Discovered my (28/m) cuck kink during my first mfm with my ex and a friend

Me and my ex gf had had a few fmf threesomes as she was bi and we had fun!

We spoke about our experiences and what else we’d like to try and agreed we’d both be open to trying a MFM should the opportunity present itself.

About 2 months later me and my ex gf were the last ones at my friend’s party and slowly hit surely we started our first mfm experience.

Eventually it turned into me just watching my friend and my ex gf fuck……I loved it.

Me and my ex spoke the next day and she apologised for what happened but I told her that I actually loved watching her with him, she was surprised but admitted that it was a turn on for her as well, having me watch.

We went onto Google and discovered that it was a thing and agreed to explore it intentionally with the same friend!

We had an amazing 18 months exploring the kink!

Happy to answer any questions

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