[F22] I used to look down at Ass2Mouth a lot – until I got (forcefully) turned by it [FFM]

\[by Green\]

So I´m a pretty openminded and naughty woman, no need to deny that at all. I had (and still have) my fair share of lewd sexcapades and I´m not really ashamed about it either because it´s simply a part of life. Still, I´d call my sexlife rather vanilla most of the time and while I got into anal play rather easily, I stayed away from weirder kinks there. Not necessarily an ‚extreme‘ kink but one I´ve seen in porn & co more often was ass2mouth and I could hardly believe anyone would do that willingly. For years I was convinced that there was pretty much nothing more degrading than a2m and that I would have the pride and dignity left (yes, even with my freeuse chapter) to never sink that low. It wasn´t even a matter of hygiene because I always keep my rear entrance as clean as possible anyway, but still the idea felt so utterly dirty and shameless to me. I not only judged it, I somehow developed an elaborate despise on any woman who would do that – to me they were the kind of whores who had lost all of their self-respect.

Forward jump to one year ago when I got hit on by my friend Red who just had met a new playmate at the club a few days ago. They´ve probably spent more time in bed than out since then and when she called me, she just point-blank asked me if I wanted to fuck in a threesome. Being ever the horny one and currently in the middle of a little drought I didn´t think twice and agreed; nothing´s wrong with some fun time with your bestie, is it? I met up with them at Red´s place just an hour later and found out that her new friend was a treat indeed. Funny and nice he really was a cutieboy and once we put aside such tedious things as clothes and modesty I could see his body matched his attractive face. We didn´t waste much time and got comfy on Red´s bed to warm up properly: He put his tongue to good use by eating us out one after another while the respective free one was serving his dick with her mouth. Once we all were ready and eager to go, Red and I shared his dick equally like good friends should do. Despite his rather young and cute appearance the guy was proving a considerable amount of stamina and managed to give both of us a good time without cumming. He was either trained very well or simply a bit too overused by Red beforehand. Also Red didn´t bother to start easy on the lewdness because on her turn she decided to ride him anal right away and it didn´t take long for me to join the backdoor fun there. His size was just perfect for it, filling me out nice and tight without overstretching my butt too much, and I loved kneeling side to side with Red and kissing her while he switched back and forth between her butt and mine.

Getting to fuck two hot girls in their asses at the same time apparentally was too much for him to bear after all and as he was close to cumming he went into some fast, desperate thrusting, giving my ass a damn good time. Red turned to sit next to me and freely played with my boobs and pussy while she enjoyed watching him violate my anus. I moaned loud and satisfied as I felt him shooting his hot load deep inside me and when he slowly pulled out my whole ass felt intensively glowing. Red kept playing with my pussy and gently held me in place while the guy was moving around me. At first I thought he wanted to get out of the bed but then he stopped right infront of me with his dick close to my face. I looked up to him irritated and he responded with a half anticipating half wondering smile and wiggled around with his dick a bit. When I fully realised what he wanted, I was downright shocked, outright insulted. I opened my mouth to tell him with clear, strict words that this was out of bounds, but right then Red dastardly pushed my head forward without any warning and it made my head explode. His dick went inside my mouth and along with it thousands of shameful and desperate thoughts and protests. The guy probably had no idea at all, but Red knew damn well how much I had been looking down on a2m. With her hand still on my pussy she laughed and said in a surprised, cheeky tone:

„Wow, she really came a bit from that! Naughty, naughty!“

I wanted to scream, cry and insult her, but before I knew it I started sucking on this cock like a well-behaving little whore. Everything was lost and all my restrains with it. I licked every little drop of cum from his dick and made him go hard again in no time. As soon as he was ready to go for another round, they pulled me between them and kept me on all fours with my butt high in the air and my face down between Red´s raised legs. She had me eating out her ass while he was giving mine another fuck and even though I was giving her looks that could kill I served her nonetheless.

She was most entertained by my fall from dignity and my arousal and wanted to saviour it more, so she kept ordering the guy around. Every few dozen thrusts up my ass he would pause just to move around and got himself another blowjob before returning to anal. I just had become the main attraction of the evening, maybe for my ceaseless moaning, maybe for the shameful lusty ferocity with which I sucked on his dick every singe time. The anal stimulation of his increasingly strong thrusts was great, but nothing compared to the electric thrill of each new fresh-out-of-ass cock violating my mouth. I came like two or three more times during that, always getting close through the ass-fucking and experiencing the very peak when being humiliated once more by a2m.

When Red was close to cumming in the end, she ordered him to go on a final ride on my asshole, as rough as possible. She furiously masturbated and tried to keep me eating her ass, but I was too busy screaming out wildly in painful delight. When he finally was done with turning my ass into a hoarse mess and filled me with his cum, Red followed shortly after and soaked my whole face and hair with a big squirt.

When we were laying there together, cuddling all exhausted and satisfied, I was close to heavily scolding Red (who still was giving me the most cheekiest of grins) several times, but in the end I didn´t say anything. There was only one thought in my mind: Now I was one of those degraded, tabooless a2m-whores too – and shame on me for enjoying it so damn much …


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