Fem Dom with Wife’s bitch friend.Chapter 2 by Tap6386

I hadn’t seen Julie, my wife’s best friend, since her last visit to our house.

Now all being in our early twenties, the two of them had met at university and had stayed friends ever since.

I met my wife, Sue, later on, but had never been keen on Julie.

On her last visit, Julie had accidentally discovered my porn viewing history on my laptop, and decided to use this information to blackmail me, into doing her bidding.

She told me that she would expose me to my wife, if I didn’t comply, and that she knew, that Sue, would end our relationship, if she found out I had been looking, as she regarded that type of thing as cheating.

So, I had reluctantly agreed to her demands.

It was Tuesday morning, and my wife said that Julie was popping over for coffee, and had asked to use her computer, as Julies had broken.

As my wife worked every day, she’d told her friend that this would be fine, as she wouldn’t be using it, and as long as Julie didn’t mind me working at home, she was welcome to do so.

Julie jumped at the chance, and said that since her, and mine’s, improving relationship was coming on a treat, she didn’t see a problem.

Unbeknown to my wife, Julie had a hold over me, and had instructed me, that I was to do everything that she demanded, and give the impression to my wife, that we were now best of friends, when in reality, we loathed each other.

The front door opened with a call, “Only me,” and my heart sank, as I knew she had arrived.

She entered the hallway with Prince, her Alsatian dog, who usually jumped up at you, when he came into the room, which was very annoying.

Today however, she had quickly got him into a corner, with a stern command of “Stay,” to which he settled down.

“I hope you don’t mind me bringing Prince,” she said, “He gets so lonely on his own,” she pouted towards the dog.

“Not a problem, is it Mark?” My wife enquired.

“No,” I said, through gritted teeth.

“Make the coffee, Mark,” Julie instructed innocently, knowing that I had no choice, and that her playtime with me had begun.

“Hope you two are ok?” She said lightly.

“Yes,” said Sue, “Not bad. I’ve just got to get ready for work,” she shouted, as she hastened up the stairs.

“And what about you Mark, are you ready for your work?” Julie said sarcastically, as she stood in front of me.

“I see you have your tight jeans on again,” she mused. “I think that zip needs to come down, to ease that bulge, don’t you?” She laughed.

“I can’t do that, whilst Sue’s around,” I protested.

But she just smiled at me, motioned with her index finger, and said “Down, now, and leave it there. It’s down to you, if you don’t want Sue to see.”

We heard Sue coming back down the stairs.

Julie hissed at me, “Get us both coffee wanker, and say that you didn’t want one.”

“Say, that you want to serve us ladies, so we can spend time together, and then stand there, like a fucking waiter at the side, whilst we chat.”

“Make sure I can see the bulge trying to escape from your jeans, whilst you’re stood next to your wife.” she laughed.

“Don’t worry,” she said “When us girls get engrossed in gossip, well soon forget you’re even there,” she laughed.

“You’re just a knobhead to been seen, and not heard, whilst superior females chat” she mussed.

Julie was right.

As soon as the girls got talking, they completely forgot, and ignored me, with Julie occasionally looking up and smirking, at the servitude she had imposed on me, and, at my gaping fly.

“That was fun,” she said to me, as my wife was rushing out of the door, late for work, “You looked such a moron stood there,” she laughed.

She sat down on the settee, and barked at me to stand in front of her, with my hands on my head, and legs apart, which I reluctantly did.

“Now,” she said, “Let’s have a look at that that little cock of yours. We have to make sure your following instructions, and keeping it well shaven, don’t we?” She smirked.

She reached forward and unbuttoned my jeans, and as the zip was already down, they opened up, giving her complete access to my briefs, which she pulled down at the front, revealing my hairless cock and balls.

She burst out laughing, and whilst flicking my cock with her finger, said, “It’s good to see you’re doing as your told wanker. You know what happens if you don’t.”

I nodded meekly.

“Keep it shaved. It looks like a little boy’s,” she laughed.

“Does Sue like a hairless cock?” she asked.

“Yes,” I admitted, “She said she prefers it shaven.”

“Great, I’ll be introducing other changes she might like as well,” Julie said, with a chuckle.

“Now,” she said thoughtfully, “I will need to know all about your shagging habits.”

“How many times a week do you fuck Sue?” she said.

I was taken aback, and said, “That’s private.”

“Not anymore,” she said threateningly.

I reluctantly told her, about five times a week.

“Do you instigate?” she enquired.

“Mainly,” I said.

“Does she always want it?” she asked.

“Not always” I replied.

“So, she lets you fuck her, to keep you quiet” she snorted.

“I suppose she has to suck your cock, and take it in the arse, as well?” She continued.

“Usually,” I said.

“And you admitted that you won’t lick her pussy, isn’t that right?” She spat.

“No, because I don’t like the taste,” I said.

“Does she come?” She gestured.

“Or is it mainly just you?”

“Mainly me,” I replied.

“Oh dear,” she exclaimed,

“That will have to change, wont it Mark?”

“We can’t have an inferior male, shooting his load, when, and how, he wants to, just because he’s horny, can we?”

“The wife, should always come first, and as many times as she wants, after using her husband’s cock in any way she wants.”

“Isn’t that right?” she said.

“Husbands should only expect to shoot, if their wife is in a good mood, and permits it, otherwise they should be content to stay wet dicked, and horny, when sex has finished.”

“When they’ve been denied orgasm, are still full of cum, and are frustrated, they will also be required to be in a good mood, and respect their wife’s, decision, and not moan in any way, about still being horny”

“It also goes without saying, that only the wife should be allowed to instigate sex. The husbands cock needs, are of no importance, compared to her tingling pussy, are they Mark”? she lectured.

“From now on, you will help me sort this imbalance.” She said sternly.

“There is going to be a power shift in this house, and it’s all for Sues benefit,” She smiled.

“Not only will she call the shots on sex, but she will also have her household jobs, willingly done by you, giving her lots more time, to do fuck all, whilst you run about like an idiot,” she laughed.

“You need a change of lifestyle.”

“Sue should call the shots, and you will follow.” She pronounced.

“Your tongue, and cock will be for Sue’s use, whenever she is horny, to be used, irrespective of what you want” she concluded.

“I’ll start convincing Sue with girly chats, and slowly bring her round to my way of thinking, whilst showing her the benefits of the arrangement,” she said.

“Soon, I’ll be telling her to approach the issues with you, as I know, you will be very sympathetic.”

“When she does, you’re to say that it’s a marvellous idea.”

“That you’ve been reading up on female led marriages, for some time, and that you wanted to peruse it, but felt too inadequate, and embarrassed to do so, but would like nothing more than to try, and make it work, as you feel her decision making is much better than yours.”

I was shocked.

“I won’t do it,” I said.

“You will, if you want to keep your marriage to Sue” she chuckled.

“So, dickhead, what’s it to be?” she snapped.

“Ok,” I said bitterly. “I’ll do what you want.”

“I thought so,” she said triumphantly.

“We’ll start with a few changes now.”

“When we’re alone, your name will no longer be Mark. It will be Wanker,” she said, with glee.

I nodded.

“I think we will tackle the friendliness issue first,” she laughed.

“Get down on all fours, Wanker,” she commanded.

I did as I was told.

“As well as being an arshole to me in the past, you’ve also disliked Prince, when I’ve brought him round to visit, haven’t you?” She said.

“When he wanted to lick your face in greeting, you pushed him away, didn’t you?” She continued.

“I didn’t want him jumping up at me,” I protested.

“Very wrong,” said Julie.

“You’ll have to make it up to him,” and with that, she called Prince over from the corner, where he had been sitting.

“I’ve trained him, as I will train you” she said laughing.

“Lick” she commanded to Price, and the dog immediately moved forward and began to lick my face.

I instinctively pulled back, to which Julie shouted, “No. Keep your face there, if you know what’s good for you.”

The dog began earnestly licking my face, as though he was excited to see me.

After a few minutes, Julie demanded that I open my mouth, as she wanted to see us French kissing.

I knew if I didn’t, there would be consequences, so I did as I was told.

Prince instantly extended his tongue deep inside my mouth, and urgently began licking, occasionally stopping to lick my lips. His tongue was rough, and seemed huge in my mouth, as it went enthusiastically about its work.

I didn’t know how long Julie had us both on all fours, performing for her pleasure, but it seemed ages.

She would shout encouragement to Prince to make him more eager, as well as reminding me how much she was enjoying the spectacle, and ordering me to be as active with my tongue, as he was with his, or I would be punished.

I instantly began kissing, and licking his open mouth in gusto, in fear of Julies wrath.

It wasn’t until I got a moment to look up, that I saw, she had filmed the whole episode.

I then realised she now had enough material, to not only ruin my marriage, but my reputation as well.

“Well,” she said, “You’ve made an impression on Prince, he’s got a huge hard on” she laughed.

“Wank your cock,” she instructed me.

“Get it rigid, like his.”

I began rubbing my dick until it was totally stiff as instructed.

“Beg,” she commanded, and instantly Prince stopped what he was doing, and sat back on his hind legs, in front of Julie, with his front paws up.

“Get beside him, and do the same” she spat.

“I want a photo of two males, begging before their female superior, with stiff cocks, under my control,” she laughed.

“Oh yes, just where you should be,” she exclaimed, as she snapped away.

“Now wanker, it’s time for your next training session,” she said.

“You’ve been very disrespectful to me in the past, and although this will change in the future, you must be punished for past indiscretions”

“Crawl over here, and bend over my knee” she instructed.

I knew I had to comply, so obeyed.

“Now let me get comfortable,” she said, as she wriggled in her seat.

“I am going to take your pants down, and soundly beat your arse cheeks, until they are red raw,” she said.

“You are allowed to whimper, but you’ll find it very difficult, as I am going to fill your mouth with the pants, I wore from my last gym session. Unwashed of course, which I have in my bag,” she said.

“It goes without saying, they will obviously be going in crotch first, so you can suck, and taste all the flavours,” she said matter-of factly.

“Do you understand?” she said.

“Yes,” I said shakily.

“Open wide, here they come.” She laughed.

Julie then produced some soiled white cotton panties.

She carefully found the crotch, and held it over my nose and mouth, like a mask.

“Breath in deeply,” she instructed, which I did several times.

“Now, stick your tongue out, and lick the front, where my pussy has been,” she said, which I also did.

“Good boy,” she exclaimed; you’re getting more obedient.

“Now keep that mouth open wide, while I push them fully in.”

I did as I was told.

“Are they all in?” she enquired.

I nodded.

“Now close your mouth, and suck on them, whilst I beat your peachy cheeks, until you’ve learned your lesson,” she laughed.

I then felt the first of many whacks on my arse, from her plimsole.

It was clear, that it was light for her to handle, so she could easily raise it above her head, and bring it down with force repeatedly, with speed, and little effort, but with maximum effect, over, and over again.

I felt my arse burning up, but there was nothing I could do, but wait until she had enjoyed her revenge.

When she finally “Worked up a sweat,” as she called it, and my arse was, “The colour of a traffic light,” as she told me, I was instructed to pass her phone, and bend over in front of her, so she could get a good picture of her efforts.

She also wanted one of me rubbing my red, sore arse, like a school boy, who had just been spanked.

“I enjoyed that workout,” she exclaimed,” I must have burned off a couple of hundred calories,” she laughed.

She paused a moment, and glanced towards the kitchen table.

“Oh look,” she said, the very thing I need for our next lesson.

On the table were the vegetables, and salad for tonight’s meal.

“Go over to the table, and bring back that large cucumber,” she said, “And while your there, bring the bottle of olive oil.”

My mind raced as to what she could have planned, but it wasn’t long before I found out.

“Kneel Infront of me,” she said, as she picked up the cucumber.

“Open your mouth wide,” she beckoned.

“Wider,” she snapped.

“Us girls, have to accommodate cock, when you men want, which is very wrong,” she said, “So I think it’s only right, that you know what that feels like,” she laughed.

“First, we will see how it slides in and out of your mouth, and then, we are going to see how you deal with it sliding in and out of your pussy arse,” she said mockingly.

She began pushing the cucumber slowly in and out of my mouth, and I had to stretch wide, to accommodate it, as it was so large, which really amused Julie.

“Just like a cock,” she laughed, “Imagine what it’s going to do to your arse hole,” she laughed.

She continued for about five minutes, deliberately making me gag, on several occasions, to mimic a blow job, as she informed me.

When she had tired, she ordered me back over her knee, where she carefully, parted my arse cheeks, to reveal my hole, and slowly drizzled olive oil into it.

I was desperately trying to think how I could release myself from my situation, but realised that I was powerless to stop her enjoyment.

Julie then goaded me, by showing me the cucumber once more, and then with glee, I felt her pushing it into my arse hole.

“It’s a bit reluctant,” she commented, “But we’ll get there.”

Soon, she had managed to push the huge veg, deep inside of me, ignoring my discomfort.

“Wow” she said, “It’s going in and out, really nicely, stretching your arse hole into the bargain,” she exclaimed.

“I’ll have to do this with dildoe’s on a regular basis, until your hole is stretched to the size of a small cavern,” she laughed.

“It looks just like a big cock, ploughing your arse,” she mused.

“Pictures for my album,” she suddenly said, and with that, and giving no concern for my humiliation, began snapping away.

“Well,” she said, “You’ve selfishly been having all the fun, so I think it’s time you gave me some consideration, don’t you?” she said lightly.

I was ordered back on all fours, and Julie then stood Infront of me.

As it was very warm day outside, she had dressed in a light, white, summer shirt, knotted at the bottom, a pair of very tight pink shorts, which showed every crease and contour, and a pair of light pink trainers.

She reached over to her bag, and took out an iPad, which she propped up on its stand, nearby. She then set it to record video, with the reverse screen, so she could see herself, and the area.

“Now listen carefully,” she said to me.

“You have some oral training to complete,” so are going to slowly remove my shorts, fold them neatly, and put them on the chair.”

“I will then bend over in front of the screen, and you will crawl forward and delicately kiss my arse cheeks, all over” she said.

“When I’m happy that you’ve done this to my satisfaction, you will then gently open my cheeks, and extend your tongue, and lick my arse hole, from top to bottom, until I command you to stop.”

“Your tongue will then probe my ring as far as it can possibly go, for as long as I wish,” she continued.

“I will be watching, and recording your efforts on screen as we proceed, so will instantly know if you are slacking, or your tongue is not probing forcefully enough, in which case you will be beaten,” she warned.

“Understand,” she enquired.

I meekly nodded my head.

“Begin.” She said briskly.

I followed her instructions to the letter, as the thought of a further beating on my already stinging cheeks, was not a pleasant prospect.

I carefully unbuttoned her shorts, revealing that she had no panties on underneath, and she now had a completely smooth pussy.

I than folded them and placed them on the chair as instructed.

Without a word, she moved to the rear of the settee, and bent over the back of it, whilst at the same time, making sure she could see herself on the iPad screen, which showed close up detail.

“Kiss my arse,” she barked, and I quickly moved directly behind her, and began gently kissing her arse cheeks all over.

After several minutes, she hissed at me to proceed to her inner sanctum.

“Get that tongue probing deep into my butt hole,” she said aggressively, as she side slapped my face. “I will be monitoring your efforts on screen,” she warned.

I extended, and pushed my tongue as far as I could into her hole, to meet her demands, and judging by her gasps and groans, it sounded as though I was achieving her expectations.

Some time passed, whilst Julie enjoyed her new experience, but then she suddenly turned on me, and accused me of deliberately making her pussy wet, and horny, and unless I rectified this situation, to her complete satisfaction, there would be hell to pay.

Without even realising how conditioned I was becoming, I immediately apologized, and said I would.

“What are you going to do about it?” She demanded.

Fearful, I quickly asked Julie if she would mind turning around, so that she was facing me, so that I could lick all her pussy juices clean, and when I’d managed this to her complete satisfaction, I could then move to her clit, and inner lips, with my tongue, and fingers, and bring her to as many orgasms as she wished, so she was comfortable.”

She thought for a moment, and then barked,” Proceed, and make sure my pussy is clean, so there are no moist patches in my shorts, when you put them back on.”

“Yes,” Julie, I said.

I knew I had to get this right, so when she turned around to face me, and had opened her legs, revealing her dripping pussy, I quickly got to work, licking and lapping up as much pussy juice as I could.

“Is your pussy clean enough now?” I enquired after ten minutes.

“Hmm, not bad,” she said, closely examining the area, “but I’m still incredibly horny, which is all your fault,” she shouted at me.

“I’m very sorry” I said meekly, “I didn’t mean to make you horny.”

“Sort it,” she demanded.

“Yes, right away, Julie,” I said quickly.

I slowly and carefully, prised her outer pussy lips open with my fingers to reveal her throbbing clit.

I moved forward without haste, and earnestly began licking and sucking, in the manor that Julie had shown me earlier, on our first training session, where she had instructed me on exactly how I was to lick her pussy, to her total satisfaction.

Over an hour went by, whilst I continued to correct my earlier oral error with my tongue.

Julie demanded four orgasms, which she achieved, before she would even consider bringing the session to a close.

“That’s better,” she sighed when she eventually ordered me to stop.

“Dress me,” she instructed.

I got up, and retrieved her shorts, and held them out, so she could step into them.

When she had done so, I slowly pulled them up her legs, at which point, she said, “Stop.”

“Check my pussy again, and make sure there are no more juices inside, before you zip me up., I told you, no wet patches on my shorts” she snapped.

“In fact, push your tongue in one last time, and suck, as a precautionary measure,” she instructed.

I did as I was told.

When I had fastened up her shorts, she walked over to the kitchen draw, where we kept all the miscellaneous bits and pieces.

“This will do fine,” she said, removing a piece of washing line from the draw, “Just what I need.”

“Kneel in front of me,” she commanded.

“Although you were a good wanker, in trying to rectify your earlier mistake, I believe you did it on purpose, so must be taught a lesson, so you learn from your mistakes.”

“Don’t you agree? She asked sarcastically.

“Please,” I said, fearful of what was coming.

“Don’t you agree?” she said more forcefully.

“Yes.” I agreed.

With that, she walked behind me, pulled my arms towards her, around my back, and bound my writs.

“Now, I am going to slap your face twenty times.”

“You will offer no resistance” she instructed

“You will keep your face to the front, count, and thank me, after every slap.”

“Is that clear,” she said

“Yes, Julie,” I replied.

“Look to the front. Here comes the first one,” she laughed.

With that, she grabbed my hair, so my head couldn’t move, and then took her hand right back, and brought it full force across my cheek.

“Argh,” I wailed.

“Quiet, wanker. Tell me what I want to here,” she said sternly.

“One. Thankyou.” I said quickly.

The scenario carried on, with Julie showing no sign of tiring as she continued to slap my face over, and over again, whilst enjoying her power over me, giggling as she made repeated contact with my cheek, and revelling in the fact that I had to accept her punishment, and take it.

When she’d finished, she said,

“You’ll think twice about disobeying me in future Wanker, won’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, “I will try and do better next time.”

Julie then thoughtfully, looked at the briefs I was wearing.

“I think wankers should have a uniform to befit their position,” she said.

“Each time I visit, and we have one of our little sessions, you will strip out of your normal cloths, and don your uniform, to show the respect due to me, and highlight your inferior male position. Don’t You think?” She said.

“I will even let you look for one on the internet” she smiled.

“Isn’t that good of me?”

I didn’t dare contradict her.

“Come and sit on the floor in front of me Wanker, so I can supervise your search for choices,” she said.

I sat as I was instructed, and picked up my computer.

“What am I to look for?” I asked.

“Oh, something like a little pair of shorts, and T shirt number, preferably in pink, and in shiny material,” she mused.

“But I want your creative ideas on how to make it better, to suit my preferences, before you present it to me,” she said.

“And they’d better be good, or else,” she warned.

The thought of further punishment, was chilling.

I set to work, with the sole aim to please her, rather than how ridiculous I would look, which I thought, was a small price to pay, to avoid further pain.

I eventually stumbled on a fetish clothing company, that specialised in this type of clothing, that seemed the answer to my prayers.

I assembled a number of garments together, and plucked up the courage to present them to Julie, for her consideration.

“Please Julie,” I said gingerly, “Please can I show you my uniform idea?” I said.

“It had better be good,” she barked.

I lifted my laptop onto the table, and began showing her.

“It starts with little pink socks, which have a multi coloured glitter feature on the top, so your feet look very gay.” I said.

“Good,” she said.


“There are matching, very short, satin pink shorts, which are deliberately cut up high on the inner thigh, so it’s not only uncomfortable for the wearer, but also highlights the cock bulge, so it can be grabbed or slapped at any point if required,” I said.

“Creative,” she mused.

I continued.

“The matching shiny pink t-shirt is obviously very tight, again, making it deliberately uncomfortable for the wearer, and both the shorts, and t-shirt can be printed” I said.

“With what?” she enquired.

“Well,” I continued, “To save money, I thought they could both be printed with the word, “Wanker” in big gold letters, as this can be done without further cost,” I enthused.

Julie burst out laughing.

“Ideal,” she said, “It will make you look ultra-bent, wont it” she laughed.

I reluctantly agreed.

“I should have said not to worry about money, as you’re buying it on your credit card anyway” she chortled.

“Place, and pay for the order,” Julie instructed.

Which I did.

“When I last looked,” she commented, “You were looking at a lot of porn for wanking purposes, which, degrades women,” she said disapprovingly.

“I’m pretty sure you will have other inappropriate female, items and pictures on there, which need to be censored for your own good,” she said thoughtfully, “As well as all those boring sports pictures, and articles, that males keep, that will also need to go.”

“For your adjustment, you will need to be educated in more suitable material, like homes and gardens, fashion, etc,” she concluded.

“In fact, we can do it together,” she said.

“I will view all your private files, folders, and pictures, and decide what is suitable, and what is not, and you will press the delete button, when I have made my decision. Which by the way, will be final,” she said.

“Yes, of course Julie,” I said quietly.

“So be an obedient wanker, and write down all your passwords, so I can access all your private files.

Just so you know, some passwords will be changed by me, so you will have to ask my permission, to access your own files in the future,” she laughed. “You can also include your credit card details and passwords, as I think I will need to use them, quite soon, she said.

I sat at the table, and began writing the access information as instructed, feeling completely under her control, and powerless.

“How time fly’s when you’re having fun,” she said sarcastically.

“There’s a film I want to watch on the TV soon, and I don’t want to be disturbed for the next three hours, other than when I require your services,” she said.

“So, to give you time to contemplate on how your life is going to change in the future, and how you will be licking, both mine and Sues pussy whenever we want, you will stand in the corner, with your face to the wall, hands on head, legs apart, not moving, or saying a word, like a naughty boy.” She barked.

She continued, “I will pull your pants down to your knees, and will be inserting the big carrot, that’s in your vegetable tray, in to your arse hole, where you will use, and develop, your anus muscles to keep it in place.”

“Don’t worry, though,” she said, “I will push the carrot up as far as it will go, to help you retain it, but be warned, that if you let it drop out, there will be consequences.”

I was duly sent to the corner, spending most of the afternoon there, motionless, and silent, so as not to annoy Julie, whilst occasionally being called away to fetch a chocolate, or glass of wine, at her whim, careful not to dislodge the carrot in my arse, which made Julie laugh, as I struggled.

Not long after the film finished, my wife Sue, arrived home, by which time, Julie had allowed me to dress, and compose myself, giving the impression to Sue that nothing unusual had happened during the day.

“Good wanker,” said Julie, as she left for home.

“Until our next training session,” she laughed.

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