[F19] Delivered and taken, my hot encounter in the men’s shower

It was a hot summer’s day and I decided to treat myself to a dip in the pool. As I spread out my towel and lay down on a lounger, I noticed the sunlight kissing my skin and I could feel the sweat slowly beading off my body. It was a wonderful feeling. I decided to swim a few lengths in the pool before it got too crowded.

When I got out of the water and made my way back to my lounger, I noticed that the queue outside the shower rooms was endless. I longed to rinse the salty chlorine water off my body, so I decided to go to the men’s shower as it seemed to be empty.

I entered the shower rooms and immediately my eyes fell on the naked, muscular bodies of the men under the warm jets of water. I felt my pulse quicken and my breathing quicken. I was alone in a room full of attractive, naked men. I felt a wave of excitement and boldness wash over me.

I was wondering whether I should retreat again when one of the men suddenly noticed me. He looked me up and down and a cheeky grin appeared on his face. I could feel my body getting hot and my desire slowly building up.

I let my hand glide slowly over my body and felt my fingers touching my sensitive skin. I could see the men watching me and I knew they were just as aroused as I was. I decided to give them a show.

I closed my eyes and let the water splash on my body as I slowly undressed. I noticed the men coming closer and circling me. I could feel their eyes on me, but I enjoyed it. I was ready to be used by them.

One of the men stepped closer to me and began to fondle my breasts and suck my nipples. Another one leaned forward and started kissing my lips and neck. I had several hands on my body and I could feel the pleasure exploding inside me.

They led me to the center of the shower room and I knelt down while they gathered around me. They touched every part of my body, caressed me, kissed me and I was caught up in a frenzy of lust.

I felt one of the men penetrating me from behind, while another explored my body with his lips. I could do nothing but moan and lose myself in their lust. They used me in every way imaginable and I enjoyed every second of it.

When I was finally brought to an intense orgasm by one of the men, I felt the others pouring out as well. We all fell exhausted on the floor and enjoyed the blissful silence, which was only interrupted by the sound of the falling water.

When I walked out of the shower room later, I felt fulfilled and liberated. I knew that I would never forget this experience and that I would always have the courage to explore and enjoy my desires. I was a woman who set herself no boundaries and who lived life to the full.


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