(f30) I let my Uber driver fuck my mouth.

Essentially… I had a horrible first date. I drank lots of wine to make it more bearable. By the time I called an Uber home, I was drunk…… and horny. My Uber driver was looking 🔥, and I made it clear I was interested. We played a bit on the way home and then I made sure he received a veryyyy generous tip for getting me home safely. 😌

This is one of my favorite slutty memories. So, I couldn’t help but to pour all the details in a more lengthy recollection.

It’s here if you’re interested in knowing more 🙈:

I remember what I wore that night. It was a long, black, sleeveless dress. Sophisticated. Sexy. It was a favorite of mine. Long, it clung tightly around my tits, hips, and ass. There was a thin, subtle slit starting from my midthigh downward. It had a high neckline, with a horizontal peek a boo slit across the top of my chest that displayed the top of my very full tits.

My date was disappointing. He was a different person from his online persona entirely. I don’t think I was able to contribute three sentences to the conversation, as he rambled from one subject to the next.

I chugged down at least a bottle and a half of Chardonnay to get through dinner. Consequently, doing so has turned me into a very horny girl by the end of it.

Drunk enough to consider fucking him still, we headed back to his place.

After a series of weird behaviors at his apartment, I opted to skip the fuck and call an Uber home.

I walked out of the apartment lobby and saw a car matching the description of my Uber. A tall man got out of the drivers seat.

I remember being completely mesmerized by him as soon as he was in clear view.

6 foot 2ish, mid 30’s
trim figure
broad shoulders
sculpted arms
meaty thighs
caramel skin
dark curly hair

Still buzzed from the wine, I made out my best “hello” and smiled.
I followed his eyes as he inspected my dress from the bottom up.
He worked hard to regain and keep eye contact. He kindly opened the rear door for me.
He was sweet.

I asked if I could instead sit up front with him.
A seductive smile ran across his face.
He obliged. I melted.

Thanks to the last glass of white wine that I had back at the apartment, my memory of the 40 minute Uber ride is fuzzy.

I do remember a few moments.

1. I obsessed over his strong arms. I remember asking him if I could touch them. “Of course” was his answer. I have a vivid memory of gently caressing him. I started from his collar bone then across to his shoulder and slowly down to his wrists over and over.
2. My dress became hiked up somehow, and he was firmly gripping my bare thigh.
3. My memory then cuts to us passionately making out, two of his fingers in my very wet pussy and one eye on the road.

He turns off the Uber rider app and parks a block away from my apartment. I lived with family at the time, so I don’t invite him in.

Instead, with his fingers still inside of me, I lean the seat as far back as possible and invite him to join me.

He gleamed at me and jumped over the middle console with ease. His knee planted on the seat next to me – his strong frame towered over my little body.

I felt his hard growing cock on my thigh as his tongue dominated my mouth.

I was dripping for him.

His strong fingers still fucking me.

I wanted to give him a turn. I reached down to start slowly playing with the tip of his cock.

He pauses shortly to moan, his head lowered so his moans vibrate in my ear. Ugh. Ecstasy.

His head shifts back up and he locks eyes with me. He takes his hand out from my pussy, and places his soaking fingers one by one into my mouth, cleaning my juices from them.

Then I remember his brooding eyes looking down at me as he asked me permission to fuck my mouth.

I nodded and proceeded to unzip his pants to guide his cock out. He’s huge.

His seats had a lot of room. He manuevered himself higher on the seat.

His hand accidently pressed on my hair, pulling it. He apologized quickly, and kissed my forehead. Fuck.

I shimmied myself down, my face meeting his cock perfectly.

I played with it in my hand for a second and ran my tongue around his balls before running it up his shaft to the tip. I swirled my tongue there for a moment and then took as much of him in my mouth as I could.

He moaned.

He couldn’t contain himself anymore.

His hips lifted up and in what felt like slow motion, thrusted back down forcing all of his cock into my small mouth.

I remember gagging harder than I ever have on a cock. I struggled for a second while I struggled to catch my breath.
He thrusted into my mouth a bit faster and harder, I knew he was into it. I had to keep taking it, I didn’t want to stop him.

We went like this for a bit.

His speed increased.
I have tears in my eyes.
This was amazing.
I could feel him close to cumming in my mouth.

Instead, he pulls out of my mouth suddenly. In one swift movement, he reaches down under my arm and around my waist and pulls me upward toward him.

He kissed me, before whispering in my ear “get on top of me now. I need you to ride my cock.”

More wet then ever, I nodded.

to be continued 😏

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