He pushed my hair to the side i feels his soft lips against my neck. Dam that feels so good. His teeth graze my neck a small moan comes out. He reaches for the bottom of my nighty he pulls it over my head. I’m standing naked my nipples are so hard, I tell him I want those soft lips in me . His pulls on my nipple as he tugs my back arches. He slowly suck on by breast, I can feel myself getting wet between my legs I want him, I reach for his hard cock. Now I hear a moan from him, that’s so fucking hot. His tongue glides down my stomach. His fingers slide into my wetness and saids to me, so wet already for me . His mouth is on my clit his fingers are pushing deep into my wet pussy. I can feel my orgasm peak he licks me clean. I’m breathing so hard he turns me around bends me over and slams his big hard cock deep inside me over and over until we cum together.
Best dream I have had in a while

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