Fantasizing about sharing my GF

Hello Reddit,

For some time now I have this fantasy of seeing my girlfriend getting fucked by other guys. It all started when I dreamed that she was cheating and I woke up very horny.

I’m an average looking guy 30 years old and a little overweight with a average 6.5” cock. She is a beautiful petite brunette 25 years old perky B cups, a well toned body with a cute ass and face.

We have bin together for 6 years and I’m her first and as far as I really know her only sexual partner.
She is clearly still very much in love with me. However I can’t help but think she can attract much hotter guys then me if she wanted. And I fantasize about this from time to time.

This weekend I saw a text coming in on her phone when she was in the shower. It was a guy a colleague of her asking her to have lunch with him.
It made me curious so even how wrong it is I started reading the chat history of her and this guy and I found out they meet up regularly. And I also found out they met up at his hotel once when they both were attending a congress in Barcelona.

This might indicate that she has cheated with this guy. But knowing her she would tell me this so
I’m not sure anything really happened. However reading this made me really horny and thinking about it still does. It doesn’t make me mad because of that. But I can’t shake the feeling this is wrong.

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