[f26] my cousin let village men use me, part 3

“that’s a good girl.” he said. his words were followed by the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

both men were sucking my nipples now and i looked down with hooded eyes. the pleasure was intense – i never had two mouths on my body before. one of them was sucking while the other one was teasing my nipple with his tongue and i felt like i could cum from just their mouths alone. my nipples were sensitive and each lick, each pull, each flick of a tongue made my moans louder. i clenched my thighs in desperation, hoping to rub them against my clit, for just a little friction, but it didn’t come.

“nuh uh, keep her legs open wide.” my cousin said, his cock out and proud. he wasn’t touching it, but it was still twitching as he watched us – as he watched me getting groped by these fisherman, his old friends. the men pulled my legs apart firmly and my skirt rose up, exposing my panties. immediately, my pussy clenched in response. i could feel the wet stickiness between my legs, and i knew my panties were soaked.

“fuck, would you look at that. she made such a big mess.” both men stopped sucking and looked down between my legs.

i instinctively tried to close them, but they kept them firmly apart. one of them reached out and dragged his fingers over my panties. i felt the touch all the way to my toes, my clit twitched and my hips bucked, revealing my enjoyment. “you don’t have to hide from us, darling. a slut like you is exactly what these men need, isn’t it?” they hummed and agreed, still dragging their fingers over my thighs, along the hem of my panties, just barely brushing over my clit. “they need a needy pussy like yours to empty all the cum that’s been brewing in those balls. look how hard you got them.”

it was all too much and not enough. the breathy groans, the wandering fingers, my cousins voice, his big, thick cock twitching with his every word. and yes, yes i could feel how hard were the men next to me, their hard ons digging into my sides. “c’mon, touch them. see what you did for yourself.” and i did, both of my hands falling into their laps, rubbing their bulging cocks under my palm. one of them squeezed my thigh and bit my shoulder, the other one pressed his fingers into my pussy, hard, probably on accident, but it was enough and i moaned loudly.

the orgasm was quick, but all consuming – shivers of pleasure ran down my neck to my spine. again, my pleasure was mixed with embarrassment, embarrassment of being this horny, of coming so quickly, of letting my cousin watch me. of the fact that just me cum harder, faster. that it made me want more.

part 4?

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