F26 I sucked a married guy off

A married guy I met on Tinder was eager to have his needs fulfilled by me, as his wife doesn’t attend to him. So after having a couple of meet ups, I went down to his place while his wife was working late, went down on my knees and sucked every inch of his cock.


I followed everything he wanted, how far I went down his cock how to stroke his cock and how to glide my mouth and hand down to please him.

He told me I was a good girl for him which encouraged me to go deepthroat him harder, he kept grabbing by me by the hair to control me. I loved the way he controlled me, he was really rough and knew what he wanted. The tip of his cock keep thrusting up and down my throat until I finally felt his cum travelling down my throat. I squeezed out the remainder from his cock and swallowed it whole.

I wiped my mouth and thanked him for dinner.

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