Family Vacation with my girlfriend’s family. [FMF] Part 2

The next day nothing really happened other than Madison talking about how she heard us fucking in the middle of the night and where her invite was. Amanda said that hearing us was all she was getting and hopped she enjoyed it. We all knew she was joking but it was fun to watch Madison squirm a little.

That night we all went out to the bar and had a hell of a time. We stayed out till maybe 1:30ish dancing and Madison definitely got handsy on the dance floor and in the booth when Amanda wasn’t there. We were all pretty drunk and before we left the bar Madison kissed me right in front of Amanda. Amanda didn’t really react just took another drink before we payed our tab and left. It was a really short walk back to the house and we got back and went straight to continuing to drink. We poured some shots and played a quarters game we all knew. The idea is you loose the round you drink and strip a piece of clothing off. It was summer and none of us had on a lot of clothes. It didn’t take but a few rounds and we were all naked. Amanda was super drunk and said let’s go the room I need to be fucked before I pass out. She looked over at Madison and said you can watch if you want.

Madison followed us in the room and sat on the bed next to us as we fucked. This part is a little blurry but I do remember Amanda putting on a show being super vocal and really playing up how good I was. I ended up coming inside Amanda and when I was done she looked at Madison and said if you want any dick this week you need to start by cleaning him up. Madison and I were both shocked but she didn’t wait or hesitate. She moved over and took me in her mouth licking me clean and taking my half limp dick all the way in her mouth swirling her tongue all over my shaft. When she finished she left the room to go shower and I went out to get some water. I came back to the bed and Amanda was passed out so I turned the light off and went to pee before joining her.

I went into the bathroom with Madison still in the shower. I told I had to pee really quick which she said she didn’t care. While in there she asked if Amanda had passed out already. I told her yeah she is gone and I’m about to be as well. She stepped out of the shower and was drying off and said well before you do can we finish what I started earlier? I nodded and said I won’t stop you. She came over and kissed me telling me how much she had thought about me fucking her ass and how she needed me to do it again. She was stroking me as she knelt down taking me back in her mouth. She got me at full mast quickly and bent over the counter one leg propped up on the toilet. She looked back and said lick it for me first please with longing in her eyes.

I knelt down and ate her ass making sure I got it super wet. She kept quiet covering her mouth as I worked my tongue in and around her ass. I couldn’t take it any longer and got behind her grabbing her neck with one hand twisting her around so I could kiss her and my other hand found her pussy. I had her reach back and guide me in her ass as we kissed and I fingered her pussy. She let out a little yelp along with a sigh once my head was in her. We fucked like that for several minutes until I could tell she was cumming and she started trying to hold me all the way in her ass as she came. The mix of me feeling her ass contract around my dick along with her telling me to fill her up sent me over the edge and I busted my nut deep in her ass. I pulled out slowly and she reached for my dick scooping up and cum that was on me licking it off her fingers.

She joined me back in the shower to rinse off and I told her she couldn’t tell Amanda because I was supposed to make her wait till the end of the week before I could fuck her. She kissed me saying don’t worry this one will be our little secret. I left her and went back to bed with Amanda head still spinning from the booze and leaving Madison’s ass full of my cum.

Part 3 coming soon

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