Dee seems to be on a mission chapter 3 by bob144333

Dee seemed pretty interested in seeing me with another guy as she continued to talk about it a lot. I finally told her that I would rather see her with another woman, then suggested we should look for another couple. I said “maybe in a group scene I might be more comfortable” in which she thought about it then agreed. This put Dee on a mission bound and determined to find another couple to play with us.

She got on her lap top one evening and started asking me questions about whether I wanted older or younger couples . Since she was 31 and I was 33 we decided on someone older would be more relaxing.We settled on the 40 to 50 age and those experienced in the swinging lifestyle. Dee was filled with questions continuing to ask about weight, hair color,kids or no kids etc,etc,. She was going on and on until I told her to just look for what she would want . “I am sure I will like anyone you would” then excused myself to take a shower.

I was in the shower as Dee came in and sat down on the counter”I am creating a profile for us”.She asked me what I thought and began to read it to me . The profile said mid 30 couple female bisexual male bi curious along with our heights and weights. I chuckled as I got out of the shower and dried off”what’s so funny “she asked.”Nothing “ I said giving her a kiss, “you should be the one saying bi curious.” Then explain the woman wants to see male on male contact. “Also it sounds like you were standing on your tiptoes when you said your height “ then chuckled . Dee jumped off the counter and stood beside me “brat”she said looking into the mirror. She then picked up her phone “now we need a picture “snapping a picture of us in the mirror.

“Hey “I said “no fair I am naked and you’re not”and told her to at least take off your top.Dee actually stripped naked and we took some pictures in different poses .She was really getting into posing positioning herself on the counter exposing her little breasts . She got on her knees looking into the mirror while I snapped pictures of her from behind. She sat facing me and spread her legs with her fingers holding open her pussy. There was even a couple with her fingers probing inside her tiny lips.

I was hard by now and moved in between her spread legs. I took a picture with my cock pressed against her belly and one partially inside her.I sat the phone down as we started to have sex there on the counter. I would have never thought she would get this turned on about being photographed but she was.Her juices were flowing as she was encouraging me to fuck her hard.She had a firm grip around my neck while she began to kiss me passionately. We had a good rhythm going as our pelvic areas slammed against one another. I myself was getting turned on seeing us in the mirror in a deep embrace.

She finally released her hold on me and leaned back against the mirror ,picking up her phone snapping pictures .I could see her juices coating my cock as I pulled out “fucking hot pictures” she said .After she came she told me to cum “cum in me lets show a cream pie” . A couple more strokes and I was filling her tiny hole with my cum. She was looking in my eyes with lust “fucking awe some” she said before kissing me.

“Now pull out slowly while I get a picture of this”she said, lowering her phone snapping pictures as I pulled out. She put the phone in front of her pussy snapping pictures of my cum oozing out of her, Then snapped a couple pictures of my softening cock coated with cum. She set the phone down then ran her fingers up along my shaft, She placed her drippy fingers up to her lips and licked them.”Hmm”she said want a taste”.I started to back away when she grabbed my hand”come on taste your cum” .

She then dropped her hand and retrieved some cum from inside her. This time she brought it up to my lips”try some of our cum”she said .”How are you going to suck a cock off if you have never had cum in your mouth”she said. She continued to hold her wet fingers up at my face,”I am going to want you to lick me if someone else cums in me now try it”.She then sucked her finger clean “hmm” again she said “much better when warm. “Come on “Dee said, climbing down from the counter “lets go to bed and talk about it”

In bed Dee was snuggled up against me “you know I never knew I would like cum until Gene came in my mouth. When he did I found it wasn’t bad,after the first time I learned to just swallow it. Eventually I found it arousing to feel a cock swell and shoot warm cum down my throat. I ran my hand down along her back “I guess sooner than later I will have to taste it huh”I said.

“Really “Dee said “you will do it for me”? sounding excited then turned over and started kissing me .”Thank you “ she said several times “how about now I still have a little left inside me”.”Please” she said over and over begging me to lick her pussy.”I use to dream that you would come into my bedroom at night and eat my pussy. After Gene started cumming in me I would come home and finger myself wishing it was your cum in me. I would scoop it out and lick my fingers pretending it was your cum”she said .”I found when you first licked my pussy that you did it better than any guy. Will you eat me out now “ she asked then started kissing me “please”.

“How can I resist such a pretty woman like you begging me to eat her?”I said as Dee was perched above me. “Come on sweetie, sit on my face”within seconds she was sitting on my chest. She had her hand spreading the lips of her pussy and began lowering herself on my mouth.I watched as droplets of our cum was still oozing out of her until her pussy was down in my mouth.I tried hard not to think about what was dripping down into my mouth. After hearing Dee starting to moan I gave in and started driving my tongue deeper into her soaked pussy. I had to admit that it really didn’t taste much different, maybe it was just the thought that it was my sperm in her.

Dee was really getting herself off. She was rubbing her clit and panting hard ,her orgasms seemed to be more intense.She had lowered herself to where her head was in the pillo muffling her squeals while I continued to suck her juices out of her.She was wiggling around on my face to where I had to place both hands on her ass to hold her still.Finally she slowed her movements down and slid back on me where she could begin kissing me again/

“Thank you” she said wiping her cum from my face “god that was great”she said between breaths. She didn’t say much for a few minutes while she laid her head against my neck.I had my arms around her feeling her heart beating against my chest.I was thinking to myself about how it made her get off so hard that it was worth it.

Finally she calmed down enough to ask me if I was alright with what I just did for her.”Sweets I will do it again if it gets you off “I said not even thinking about what I said .”Thank you it was wonderful”she said still snuggling into my neck.After a few more minutes her hand move down “your hard”she said. I never even noticed that I was hard until she said so. “Must be it turned you on too”she said as she started to move down, licking her way to my cock. “ I guess I need to do something about this” she said just before placing my head in her mouth.

She began slowly sucking up and down my cock while her hand pulled at my balls.I laid there enjoying how her warm mouth was massaging my cock. She was doing wonders with her mouth and hand working hard to make me cum.One time she pulled her mouth off and looked up at me still stroking away “You gonna cum for me”she said smiling while my cock laid against her chin. She licked from one side to the other keeping my cock aimed at her open mouth. “Cum for me “ she was saying as her hand sped up wanting me to cum in her mouth. Several times closing her mouth around the head she would stroke me fast. She would again open her mouth “do it cum in my mouth “she was saying over and over .With any warning I started cumming ,spurt after spurt shot deep in her mouth. After I finished she rolled her tongue around in the cum closed her mouth and smiled. She moved up and said “open up” leaned down positioning her mouth just above mine.She moved her hand up to my lips “open “she said again as she moved in to deliver my load.”Fuck it “I thought and opened up as she let my cum drip out of her mouth and into mine. She then sat up smiling “good job, now swallow” she said watching my expression as I did what I was told..

Dee kissed me after I swallowed “well how was that”she said waiting for my reply.I really didn’t want to admit that it wasn’t as bad as I thought, I just smiled “it was okay” I said . She seemed happy and then began telling me it is even hotter when you feel that cock starts shooting it straight down your throat.” Wait and see you will know what I mean when you give your first blow job” Dee said before laying down beside me.

“ I can’t wait until someone responds to our ad” she said “it’s going to be fun. I thought for a minute “you know maybe you should write brother and sister, looking for a mommy and daddy to show us the ropes” i said Dee thought for minute “maybe that would get more response I will do that tomorrow”she said.She kissed me again then rolled on to her side waiting for me to spoon her. Again we fell asleep in our favorite position

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