Drunk Wives part 1

My wife Katy invited her best friend Hannah and her husband over for the weekend to see our new house. Hannah was Katy’s maid of honor and had been best friends forever. Hannah and her husband Greg and us had been friends awhile now and we liked to party still and have fun together. When both girls got together they would get real flirty. Hannah had a smoking hot curvy body 5’9 curly brown hair thick ass and nice perky. My wife Katy has a gorgeous face with dirty blonde hair huge tits and a nice tight ass. Greg was a little country guy with lots of muscles maybe 5’7 160. I’m a rather large man 6’3 250.

The girls wanted to go eat dinner at a nice restaurant downtown and hit up some bars. Hannah and Katy both looked smoking hot wearing tight jeans and tank tops that showed their tits and ass. We had a nice dinner and then went to a bar for a few drinks. Hannah was getting real flirty and was touching my leg while Greg was standing next to me talking with Katy. I could see Gregs hand move to Katy lower back. The girls were good and drunk they went to the bathroom and came back with naughty looks on their faces. Katy looked at me and said you ready to go home and have some fun. I looked at her and said I was down. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen.

When we got back home, we got real stoned in the living room. Hannah and Greg started to makeout on the couch. Katy and I watched as Greg took off Hannah’s tank top. She wasn’t wear a bra and her tits looked amazing with nice tan lines. We watched her stand up and take off her jeans. She was wearing this little black thong. Hannah then looked at Katy and said why don’t y’all join us. Katy stood up and was down to her pink thong in no time. I could see Greg enjoying the show my wife put on stripping. I leaned forward and pulled down my wife’s thong and showed Greg and Hannah her shaved pussy. Greg then pulled Hannah’s down and revealed her shaved pussy. The girls then told us it was our turn. We stood up and I don’t know who was naked faster but remember looking over and Hannah staring at my hard dick. She bit her lip. Katy was checking out Greg who was hard as a rock.

We watched each other as our wives sucked our dicks and then we ate their pussies. I remember looking over at Hannah riding Greg while I was fucking Katy doggy style on the floor. Katy pussy was dripping wet. I pumped a big load of cum in her pussy as she moaned. It didn’t take Greg long to finish after watching us, he stood up and jerked off on Hannah beautiful face. It was hot.

After the sex we all showered and went to bed. The next morning Katy asked if Hannah and Greg could stay more with a naughty grin. I said only next time we swap. Katy jumped on me we started fuck again….

Part two upcoming.

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