Dee came to visit chapter1 by bob144333

It has been a year since the sweetest woman I have ever been with passed away. I surely have missed her too .Cindy was taken from me in a horrific vehicle accident when on her way home from work one night. My life changed that night and I have been struggling to move on ever since. I knew she would have wanted me to but it still was hard.

It was Saturday morning when I was sitting at the table sipping my coffee when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t really up for company but after whoever continued to ring it I went and answered it. I was ready to give whoever it was hell until I opened the door, being greeted by a cheerful voice.

The arms of my younger sister (Dee)quickly wrapped around my waist and held me tight.

A little bit about Dee, she is really my step sister . She is 31;,5’ 1 ,has brown hair and eyes ,She has a thin body with almost nonexistent breasts She keeps her brown hair short ,and if dressed in green she could double as an elf. As kids growing up we were the best of friends And were a;ways close.

I welcomed her in telling her I was happy to see her here in this time of my life. We have helped each other through many hard times growing up, “Mom and I decided you need some one “she said holding my hand.I had to admit after Cindy passed away I fell into a slump ,everything in here reminded me of Cindy.

”I was lost too after when my husband left me, but with mom and Cindy’s help I lived through it.I owe it to Cindy now to bring you back, I am here help you start your new life.Cindy would want you too”she said rubbing my head as I laid it down on the table.Dee stood up behind me rubbing my shoulders “come now bro we have overcome a lot of things throughout the years ,I will help you through this”. She leaned down kissing my neck.

By the end of the first day with Dee’s help we had the house clean before we went to bed. She snuggled with me in bed as we had done many times. As kids growing up we often held each other in bed,not sexual just comforting one another through broken relationships.

After her working my butt off for a couple of days we finally got my home back to normal. I thought I would reward her for her help.Dinner and a movie were things we used to do a lot, mainly because my mom wanted us to be closer. Even when I was dating, mom would make me take Dee with us some times , I think it would be to prevent me from having sex with my date. Dee and I enjoyed the dinner saying it was like old times, the movie on the other hand was boring to her .Dee after getting bored laid her head on my shoulder ,”this brings back memories”she said and went to sleep.

On the drive back home Dee said “do you remember the time when Bonnie and I went to the movie with you and I fell asleep.I wasn’t really asleep I was watching her hands inside your pants. When I asked you the next day what she was doing you didn’t want to tell me. Finally after pushing you to tell me you said she was giving you a hand job.” Not knowing where this was going I said “yes what about it”

I was a bit shocked that she was bringing this up now but listened to her .”Well, the next day when your friend Gene came over I asked him what a hand job was.He explained it to me and since I have never done it I asked him if I could give him one. I wasn’t that good at it but he told me with some practice I would get better. I practiced on him for a week straight until I thought I was good,”she said.

She then said “I really wanted to give you one but you kept saying no . You said I would understand when I get older. “There was another time I saw Bonnie bobbing her head in your lap one night on the sofa. The next night when I came in your room I asked you what she was doing. You told me grown up stuff and again you said I would understand when I was older”.

After pressing you finally you said things like that are taboo and a brother and sister shouldn’t do them.So did Gene teach you to do that” I asked “yes she said “I did it to him a lot of times and I liked it. But all the time I was doing it I was thinking about you and how I wanted to do it with you.That was why I snuck in your room that one night and sucked on your cock. I was also hurt that you got so mad at me and made me leave.You again told me brothers and sisters don’t do that.I finally asked her why she was bringing that stuff up now”well she said “I really loved you back then, even now I still love you.

Well I love you too “ I said as we pulled into the driveway and shut the car off. I was starting to get out when Dee took my hand and said “wait. Do you realize you are not my brother or even step brother,your mom and my dad were never married.So what are you trying to say” I asked ,what she then said floored me “I want to sleep with you dummy,I have wanted you for a lot of years “. then kissed me.

I got out of the car and started walking up the sidewalk with Dee quickly walking behind.She grabbed me and turned me around as I reached the porch“you love me, you always have.You even told me that once when I tried to get you to make love to me . You said if I wasn’t your sister you would,so know you know, what mom just told me, I an not really your sister”.Dee tried to give me a kiss but I pushed her away “I need to think “I said walking away leaving Dee standing there .

A lot of thoughts were running through my mind as I walked out back and sat down on the deck.I never had imagined having sex with Dee even though Gene had commented on pretty she was. I never knew they were even having sex since he had a girl friend.I had watched her grow up and became a woman even comforted her when she told me she had her first cock. She cried telling me how bad it hurt and how cheap she felt.Thinking back she must have really loved me because she was always hugging and snuggling with me whenever she could.As she became older I even had thoughts about seeing her naked as she laid in bed with me some nights.

I finally went back inside looking for Dee, I was feeling sad when I found her with her bags packed sitting in her room.She looked up at me with tears in her eyes as I stood there struggling on what to say. “Please don’t go” I finally said and moved up in front of her wiping a tear from her cheek.”I never knew mom and dad were never married, if I did we would have been having sex years ago. I knew you loved me as I have loved you as well ,to me it was just wrong for a brother and sister to have sex.

I leaned in giving her a kiss, I still love you “I said as she laid back on the bed drawing me down on her.”You are a beautiful woman” I said looking into her eyes “if you want we can make up for lost time”.I knew the answer when she held me close then kissed me with a lot more passion.”Lets go to your bed though ,it is a lot bigger”she said, “your also crushing me” she said as I was laying on her tiny body. I stood up holding her tight against me feeling the warmth of her body.

I followed Dee down the hall looking at her body in a much different way knowing soon she was going to be naked.I had thought about her naked before when I felt her body against me in bed as a kid.In my room she stood by my bed looking at me “are you sure about this “ I said .There was a look in her eyes I haven’t noticed before as she started taking off her shirt. She didn’t have to answer, I knew she was sure when she revealed her small set of breasts.I had my shirt off as she was dropping her pants drawing her panties with them.

She moved back on the bed with her eyes staring down at my crotch waiting for what she has dreamt about for years. I was now naked in front of who I once thought was my sister with my hard cock moving for her outreached arms.”You will be the first woman I have been with in a year”I said “It might be a long night” when her hand grasped my cock.Stroking my cock she looked up “it might be a long weekend”she said hearing her say “finally” as she placed my cock in her mouth.

Dee was sucking my cock slowly as her fingers played with my balls, her mouth drooling making it even more pleasurable while she stroked it.I was thinking back when she first tried to suck my cock and how she first told me about losing her virginity .”Oh honey” I said placing my hand on her bobbing head If I only knew just how good at doing this “I said letting out a sigh of relief.”Man you are good “ I said as her mouth was sucking me deep down her throat .

”I want your cum”she said, taking her warm mouth off of my cock continuing to stroke it. “ I have wanted to suck you off for a long time, I used to swallow Genes cum wishing it was yours” she said looking up at me.”Go ahead cum for me baby give me what I have only been dreaming of”. I took a deep breath and told her I was cumming then started shooting my cum as her mouth clamped on my throbbing cock.I had no idea how much warm sperm shot down her throat as I could feel her swallowing .Even after I stopped cumming Dee continued holding my cock in her mouth milking anything that was in me out.

When she was sure I was done she laid back rubbing her tummy with a smile”well “she said”.I looked in her eyes then said between short breaths that it was the best blow job I have ever had”. I lifted her legs up moving her farther onto the bed “the best “I said again.

I went from her eyes tracing my way down past her tiny breasts gazing at her well manicured pussy then back up to her smiling face “do you like “she said.She was waiting for my answer as her hand began rubbing her nipples , I again began to look down at her hot body”very much” I said this time examining her pussy closer. Her hand moved down running a finger down between the tiny lips of her pussy when I spread her legs farther. I could see her little pussy moist with her juices dripping out of her when her finger slipped into the wet hole..

I then moved up on the bed between her legs and held myself up over her body. I kissed her deep and looked her in the eyes, “I always thought my little elf was pretty”. I said with a chuckle then gave her another kiss as she laid there stroking her pussy. I moved down sucking her hard little nipple into my mouth circling it with my tongue as her chest pushed up. I went to the other and did the same , causing her to moan “yes” . I then started moving my lips down her body as her hips pushed up against my face. Her hand was still rubbing her pussy when I kissed it and licked her fingers.

I licked her juices off of her fingers then lower to the tiny lips of her pussy while her hand had guided my head. She pushed her hips up again holding my head tight, moaning louder as my tongue dipped farther between her moist lips. I was determined to give her a good tongue licking, wanting her to cum in my mouth the way she did me. Her legs were opening and closing against my head as she was enjoying what I was doing to her. An even louder cry came from her when my finger slipped deep inside her wet hole.

With her legs clamped around my head and her hand held me tighter, I knew she was cumming . I am going to like this I was thinking as her cum tasted good. The thought about her being my sister was still in the back of my mind as I licked her clean. It added a little kink to our relationship thinking that I was soon going to be fucking my little sister . Even though she wasn’t it was still like we were,where at one time in our life it would have been taboo.

When her legs finally released her grip on my head and laid flat on the bed her hands drew me back up over her. Her red cheeks and glassy eyes were a dead give away I achieved my goal of making her cum. She wiped her fingers over my lips and we kissed and stayed with our lips connected as I moved off beside her. When we finally disengaged our mouths from each other she laid her head on my face and smiled. “That was nice “she said, looking deep into my eyes while I ran my hand down her back.

“Did it feel weird to you? “ I asked telling her that it did to me, if were brother and sister this would be insest.”It feels so good to finally lay with you naked “she said “so what would have been wrong with that. Well having sex with your sibling was morally wrong and I could have been in a lot of trouble. That was why I reacted to your advances when you were younger.I am glad you understood and still loved me” I said, giving her a smile. Dee then moved over on top of me “I understand “ she said but I still think of you as my brother . But knowing that you are not It does seem a little kinky “ then laughed “we can pretend some times that we still are”.

We both laughed as she moved lower pushing my cock up against her warm pussy and smiled .”Would you like to fuck your little sister “ she said with an evil grin.”I have wanted your cock inside me for many years “she said wiggling her hips around on me.”Would fucking your little sister sound much better “she said as the head of my cock has just at the entrance. “Come on big brother push that hard cock inside me I want you to do it”.I moved my hands down on her hips as she was telling me how she has longed to feel me deep inside her.”Oh sis “ I said as she sat up lowering herself slowly down on my cock as she took a deep breath,”it feels so good”.

Dee started riding me slowly telling me how my big cock was making her feel full” I have never had anyone make me feel like this “she said.I could feel how tight she was with her juices lubricating my shaft as she easily slid me in and out of her. “It makes me feel so naughty knowing my brother is soon going to flood my pussy”she said. “After all these years of wondering how it would feel to have your cock I know now . I knew it was going to feel this way “ she cried with her finger working on her clit. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock , pulsating with her small orgasms as she ground herself harder on me.

She was getting me close to cumming as I felt my balls starting to tighten,”I am going to cum soon sis” I told her. I am going to fill my little sister with a load of cum that she has been wanting for so long. Do you still love your big brother, do you like how my cock feels deep in your tight pussy “.I was saying to her as her pussy clamped hard around my cock as she rode up and down on it. “I am cumming sis” I said I could hold off no longer and started unloading another hot load into Dee. Shot after shot of cum was sent deep inside her as she laid down on my body shaking as she came as well.

We laid there with her head on my chest , the only sounds were heavy breathing and our hearts beating “your awesome “I said, holding her close. We fell asleep together as we have fallen asleep many times before as we were growing up. But this time it was much different we were naked and just had sex for the first time.

We made up for lost time and fucked every chance we were able to the next day and day after etc etc.

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