Elf Boys: A Prologue by ThaKid15

“Alright everyone, good work today! We’ll see you for recital tomorrow morning.”

Filing out of the practice room, the dozen-or-so mostly blonde-haired Elf boys chattered away as they headed toward the dining hall to grab some dinner. There were fifteen of them in total, choirboys in the Avonite Youth program, traveling with the army to help in the war effort.

The Great Wars have been going on for quite some time at this point, and the Elven Kingdom of Avon made the decision to deploy their youth organizations in the frontlines several months ago. There were a total of forty-five boys in the Avonite Youth program, which was further divided into three parts: the cadets, healers, and choristers, all taking part in mostly non-combat roles to boost morale amongst the soldiers.

However, because they were stationed at the frontlines, things sometimes went bad for them, and as the members of the choir strolled along the courtyard toward their dinners, warning bells began to sound from all over the compound, which meant only one thing: a raid was being conducted on their camp by the enemy.

“Do you think they sent the calvary?” One of the blonde boys, Sven, wondered aloud.

“No, I bet it’s the Dragoons,” a boy named Noah, the only dark haired one amongst them, said.

“Oh yeah?” Sven shot back. “What’ll you wager?”

“You can have my dessert after dinner.”

“Do better than that.”

“My breakfast too?” Noah offered, and Sven chuckled. “I don’t have anything else, really.”

“What about this, I’ll wager my nursemaid postcard, and you match that.”

The younger boy’s bright hazel eyes grew wide. “You mean the one with the scantily dressed eastern girl?”

Sven chuckled. He was the older boy between the two by a year, but Noah had always been a small boy even amongst the other neighborhood kids back home. That made him kind of like everyone’s little brother in a way, and everyone was always so protective of him. As the years went by, though, Sven began to notice some subtle differences in the younger boy’s character. Whereas his pouty and juvenile charms were usually innocent, Noah’s inquisitive and enthusiastic nature was now marked by his burgeoning sexuality, making him far too easy for the older boy to tease.

“I’d trade my beautiful singing voice for that postcard.” Noah sighed dreamily.

“You can’t exactly do that, though, can you?” Sven chuckled. “Come on, think of something else.”

“But I don’t have anything like that.” Noah whined, thinking about all the nights he’d have to use his vivid imagination to relieve himself instead.

“Tell you what, then.” Sven replied as shouts were heard somewhere in the distance. “If I’m right, I get to share the blanket with Serene today. If you’re right, then you do.”

Noah perked up at that, even despite the obvious sounds of fighting in the background; something that they were all used to by now.


“Shut up you guys,” another chorister, Klemens, yelled at them. “We need to go now!”

The two boys giggled and followed behind as the rest of the choir rushed through the camp and toward the shelter that housed all non-combatants.

Stationed at the door of their refuge were several other boys their age. Though technically groomed to be warriors, the cadets were still far too young to play any significant role on the battlefield, and thus occupied a more ceremonial role while stationed in the frontlines. They acted as sentries in the night to allow the soldiers a proper rest, and during attacks, helped to usher in non-combatants to the shelter.

“There they are!” One of the boys, Elar, a highly ranked cadet, was yelling. “Call Dar off the search, the choristers are safe!”

Another cadet boy ran off obediently to carry out those orders, but as Noah and Sven tried to make their way inside, the boy standing beside Elar confronted them.

“Where the hell were you choirboys?” He asked angrily, a hint of bitterness in his voice.

“We were just…” Noah began to explain himself, but Sven stopped him. That was how the younger boy always was. He might have been snarky with friends, but around authority he always grew timid.

“We came as fast as we could, Valentine.”

“Yeah right,” the boy seemed angry, hateful even. “Adam and Levi arrived five minutes ago with most of the other choristers. But you two were taking your time, and we sent a good man out there into danger looking for you.”

“That’s enough, Val.” Elar said from beside him, then looked to Sven and Noah. “Go on guys, get in. We think they’re just raiding for food, so we should be safe for the most part.”

“Wait,” Noah stopped in his tracks and turned to Elar. “Who’ve the humans sent?”

“The Dragoons.”

Noah glanced to Sven excitedly at that, and the older boy nearly groaned out loud.

“Looks like it’s sweet kisses for Serene tonight.” Noah snickered when they were inside, his demeanor returning to its usual playful self.

“Don’t rub it in, asshole.”

The shelter was dark, very dimly lit, and held slightly less than a hundred Elven non-combatants. Most of them were males, of course, but the camp also held quite a number of female positions.

Serene occupied one such position as an assistant combat healer, and took it upon herself to comfort the younger Elf boys in the shelter during attacks such as this. After the months that they had been here, there were whispers amongst the teenaged boys that Serene often allowed a little more intimacy than was appropriate while “comforting” them under her blanket.

“Look, there she is.” Sven pointed out when he spotted the beautiful young female figure huddled alone in a corner of the shelter with a blanket.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.” Noah said quickly as he ran off.

Sven could only chuckle as he found himself a spot to sit down close to the two huddle figures. He, like most boys, had already had an “experience” with Serene, of course. About a month ago during another attack, Serene had huddled close to him and allowed the fourteen year old boy to hug her. Then, after a little bit of goading on her part, Sven had allowed his hands to explore a little bit, fondling and rubbing against her clothed breasts and midsection.

It had been an exciting experience for sure, one that Noah hadn’t yet had, and Sven wanted to be there to watch as his young friend finally learnt what it meant to be a man.

In the darkness and under the blanket, hidden away from the prying eyes of other adults, Noah sat rigid under the blanket, too stiff and nervous to really enjoy sitting so close to such a pretty young lady like Serene. All of that rigidity immediately melted away, however, at the warmth of the young Elven lady’s touch as she wrapped an arm tenderly around the young boy and caressed him.

“Are you okay, Noah?” She whispered softly into his ear, sending a shudder of warmth down the young boy’s spine. He nodded, and gasped silently as he then felt her hand go to his groin. He was hard, and Serene was caressing the tent in his pants.

“Sorry.” He muttered, his heart racing.

“That alright,” she whispered back, teasing his cock through his tunic. “Can you open your fly?”

Noah nearly couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and nodded quickly as Sven looked on. The older boy was listening to everything that was happening and couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy for his younger friend. Serene had never done anything like that for him, but she seemed enthusiastic to do it for the cute dark haired, twinkly-eyed boy that was Noah.

“Slowly, so no one else sees.”

Sven looked on silently as the young boy nodded again, too focused on what was coming to really pay attention to what she said. Noah’s cock wasn’t too big; standing at maybe four and a half inches fully erect. It wasn’t so big honestly, far less developed than Sven’ own cock, but it seemed to be enough for Serene to play with as her hands began to move with short jerking motions beneath the blanket, while Noah closed his eyes and began to groan in pleasure softly.

“Better quiet down,” Sven whispered to them. “Or people will hear you. You’re being too obvious.”

“I don’t care if people hear.” The young lady replied with all the youthful mischievousness inappropriate for her age, then turned to the unresponsive Noah to nibble at his ear. “Do you care?”

“N-No.” Came the reply, followed by several more groans as if to underline his point.

Several more minutes went by, and eventually Noah let out a loud moan of ecstasy as he came both into the blanket that covered them and Serene’s hands. There was another twinge of jealousy from Sven as he watched her take her cum-laden fingers into her mouth and lick them clean, turning to look knowingly at him as she did.

“You guys were too loud.” He shrugged, as if unaffected. “I’m sure everyone heard.”

“If anyone else besides the other boys heard, they would’ve stopped us.” Serene pointed out, giggling as she caressed Noah’s small body.

“Still, I would’ve been quieter.” Sven shook his head.

“That’s easy for you to say.” Noah still had his eyes closed, panting as he lay over the older girl’s lap. “I thought I was going to pass out.”

Sven rolled his eyes as the cheeky younger boy began bragging about how good it had felt. Even though Noah had always been like his younger sibling, it seemed like he was more experienced than Sven in at least one area of life for now.


“Hey guys, have you seen Noah?”

Sven looked up at the unfamiliar girl in front of him. He was seated on the grass with his own date, a girl named Lara, and hadn’t taken notice as to where his younger friend was.

“No, I haven’t seen him.” Sven said, glancing to a couple of other boys playing by the lake. “Maybe he went off with a couple of friends, or something.”

In the weeks that followed, the Elven warriors had fought hard and gained some ground in the battle against the humans, liberating an occupied Elven town named Azburg. It was at this town that the boys from the Avonite Youth now spent most of their free time, finally able to meet with girls their own age again after what had been months of isolation with the army.

“Do you really think that was where your friend went?” Lara asked when the other girl had run off.

“No, but I have a vague idea about what he might be doing.”

“Oh, and what is that?”

Sven leaned in playfully and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her hard while his hand began to roam her clothed body.

“Probably something like that.” Sven said when he finally broke off the kiss.

Indeed, in the weeks since his experience with Serene, Noah had discovered that his youthful cheekiness and innocent looks had quite the effect on women. Since then, several of the other ladies in camp had fallen for his charms, even some of the older ones, and in the time that they’ve been coming to town to meet girls their own age, Noah has had a different girl around his arms for nearly every day of the week.

“I’m sure.” Lara put her arms around Sven. “Your little friend is turning out to be quite the stud, isn’t he?”

Sven felt another twinge of jealousy at that. Lara was two years older than him, and with her beauty, surely more experienced than him in the art of pleasure. That made her more similar in that aspect to Noah than himself, and that had made Sven feel particularly envious of the younger boy’s reputation over the past weeks.

“A stud?” One of the boys playing further away chuckled as he passed by. “Yeah right. You choirboys are a bunch of queers.”

“Oh, says a healer.” Sven taunted back.

“At least we’re useful for something! All you choirboys ever do is sing and look pretty for the troops.”

At that, Sven rolled his eyes. It wasn’t a big secret that the other boys often looked down on those in the choir, since they were deemed as the most “non-essential” to the war effort and served exclusively as morale boosters.

But before Sven could reply to that, a commotion in the distance drew all of their attentions away.

“You’re a pig!”

Turning around, Sven saw that it was that girl from earlier, Noah’s date to the park. She was storming away with tears in her eyes as Noah emerged from behind a brush, fumbling to put his shirt back on.

“Wait, Alynd!”

Sven chuckled and got to his feet. It looked like the playboy had been caught red handed.

“Let it go, Noah.” Sven said as he approached, holding a hand out to stop the boy. “She’s probably not gonna want to hear anything you have to say for the next week.”

Noah groaned. His dark hair was obviously ruffled from whatever hanky-panky he had gotten up to behind that brush, and his pants weren’t even on right.

“I just didn’t mean for her to see that.” Noah muttered. “It all happened so fast, I wasn’t even thinking straight.”

“What were you doing back there?”

“Well, you know. Just a little bit of snogging and the like.”

Sven elbowed his friend in the ribs playfully, and the younger boy burst out giggling.

“That was all, I swear. She was just about to undo my pants when Alynd walked in on us, so we didn’t go any further than that.”

“Well, who’s she this time?”

A beautiful girl suddenly appeared from behind the brush, having just put her own clothes back on. Even ignoring that fit, curvaceous body, Sven knew who she was right away from her fiery red hair and deep blue eyes. Just about everyone else here did, in fact, and there was a chorus of gasps as the other boys realized who she was.

“Looks like this queer is a stud,” chuckled the other boy from earlier. “And a dead man.”

“Noah, what the fuck!” Sven turned back to his friend with wide eyes.

“What? She came onto me, I didn’t even get a chance to think about it!”

“But that’s Vanya!” Sven grabbed his friend by the shoulders and immediately begun leading him back to camp. “You know, Valentine’s girl!”

While Valentine was the biggest hardass that either Sven or Noah had ever met, he was also bigger than the both of them and one of the fiercest boys in the cadets. No one dared to mess with him, and no one would step in to help either Noah or Sven if Valentine decided he wanted to beat him up for messing with his girl.

And word would spread quickly, of course. Valentine, wherever he was, would hear about it soon, and he’d be really pissed off. If they weren’t safely back at camp under the watchful eyes of their superiors by that time, Noah would be dead meat.


In the week following that, Sven made sure to keep a closer eye on Noah to make sure he didn’t get into any more trouble. He had managed to get the younger boy back to camp safely that day, but Valentine was patient, and very obviously biding his time to spring his revenge upon Noah.

In the past few days alone, Valentine had already urged several boys under his influence to prank Noah in the middle of the night, dipping his hands in a bowl of warm water while he slept to make him pee himself. This earned the young boy a new nickname, “bed-wetter”, but even this somehow did not seem to have any effect on his charms on the opposite sex.

Peeking through the windows of the infirmary, Sven nearly rolled his eyes when he saw that Noah was lying on the bed as Serene gave his naked body a “checkup”. He had been searching for the boy nearly half an hour now as they had been due to make their way to the town with the rest of the choirboys. Sven had a date with Lara, and Noah with whichever girl it would be today.

“Oh, Serene, that feels so good.” Noah moaned as Serene’s tongue flickered across his bare chest and nipples, while her hand caressed the obvious bulge in his pants.

“I’m enjoying it just as much as your are, darling.” Serene gushed as she stopped over Noah’s left nipple and suckled on it for several seconds, eliciting groans of pleasure from the boy. “I just love the way your body looks.”

Sven frowned as he felt another twinge of jealousy. Noah’s body was small, nearly frail, with nearly no fat and only the slightest layers of muscle from the calisthenic exercises they were forced to partake in every morning. It was in no way an attractive body, since he was not big or muscular like men should be.

Deciding to put an end to his friend’s sexual excursion for now, Sven stood tall so that he would be seen and cleared his throat.

“Noah, we have to go now. Everyone else has left already.”

Nearly jumping up at the sound of another voice, Noah sat upright and groaned.

“Couldn’t you have waited five more minutes.”

“I’ve waited for like thirty-five minutes.” He replied, annoyed. “Now come on, let’s go!”

The hazel-eyed boy grumbled and put on his shirt while Serene giggled at the two of them.

“You’re too hard on him, you know. We were just having some fun.”

“He has fun everyday. Did he have to make me late for my date too?”

The younger boy jumped up and giggled as he joined the older boy to make their way away from the infirmary and out of camp.

“Don’t be so down, Sven.” He teased. “I know Lara doesn’t put out as much, but I’m sure when she does it’ll be nice!”

“Hey, don’t talk about Lara like that.” Sven warned.

“Why not? I’m just congratulating you, you’ve bagged a hot babe!”

Anger flickered inside Sven, but he ignored the younger boy. That was just how Noah was these days. He’d always been annoying to a degree, like a little brother would be, but nowadays his cheeky attitude grew to be more similar to a cocky heartbreaker.

“Besides,” Noah had went on speaking. They had left the camp by now, and were walking on the dirt path toward the little town. “You know what they say about Serene. I just can’t get enough.”

Sven continued to ignore him as Noah began chanting perverse lyrics aloud, which he was only able to do because no one else was around.

“~There’s no better place to be attached to than to Serene’s lips. Her beautifully rounded hips are clear for all to see, and her breasts are softer than it might ever seem.~” The younger boy chuckled. “Not like you’ll ever know, of course.”

“You don’t either!” Sven finally replied to Noah’s incessant provocations. “She’s never done more than jerk you off!”

“Oh, but she has.” Noah said assuredly. “We’ve even gone on dates before.”

Sven glanced at him. Noah seemed little more than a boy with his pretty face, flawless skin and curly dark hair, but for just a second, Sven saw a sort of maturity, a suaveness to Noah’s boyish looks.

“You’re a liar.” He said after several seconds of studying his friend.

Noah smirked confidently and went on speaking. “It was a real treat. We were in the woods. We kissed, then she got my pants down and stroked me. And then she jumped on top of me and wouldn’t get off till I came three or four times.”

Sven’s eyes widened. There was no way. “You’re a nasty bed-wetting liar!”

“Well it looks like Serene would rather be with a bed-wetter than you, because she told me she never even let you put your hand inside her skirt!”

Another flicker of anger, and this time Sven could not stop himself. He stopped in his tracks suddenly and pounced on Noah.

“You filthy little rat!”

Noah tumbled to the ground with arms pinned to by Sven, who was on top of him.

“I’ve had enough of you! I’ll show you what happens when you keep provoking me, you cocky insect!”

“Get off me, get off!” Noah was flailing his arms cluelessly, too weak and small to really push the fourteen year old Sven off. “You can’t tell me what to do anymore!”

“Shut up!” Sven grabbed Noah by the wrists and squeezed tight, causing the younger boy to yelp in pain. “Still a little kid, but you love to play a big Casanova, huh?”

At that, Noah finally managed to weasel out from under Sven and make a run for it. Not yet finished with teaching him a lesson, Sven chased after Noah and followed him as he strayed from the path and into the woods.

“Come back here!”

Unfortunately, after about a minute of running, both Noah and Sven found themselves in the middle of a clearing in the woods by a lake where none other than Valentine himself was hanging around with several of his goons.

“Ah, look who it is.”

Noah had frozen when he realized who it was standing just several feet away from him, and now stood rooted to the spot with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. Stopping several feet behind his friend, Sven’s mind immediately began working to think of a way out of this one.

“Valentine. What are you guys doing here?”

“Proudly doing one of our many duties,” the boy said. “Washing the blood-stained tunics of our fellow soldiers.”

Valentine might have been the same age as Noah and a year younger than Sven, but already he stood two inches taller than the older boy at 5’7, and had a leanly muscled body forged through daily exercise.

“Alright, well we were just on our way to town, so we’ll probably get out of your business then.”

“Oh, but wait. There’s something I need to sort out with Noah here, don’t I?”

Sven nodded and opened his mouth to speak again, hoping he could talk their way out of this. But upon hearing Valentine’s words, Noah immediately made a mad dash for the trees in panic, only to be tackled to the ground by the faster Valentine.

“Well, hello there little fawn.”

“Leave me alone!” Noah yelled, struggling against Valentine’s hold.

“Get off him!” Sven moved to help his friend, but found himself held back by two of the other cadet boys.

“We never got a chance to talk about what happened,” Valentine was saying to Noah, caressing his face. “How should we start?”

Noah did not reply. In fact, his eyes were shut tight as he desperately attempted to free himself from the stronger boy’s hold.

“You arsehole! Sven, help!”

“Shut up!” Valentine placed a hand over his mouth. “If you keep screaming, you won’t be able to sing so nicely anymore after I’m done with you.”

Hearing the younger boy calling out to him, Sven fought against the grip of the stronger cadet boys more urgently as he tried to reach his friend.


“He’s putting up a fight.” Valentine turned to look at his friends in amusement, and the boys all chuckled. “I think someone might need to cool down.”

Valentine reached down to grab the smaller boy, but Noah fought hard against him and bit down hard on the other boy’s fingers.

“Fuck! You’re dead, you fucking half-breed!”

“No, get off me!” Noah screamed, his voice cracking as Valentine grabbed him by the hair. “Sven!”

Finally managing to push off his attackers, Sven’s heart skipped a beat as he saw what Valentine was doing. He was dragging Noah by the hair toward the water.


“Help, Sven!”

The older boy raced toward Noah, but was too late. Valentine flung the smaller boy into the water, and Noah began to flail helplessly as he fought a losing battle against the water.

“Cooling off yet?” Valentine laughed.

“Are you crazy?!” Sven yelled as he reached the water, only to find that his friend had sunk and there was no more trace of him. He turned to Valentine and screamed. “He can’t swim!”

Valentine’s face went pale. “What?”

Jumping into the water immediately, Sven began his search as he waded around the lake and called for his friend.

“Noah! Noah!”

But it was no use. The lake was deep and the waters murky. It was hard to see very well underwater, and if Noah had already sunk to the bottom, it would be very difficult for him to search the entire lake in time before the boy drowned.

“Don’t just stand there!” Sven screamed at the stunned cadets, tears in his eyes. “Help me!”

Valentine was the first to jump into action and dove into the waters, before a handful of the others did the same.

While Sven did know how to swim unlike Noah, and considered himself a strong swimmer, the cadets were an entirely different breed of strong swimmers. Swimming was one of the core requirements of becoming a cadet in the first place and so within two minutes of them coming to help, Valentine had managed to pull Noah’s unconscious body out of the water and back to dry land.

“Get away from him!” Sven yelled at Valentine, who was crouched over the boy’s body, when he swam back to shore, racing toward his friend.

“He’s been in the water for minutes.” Valentine said in a flat tone. “If you want him to live, you need to get the water out of his lungs.”

The two stared at each other for several seconds with eyes ablaze, but a sudden sputtering noise from Noah interrupted their confrontation. The drenched boy had coughed the water out of his lungs, and was now awake again.

“Noah! You’re alright!

He was indeed, but seemed very weak and mostly unresponsive. Sven knew that he needed medical attention right away if he was going to be alright. Just then, though, as if by pure luck, there was rustling from the trees as another group of cadet boys appeared, led by Elar himself.

“What the hell is going on here, Val.” The higher ranked boy asked.

“It was an accident…” Valentine muttered, glancing down at Noah.

“He tried to drown him!” Sven yelled.

Elar shot Valentine a look. “You did what?

“I was the one who saved him too, El.”

“But you threw him in!” Sven argued.

The two of them could’ve stood there and shouted at each other all day, but luckily one of the other cadet boys who’d arrived with Elar, a boy Valentine’s age named Darin, stepped forward and calmed things down.

“We can figure this out back at camp.” He said to Valentine and Sven, then looked down to the mostly unconscious Noah. “He might be alright for now, but he’ll need to see a healer if you want him to recover.”

“He’s right.” Elar said, beckoning for his boys to get Noah. “Come on, we’ll take you guys back to camp and sort this whole thing out later.”

Valentine scowled.


Two days after the incident, Noah was laying on a bed in the infirmary. But this time he was not here on a sexual escapade with Serene; this time Noah was here legitimately, as he’d been bedridden and needed treatment by healers every couple of hours during the past two days.

During that time, the boy couldn’t help but ponder about his near death experience. He had felt so helpless, fighting desperately against the water but to no avail. The sensation of sinking into the depths of the lake had felt inevitable, and Noah had been certain then that this would be it for him.

Thankfully, though, his friend had come to rescue him, and that put things into perspective for sure. It was just like Sven had said, no matter how much he wanted to pretend like he wasn’t, Noah was still little more than a little kid. And it didn’t matter how cocky and cheeky he’d pretend to be, it would never change the fact that he still needed help from his friends.

“Noah?” One of the older healers strode in. “You have visitors. Do you want to see them?”

“Can I?” Noah asked, smirking. He hadn’t been allowed visitors for the past two days, as the healers said he needed to recover without disturbance.

“Why not?” The healer walked away and motioned to someone out of sight. “Go ahead boys.”

Several of his fellow choristers filed in at that moment, and amongst them was Sven. Noah was happy to see all of them of course, especially his closest friend, and they all talked excitedly as they filled Noah in on what he missed over the last two days.

“The healers said I should be able to get out of here by the end of the day.” Noah explained to them.

“Well you’d better hurry,” Klemens chuckled. “Because the choirmaster is pretty mad that one of his best voices hasn’t been singing.”

“The troops too.” Sven added. “They keep asking for you during our morning recitals.”

“I’m sure you guys more than make up for it,” Noah smiled. “You’re not all half bad either.”

More chuckles, and then several moments of awkward silence. Sven was looking down at Noah tenderly, happy to see his friend awake and happy again. It had been hard for him to see the younger boy so weak after the incident, and he’d worried for a while that Noah wouldn’t get better. Thankfully, he was wrong.

“Come on, guys.” Klemens said to the other boys, seeing that Sven and Noah had things they wanted to say to each other. “Let’s go wait outside.”

The boys filed out, and the two friends were left alone.

“Valentine was passed up on a promotion after the incident,” Sven began saying. “The camp commandants weren’t happy about what happened, so they gave it to Darin instead.”

“That sounds right. I mean, I do partially owe my being here to him, don’t I?”

Sven nodded, and the two were silent again.

“I’m sorry,” Noah was the first to speak again. “For the way I’ve been acting. Everything you said was true, and if it hadn’t been for you, I’d be dead now.”

“If you were dead now, that’d be my fault too.” Sven sighed. “None of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t went at you like that.”

“I was being an arsehole.” Noah shrugged. “I have been for a while now. And I’m sorry.”

“Then I guess I’m sorry too.” Sven smiled. “Honestly, I was just jealous about all that pussy you were getting.”

Noah giggled. “Well, I really wasn’t lying about Serene. Not to rub it in, but she did let me go all the way.”

“I figured.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t exactly get to cum in her three times. In fact, I finished about ten seconds after she put me inside her.”

“Right, I figured that too.”

The two boys laughed, and for the first time in weeks, they were able to have a normal conversation without one or the other being resentful or taunting the other.


Unfortunately, far away from the frontlines, a movement amongst the Elven people has begun. Anti-human prejudices against those with mixed-blood, even if they were longtime citizens of the Elven kingdoms, has been sparked by a discontent for the war, and there have been much calls for change.

Persecution against “half-breeds”, any of those Elven citizens with any significant amounts of human blood, has swept through the big cities in the past months, and already these beliefs have spread into the smaller towns in the countryside. Now, it is only a matter of time before similar sentiments reach the frontlines.

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