Doctor mom fucked by hospital workers by goldbill

Hi this is Raju and am 22 years old.My dad is a buisnessman and he is 49 old and my mom is doctor,gynaecologist and fertility special and she is a famous doctor in our place.My mom name is Velamma she is 38 years old.She is a tupical South Indian women.She is so fair like milk white.Her long hair which extends upto her ass and her blue eyes and pink lips are so sexy to watch.Her huge round breasts are like ripen watermelons and her sexy waist and fatty ass cheeks giggles when she walks around.She is an absolutely hot maal.Every men on seeing her die to fuck her.So much sexy her figures will make u cum on seeing her.Her figures are 38-34-46 and her boobs are 38 g watermelons.She is always health conscious and beauty conscious and she maintains her physique by doin workout in treadmill and yoga.She is a devoted wife to my dad.But telling about their fate is dad have a small accident and after that he developed erectile problems and their sex life is not at all good and mom is always horny.Before that dad used to bang her daily at night and i will peep through the keyhole and jack by seeing her beauty.Mom had lot of patients and friends and every men will definitely fanatasize her hot body and jack when they see her For sure.Mom is duty conscious and she works hard.Mom works in a multi speciality hospital.

Her hospital have more than 20 doctors and she is only gynaecologist there in.The owner of hospital was Mr.Sharma he is also a doctor and general physician.He is 65 years old and he is a womaniser and he fucks his own staffs and even patients.He is a flirt and he always flirt with mom whenever he sees her and he badly wants to bang mom fo sure.But she never minds him.As mom is a strict one and her nurses are always thrown away from job and she does it mercilessly and there was some conflict between mom and her staffs nurses head.They all wanted to give mom a good lesson.All her nurses were against her and they wanted her a good lesson.But she is good with men workers and wardboys she wont scold them.Their head nurse was Rekha and she is a bitch she was the first one wants to screw mom as she is a bitch she looks almost like a whore and she fucks around with lot of male workers and doctors even too.Mom found that she is not good with work and she fired her many times and she was angry and irritated on seeing mom so she wanted to give mom a good lesson.

Mom was partyholic and she goes with her friends for party night and she boozes hard.When she boozes she will loose control but she will be cautious.Not only every men around wants mom to be fucked by them, even her male workers also wants to bang her badly.There was a ward boy named Khanna and he is 60 years old niggar.He is a bad one and womaniser he fucks the female workers and nurses and patients attenders and he have lot of fun with that.He have lust over mom and he was a friend of that nurse Rekha and she gave her many times to him and he have banged her so many times very badly.He is 6’5 inches tall,dark skinned,big belly and bald.He has an ugly look.Once mom was in dress change room he peeped through the door hole and he took some pictures of her and was semi nude and he used them to jack every day and was on his gallery and one day when he was banging Rekha after the fuck she looked his mobile and she found that he has pics of mom and she asked him how he took and he explained about it.Now she had other plans and she told him that u can get that hot chick and she will be your slut from that.

That was the time of December and newyear party was to begin and in hospital they will arrange for party and everyone will booze out and have fun.That day mom too enjoyed the party and she had over large rounds of many shots of whiskey and rum and she was totally blacked out and she was enjoying it.Now came this slut Rekha and she had other plans and she now came near mom and said madam ur too much boozed and u ,ust take some rest and she replied yess and she took mom to the backroom and khann was waiting there.She now came there and told him that this hot one is all yours u can pound her whole night and now he came into and she dropped mom into the room and she smiled at her have fun mam.Now she kept her mobile with video recording and she left from there.Now khann came into the room and now mom saw some one coming in and she was enjoying the day.Now she asked who the fuck is that and He replied mam its khann and what you want mam and mom was horny as the drink made her and she told him i need a good fuck can u give it to me and he was smiling.

Now Khann came near her and he could see it was real or not now he saw mom so closer.He saw mom and she was wearing a blue tops and white legins and now he came near her and now he hugged her so tightly and mom couldnt find what was happening and she was enjoyin.Now he sucked her pink lips with his hard mouth and he bite her lips so hard amd he sucked her juices and now he removed her shawl and he could see her huge bulging melons and he squeezed them so hard and momwas so erosed as she wants a good fuck badly and she enjoys it and now he tored away her tops.He could see her huge melons hanging inside her black bra and he just removed her bra and he was amazed to seee soo huge tits and too a white milf one and he loved it a lot.Her nippples was so dark and large like grapes and her huge areola was so dark and round and niw he started to suck her huge tits with his huge mouth and she was enjoying it and started to moan ahaahhaahhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshand he sucked and squeezed her melons so hard and bite her nipples so hard and his huge hands just squeezed those huge juggs hard and she was enjoying it being sucked out.He manhandled her melons and squeezed it so hard for 1 hour and then he took her in his huge arms and placed over the bed and now he removed her legins and he saw her sexy milky thighs and he grabbed them and bite them so hard and he kissed them he sucked her tattoed navel and he kissed them.Now he removed moms panty and he saw her beautiful pussy that was so nice to see such a beautiful one he havent seen like this so pink and shaved one and clean and he kissed her sexy legs and he sucked her toes and she was moaning continuously and she couldn’t stop him doing as she loved it so well.

Now mom was fully nude infront of a old niggar and now he removed his pants and shirt and his huge belly was protruding out and now he had huge erection and now he removed his boxers and his cock was so big it was black and so thick and is 10 inches long and huge is size and his balls are so huge like a hockey ball and now he removed his foreskin and now he came near moms face and now he made her kneel and hshe saw his huge cock and she was shocked to see it and it so big than dads cock 3 times.Now she touched it and she stroked it with her soft hand and he liked it so well and she removed the foreskin and now she licked it and the foreskin tasted so good and now she sucked his huge cock and he was enjoyin a lot and now he remvoed her hair band and her long hair dropped down and he plucked them she sucked it so nicely and she sucked his balls in her soft mouth and now he deepthroated her

and she was suffocated with his huge cock for few minutes.Now he came into her thighs and the smell of her pussy made him mad and now he started to lick her cunt and she loved it and he inserted his hard tongue into her pink pussy and sucked it and started to eat her pussy and he bite her clit and this made her lussy so wet and is hot like a woven.He sucked it so nicely and she orgasmed heavily after long time and he sucked her juices nad he played with her pussy and went on etaing it so well and now he came into 69 postion and she sucked his huge cock and he bite her pussy so well.He sucked it for 25 min and now he stood up.

Now he lied behind her and started to kiss her so passionately and she was loving it so well and he kissed her lips and neck and bite her shoulders and ear.Now he sucked her melons so hard and now he inserted his dick into her pink pussy and mom loved it and she was moaning ahahahahahahahahahahah and he slowly fucked her on side ways as the cock slided so well inisde her pussy as it was wet.he inserted his guge dick so well and she was moaning so lound as the cock went on piercing her pink pussy and he went on so gently and slowly he inserted so deep and it hit the deepest portion of pussy and he increased the speed now he pumped so well and fast and she was moaning very loudly and he pounded so hard his cock just went so deep he fucked for 10 min in that position and now he made her doggy and now he came behind her and he plucked her tuft of long hair and he pounded her so hard and fast and she was shouting ahahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshshshshhahahahahohohohoooooooooooooooooohhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhjh harder harder harder harder harder harder harder harder and he plowed so hard and her melons were running in great speen he squeezed them so rough and he bute her nipples his cock went on hitting the g-spot so many times and she went on squirting so many times.He fucked in doggy for 15 min and now made her rolled over and punded so hard than ever and his cock just ruined her pussy so hard and she was shouting ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhaahohhohhoohohohohohohohoohhoohohohohohoohohohohohohoohohohohohohohoohohohohoh nad his balls hit her ass and sounded tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tap tap tap tap tok tok and he hit so hard.Now he made her missionary and went into her thighs and he sucked her huge melons and started to squeeze them so hard and he pounded her pussy so hard than ever and she hugged himso tighter and he with brute power ruined her pussy and he fucked for20 min in that position and he was about to cum and his body was shaking and now he kissed her lips and bite her nipples so hard and shouted ahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahahahhah and she too shouted ooooohohohohohohohohohohihohoohohoahhaahahahah and both orgasmed and he loaded her womb with his huge load of cum.He kissed her all over and now he took out his cock and now her pussy was loaded with huge load of cum and dripping over.Now he started to suck her melons and squeezed them so hard.

He went on playing with her melons and after20 min he got second wind and now and he now made her sit on top of his cock and ride in cowboy and her melons were jumping up and down and he sucked them and squeezed them so hard.After few minutes he made her prone over the bed and fucked from behind her and he plowed her pussy so hard and fast and she was moaning loudly with pleasur.Now he made her doggy and inserted his dick into her asshole and it wa sos small and he pressed so hard and she was in so much pain and she was enjoying it and he pressed so harder and banged withbrute power and ruined her ass holes and he spanked her ass cheeks so hard after 10 min he was to cum and now he made her to suck his cock and he shoot and huge load into her mouth and she drank his cum.He kisse her all over in delight and he started to manhandle her melons and after few minutes of rest he pounded her in various positions and whole night he fucked and plowed her holes and manhandled her melons.He fucked her till morning and she was so tired amd he left her and Rekha came ter to see the beautiful dic being rammed hard.

He saw mom sleeping naked cum all over her face tits and her assholes and pussy dripping a lot of cum and she took the mobile phone and saw the recored vid and it was about 12 hrs fcuking video and now she came near her and now mom was so tired and she was shocked being naked and Rekha near her and now Rekha told her that bitch ur finished ur vid is with me and ur my slave now and how i gona ruin u see and she showed the video and mom wa s shocked to see it.But really she got nicc fuck from khann.Now she could do anything just dressed up and she left the place and she could walk properly and she went home and took shower and she could see lot of lbite marks over her boobs and lips and pussy was so much stretched well and she liked it and felt liek wow that was so nice.She went to hospital and she cluld do as routine as Rekha was dominant ter.She asked her to come to that same room after evening amd she was confused what will it to be and now its next plan that Khann with his ward boys 4 of them all good young studs and 5 men were there.Rekha told them that they will get a life time prize.Mom came ter and Khann and his man was ter and Rekha told her enjoy it well bitch and now she cloases ther room and now those men were eager to bang this hot milf and now they undressed her and mom was naked in front of them all of them became naked and those men was so strong built and every one had huge cocks big as Khann and they one by one started to fuck mom and they all ruined her pussy and assholes so hard and manhandled her melons.Each fucked her for 1 hr each and she became so tired and they gave some blow bang and now After sometime they tag teamed 2 and 2 2 and also 3 fisrt time mom had double penetrated so hard and they just plowed her pussy.Khann too enjoyed her so hard than that day and he targeted her assholes and boobs and They 5 fucked her in single time and they banged her whole night till morning momwas so much hammered and she was in lot of pain and she was moaning a lot.But in her mind she felt wow this is the fuck of my life.

The next day Rekha had a deal that she will guve that vid and no one bothers her any time for sure and she must not mind her of duty and mom replied yess and she gave the vid and she deleted it and now on Khann have the jack pot he banged mom every day in her free time and niw khann is still fucking mom and too many chicks everyday.He enjoys a lot…….

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