Dinner Date [MF]

It was getting late in the day and I had planned to make a nice dinner. We hadn’t had a nice dinner together in a while so it was long past time. I had bought all the ingredients to make a full three course meal and really wanted it to be special. I got started prepping everything and it turned into one of those meals that nothing goes right. By the time he arrived, I was in tears in the kitchen with burned food and undercooked rice. My dessert wasn’t even turning out right and everything was falling apart. I had set the table, candles lit, music playing, it was perfect except for the awful food. I was so upset. He walked in the door and with one glance at me saw that I was crumbling worse than my dessert.

“Babe, what happened?” In a blink he was wrapping me in his arms and holding me tight. I could barely speak but managed to mumble that I ruined our dinner and I was sorry and I just wanted to make tonight special. “Stop crying, it’s ok.” He stood there holding me while I cried into his shirt.

He whispered, “Dinner is not what makes tonight special. Being together is what makes it special.” He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear until I calmed down. He pulled a chair out from the table. “Sit down. I got this.” He poured me a glass of wine and pulled out his phone. “I ordered dinner, it’ll be here in 30 minutes.”

He comes back and kneels down next to me. “I was only looking forward to eating one thing tonight, and it wasn’t dinner.” He reaches for the hem of my dress and slides it up my thighs. His fingers tickling my skin as he slides his hands up to my hips. “Mind if I have an appetizer?” His fingers gently rubbing my pussy through my panties.

His fingers play with my lips through the thin fabric. I can feel my panties getting wet and I really want to lean back but I can’t while sitting in the chair. His fingers slide along the edge of the cloth and I feel him slide a finger inside me. I feel so hot and wet. He pulls his hand away and sucks his fingers. “You taste better than anything babe.” I take the moment and stand up and shimmy out of my now wet panties. As I turn back around, I see that he’s moved the chair and has cleared off the end of the table. “I think we’d be more comfortable this way.” And pushes me towards the table. He turns me around and bends me over the table, pulls my dress up over my ass and I hear the squeak of the chair as he pushes it away.

He kneels down between my legs and I feel his breath and fingertips tickle my legs as he teases his way up my inner thigh. His fingers again gently playing with my lips and clit and I feel his breath on my ass. His fingers push inside me and I already feel like I may explode. His tongue begins to explore my body and I can feel the wetness begin to drip. He laps it up and begins to pump his finger even harder. His tongue and fingers work along to the beat of the music and I can feel nothing but the tingles of an orgasm starting in my knees. His fingers and tongue exploring my most intimate places faster and harder. I moan and grip the sides of the table. “I’m going to cum,” I pant. “Please don’t stop.” He doesn’t say a word, just keeps on fucking me with his mouth and hands. His fingers probing everywhere. His warm tongue flicking and plunging. My thighs start to shake and I can feel all my muscles start to tense. He pulls his fingers out and pulls my hips harder to his face. He sucks on my clit and I explode. I cum so hard I squirt on his face and scream in a combination of agony and ecstasy. My legs shake so hard the dishes on the table rattle. He doesn’t stop until he’s licked me clean.

The doorbell rings. The delivery driver has dropped off dinner. “It can wait, I’m not finished with mine yet.” He growls and I hear his belt and zipper. His pants drop to the floor and his hands grip my hips. His cock is already hard as a rock and he pushes the tip in just enough to make me jump. He leans forward and whispers in my ear, “That was a great appetizer, I think it’s time for the second course.” He runs his fingers into my hair and pulls. His cock slams hard into me and I lose all senses except for how good this feels. He grips my hair and hip and pumps his hard cock into me. The silverware is falling to the floor. His throbbing cock slamming into me to the beat of the music is all I can feel. “Babe, I’m going to cum,” he groans through clenched teeth. I feel him speed up as I can feel my own orgasm begin. He slams once, twice, and then we both moan as we come together. His fingers leave bruises on my hip from gripping so hard. Delicious bruises that are better than any dessert.

He pulls the chair back and sits down. I turn around and straddle his lap. My dress a wrinkled mess and his shirt soaked with a combination of my juices and his sweat. Our pizza is sitting out on the front porch getting cold. “Who needs dinner when I have you.” He whispers in my ear.

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