[FFM] quick confession before the end of the night (i think)

this is a confession about a fantasy i (f25) have that i sometimes feel guilty about.

i’ve posted before about my feelings towards a couple friends of mine, and here’s a fantasy i have involving one of my closest friends.

she (f26) has huge amazing tits, and while i’m a little jealous of the size of them though mine are a great size, they just look so pretty and so sexy. really gorgeous and larger sized pale nipples. i’ve posted about them before.

anyways, sometimes when my fiancé (m29) and i are having sex i think about her joining us. him watching us play with each other. starting with feeling each others tits, slowly rubbing them before guiding our tongues around each others nipples. seeing what movements make each other quiver.


i’m getting wet just typing this right now i feel myself start to gush.

i think about my coming to get inside me while she stays focusing on my tits while rubbing herself. maybe i let my fiancé feel them too but that’s a different fantasy for another post. and probably with a different woman. i want him to just be focusing on me. and her too. it would be so hot everyone just focusing on my pleasure while pleasuring themselves too.

it always makes me come so hard when i think about this. i have other fantasies similar to this i think i’ll be posting about soon.

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