F27 jiggle balls for a night

My partner and I decided to have a date night this evening because we weren’t really doing anything for Valentine’s but to add a bit of extra excitement to the evening my boyfriend asked would I like to wear some jiggle balls while we were out for dinner and a show.

I was a little hesitant but also very intrigued to try them out, just before heading out my boyfriend lubed them up and gently eased the balls into me.
At first I couldn’t really feel anything but then I felt a tingling but heavy sensation when I was driving us to dinner.
During our meal I would feel th balls moving around inside me, making me want to squirm around and play with myself. However while I could feel myself getting wetter I couldn’t feel in control of it like I normally am so I didn’t realise how wet I truly was which was envigerting but also a little frustrating at the same time. I got a surprise when I went to the bathroom as I was using the toilet I felt my whole body get warm then was overcome by the feeling of my myself cumming it was an intense out of body experience that had me tingling all over.

This feeling continued for the rest of the evening as I got even more desperate all over again consumed at the thought of my boyfriend fucking me when we got home.
Once we got home I asked my boyfriend for some help taking the balls out of me then one thing lead to another and I had one of the most intense orgasams I’ve experienced in our explorations.

Ps. First story by herself

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