Drunk Wives part 2

It had been a few weeks since Hannah and Greg stayed the night with us as we watched each other fuck. Every time I brought it up with Katy she got horny and wanted to fuck. We talked about us swapping and she said she was down and that Hannah told her she wanted to have sex with me.

We decided to ask Hannah and Greg to go with us to our mountain cabin. They accepted and I knew it was on now. When they arrived at the cabin Hannah was wearing these tight leather pants and her tank top was showing her sexy tan stomach with a mink coat on. She was stunning, she gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek while whispering in my ear I can’t wait to fuck your big dick. I looked over and Katy and Greg were hugging and he put his hand from her lower back to her ass to get a feel.

After they got settled into their rooms it was time for some drinks. I built a big fire and we all sat in the living room and got stoned. The girls we’re starting to get flirty and left the room together with a naughty smile. Greg and I talked and he was cool with everything. When both girls came walking back in the living room they were completely naked. Hannah said it was our turn so we took off clothes. Hannah walked over to me and grabbed my hard dick. She got down her knees and turned to look at Katy for her approval. Katy bit her lip and looked at Greg who was stroking his dick to get hard. She got down in front of Greg and took his dick in her mouth. Hannah then started to suck my dick. It was so hot watching my wife suck Gregs dick.

I grabbed Hannah and laid her on the couch and spread her legs. I had always wanted to eat her pussy it was so wet and tight. She moaned and told Katy she was lucky I can eat pussy good. I looked over and Greg was eating Katy out doggy style and had a finger in her ass. Katy then told Greg to fuck her pussy. Hannah and I watched Greg push his dick in her as she moaned. Hannah then grabbed my dick and said it was her turn and got doggy style. I slowly pushed my dicks head into her pussy. She was dripping and was so tight. I fucked her slowly building up rhythm. She screamed my dick feels so good as I started to pound her. I could feel her pussy clinch on my dick as she yelled she was cumming. I didn’t last long after that and turned her around so Greg could watch me cum on his beautiful wife’s face. Greg didn’t last long after watching us and then he jerked off on Katy’s face.

The girls then went to go jump in the shower. We then joined them and had more sex swapping and trying different positions. It was hot watching Hannah play with her pussy Greg and I double teamed Katy. Hannah then got her turn. It was a sex filled weekend.

That was our first swap and we been swapping for years now and still take vacations together. More stories to cum….

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