F18 – Lost my anal VIRGINITY to a guy over twice my age at my parents house!

I just had the wildest experience while my parents were gone! I met a cute older guy (M40) on tinder and he asked if i ever did anal before. I never really thought about doing it before and i just turned 18 so i was already craving an older guy inside of me. Anyways, when my parents left I invited him over. We decided to skinny dip in the hot tub. We started making out and i started sucking his dick. He fingered my tight asshole before sticking his hard big dick in me. I thought it would hurt but i guess the warm water made me feel really relaxed! I told him to go as hard as he wanted to and trust me he did lol. I let him cum inside me and that really turned me on. I could just feel my asshole gaping when he pulled out. Best experience ever so far!

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