[F19] How I cucked my boyfriend and broke up with Him

So I used to have a boyfriend and i would say things were pretty smooth for about 6-7 months. He kinda got me to settle down but I’ve always been a slut and I just knew it was a matter of time before I done something stupid, fast forward about 2 weeks before the breakup, he started to act up, didn’t want to have sex with me, was being weak and tbh just couldn’t take care of me. A real beta male, anyways I was sick of him but i was did like his friends, nice guys in general, never actually thought about doing something with them (sexually) but I was so frustrated at my boyfriend that I ended up msging his best friend a bullshit like through DMs like ‘Hey something’s been going on with M***, can I come talk to you) he was always a kind person so he said yea sure come over. Once I had gone over we spoke for a bit just about life and then he brought up the question, what’s going on? I put on my sad puppy eyes, and with my left hand I planted it on his thigh, his face wasn’t shocked, he was just unaware of what was going on, it was when I started moving closer with my hole body, pushing my hand closer and closer towards his cock, he was aware of what I was actually there for. I pretty much pranced on him and starting hooking up with him, he didn’t hesitate. He loved every single second of it, we then went in his room I got undressed, handed him my phone and said if you want to fuck me you have to record. He did not give a fuck, he grabbed that phone and started recording straight away. He fucked my pussy harder than my boyfriend ever has, he even cummed in me which was the best feeling ever, now we get to the part where it gets interesting. After he fucked me good, I had left his house and went back to my ex’s apartment (which is where I stayed) he was there, laying on the couch, being useless like he has these last few months, I went up to him grabbed his face and made him eat out my pussy (which keep in mind was just fucked raw and cummed in 🙈) he then decided he actually wanted to fuck me, he got naked, but I didn’t move a muscle, I just stared at him once he was butt naked and I told him I need to show him something if he wanted to fuck, he was begging to see it. I pulled out the phone and started showing him the video, he looked up at me in horror, he couldn’t believe what I done. Just seeing how pathetic he was made me so fucking horny, I told him if he doesn’t want me to leave him that he needs to cum over the video, so I made him watch the whole thing, slowly edging to it the whole time until the end where I got cummed inside, that’s when I let him cum, and right after that I had told him he just ate out his best friends cum. He didn’t know how to react, at that moment, I said goodbye, walked out and never spoke to him again.

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