Finding the time [FM][Married][Sensual][soft core][loving][fingering][somno][ass job]

Jess rolled over in bed and reached for her husband. Unsurprisingly she found his side of the bed vacant. She fought off sleep for a brief moment to strain her ears and listen. She heard Dave, as she often did at 2 a.m. in the nursery rocking their son back to sleep.
She smiled to herself as she drifted off back to sleep, grateful that Dave was such an attentive father and that the baby seemed so well adjusted despite his current growth spurt that had sent their sleep schedules into disarray.
Being a first time parent was hard. Jess was no fool and did not assume things would be easy, but one thing she was not prepared for was how much she missed her husband. With him going into the office and her working from home, the couple had essentially become strangers in the night, taking turns watching the baby while the other got rest. She missed her husband, she missed talking to him, she missed being held by him.
They were making an effort, as best they could, to express their love whenever possible. Jess rolled over in bed as her mind wandered to an interaction she had with Dave the other day. She had just put the baby to sleep and walked into the kitchen to find her husband washing bottles. His plain white t-shirt was damp in spots and clung to his chest. He was wearing gray sweatpants and barefoot. He looked ragged and honestly slightly gross, but Jess couldn’t take her eyes off him. She tiptoed behind her husband and sensually wrapped her arms around him. She kissed this back of his neck and gingerly slid her hand beneath his sweatpants. She cupped his package and felt it grow as her other hand snaked up his shirt.
He leaned into her as she stroked his hardening cock groaning quietly as her delicate fingers ran over his tip. He dropped the bottle he was cleaning. It landed with a wet clatter in the sink. He spun around and without a word pressed his lips to his wife’s, kissing her passionately. He scooped her up in his arms and placed her on the kitchen counter. Jess continued to stroke Dave’s cock as they sloppily made out. Saliva running down their chins. He reached under her shirt up, grabbing a handful of her breast. Just as the sexually frustrated couple began entangling themselves on the kitchen counter, a sudden distant noise caused them both to stop. The static transmissions from the baby monitor grew louder as their son began stirring in the next room.
Jess and Dave sighed deeply in unison. Their eyes met and a smile broke out across both their faces. “I love you.” Dave whispered to his wife.
“I love you.” She replied, “Keep cleaning, I’ll get the bottle.” As she walked away her eyes couldn’t help but linger on the wet spot left on her husband’s gray sweatpants.
That was four days ago and the last intimate moment they had. Jess played the moment over and over in her head. As unconsciousness took her once again she found her hand massaging the growing wetness between her legs. The last thing she remembered before she drifted off was the shadowy frame of her husband stealthy making his way back into the bedroom.
Dave was doing his best to stay quiet as he moved through the room. He had spent the better part of two hours trying to calm the baby and finally managed to get him back to sleep. The last thing he wanted to do was wake up his wife. As he tiptoed through the darkness, he couldn’t help but stare at the sleeping form of his beautiful partner. One of her legs was sticking out from under the sheets, her thick luscious thigh wrapped up in the comforter. Her gorgeous bare feet were flexing unconsciously, her toes wiggling back and forth. Dave’s gaze drifted upward. Jess’ chest was rising and falling steadily. The crop top she was wearing was askew, showing off the slightest hint of her breasts.
Arousal stirred in Dave. It had been too long since he was able to spend time with his wife and the thought of being alone with her, even if she was sleeping, was sending signals down to his rapidly stiffening cock. He continued to glide across the room. He stripped off his clothes and pulled back the bread spread to slide in. As he did he caught a glimpse of Jess’ ass. Her supple smooth cheeks supported by a pair of simple cotton panties adorned with a flowery design. Dave reached out his hand and ran his fingers over the curve of his wife’s buttocks. She shuddered as he did.
Dave was suddenly overwhelmed by a desire to taste her. To smell her. To be buried deep inside her.
As he crawled into bed, Jess rolled over, shifting her weight so her ass was pointing towards her husband. Dave slid in next to his wife and wrapped his arms around her, spooning her alluring and curvy form.
Jess’ eyelids were fluttering, deep in REM sleep. Her dreams were sporadic and random, flooding her unconscious mind with a wave of mixed emotions. As she dreamed a subtle warmth rose up from the depth of her core. A tingling sensation that gave focus to her chaotic dreamscape. She found herself standing in a forest clearing. Her body was bare and her mind was empty. She stood there for what felt like an eternity, naked and alone. Suddenly an invisible warm hand grasped her around the waist. It was the familiar soft touch of her husband’s tender palm. In the blink of an eye she was standing in her kitchen. She was no longer alone, her husband was there with her. She looked down to see Dave’s cock growing beneath his gray sweatpants. She looked up and gazed into his eyes before latching onto his face in a passionate embrace. Another blink and she was naked again floating in an endless void. Only now the invisible hands were everywhere. They were squeezing her breasts, massaging her clit, pulling at her nipples, sliding down her throat. She writhed and groaned, the pleasure was intense and the hands were relentless. She felt a thick throbbing sensation between her ass cheeks. Something was grinding against her. Her legs were spreading, and an invisible hand floated its way down her stomach. Wetness dripped from her pussy as the hand slid a finger into her. Her head was spinning, she could no longer tell what was real and what was fantasy. Blurry visions of her bedroom began to fade into existence on the horizon of the endless void.
Jess’ eyes opened, grudgingly but she did not wake. She stared, her eyes fighting to cut through the darkness. In the pitch black of the night, her dreams were still hazy in her head, and her body flooded with desire.
“Dave” she whispered in a breathy voice, unsure if she was dreaming.
She felt the warmth of her husband’s naked form pressed against her. His arm draped over her, one of his palms resting on her bare stomach. She thrust her hips back and forth, feeling Dave’s engorged cock between her cheeks. She reached down to her pussy, where she found Dave’s hand. He was gently massaging her wetness into her clit and sliding his middle finger deep inside of her.
“Ssshh,” Dave whispered in her ear. The warmth of his breath sent a shiver down her spine. She felt his lips press against the side of her neck, kissing her, sucking her flesh.
Jess arched her back, pushing her ass against her husband’s cock, her tits jutting out into the open air.
“Mmmmh,” she moaned, but she was cut off as Dave’s other hand reached up and sensually gripped around her throat.
“Not a sound,” he commanded, and Jess nodded, her eyes widening, her breath quickening.
Her heart raced in her chest. She was wide awake now. The dream, the darkness, her husband’s hand on her throat, the wetness dripping from her pussy, and the hardness of his cock, all came together in a blur of eroticism.
Dave’s finger plunged deeper inside of her, the palm of his hand massaging her soaked pussy. She grinded her ass back and forth, stroking her husband’s cock with her soft ass cheeks.
“Good girl,” Dave whispered again, his hot breath dancing across his wife’s skin. He continued to kiss her neck, licking and sucking the sensitive flesh.
“Dave, I… Mmmh,” Jess moaned, the pleasure of her husband’s touch overwhelming her. He gently tightened the grip on her neck, making sure not to hurt her, but slowly cutting off the flow of blood to her brain.
Jess gasped, shaking in Dave’s arms.
“You’ve got to be quiet, baby.” Dave reminded her, “You’ve got to stay still.”
Jess nodded her head, her mouth wide open, panting as she ground her hips against her husband’s cock, and fingers. She could feel precum smeared against her back. Her husband’s breathing quickened and she knew they were both about to explode.
“I’m going to cum,” she whimpered, “I’m going to…”
“Shh,” Dave said, cutting her off.
His hand moved faster, and his grip tightened, the force of his grasp pressing Jess’ body closer to his.
“Dave…,” she panted.
“Come with me baby,” he whispered.
Dave felt his wife’s pussy clench down around his fingers, her body tensed. He felt his own release rise up inside him.
Jess’ eyes rolled back in her head.
“Cum with me,” Dave said again.
The pleasure was intense. Dave’s fingers clamped around his wife’s neck. Her vision went blurry. The heat and wetness from her pussy spread through her entire body. A rush of adrenaline flooded her veins.
She panted aggressively, trying desperately to not let any sound escape her lips as the orgasm sent her body into convulsions. She buried her face in her pillows to muffle the sounds of ecstasy billowing from behind her lips. She felt her husband tense and a huge explosion of warm cum shot across her back. Dave shook violently. Each shake sent more cum cascading across his wife’s bare skin. His body spasmed and tightened. Jess’ eyes crossed and she nearly passed out as her husband’s hand was still pressing tight into her carotid arteries.
Jess and Dave were both sweating and gasping. They clung to one another. After several minutes they calmed, their bodies falling limp in an entwined heap on the bed.
“Oh my God,” Jess said, turning around and pressing her lips to her husband’s.
“I’ve missed you,” he said.
“Me too.” She responded.
Dave rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. He returned a few seconds later with a towel. He cleaned his wife’s back and tossed the towel in the dirty laundry. The two lovers curled up together in bed. Their bodies became one as they kissed passionately. They didn’t say another word. They simply held one another until sleep returned to claim them.

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