Fem Dom with wife’s bitch friend by Tap6386

Julie, was my wife’s best friend from school, but I always thought she was a bitch, and we never got on. My wife suspected this, but hoped it would all work out eventually. I would always be polite when she came around, but neither of us liked each other, and it was obvious. She came around quite a lot to visit my wife as she lived in a house nearby, so she was always popping in to see her friend, and intern annoying me. She would even stay on to finish Love Island, if the two of them had been watching TV, and my wife had to leave to start her work shift! Which resulted in Julie and me exchanging harsh words about perhaps her going as well!

It was one of these incidents where she was in the living room doing just that, when she decided to look up some program info on the computer, but picking up mine, instead of my wife’s. Unfortunately for me. I had not closed it down properly after a wank session, and when she fired it up, it displayed all the porn I had been looking at. She called me over and with a sadistic smile, turned the screen around to show me what she had found. I had to view these sites secretly as my wife was dead a against porn, and said she would leave me if she found I was looking, and being her best friend, Julie new this!

Well Mark, she said with sadistic pleasure, what have we got here. Who’s been a pervy boy, she laughed. I went red with embarrassment, and asked her to give me my laptop back. Not so fast she said, what’s it worth? I asked her what she meant, and she said that unless I started to be nice to her, she would show my wife what I had been up to. I said no way, and it was her word against mine. She then laughed again and showed me a video on her phone which she had taken of the sites whilst in our front room as proof!

I new there was no way out, and she would delight in exposing me to my wife, and ruining our relationship, and in the bargain, would get her friend back to herself.

What do you want, I slowly asked? Firstly, I want you to repeat, “I am a small dicked wanker” 10 times, which I did whilst she laughed at me. She then said that there would be subtle changes when we were all together, and that I would agree with any suggestions she made whilst my wife was there, and it would show how we were all getting along. I would also do anything she demanded without question! I was shocked and said I wouldn’t do it, but a second showing of the video, reminded me what I would lose, so I agreed.

Now, she said, get down on all fours and kiss my trainers, which I did. Kiss them all over slowly, and don’t forget the soles, she laughed. After a few minutes, she told me to lick them clean, I want them spotless she said. It had been a warm day so they were very dusty. She then got up from the settee, came around the back of me and sat on my back. I think it’s time you showed me the lounge on all fours dickhead she chuckled, giddy up. I crawled all around the floor at her direction whilst she slapped my arse shouting “Giddy up” and laughing.

Crawl to the kitchen and get me a wine she barked, whilst dismounting me and sitting back on the settee. I gave her the glass, and she calmly instructed me to strip my jeans and t shirt off, and stand with my legs apart, and my hands on my head in front of her. I reluctantly complied. She then said she had wondered how big my dick was and that I was now willingly going to show her, or else, but first she was going to have some fun.

Rub the front of your boxers, she said, get it hard. I want to see a stork sticking out front she laughed. When I had done so, she leaned forward and took the bulge, and began twisting my cock inside my pants. I winced and cried out, to which she did even more. Do you get it dickhead, I own you and can do what I want, when I want, she laughed? Do you understand. Yes, i said painfully.

Sitting back comfortably on the settee, she said, right, slowly drop em, I want a show. Not wanting more pain, I slowly put my fingers on my boxer waistband and pulled them down. I was still semi hard, so she took the opportunity of casually picking up a ruler my wife had been using earlier and began slapping my dick with it. I cried out with pain, which she found extremely funny. After thoroughly examining my cock which she said was now her new toy, she told me to go to the bathroom and shave off all my pubes, as she wanted me like the little arsy boy I was. I protested that my wife would see, to which Julie said I was to say that it was my idea as I thought it looked better.

When I came back, Julie hooted and laughed triumphantly at what she had made me do, and had me play with it in front of her until I was hard again. She then hit my cock again with the ruler, just for fun, she said.

As you know I have not had a boyfriend for some time, she said, and I get very horny and frustrated, but that not a problem any more, as it will be one of your jobs to see I am de hornyfied when ever it suits me. Understand, she said? Yes, Julie I said.

She said I was to continue calling her Julie, not Mistress or any of that shit, so everything seemed normal on a day to day basis. But that I was at her beck and call, and to remember that, if I knew what was good for me!

She usually dressed in a tight top and very tight jeans and trainers, and today was no different.

I’ve seen yours, so its time you see mine, she chuckled. She stood legs apart in the room and told me to kneel in front of her. Carefully undo my jeans, she commanded, which I unbuttoned the front and pulled down the zip. Slowly pull them down dickhead she commanded, which I then did. Underneath she had on very brief white cotton panties, which she then instructed to kiss just on the other side of her pussy. I can’t I said, what about your friend and my wife? Not a problem she said, you will lose her if you don’t, and she will have a better life with you trained and not so argumentative.

I had no choice, and began kissing. Good boy, she said sarcastically. After about five minutes, she decided to sit back down. Take my jeans off she barked, and my panties. When I had done this, she laughed and opened her legs wide. Look at my pussy she said. Now lean forward and give it a big kiss, and apologise to it that your tongue has taken so long to lick it clean. I did as she commanded, whilst she laughed again. Now, she said, I am going to teach you how to make me cum, and after that you had better get it right every time, or else she spitted. Got it. Yes I said. She then showed me exactly what my duties were, and I managed to give her 3 orgasms whilst she shouted at me to lick more, or deeper, just the way she liked it. Not bad for a wanker she said, you’d better keep that up.

My wife was due back soon, so Julie instructed me to dress her again, as she said she had no intention of doing anything herself as all jobs were now mine.

Soon there was the familiar, “I’m home” shout at the front door, as my wife entered. She was surprised to see her friend still there, but Julie said that I had insisted that she stay, as part of an effort to try and get on better. She glared at me, and I quickly agreed, saying it was a great idea. Not only that, Julie said, but Mark had suggested that the meal out I had booked for myself and my wife at the weekend, would be much better if she and my wife went, to get some bonding time, and that he would pay. Yes, I agreed. (I had been looking forward to that!)

Julie had also instructed me to suggest that I thoroughly clean her house whilst they were out, as a gesture of reconciliation, which I did. My wife was thrilled.

Isn’t he one in a million, Julie said? Yes, he is, my wife gushed. I’m so pleased you to are trying to get along. Oh, it will get much better going forward with my ideas to make it work, wont it Mark, she said. Yes, I agreed.

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