Erotic dressing room

Sherri needed some new work pants so she headed to her local clothing store. It’d been a relaxing weekend scrolling through reddit rubbing her pussy making herself so wet and vulnerable. Her thongs were making her pussy tingle with each step. She had to stop by the makeup to adjust her panties. She could feel her wet pussy saturating the thongs. She imagined taking them off and suckling the pussy juice off of them. She had thought to bring her tiny key chain vibrator with her and she could hardly contain her excitement.
Sherri went to the women’s department and quickly found a few pair of pants she barely noticed the size as she continued to feel her thong underwear riding up her ass! She found the dressing room and quickly got a room and peeled her pants off noticing a small wet spot in the crotch from her extremely wet pussy. As she tossed them on the floor she heard another women enter the stall beside her. Sherri couldn’t help it she had to pull those thong panties off and rub her throbbing pussy it ached so bad for touch. She threw the panties on the bench seat hiked her right leg up and reached between her legs and felt her wet slippery pussy. Her finger slipped inside and Sherri let out a small whimper. She tried to hold back but her pussy was so sensitive from her weekend of porn that it immediately sent thrills of ecstasy all throughout her body. She withdrew her finger and slowly circled her pussy teasing her wet throbbing pussy hole. She needed her pussy full it ached so bad so she took two fingers and slowly fucked herself letting small moans escape. Suddenly she heard the women next door. “Sounds like you need some help in there”. Sherri could see the ladies high heels under the door and with of all the lesbian porn she had watched the last few days and she couldn’t help but shove another finger into her extremely wet pussy and moan even louder for the lady next door.
“Damn that sounds like it would taste amazing ” the lady said and Sherri answered “mmmhmmm” The lady exited her stall and Sherri unlocked hers as she continued pumping her fingers into her delicious pussy with her other hand.
The lady entered top less with a tiny skirt on and her high heels. Her tits were enormous. The woman shoved Sherri onto the bench seat grabbed the used thongs and shoved them in Sherri’s mouth. Sherri could taste her sweet pussy juice all over her wet panties. “Leave that in your mouth cause I’m gonna make you moan bitch” the lady said and put her pretty head right between Sherri’s legs and softly licked the folds of Sherri’s wet pussy. Sherri moaned into her panties and the lady slipped her tongue deep into Sherri’s pussy causing a small shower of pussy juice to flow into the ladies mouth.
The lady looked up between Sherri’s legs licking the pussy off her lips and said “Fuck yay that’s some good pussy you whore” then she dove her head back down and greedily licked every part of Sherri’s wet throbbing pussy. Sherri could feel an orgasm getting ready to take over her body and she knew as wet and horny as she was it was gonna be a very messy orgasm. She practically screamed into her panties and right as she climaxed the lady shoved two fingers up her pussy as she licked away at her clit and little spurts of pussy juice squirted out of her with each orgasmic contraction.
She wanted more she wanted the lady to put more fingers into her pussy and make her cum even harder. She spit the panties out. Not giving a crap who heard her she deserved this. “Fuck me. Give me more” She said breathlessly and the lady inserted another finger and sucked harder on her clit. “Yes, give it to me good .” Sherri said. The women raised herself up to suck on Sherri’s bouncing tits and as she did she stuck another finger into Sherri’s greedy, wet pussy. “Fuck, fuck stretch me out” Sherri moaned.
Sherri remembered her vibrator on her key chain and quickly shuffled them out of her pocket and turned it on and put it against her clit just as the lady shoved her whole hand into Sherri’s very wet, gushing pussy. “You dirty girl u like that pussy full?” The lady asked and Sherri nodded her head as she pushed her vagina against the women hand. “Please” was all Sherri could say as another orgasm racked her entire body and her legs began to shake uncontrollably.
As she came down from her second orgasm she reached her hand out and began to play with the lady’s pussy up her skirt who was almost just as wet and needy as hers especially after her show.
Sherri stood up and the lady bent over the bench seat and hiked up her skirt past her amazing ass and Sherri felt her pussy leaking more juices and it started to throb as she seen the butt plug in the lady’s tight ass hole. Sherri couldn’t believe it and quickly got on her knees behind the lady and licked greedily at the women’s pussy. The women had taken Sherri’s panties and shoved them in her own mouth to stiffle her moans. Sherri couldn’t help it and moaned loudly into the lady’s tight awaiting pussy. Sherri replaced her tongue with two fingers and took her other hand and held her vibrator on the ladies clit giving the women satisfaction in both holes and her clit.
“Fuck bitch I gotta get my purse” the lady moaned. She quickly walked away and Sherri stood rubbing her pussy wanting so much more.
The lady came back in and out of her purse she grabbed a huge dildo. “Never leave home without it!” She winked at Sherri slapped her gently on her ass and handed it to her as the lady took her position over the bench like a good whore. Sherri put the big 10 inch dildo into her mouth getting it ready to fuck this whore who was currently her new best friend.
“Fuck me good! I’ve been waiting for both holes to be full” The lady said as Sherri removed the dildo from her mouth spat on the end for good lubrication and with her other hand spread her pussy lips and slowly inserted the dildo inch by inch as the Lady quivered in excitement. Sherri fucked her soft and slow just to get her good and ready. “Give it to me hard you bitch” the lady responded and Sherri quickly started fucking her so hard and so fast the lady squirted several times on the floor and her moans were so loud. Sherri was worried for minute they would get caught but that made her want to make the lady moan even more. “Oh my God” the lady moaned and her body was like electric currents. Her pussy was leaking juices all over and once the lady calmed down from her orgasm Sherri hiked her leg up on the bench and stuck the dripping wet dildo into her own pussy. Fucking herself deep and hard. She didn’t have a toy this big at home and her pussy was so full she put her head back and moaned and soon felt the lady’s tongue circling her clit as wave after wave of orgasmic contractions convulsed through her entire body. When she was done she pulled that dildo out of her creamy wet pussy and the lady took her tongue and licked every inch of Sherri off that huge fucking dildo. “We sure did make a mess, don’t suppose you have any towels in that purse” Sherri laughed.
“All the more fun for the next slut to get banged in this stall” The lady said.

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