw my fwb across the restaurant who was having a family meal. I went over to say hi (I know her family too as we have known each other for ages). A few mins later, I spotted her go to the toilet and I decided in that moment I just wanted to see, feel and use her pussy, I followed her.

I pulled her into the disabled toilets, told her I was going to finger her, then bent her over the sink. She pulled her thong down as I choked her, and started rubbing her clit. She got wet very fast and I rubbed her clit faster and faster as she loves. She came in about a minute, I said “good girl”, left and went back to my date.

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