Fantasies and hopes for the winter

Somehow, throughout my life, I was always in the position of being able to hear all the external sexual activities around me.

When I moved to another city for high school, I had thin walls, and I was able to hear my young neighbors doing the deed every time and they sure made it quite often.

When I got into uni, in the dorms, the room next to me had only one couple and it just so happened that the last available bed when I arrived was the one next to the hole from which the ethernet cable was coming out, so the sounds were even louder than the other time.

Couple this kind of changes with the fact that I was mostly friends with girls for a long time, so I had plenty of accidental sightings in various situations, and one could easily come to the conclusion that, over the years, I have developed a more or a voyeuristic side, not actively seeking these moments or intentionally peeping, but rather enjoying every one of these chances, of which I had plenty.

Probably one of the most impactful situations I had was when I had a sleepover with my GF and her best friend (F) in their dorm room. Now, before this, I heard stories from my gf about how her friend has a high libido and at that time she said she has heard her touch herself one or two times at night, in the same room. Maybe this little fact unconsciously sank into my memory, because in the night of the sleepover, after we all went to sleep, I was woken up by some small noises from the bff’s bed, so small that I would have probably slept them off, were I in a different situation.

At first there were only small noises, small squeaks of the mattress, the sound of the bedsheets being moved and the sound of breathing, a little heavier than usual, so, even if I had my hopes up, I gave up on the idea that a situation similar to what my gf witnessed may occur, on the account that it sounds like pure fiction, she’s probably just moving in her sleep and it’s only the result of my ever so horny imagination that I would think otherwise, the tingling sensation that I felt being the very proof of that.

After a little while though, it was as clear as day that my initial idea was true. The sounds were more repetitive, rhythmic and a little louder than before. Her sleepy sighs slowly turned into grunts, with heavy inhales and exhales. Emerging from beneath the blanket was the sound of what could be described as rubbing, which became louder when the blanket was removed.

One I realized that it was a little really happening, I was flooded with warmth. I felt like my chest would explode and I started to breathe through mouth, so that I wouldn’t make any noise that would uncover the fact that I wasn’t asleep.

Soon enough, wetness was added to the sound of friction.

I could barely keep myself together at that point. Silently, I grabbed my gf tighter, started slowly playing with her breasts, ( We have already discussed about our do’s and don’ts when it comes to sexual activities, and this was already permitted by her ) at the same time hoping that she would wake up on her own, hearing her friend, and that would be able to imitate the activity ourselves, unbeknownst to her. That did not happen, and I did not want to wake her up myself, because that would not have been nice of me and would have probably been the end of the story, as she wouldn’t really be silent. So I just got to hear the spectacle, not doing anything myself, obviously, because, at the end of it, the cleaning would have been practically impossible. The feeling was euphoric, practically boiling on the inside.

She continued into the climax, moment when she slightly shook the bed she was in, letting a gasp and a muffled moan escape.

I couldn’t believe at first that this really happened so close to me, so close to us. Only later was I able to get some sleep, as the steaming of my body kept me awake for another hour or two. On top of it all, in the morning, we started to pack our things and, as she was bent over her luggage, I witnessed her boobs on nearly full display, with only the nipples being covered by her loose pajamas.

After two weeks or so of thinking about this situation and whether I should bring it to the table or not with my gf, I decided to tell her everything about what happened, what I heard, what I felt and what I was thinking about. She was surprised, but surprisingly positive about it. She also confessed that, during these two weeks she also heard her a couple of times and one time she masturbated alongside her, unknown to her friend, because she was already in the mood herself and hearing her made her horny to the brim. That discussion quickly led to a quick and effective mutual pleasuring, in which we basically fantasized about the BFF masturbating next to her. As this was new when to my girlfriend, she was dripping wet and had a quivering orgasm extremely quick.

After this, there came a period in which we tried to figure out if we should talk things over with the BFF, as I felt that it would be respectful of us to tell her, there was a sense of guilt from my gf, because this new territory made her question whether it was weird of her to feel those things or not, but that faded after some talking and me showing support, not only as in saying that it is ok, but even confessing that on top of the fact that I don’t mind it, I actually enjoy it.

This opened a path to a more open discussion regarding our sexual interests, starting with me confessing about my voyeuristic pleasures and her even being curious enough to try them out herself, then taking a liking into them. One example would be having sex while hearing my dorm neighbors also doing it. Alongside this, I also confessed that I profoundly enjoy it when I hear her describing things to me, like how she described her parallel masturbation that one time.

As expected, the subject of her BFF slowly faded as time passed by, but my mind still occasionally focuses on that. I remember everything and it makes my heart race.

Maybe the fact that the BFF herself is the type of person who speaks freely with her good friends, saying that she’s horny randomly and after starting a relationship with a good friend of hers, who later became a good friend of ours as well, telling us how often they have sex. This was a recurring exchange of replies of our group, them saying that they have sex every day, then dwindling the numbers to around 3 or four times a week, then us saying that we cover this in about a month (as my gf especially had a more filled schedule and she was not able to think about that through her projects and deadlines).

BFF never heard about that story.

So, this brings me to the present.

As more time flew by, these intimate discussions with my girlfriend lessened, mainly due to the busy schedule, and I want badly to bring back these interactions. And for some reason, I feel like I want to talk about the situations in which both me and her were regarding our friend once more, but I really don’t want to end up being judged by my own girlfriend.

During the winter holidays, the four of us and another couple will go to a cabin. As I think about it, I obviously want to have some intimate moments with my gf there, but I confess that, alongside that, I would really like to hear our friend as well, both me and my her.

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