Drunk night out with the wife, new kink :)

So me and my wife have always had a strange sex life. She loves fucking big toys and loves making me cum hard buy putting things up my ass and hitting my prostate really hard. The other weekend we went out and got a bit drunk, she was heavily flirting with a lot of guys but one in particular she said she wanted to bring back to our room and promised I’d have fun. We got back to the room and he pulled this massive cock cock. She didn’t wast time got straight to sucking his big cock and balls drawling all over it. She told me to bend over, and straight after that I felt his hug cock slide up my ass. He fucked me really hard and deep, I’d never felt anything like it. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out! She started fucking him, she was moaning so loud and even squirting all over him. I came a few more time watching them them then eventually passed out while they kept fucking.

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