Dreams coming true [MF] [Anal]

It was a long day in office again. It had started at 7 in the morning with conference calls with Chinese customers, who wanted everything but pay nothing, as always. Now it was almost 6 pm and I was still stuck on a phone call with an American supplier. Finally we had all the details agreed and were able to close the meeting. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes for a second. I still had a half hour commute in front of me and knew my wife was of work for about an hour by now, so with some luck, dinner might be ready by the time I got home. I was tired and stressed out from the long working day. So I powered down and packed my laptop. For the next day I had work from home planned. “Done for the day, heading home now.” I texted my wife. “Do I need to get something from the supermarket?” “Perfect” was her answer, accompanied by a kissing emoji. “No, we have everything.” At least I wouldn’t have to run through a supermarket and loose another half an hour I thought by myself. And it seemed my wife was rather happy, increasing the likelihood of us having some intimacy this evening. Something I craved for after such long and stressful working days, but to often we didn’t find the time or one of us was just not in the mood for it. But who knows, maybe today would be my lucky day.

I got in my car and went on my way. As it was still February, it was already dark, and the light snow which melted as soon as it hit the road and left behind a slippery film mixture of snow and water did not help accelerate my way home. Instead of 30 minutes it actually took me about 45 to get home. Shortly before I arrived home, my wife sent another text. “Is everything okay, when are you home?” “I’m okay, road is terrible, will probably be at home around 7pm.” I dictated to the infotainment system. “Okay” was the only answer. Damn. That sounded impatient and not completely happy.

When I drove through my street, I saw dimmed lights in the downstairs living room and smoke coming from the chimney. That meant, my wife had lightened the wood oven, which was something we both really liked, when the weather was not to good, especially with the weather as it was right now. My mood lightened a bit, knowing I would come home to a cozy living room. I parked the car in the garage, collected my coffee cup from the morning, grabbed my backpack and made my way to the main door.

As I opened the door, as usual the dogs came running to the glass door, separating the entrance from the downstairs living/dining room/kitchen. My wife was nowhere to be seen, but she might just be on the sofa around the corner. And no dinner was on the stove yet. Damn. Seemed like my wife’s mood really wasn’t that good. So my mood also went worse again. But there was nothing I could do in this moment, so I got out of my shoes and jacket, put on my indoor shoes and opened the glass door to say hello to the dogs. “Hey honey” I called into the room. “Come here” it sounded round the corner in a seducing tone I hadn’t heard in a long time. I realized it was really warm in the room and the wood I had brought in the day before was almost gone. I walked around the corner to kiss my wife hello, as I always do when I came home. As soon as I did, I was fully surprised.

My wife was sitting on the sofa, wearing nothing but a set of lingerie. A black bralette with lace and red highlights, exposing her nipples and fitting panties. She had her legs spread and raised onto the table, exposing, that the panties allowed for access to her pussy and ass without removing them. I was not prepared for this. I was actually unable to close my mouth, seeing her in all her petite , chubby beauty. Her great wide hips and her G-Cup breasts highlighted by the lingerie, her dark hair flowing down the sides of her face and ending just above her boobs. Just from the view I felt that blood was rushing into my loins, which meant, that my work pants were getting quite uncomfortable. My wife leaned forward, leading to her huge boobs falling down, giving me an even better view and grabbed me by my belt, pulling me towards her. When I was standing next to her, she undid my belt and pulled down my pants and boxers in one movement. My half hard cock almost jumped into her face. She took it in her left hand, while she grabbed my left hand with her right and pulled me down a little, so I could feel her obviously fresh shaven, and already wet pussy. She pulled my hand a little further, to reveal she also had inserted something into her ass. The feeling together with her hand on my cock made me rock hard in an instant. My wife smiled and started to lick my balls, slowly working her way up along the shaft to the tip of my cock. She did this two or three times, before she slowly took my now fully extended 20cm into her mouth. She played around my tip with her tongue a d slowly started sucking it. God I love her blowjobs. To bad the last months and years I had gotten them so seldom. But that was hopefully changing now. She started to use her now free left hand to gently play with my balls, while still holding my left hand between her thighs with her right. I started to let my middle finger slide along the outside of her labia, slowly working it inside, trying to find her clit. When she gasped around my cock, I knew I had found it. We continued like this for a short while, before she released my cock from her mouth and stood up, automatically releasing my hand from her pussy.

She kissed me and started unbuttoning my shirt. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and put my other hand on her ass, starting to massage her buttcheek. When she was done unbuttoning she pushed herself free and pulled the shirt of my upper body. I was now naked apart from my socks. She leaned down and grabbed a bottle from the living room table. She handed it to me, it was a massaging oil. “Undo the bra and oil my tits” she demanded, before turning around, pushing her ass against my thighs, trapping my cock between her lower back and my stomach. I pulled the bralette over her boobs, while kissing her neck, so I could watch them fall, when they were free. God I loved this view. And man do I love these perfectly huge, slightly saggy boobs, that look so great when jumping or wiggling and feel so great in my hands… I was getting ahead on myself. I pulled the bralette fully over her head. Next I let some oil drop into the palm of my left hand, put away the bottle and distributed the oil to both of my hands. Next I took one of her boobs in each of my hands and started massaging them, while pressing her upper body against mine and continuing to kiss her neck. I gently massaged both of her boobs, making sure I also stimulated both of her nipples between my fingers and making sure both of them were nice and oily. All the while my wife reached between us, gently playing with my cock and moaning under my pleasuring hands.

Out of the blue she stepped forward and spun around. Before I was really able to react, she was now down on her knees and started to wrap her now well oiled tits around my cock. Slowly she moved her upper body up and down. To push it even further, she started teasing my tip with her tongue every time she was at the lowest point with her upper. I wouldn’t have lasted very long in this situation. She realized and got up again. “I have a present for you” she whispered in my ear and knelt on the sofa. Now I had an unobstructed view on her ass, and saw the sucking cup of our loveballs peeping out of her ass. I slowly removed them with one hand, while I used my other hand once again to play with her boobs and gently biting her ass cheeks. I took my sweet time and got a lot of moans from my wife. When I was done with the loveballs I gently inserted my index finger in her ass, while using my middle finger to stimulate her clit and pussy. All the while I continued with my other hand to now grope her boobs harder. Within 30 seconds my wife exploded in an orgasm harder than everything she had in the last year. After she caught her breath again I asked her, to lie on the dining room table. “I will” she said, “if you finally open your present and fuck my ass”. With these words, she handed me a bottle of lube.

We went over to the table, and I helped her up, laying her onto her back, her pelvis right at the edge. She pulled her legs up and grabbed around her waist to spread her pussy and ass with her hands. Seeing her like that, while begging for an assfuck was one of the most fucking sexy things I have ever seen in my life. I got even harder, then I already was. I took the lube and applied some, first onto my rock hard cock, then onto her backdoor. Afterwards I got in between her legs. To relieve her, I placed her feet on my shoulders and then placed my cock at her requested entrance. I looked into her face and she nodded, so I slowly started pushing the tip of my cock into her asshole. She didn’t flinch but seemed to like the feeling, even though the circumference of my cock is a lot bigger than those of the loveballs I had removed. As I knew she hadn’t done any anal play the last couple of years, so she had to have trained for that over the last couple of weeks. “She can be really sneaky” I thought to myself. As she did not seem to mind, I slowly pushed in my fully erected 20 cm. She moaned approvingly. I took that as an encouragement and started to slowly fuck her ass. I had dreamed about this to happen for years now. God that felt got, feeling her tight black hole around my rock hard cock. I continued fucking her slowly, because I wanted that to last as long as possible. As I didn’t need my hands now to guide my cock, I grabbed her tits around her legs. I squeezed them and played with her nipples between my fingers. She responded by moaning even louder. “Ah, this is so good, please fuck me harder”. Well I was happy to oblige and increased my speed, but realized, that I couldn’t hold it for long that way. But I did not have to worry about that for to long, as my wife had another orgasm. I made two more strokes into her ass, before I released my semen into her ass. I collapsed onto her upper body, and my now very soft cock slid out of her ass.

“Wow, thank you honey, those were two dreams come true in one instant” I said. “Happy Valentine” she answered. “Fuck” I said. I had totally forgotten. “Well, I guess you owe me another wish this evening” she said with a wink. “But first let’s get a shower and eat something.” She went upstairs, not without giving me a twerk with her freshly fucked ass, which was still slightly agape and leaking my cum. I love the view of her ass in every situation, but this view was the most spectacular I had ever seen of it. As a chubby, petite woman, her ass was rather wide, but for me it is perfect. I followed her with two steps gap, so I had that perfect view for a little longer.

We got into the shower and turned on the water. After a couple of seconds it became warm and we took turns in showering us, washing our hair and we applied the shower gel on each others bodies. This gave a really close feeling between the two of us, as this wasn’t a purely sexual thing but also a clear helping each other in the relationship thing. We applied the shower gel everywhere on each other’s bodies. Of course she ensured my cock was clean as I ensured her boobs an her vagina were cleaned thoroughly as well, butcher also ensured our backs and legs were as clean as could be. After we had washed it of, instead of going out of the shower, as always, she pulled me down on my knees, pushed her tits into my face and order me “suck them”. I was absolutely happy to oblige. Feeling the warm water running over both our bodies while sucking her tits was a great feeling. I took my sweet time making sure to give each of her nipples enough time and also took my hands to give them a good squeeze, and made sure, that the tit which was not in my mouth at that point in time, got the attention of my hand. After a few minutes of this, she pushed me further down and told me “Lick me”. I was surprised, because in the past she did not really like me licking her, also because the first couple of times we had tried it, I had trouble with gagging, not because of smell or taste, but because I had not have had enough water and sometimes trouble breathing. But this time it worked perfectly, She was already soaking wet, from my efforts on her tits. Once again, I took my sweet time. First I licked each of her outer labias and slowly worked my way inside, until I reached her clit and slowly licked over it. She moaned loudly when I was at the right position. From there I licked a little faster and slowly increased the frequency of my tongue. At the same time, I inserted one of my fingers into her pussy, for lubrication and then slowly inserted it into her ass. I fucked her clit with my tongue, inserted a second finger in her pussy and had the third finger in her ass and fucked her with the two fingers of m hand. It did not take to long for her I she started breathing heavily, and squeezed my hand between her thighs before she collapsed over me from her orgasm.

After she had caught her breath again we both left the shower, and dried ourselves up. Just as I wanted to reach for my dressing gown, she hit me on my hand and told me “you’re not done yet. Just those tight little boxers for you.” I was visibly confused, but of course I obliged. She also did not put on a dressing gown or the pretty lingerie from before. She decided to go for a black fake leather panty, once again in a way, that I would have access to her ass and pussy, and combined it with a black leather corsage pushing up her tits almost to her face. Also she reached into the toy drawer. From there she produced a metal buttplug and some lube. She put the lube on the plug and handed it to me “Do me the honor” she said and then bent over, her elbows on the bed, het ass high up in the air. Of course I obliged and slowly inserted the plug into her asshole, while with my other hand testing the waters at her pussy. “Hands off” was het reaction to these attempts.

After I had finished my task, she opened the button on the front of my boxers to let my cock out. She grabbed me by it and pulled me down on the dining room. There she sat in one of the chairs. Turned herself in my direction and said: “There’s lasagna in the oven. I’m hungry. You know what to do or else.” With these words she pressed her nails slightly into my cock. I flinged and quickly set the table, got the lasagna out of the oven and served her a piece. “Well done, get yourself a piece too and let’s eat”. We quickly ate, as we were pretty hungry. When both of us were done, she once again turned to me. “You still owe me for forgetting valentines day. And I will take myself every penny. Start with your magic fingers.” I understood and started got beside her. I started caressing her tits and slowly made my way to her pussy. Once again I started from her outer labia before proceeding slowly inwards. After a few minutes playing while watching her lust increase in I inserted two fingers and played the “upper” wall. It did not take long and she squeezed my hand from her orgasm. After a few seconds to catch her breath, she released my hand.

Afterwards she got up and said “I wanna try something”. She stood on the first step of our stairs with her back to me, her legs agape. “What are you waiting for. Fuck me from behind” she ordered. I got behind her and she was right. With me being a lot taller but her standing on the stairs, it lined up pretty well. I used my hand to position my cock below her pussy and I was able to enter. I rested for a while, adjusting to the feeling also with the buttplug in her ass before I slowly and gently started fucking her, careful not to slip out. After we gained some confidence there, I grabbed around her chest and started massaging both her tits from behind. She leaned back to ease the access for me. As always I made sure, that her nipples got the attention they deserve while massaging and squeezing both these amazing, slightly saggy G-Cup breasts. After a while she started to increase the speed and after a few more minutes we both came in extremely hard orgasms. I even had to catch her to not fall down. Somehow we made it to the sofa. While we kissed she whispered: “We should do this more often…”

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