[F4M] Daddy loving on my breasts

Nobody makes me feel like daddy does, daddy is the only one who knows just what I love and need. Daddy quickly finds out how needy I am for my breasts to be messed with.

Fictional fantasy, all involved are 18+.

I’m standing in your bedroom doorway wearing my tank top and undies, leaning against the door frame, just staring at my handsome daddy. You look my way and say, “What do you need baby, do you want to come cuddle with daddy?”

I eagerly shake my head as you laugh, “Well come on then!”

I rush over to your bed and jump up next to you and cuddle up so close with my head on your chest. You look down at me, “Why don’t you take your clothes off so daddy can feel your soft skin against me?”

I sit up as you start to pull my shirt. Lifting my arms, you then pull my shirt off to reveal my tender, soft breasts and slightly hard nipples, which are just begging to be touched and groped by daddy.

I lean down to grab my underwear and pull them down as I cuddle back into you, feeling daddy pull me in so close… my head nuzzled in to daddy’s neck and one leg draped over you, resting my wet little hole on your leg.
My breasts are pushed into daddy’s hairy chest. “I love being so close to you like this, daddy, you feel so good against me.”

“Daddy loves it too,” as you kiss my forehead.

I had been thinking about daddy all night, being close to and touched, and was quite needy… for daddy and nobody else.

My breasts were so sensitive and feeling them touch daddy’s bare skin just made them more needy to be touched, fondled and sucked on.

I moved my chest from side to side a little, hoping daddy would get the idea of what I needed, and you did. You look over at me and ask, “Are you needing daddy to give your sweet little breasts some attention?” I struggle to respond back, “uhh, yesss, please daddy, I have been so needy” as I look up at you, pushing my wetness between my legs into your leg harder.

You lean into me, “Daddy is always here for you to make you feel good anytime you need it,” as you kiss me deeply.

I love feeling daddy’s loving kiss, it is making me crave daddy even more.

You gently push me onto my back, sitting back and staring in awe at my chest, “Daddy just loves your breasts, baby girl, they’re so pretty.” You reach down and gently cup one of them in your hands, as you moan out a little, “I know you love daddy touching your breasts, but daddy loves it just as much. Your soft breast feels so good in daddy’s hand.”

At this point I’m letting out little moans, pushing my hips up and down in the air.

You move your head down to pull my needy breast into your mouth, as I freeze and hold my breath to hear your light licks and sucks on my soft skin. I can feel and see how bad daddy likes it.

Feeling daddy’s tongue sliding all over my soft, fleshy breast, sliding it allllll over one side and then the other, pushing down harder with your tongue on my nipple, daddy moaning out for me and me moaning out for daddy.

You tell me, “Daddy can see how you’re thrusting your hips up in the air, how much you’re aching to feel pressure on your little clit. Touch yourself for daddy and make yourself feel good. Daddy will keep making love to your perfect, soft breasts.”

I hear you continue to go after my breast, hearing daddy’s licks and sucks, I love it.

I move my hand between my legs, run my finger up and down and push it just into the edge of my little hole. “Mmm daddy, I’m so wet down here and it is all because of you. Keep sucking on my little girl boobs, daddy. It…feels…so good,” as I start to breathe a little harder.

I take my finger and rub my wetness on the breast you’re sucking on. As your tongue keeps slowly and softly swirling around my needy breast, lands where I rubbed my little girl juice.

You moan out, “Mmm, you taste so good, baby. Daddy loves tasting your sweet juices.”

My hand is back between my legs, pushing a finger inside my wet little pussy to get more of my wetness. Moving my wet finger to my sensitive little clit. Pushing down on my little clit hard and circling my finger around and around. Moaning out, “Ohh yes daddy, this feels so good. I’m so needy and wet for you.”

“Oh princess, mmm, daddy loves doing this for you. Daddy can’t get enough of your breast,” as I then moan out, getting closer to having an orgasm.

You’re more aggressively pulling my breast into your mouth, sucking on it like a bottle that you can’t ever get enough of.

“Keep rubbing your little clit, baby girl, daddy wants to see you make yourself feel good,” you whisper to me.

“Ohh daddy, yess, I’m getting pretty close. Please keep sucking on me. It feels so good, daddy. Yesss dadddddy.”

I can feel how wet I am, my juices running down. I know I’m getting close. I don’t take as long when daddy gives my breasts so much attention.

“Mmm I’m going to be a good little girl for you, daddy. Ugggh. Dadddddy, yesss. Oh daddy, feels…good.”

You run your tongue softly around my breast and nipple one more time, looking at me, “You’re such a good little girl for daddy, touching yourself while daddy sucked your little breast.”

“Thank you, daddy. It felt so very good. I needed that so badly.”

“You’re welcome, baby. Daddy loves you and would do anything for my sweet little girl.”

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