Famous Ballerina Pt2

I texted her the next day and went up to her room.

She opened the door and looked out asking if I was followed. It was like out of the movies and we were spies. I laughed. No the coast is clear. lol. I went in. She was wearing a full length 1940’s movie star night gown type of thing. Hard to explain. We went and sat in a sitting area and she had two types of wine and a cheese plate. We made a bunch of small talk and drank wine. She told me that she wanted to do something, if I was game. She had a fantasy that she’d always wanted to play out but couldn’t for a dozen reasons. I said, sure, whatever you want.

She was clearly excited she was going to play it out. She sat me on a love seat. She gave me a hotel bathrobe and asked me to go put it on. I came back and she seated me and blindfolded me. She said she’d be a few minutes. I sat and drank wine. It took her 20 minutes to get her fantasy together. Must be good.

She said when I say “now” pull the blindfold off. “Now!” I pulled the blindfold off, music from Tchaikovsky played and she was dressed in her complete modified Swan Lake outfit and up on her toes. Her whole outfit was perfect. She only had stockings to mid thigh, no panties, the frilly skirt was just above her ass and the top of her tutu exposed her bare breasts, very small breasts with overly big perfectly round areolas and eraser nipples erect all the time. Her pussy was totally shaved obviously a hold over from her ballet days. She used to put tape over her nipples because the erections showed. She had her tiara on. Her movements were 100% ballerina until she got near me. Then she bent over like a stripper with her ass and pussy was inches from my face. Close enough that she asked me to give her a quick lick. She opened my robe and rubbed the crack of her ass on my erection. Then she moved away and returned to dancing Swan Lake. She’d hold one leg straight up over her head and her clit slid out into full view. Dancing got her sexually excited. She later told me she orgasmed at points in her shows.

As she twirled and she got closer I could see her slit was wet. She backed up to me on her toes the lowered herself onto my erection. Once on she changed to stripper moves making big circular gyrations on my cock while still balancing on her tip toes. All the control she was showing vanished when she climaxed. The orgasmic contractions took over and she couldn’t stay on her toes. Her muscular ass clenched. Her vaginal muscles pulsed to the point of near pain. She fell forward on her knees. I hadn’t come yet and I was faced with a famous ballerina asking to get ass fucked. She pointed to a tube of lube on the table. I put some on her hole. I did almost nothing except a light push. Her asshole worked me in almost swallowing it. From mere ass clenching and without thrusting by me I got off in 2 mins. She pushed me out and I came on her ass. She danced some more with my cum dripping down. She danced until she saw me get erect again then led me to bed. She wrapped her long legs around locking her heels behind me and she did all the humping. She took at least 10 mins to orgasm. She was a back scratcher. Old school. I came in her and she seemed to savour it. I rolled off. She informed me we had two scenes to play out yet. She would suck my cock and I would finish shooting my cum on her face and tiara. Then I would eat her out. Then her fantasy was complete. We could then just fuck normal when we were ready.

I guess I performed in a version of Swan Lake. We met up exactly a year later and did the same thing without the costume or music. All she wore were her ballet slippers.


End Pt2

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