Famous Ballerina Pt1


I had to go to Montreal on business. I got to my hotel. The airline shuttle was behind me with the luggage. I checked in and my bags got dropped off. One looked wrong. It was close but wrong. I opened it. Yeah. Way wrong. Lots of girl things. Nice things but girl things. Holy crap, most expensive looking underwear I’ve ever seen.I went through the bag for a clue. I found it right away. A famous ballerina that I can’t name. I sniffed her panties. Bad news. They were clean. Damn.

I phoned the airline. This should be easy. Hey I’ve got this ballerina’s bag I guarantee you she’s got mine. They say give us a minute we’ll be right back. Meanwhile she’s on the other line saying the same thing. Yup. I’m right she’s got my bag. I asked where she’s staying. They tell me. She’s 6 blocks from me but they say the swap has to go through them and it’ll be cleared up tomorrow. I hung up and called her hotel and got her room. She answered. I said hi. I’ve got your bag. She asks, did you get the same bullshit about waiting till tomorrow? I said yup. She said. I’ve stayed where you are. Go sit in the lobby I’ll be there in 15 minutes. I’ll recognize the bag. See you shortly!

I went downstairs and waited. She comes in. I wish I could say who it was, she’s fucking gorgeous. She comes in and everyone notices, unmistakable and classy, even in sweats and a hoodie. We exchanged bags. She eyed me up. I guess I should buy you a drink for being such a nice guy. Anyone else would have listed the stuff on eBay or ransomed it back to me. We went and got a drink in the lounge. I’m enamoured. We bitched about the airline for a while then we asked each other what brought us to town. Business. That’s it. She finished her long career and she’s been working on other things. *About now someone might know who it is.* She’s obviously in good shape and shes older than me by about 25 years. She does seem to be exuding sex, a little. Or lonely. Something cause she’s out of my league in so many ways. I’m thinking maybe she either needs someone to talk to or better yet wrap these super long legs around? Hopefully the latter.

She said, “Look,I’ve gotta get going right now. There’s some jerk trying to take a photo with his cell camera. I make for a great story at times. People seem to follow me. I’m not super paparazzi material anymore but some jackass is always taking a photo anyways. Like I wouldn’t doubt someone took a photo of us exchanging bags and tomorrows paper reads that I made a drug deal. Anyhow, you seem like a guy that would be fun to hangout with and kill off some wine and watch a movie and chill. I’m busy all day. Would you like to come to my hotel room tomorrow night? Hey, we might end up a thing or just drunk, either way better than sitting by ourselves. If you’re into it text this xxxxxxxxxx number and I’ll explain a way into the hotel and to my room that has almost zero cameras. Sorry for the cloak and dagger but it’s why I stay in that hotel. 1940’s security and they comp the room to me. I told her I would love to and talk tomorrow.

This whole thing checks off so many boxes. Fate timing karma and luck.

End PT 1

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