F18 got covered in cum by my gay friend in public changing room

F18 wearing cum stain of my gay friend

My friend is the most gay guy I have ever met, but after a few years of friendship I recognized him staring at me longer than needed, or using every small chance to touch me. I didn’t really think much about it because he’s obviously my gay friend. Some time has passed and I started to enjoy the attention I got from him, he made me feel like I was the hottest person in every room, even though I was wearing modest clothes because of my religion.
One day we went shopping together and of course we shared a changing room as usual, but this time it was different somehow. I felt such a high sexual tension between us but I thought thats impossible because he is not into women. We changed and rated our fits when he started touching my body. It was such an intense feeling that I can’t even describe properly.
But something seemed different. His stare was cold and also his face showed no expression which kinda turned me on. He grabbed my head and slowly pushed me on my knees, opened the jeans he’s probably buying and filled my mouth with his big dick.
I was shocked but also loved to feel like a slut for him. It was my first time giving a blow job so I just made what I thought was right and he really seemed to enjoy it. When he was about to cum he pulled my head back and said in a harsh tone :” now close your eyes.” I did so and a few moments later I felt his cum all over my face. It was warm and felt so good on my skin.
His facial expressions got softer again and he acted like nothing of it even happened. I cleaned my face with a napkin I have had in my bag. We changed into our own clothes went to the cashier and I felt like she was staring at me for too long, I was kinda nervous because maybe she heard us. When we were about to leave she said :” miss, you have a stain on your Hijab.” I didn’t know what she was talking about until I knew it was some of my friends cum.

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