F(20) Strips for Neighbor M(56)

I grew up beside a pretty girl who was the same age as me. She was a spoiled little bitch. She and I had a lot of friends on our street in the suburbs back then. We all played with Barbies and listened to slutty girl bands on MTV.

Sabrina was the girl who lived beside me. As we grew older, she and I grew apart. Her parents seemed to argue a lot, I would always hear yelling from their house. Sabrina’s mom was this old, prudish, mingy-looking bitch. Sabrina’s dad was a pretty typical-looking guy, he worked in a factory, wore New Balance sneakers, Nike golf polos and had your typical “dad bod”. He was hot though, and he would always be outside when I was washing my Volkswagen Jetta in my tiny, barely there, pink bikini.

As time went on, he would watch me all the time as my cute little ass cheeks bounced walking around when I walked. When my perky tits would almost pop out of my top I could see him start to lose it.

Sometimes, when Sabrina and her mom would be gone I would even go outside to lay by the pool and tan naked. Their back windows looked onto my backyard with a pool and he would watch me oil up my naked body. I knew he was in there stroking his cock and touching himself as he watched me naked and oiling my body all over.

Then, one day, I was cleaning my car in front of our houses. This day, I was wearing a red bikini that my big perky boobs were exploding from. The matching red bikini bottom and the triangle bottom barely covered my tight shaved pussy. I saw him watching me as he was tinkering in his garage and I decided to slowly start untying my bikini and stripping it off in front of him until I was completely naked. Then, I got a soapy sponge out of my bucket and started rubbing it all over the front of my body, he was watching me, transfixed on my every movement. I climbed onto the front hood of my car and started rubbing my clit…

Finally, he walked over to me. He didn’t need to say anything. I got on my knees right there in the driveway. I took off his belt and unzipped his pants, his cock was so hard for me. Putting my mouth on his cock, I gave him the sluttiest, sloppiest, slurpiest blowjob he’s had in YEARS. Before long, we went upstairs to his bedroom he shared with his wife. I let him fuck each of my holes, one after the other. Then, I licked his yummy cock clean. We continued to do this for a few months. It was so fucking hot hooking up in the bed he shared with his wife. How wrong it felt, made my pussy so wet and his dick so hard.

Sabrina and her mom never found out. At least, they never said anything about it…

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