Exhusband part 1

I (28F) have a few tales with my exhusband (36M) to share. My ex and I had a very plain sex life that left me unsatisfied in more than one way. In the beginning, he would be gentle and take his time, and make it about us. However, it quickly changed that he would get tired or would complain about how long I took to finish when he was focused on me. One particular time, he was trying to find my clit and finger me. I understand that everyone’s bits can be different, so I placed his hand where he needed to be. Instead, he picked up his hand continued his attack on my urethra. I let him know how it was painful and not in the right place, and he sighed and asked if he could just stop anyhow since he was getting tired of 2 minutes of play and wanted to get to the fucking. I felt obligated to keep him happy since it was my “wifely duty” to do what I could for him, even if I wasn’t satisfied. But that’s a story for a different day!

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