Deb’s Family Farm Training by fred bent

“Deb’s Family Farm Training”

by Jake Spear

Chapter 1

Deb worked as she hummed, packing for her family’s summer vacation. She had started a week ago but, with 4 children and a husband to pack for, it seemed like a never ending task. “Just one more load of wash and I’m finished,” she thought to herself.

Deb’s husband Mike had spent the last two nights, after work, packing the mobile home with supplies for their trip. Tonight Mike would load the last of the clothes and supplies into the mobile home, and tomorrow they would be on their way to the Grand Canyon. This would be the family’s first vacation since…well since Deb’s and Mike’s honeymoon 17 years ago.

The 34 year old mother of four watched out the window above the sink, as she finished the dishes.

Cathy, the oldest daughter, was just 16 and the desire of every boy in her high school. Cathy laughed as she push her 12-year-old sister Anna on the tree swing in the back yard. Cathy’s twin brother Chris was wrestling with his younger brother Bobby, a typical 14-year-old, if there ever was one, in the grass next to the porch. It was evident that Chris was letting his younger brother Bobby win, although Deb didn’t think that Bobby was aware of that fact.

The front door bell rang and Deb grabbed the dish towel wiping her hands as she walked through the living room. Deb opened the front door. “Mrs. Johnson, can please sign here?” Deb took the pen and signed for the letter. She closed the door as the postman stepped off the front porch.

The return address on the envelope was from her Aunt and Uncle’s farm, but the handwriting was not familiar. Deb’s Aunt and Uncle (Martha and Joe) had raised her from the age of four till she married Mike (her husband) one year out of high school. She knew her parents, only from the few pictures her Aunt and Uncle had shown her.

Deb opened the letter and read it quickly. Her hands shook as she reread the letter again. The letter was from Jeff, the new hired hand at her Aunt and Uncle’s farm. Jeff’s letter said he had gotten her address from the return address on a letter he had found in the trash. The letter went on to explain that Martha had been diagnosed with cancer and had only a short time to live. He knew how much Deb and her family meant to Martha, and so, Jeff had decided he should write and inform her even though he knew her Aunt and Uncle had decided not to tell her the bad news.

Jeff’s name had been mentioned in the last few letters she had received from her aunt and uncle. Jeff had been hired six months ago to help finish the large cellar under the barn, that aunt Martha had always wanted for her canning. The new cellar was basically finished but needed the electricity connected, shelves made, things Uncle Joe didn’t have time for while still working the farm.

Mike arrived home early to pack the last essential items into the motor home and plan their drive for the umpteenth time. He sat hunched over in the living room chair, elbows on his knees, reading the letter several times. Mike got up and walked into the kitchen where Deb was leaning back against the counter with her arms folded on her chest.

“Well Deb, it looks like were going to the farm. I think we can stop by on the way back from the canyon.” Deb almost cried as she hugged and kissed her husband.

“I don’t think we can spend more than three or four days but I know it’s important to you and I think the kids will be delighted,” Mike explained to Deb in a apologetic tone.

“Four days will be just right,” Deb said. “It may be the last chance I have to see Aunt Martha!” Deb kissed and hugged her husband hard for a solid two minutes and let go only to say, “I love you Mike,” before she led him by the hand to their bed room and started to undo his belt.

“Oh No you don’t! I have a whole new trip to plan out by tonight morning, not to mention the last minute packing to do. You’ll just have to wait,” Mike explained as he left the bedroom.

Deb stood alone in the bedroom and wondered when later would be. Living in a mobile home with four children didn’t lend itself to anything but sleeping and driving.

“This might be a long five weeks,” Deb thought out loud.

Since the day Mike and Deb had married, sex had been occasional. Deb had never used birth control and over the last 17 years they only managed to have four children. Deb was always the instigator, never her husband Mike. When they did occasionally manage to have sex it was quiet, short and missionary position only. Deb took a deep breath and headed back to the kitchen to finish dinner.

The next morning the mobile home, with the entire Johnson family, rolled out of the long driveway, on time. The first few days of the vacation went by quickly, but by the end of the first week, everyone was tired of being inside the mobile home. On the eighth day it started to rain and it continued to rain every day the second week. Deb was constantly yelling at the kids to settle down and stop all the fighting.

Deb walked through the dining/sleeping area, to the back of the mobile home to use the toilet. The door to the back bedroom was open a crack and Deb saw her son in the buff posing for the mirror. They had stopped for the day at a camping area to top up the water tanks and Chris had insisted on going out even though it was raining. Instead of turning away, as she knew she should have, Deb continued to watch her son pose through the slightly opened door.

Deb couldn’t stop staring at the size of rigid member between her son’s legs. The fact that it stuck straight out from his groin, and the fact that he occasionally stopped his posing to slowly stroking its huge length, paralyzed her from moving. She continued to stare with unbelief at the size of her son’s rigid cock. Her pussy started throbbing and she suddenly realized her legs were quaking. Just then a gust of wind, from the outside storm, rocked the mobile home and the door almost closed on her nose.

Deb almost collapsed through the door to the toilet, turned around in the small enclosure and quickly pulled the door shut. She lifted her skirt and pushed her wet panties down in one swift movement. Deb sat on the seat, leaned back, spread her thighs and plunged her hand between her legs. Her other hand kneaded one of her beasts through her blouse. Her fingers slid furiously up and down her wet pussy lips. Each caress spread her lips more causing her fingers to move closer to the entrance of her dripping cunt. She bit her lips to stop a moan from escaping, as one finger moved inside her burning hole.

Deb didn’t hear the door open, or even notice her son Chris standing in front of her, too paralyzed to close the door or speak. Deb’s head was thrown back, her eyes closed tight and the only thought in her mind was her son stroking that big cock of his.

Her son Chris, stood at the door staring at his mothers fingers hammering in and out of her shaved, wet hole. After what seemed an eternity, Chris finally choked out the words “Mom! I’m so sorry, so sorry!” as he quickly closed the door.

Deb opened her eyes in time to see the door in front of her close. “Oh shit, how long was Chris watching me,” she wondered. She quickly stood, pulled up her panties, pushed down her skirt and opened the toilet door. She hesitated leaving the toilet and facing her son, but quickly decided to face the fact that it had happened. Deb walked up to the dinning area, sat down next to her son and looked across the table at her husband Mike.

“I suggest that we pull up stakes and head for the farm early,” Deb said to all that could hear. “The kids need to get out of this rolling box and start breathing fresh air again!” Cheers of joy reverberated off the walls of the mobile home while all four kids shouted, “Yes-Yes please DAD, lets-go, lets-go, Please!!”

It took only a few seconds for Mike’s mind to agree but he pretended to be thinking about it for a few minutes, absorbing all the attention from the rest of the family before giving in and saying, “OK, Lets go!”

As Mike climbed back into the driver’s seat and started the motor, Deb turned toward her son still sitting next to her. She put her hand on his leg and noticed a tremendous bulge in her son’s pants. Her mind flashed back to the vision minutes before of her son and his huge cock. Instantly she was wet again and she couldn’t help wonder what it would feel like to have her son’s cock in her wet pussy. Ashamed of what she was thinking she looked up into her son’s eyes.

“We’ll talk later,” was all she could manage to say before getting up and walking to the front to sit with her husband.

It took two days of driving to get to the farm and during those two days Deb notice that her oldest son Chris, spent a lot of time in the toilet. She was so horny, she knew she would positively rape her husband the first chance she got. That one thought, of raping a man, excited her so much that her pussy gushed with eagerness. Deb squeezed her thighs together to prolong the tingling in her pussy lips and try to stop her pussy from wetting the passenger’s seat.

“Thank goodness we’re only a couple hours from the farm and only a few more hours till I have Mike alone in bed,” Deb thought. She closed her eyes and the image of her son’s cock reappeared. Each time Deb visualized her son posing naked, the size of his cock grew longer and thicker. The mobile home rumbled and bounced down the road, as she envisioned her son’s cock now the size of a baseball bat. Finally Deb fell asleep, dreaming about the baseball size cock making love to her body, unable to prevent it from taking her, and secretly hoping it would never stop.

When they arrived at the farm house, the kids were out the door before the mobile home stopped. Deb and her husband stretched as they got out and started up the stairs to the front porch of the farm house. As they got to the front door, they heard someone calling from the barn across the yard. Deb turned with her husband to see a strikingly handsome man running towards them waving his hand in the air.

“Do you think that could be Jeff?” Deb said to her husband Mike.

“I guess we’ll find out,” Said Mike

“I knew you would come. Never had a doubt in my mind. Hi! I’m Jeff and I know who you all are. Glad to finally meet you Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,” Jeff said as he approached Deb and Mike and walked up the porch steps.

The man wiped his hand on his trouser leg, grabbed Mike’s hand and shook it firmly. He turned and stared at Deb and said, “I recognize you from the pictures inside. As a matter of fact I know all of your children’s names. Come on inside and lets get you settled,” Jeff said as he opened the screen door and motioned for them to enter the house.

As Deb entered the house she called to her Aunt and Uncle. “Aunt Martha? Uncle Joe? It’s Deb! Where are you?” But there was no answer.

Jeff spoke up suddenly, “Oh I’m sorry Deb, your aunt and uncle went into town this morning to see the doctor. You know it’s awful far, so they usually stay the night in town and come back the next afternoon. They said they’d be back late tomorrow.”

“Oh, It’s so disappointing they aren’t here now,” Deb pouted, but as she said the words she realized she and Mike would have the house to themselves for the night. That would fit nicely with her plan to attack her husband and rape him silly all night long. She almost giggled at the thought. Deb wrapped her arms around her husband’s arm and squeezed it tight. “Where did these extremely horny feelings come from?” she wondered, but for now she intended to pursue them to find where they took her.

Jeff insisted on cooking supper for them all and afterwards disappeared into the guest bedroom for a good half hour to, “straighten things up a little,” he said.

When the kids found out they had to sleep in the mobile home, they moaned and groaned, until they learned that mom and dad were going to sleep in the house. Then the bickering turned to who got what bed until Mike finally had to settle the argument for them.

About 10:00 P.M. that evening, Deb started tugging on her husbands arm. “Come on, it’s late and I want to go to bed,” she playfully said to Mike who was enjoying the peaceful silence of the night as he rocked on the front porch and didn’t really want to leave just yet.

“I’m not tired yet, but why don’t you go in and I’ll join you later,” Mike whispered to her in the stillness of the night air. Not wanting to go to bed without her husband, Deb reluctantly sat back down on the porch swing.

“I know what would be the perfect end to a beautiful evening,” said Jeff. The word “END” caught Deb’s attention and she eagerly asked Jeff what he had in mind.

“I’ve been hiding this old bottle of brandy for a special occasion and it seems to me that this is that occasion,” Jeff said as he rose and walked toward the barn. He came back a few minutes later, carrying three glasses and a funny looking bottle. With his fingers inside the glasses he filled each half way and handed them to Mike and Deb.

Ten minutes later and his glass empty, Mike agreed that he was ready for bed. Deb had to be helped up from the porch swing. She leaned on Mike all the way to the bedroom, where Mike let her fall onto the double bed. Deb managed to remove her clothes without getting up off the bed while Mike let his clothes drop to the floor in the area where he was staggering from the drink.

Mike swayed, surrounded by his pile of clothes and watched his naked wife as she dug her fingers into her pussy and ground her hips against her hand. Mike couldn’t believe what he was watching his wife do.

Deb wasn’t even thinking of her husband as her hands moved between her thighs. She felt a slave to the burning and tingling that was increasing in her cunt. The picture of her son’s cock rubbing her pussy was consuming her entire being as she rocked her hips in time with her building pleasure.

Mike was suddenly aware that his dick was immensely hard and his hand was moving along its length without realizing it. Mike moved toward the bed and his sexy moaning wife. In less than a minute they both were fast asleep.

When Deb woke up the next morning she still felt that tingling and burning in her cunt. Without opening her eyes she instinctively tried to move her hand to her pussy. Her eyes sprang open when she realized her arms were being restrained somehow. She tried to turn her head but found it held in place somehow. She frantically tried to move her feet and legs. From what she could see and feel, she was in some sort of a metal chair that was reclined to a 45 degree angle. As Deb looked down at her own body, she realized she was naked and secured with thick leather straps to the metal chair.

“Chair” was the closest word that came to her mind, but it was not like any chair she had ever sat in. The chair seemed as though someone had attached a cold, flat suit of armor, onto the entire back side of her body. It was bent at just the right places to fit the joints of her arms, legs, shoulders and hips. This suit of armor however was frozen in position with her legs bent at the knees and her legs spread out to each side. Her arms were slightly bent at the elbows and spread out away from her body.

As she realized her situation she tried to spit out the object in her mouth. The ball gag pressing into her mouth was not only fastened to the back of her head, but was part of the restraint tied to the chair device.

“Mrs Johnson,” a voice she recognized as Jeff’s boomed out from behind her. “There’s no need to talk, I know what you are going to say and I am not interested in hearing it,” Jeff spoke as he walked around the chair and stood between her wide spread knees, looking at her open and very exposed sex.

“I will explain quickly why you and your family are here, because it fits with my plans to do so,” Jeff talked as he unzipped his pants, unbuckled his belt and let them slide to the floor. Deb stated at the monster size cock swinging between the man’s legs.

“Your husband and children are restrained in other rooms, next to here,” He said stepping forward while slowly stroking his enlarging cock. “You’ve been given a drug I found in Japan, that will stimulate the nerves and heighten the feelings around your cunt and nipples. The tingling you feel works to keep you aroused when not being touched. The craving effects are irresistible and usually last for 3 to 4 hours. What you and your husband were given last night was a small oral dose, combined with mostly knockout drops. You should have had some wild dreams last night,” Jeff explained as he continued to stroke his long cock.

“I must tell you, there is one small side effect of the drug you’ve been given jest now. It will not allow you to reach orgasm, which is extremely useful in this part of the training,” Jeff smiled as he watched the terror and excitement on the face of the woman bound before him.

Deb tried to fight the incredible stirring’s in her pussy. As her cunt muscles involuntary squeezed together she felt her pussy juices gush out and run down the crack of her ass. Jeff placed the tip of his cock on Deb’s clit and rubbed it up and down while he spoke. Deb stopped listening for several seconds as her whole body exploded with the feelings she was experiencing from the touch of Jeff’s cock on her now engorged clit.

Jeff continued to rub his cock up and down Deb’s now sopping slit. He watched as Deb’s eyes open wide and recognized well, the expression of pleasure and torture on Deb’s face.

“You don’t know who I am Do You Deb? Jeff asked as he rubbed himself on her pussy lips. “Let me refresh your memory. You were four years old, I was ten when Uncle Joe took you away and brought you here to the farm. Mom and Dad had just begun your sex training, when Uncle Joe showed up. He threatened to go to the authorities if dad didn’t let you go right then. I guess Uncle Joe thought I was too sexually perverted to be saved along with you. He left me with “Good Old Mom and Dad” to finish my sexual education at the hands of our parents.”

Deb couldn’t believe that she had a brother she didn’t know about. But somewhere, down deep, she knew it was true. Some dark and vague memory was emerging. The face of a boy. A face next to hers. A face on top of hers, on top of her body, rolling, playing with her cunt, both of them giggling and wiggling. And mumbles in the background urging and instructing them. Deb didn’t want to think about it, but at the same time Deb found it impossible to hide the strong sexual feelings that were now pulsing through her body. She tried to speak through her gag, tried to move to somehow allow Jeff to stick his cock in her craving pussy.

Jeff went on. “Mom and Dad continued to use and train me until I was sold to a Japanese firm and shipped overseas. When I was too old and unresponsive for their enjoyment, I was used to train and torture others for my owners’ pleasure and money. When I turned 40 I was given my freedom and sent back to the United States.”

Jeff continued to rub his cock up and down Deb’s slit pausing slightly at her asshole and continuing back to her clit. It was driving Deb wild knowing that she was powerless to stop this man from doing whatever he wanted to her. For some uncontrollable reason she wanted him to fuck her. She needed him to fuck her. She would have begged him to fuck her if she could.

“This brings us to why you and your family are here. I’m planning to finish your training myself. You will assist me in training your children. Your husband will not be trained. Instead he will be used, but basically remain untouched to watch, as you and your children are turned into sex craving animals.”

Deb screamed into her gag. Her mind raced. “No-No-You can’t do this. Why are you doing this to us?” she thought. At the same time her hips were involuntarily trying to move up and down with Jeff’s rubbing prick.

“That brings us to why,” Jeff continued his explanation. “Money and revenge, of course. Our dear Aunt and Uncle are on vacation for 5 more days and I want them to return and find their darling niece a total sex slut, along with her incestuous children. For six months I have listened to their praises of you and your perfect little family. We’re going to show them what your perfect little family has become. AND, there’s the money. Your children once trained can be sold as sex slaves to the highest bidders. You and your husband will be let go, but I doubt that your husband will still want the sexual slut you’re going to become. You’ll probably live the rest of your life on the streets, getting your hourly sex fix from fucking drunks and degenerates for free.”

“Now that you know what you can look forward to, we might as well start your first lesson.” Every muscle in Deb’s body was tense as sweat was poring off her and puddling on the ground along with the juices that continued to seep from her pussy. Jeff stepped out of his trousers that were on the floor and kicked them to one side. He walked around behind the chair and came back to stand between Deb’s legs again. He showed her a silver device that was attached to a rubber hose. It was 6-inches long, 2-inches in diameter and had a very unusual shape. At the base of where the silver shape was attached to the hose was a wide rubber coupling.

“This, little sister, is the shape of a dog cock. A rather, nice sized one, I might add. I want you to get use to this shape, because you’ll learn to love it and crave it every time you see a dog. This particular devise has a hole in the tip to allow liquid to be administered via the tube and this rubber at the base is inflatable, just like the knot of real dog’s cock.”

Jeff reached around and untied the strap that held her head to the chair along with the ball gag and dropped it to the floor. Deb was breathing heavily and the first sound out of her mouth was a loud, long groan.

“Now, you’re going to beg me to put this in your ass little sister. Tell me how much you want it in your ass, and if you convince me, I might just put it there for you,” Jeff explained to his bound sister.

Deb’s pussy was throbbing open and closed, and her ass was burning along with her breasts and nipples. Her pussy lips were swollen red with the increased blood flow through her sex organs. She wanted and feared the size of the silver instrument. Between gasps for air Deb began pleading. “Please big brother, put it in me. Please, I need it so bad, I’m so hot I can’t stand it! Pleeease, Please, fuck me with it. Just fuck me pleeease!!”

“Very good sis, but you forgot to mention which hole you want it in. You’ll have to beg me again if you really want it.”

Deb wanted and needed to feel the long thick dog shaped dildo in her raging cunt. She had heard Jeff say the device was to go in her ass, but needed it SOOooo badly in her cunt. “Please Jeff stick it in my cunt please, I can’t stand being empty anymore. My cunt’s on fire,” She shouted and begged her brother.

“Sis, you disappoint me. You know where we wanted it to go. I guess we’ll just have to give you a little incentive,” Jeff said trying to sound disappointed.

Jeff stepped back and flicked a switch on the wall. The drapes covering the wall, two feet in front of Deb parted in the middle and opened to the full length of the wall. Behind the drapes was a wall of full height mirrors stretching from left to right. For the first time Deb could see herself strapped into the chair device, her knees and legs grotesquely stretched out to each side and her pussy gaping open and exposed. Her pussy was shaved clean. Deb couldn’t remember the last time she had looked at her bald pussy like this. She saw her nipples standing straight and watched as the lips to her cunt vibrating from the drug induced excitement within her. She was mesmerized by the sight of her cunt muscles as they continued to contract and relax.

Watching the image in the mirror was so indecent that it electrified Deb to look. Her thighs spasmed with excitement. She couldn’t believe how deliciously obscene she looked as her breasts rose and fell from her over excited breathing. Her reflection looked so immoral that it stimulated her to greater desires.

“Jeff, please you can put it in my ass. I want it in my ass. I need it in my ass,” Deb begged her brother as she watched her reflection.

“Too late little sister. I’m going to show you what happens when you don’t respond in accordance with my every expectation,” Jeff said as he walked to the side wall.

Deb eyes followed her brother Jeff’s reflection in the mirrors. With the effects of the drug racing through her blood stream, her pussy screaming for relief, she found she found it difficult take her eyes off her brother’s huge cock. In her mind she compared it to her husbands dick, the one she had been deprived of during the last two weeks. “Dam you Mike, dam you for that,” she thought. She could see that her brother’s cock was almost three times the size of her husbands.

“Jeff! Pleeeease dear brother, Fuck me, please fuck me with your big cock. Don’t do this to me, I beg you,” Deb pleaded as spasms rocked her bound body.

Her brother ignored her and smiled while he slowly stroking his 10 inch cock with his right fist. She stared in disbelief, as she saw his large fist barely fitting around the circumference. Jeff stopped stroking to flip another switch on the same panel that had opened the drapes. Instantly the wall of mirrors turned into a wall of glass separating them from a smaller room on the other side.

In the room on the other side of the glass, Deb saw her 16-year-old son bound to the top of a table face up. His twin sister, Cathy, was bound to the same table face down on top of her brother. The feet of both children were facing Deb and she could clearly see her son’s stiff cock sticking up between her daughter’s thighs and resting against her daughter’s still virgin cunt. A rubber tube ran out of her daughter’s ass to an outlet in the wall not far away.

A new surge of excitement raced through her body as she saw her son’s cock glistening with sweat and his twin sister’s pussy juice. “NOOO! Please Jeff Don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Shove it in my ass – Jeff shove it in my ass instead pleeease!” Deb begged her brother.

“Too late sis. Training requires that you are given one chance to do what is expected of you. If you don’t, then I punish one of your family or in this case let YOU do the punishing.”

Jeff walked behind her as she stared at her children on the other side of the glass wall. Her brother returned with something and held it in front of her face.

“This device, dear sister, will be used to send a signal to the device buried in your daughter’s ass. I can set the machine to send electric shocks of varying degrees, pump gases, fluids or in this case… dispense a powerful aphrodisiac designed to be absorbed quickly by her chaste young body. As you can see, your daughter’s already had quite an erotic effect on her brother, judging from his stiff reaction to his sister’s budding young frame,” Jeff explained.

“The effect of one dose of the aphrodisiac is immediate but it only lasts 10 seconds or so. The real question is, how many doses are you going to give to your daughter? You can give her none, or you can pump her ass so full…… Well, I’ll just leave that up to you,” He said with a grin as he lowered the device in his hand to her inflamed cunt lips.

The device Jeff held was made of stiff rubber and had the resemblance of a deflated balloon. A rubber tube ran from the end of the balloon to a control panel somewhere behind the her chair. At the connection of the balloon to the rubber tube, another tube with small pump bulb was attached.

“We’ll just insert this rubber inside your cunt and pump it up a little,” Jeff said as he fed the deflated rubber into his sister. Deb shook as the touch of her brother’s fingers sent chills of pleasure through her aching body. Her brother finished inserting the balloon and was now inflating it deep inside her. Deb could feel it fill with air and press against her tight cunt walls. The rubber tube jerked on the ground with each pump her brother forced into her.

With all her inhibitions lost, Deb squeezed her cunt muscles to heighten the increasing sensations between her legs. This was exactly the uncontrolled hunger Jeff was hoping to cultivate within his sister. “Within a few days her mind and body would only be satisfied by the most repulsive sexual acts. She would become a true whore’s slut,” He thought as he watched his sister desperately trying to satisfy herself on the inflated ball inside her tight cunt.

“That’s it,” He coaxed her. “Squeeeeeze that bulb little sister. I have set the machine to deliver one dose to the ass of your daughter, every time you contract your cunt muscles. I’ve given you a front row seat to watch the result it has on your children.”

Jeff walked behind Deb and flicked the switch to activate the dispensing device that linked Deb to the device in her 16-year-old virgin daughter’s ass. Immediately Deb saw the tube sticking out of her daughter’s ass jump as the liquid surged into her daughter bowels. Deb tried to relax her cunt muscles as sweat dripped from her hair and poured down her face and off her heaving breasts.

Jeff walked over to a device on the glass separating the two rooms and pushed the intercom button. Instantly the sound from her oldest son and daughter filled the room. Jeff just smiled at his sister trying to hold her body’s desires still.

On the other side of the glass the 16-year-old Cathy was talking to her brother. “Ohhh Chris, something’s happening. I feel so hot between my legs all of a sudden,” Cathy said. “They’re putting something in me Chris. It’s making me burn and itch inside.”

“Try and move up a little,” Chris instructed his sister lying on top of him. “Try and pull away from touching me,” He grunted. Just then the tubes surged with another dose of liquid and seconds later both Cathy moaned loudly into his ear and rubbed frantically against his stiff prick.

“Shit. Fuck. Chris, I can’t help myself,” Cathy screamed to her brother as she wiggled on top of him. “I don’t have any control. I can’t stay still. It feels so good. I’m so HOT Chris,” Cathy said as her head rose to look at her brother’s face.

“Oh Chris I’m so sorry,” Cathy told her brother as she looked into his eyes. “I can’t stop.”

Cathy frantically rubbed her cunt against the length of her brother’s hardening cock until the dosage starting wearing off.

“Chris, I think it’s O.K. Now,” She spoke in gasps. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, I was so hot for you Chris,” Cathy said and laid her head on her brother’s shoulder as her excitement settled.

“You have to try and move away from it somehow,” Chris told her not wanting to say cock to his sister. “See if you can slide up, away from it a little,” He said trying to help his twin sister.

The restraints on Cathy allowed her limited movement on top of her brother. She was held in place by straps at her wrists and just below her knees. Cathy tried to arch her back in an effort to move away from her brother’s cock. As she did, the tip of her brother’s cock slid down the crack of her ass and rested against the sensitive skin between her ass hole and the entrance to her virgin cunt. Cathy could not pull away any farther. Another dose pumped into Cathy and she wiggled uncontrollably rubbing the tip of her brother’s cock against her tender area. Cathy started shaking and began to rub her breasts in circles against her brother’s chest.

“Ooooohhhh shit Chris, what are we going to do?” Cathy asked.

“I don’t know Cath, your making me so hot,” Her brother panted. “I don’t think I can take much more. You gotta stop moving like that. It’s driving me crazy!”

“Ooohh Chris, I never dreamed it could feel this good,” Cath moaned. “My whole body’s on fire. I feel like I can’t get enough. Is it always like this Chris? Does it always feel this good?”

Cathy arched her back as she gently pushed against her brother’s cock. The large head slid down again and tucked itself inside her outer pussy lips. Both children gasped and froze in their present position. Cathy’s body was shaking from the desire building inside her and not sure if she should move or not. Another shot pumped into Cathy’s ass and it was all she could do to keep from screaming into her brother’s ear.

Cathy strained to move her ass up let her brother’s cock slide along her wet pussy lips another inch, then slowly she moved her pussy back down till it poked at the tube in her ass. Once again she did the same. Each time she moved a little faster. Even as the drug wore off, Cathy continued to move and explore these new feelings stirring insanely inside her. As Cathy’s movements continued, the head of her brother’s cock parted the lips of her sopping wet pussy a little more with each stroke.

Chris could feel the head of his cock sinking deeper and deeper into the folds of his sister’s pussy lips with each movement of her hips. More and more of his cock head was being engulfed as his sister wiggled and slid against him. Suddenly his sister’s extremely wet pussy lips parted and the engorged head of Chris’s cock slipped between and paused at the entrance to her virgin hole.

“Oh Chris I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’ve never even let a boy TOUCH me before. Now I can’t stop rubbing my cunt up and down my own brother’s cock. I feel so nasty and dirty. I want so badly to be your slut sister,” Cathy moaned as she continued to move her hips in a circle, keeping her brother’s cock between her pussy lips and rotating it around the entrance to her cunt hole.

“Chris?” Cathy said in a low moaning voice, “Do you like having your nasty slut sister do this? Does it feel good to you too?” Chris could only moan an answer to his sexy sister.

As Deb watched and listened to her son and daughter in the next room. She tried desperately to fight the urge to squeeze the device inside her. “How much longer?” Deb shouted at her brother Jeff.

“It’s just getting interesting,” Jeff spoke as he turned to look as his sister’s face. “Look! Your daughter’s trying to decide whither to fuck her twin brother’s cock. Why don’t you give them another dose and help her with the decision?”

Deb stared at her son’s cock lodged in the entrance to his sister’s cunt. Her children’s bodies were covered with sweat and Deb could see the tiny moist beads glistening on the lips of her daughter pussy. She watched as her daughter’s pussy lips engulf and circled the huge head of her son’s cock. She saw her son’s cock jerk with each quiver of his sister cunt. She had to fight the urge to squeeze her cunt muscles, for the sake of her children.

Jeff watched Deb’s face fill with determination. He smiled and walked behind her chair. He reached around his sister and gently massaged her breasts and nipples. “Deb,” He whispered to her. “Help me show your family the exquisite pleasures of forbidden sex.” He spoke softly, almost lovingly as he gently squeezed both nipples. Then his hands slowly slid down from her breasts towards her shaved mound. “Help me sis, you can do is, let your daughter experience the pleasure of her brother’s cock filling and warming her cunt. Your daughter wants it. Just look at her Deb, she wants it so bad. Let her have her brother’s sperm.”

Deb screamed as her brother Jeff took her clit and squeezed it hard. Deb could not hold back any longer. She felt so nasty, so good and she wanted her children to feel the same forbidden desires that she was feeling.

Deb’s eyes opened wide as she screamed. “Yeeesss Cathy, fuck your brother. Fuck him-Yes-fuck him-fuck his big cock with you tight virgin pussy,” Deb screamed as she struggled in her bonds while her cunt muscles crushed the inflated device inside her. “Fuck your sister’s virgin cunt Chris,” she screamed knowing her son could not hear her. “Fuck her with that beautiful long cock of yours son.”

Jeff watched as the tubes jerked wildly on the floor beneath Deb’s chair. He watched the exquisite torture on his sister’s face.

Deb continued to watch the scene in the next room while her cunt went crazy with contractions. The tubes delivering the aphrodisiac to her daughter jerked obscenely as dose after dose raced through them towards her daughter ass.

In the next room Cathy screamed as the liquid continued to fill her bowels and leak out around the sides of the tube. Cathy’s head snapped up to look into her brother’s eyes. Chris watched his sister’s expressions turn from innocence to pure lust.

“Oh Chris, I can’t hold back any more. I’m yours Chris. I’m your slut,” Cathy spoke to him as she lowered her lips to his and sucked insatiability on his tongue. Cathy arched her back slightly and without warning, forced her cunt down onto her brother’s cock. A muffled scream echoed in the chamber between their locked lips.

Cathy’s hips gyrated, front to back, side to side while moving up and down on her brother’s huge cock. She pulled her lips from her brother’s mouth, threw her head back as she screamed with delight. “Oh God Chris, it feels soooo goood like this! I can’t stop fucking. I can feel you all the way inside me, all the way. Fuuuck it feels so good! Am I a good slut Chris? Is your sister a good slut?” Cathy asked her brother as she moved on and off his cock.

“Just don’t stop Cathy!” her brother unanswered. “Don’t ever stop sis. You’re so hot. So tight,” Chris half mumbled and half spoke. Chris suddenly realized that he was on the verge of coming in his sister’s pussy. “Wait! Wait Sis! Pull off me, quick, pull off now! I’M COMMMIIINNNGGG!!” Chris shouted as his sperm surged through his cock and into his 16-year-old sister’s unprotected virgin cunt.

Cathy felt her brother’s cock heave, as his hot sperm splashed against the inside walls of her cunt. The sensation of her brother’s cock, pulsing as it delivered its load, and the feeling of his hot sperm packing her stretched cunt, took Cathy over the edge and she came along with her brother.

Deb watched her two oldest children enjoying each others bodies and could not remember why she thought it was a bad thing. She wanted her children to feel pleasure. To love each other. To experience each other.

Jeff turned out the light to the room where the twins were now basking in the afterglow of their first sex. He left the sound on so they could hear if the twins decided to do it again. Jeff had already turned off the machines as soon as Deb had succumbed and her son and daughter had started fucking each other. No need to waist the aphrodisiac when nothing could stop what was going to happen at that point.

Jeff reached down between his sister’s thighs and released the pressure of the bulb inside her cunt. It fell to the floor without much noise. Deb’s cunt was still gaping open from the stretching it had received and Jeff put two fingers in the entrance to her cunt, barely touching his sister at all.

“You did a good thing sis.” Jeff held up the silver dog dick and asked her again.

“Now beg me to put this in your ass little sister. Convince me how much you want it in your ass, and maybe I’ll let you lick your son’s balls and ass next time you let him fuck his sister”

Deb knew she could not fight what was happening to her. How could she have come to this, in such a short time? Her thoughts turned her on; the chair turned her on, watching her children turned her on. The realization that she had caused her virgin daughter to fuck her brother really turned her on. Now she was about to beg her brother to put this obscene instrument, where she had never in her life, had anything before.

Deb looked into Jeff’s eyes and begged “Please Jeff, I want you to shove that big hard dog dick in my burning, needing, ass hole.”

Jeff smiled. “Beg me more sis” he said.

“I’ll do anything. Please-please put it in my ass. I need it soooo badly. I suck your cock. I’ll do anything. Pleeeease…” she sobbed. “I’m so hot for it. Fuck my ass with it Jeff!”

Jeff smiled and placed the tip of the stainless steel monster at the pucker of his sister’s ass. He watched her ass pulse in time with the contractions of her cunt muscles. Without warning he rammed it forward. His sister screamed with pain but at the same time pressed her ass hard onto the invading object. Jeff was pleased when he saw that the first three inches were inside. He ignored his sister’s screams, leaned back and pushed with all his weight. Screams resounded off the walls as the last of the invading giant disappeared into his sister’s ass. Jeff twisted a knob on the base of the connection and the rubber knot expanded inside the stretched ring of her ass. It was secured inside her now and would not come out until Jeff removed it.

Jeff twisted the dial on the pump and a warm liquid started flowing into his sister’s bowels. Almost immediately, Deb stopped crying and relaxed. Deb’s stomach bulged as the liquid continually filled her intestines. She watched as her stomach continued to expand more and more and waited nervously for the pain to begin. Then the expansion stopped, and Deb looked at her extended stomach, then at her brother.

“The liquid is laced with a pain killer. It will take approximately half an hour for the pain killer to start wearing off. By that time your intestines will have become extremely sore from the pressure there presently under. Your body will quickly start feeling the pain and within a matter of minutes, will become unbearable.”

Jeff closed the shutoff valve at the end of the silver dildo and disconnected the attached hose. “I must check on your children and husband for now. I’ll return in 45 minutes,” He said as the left the room.

Chapter 2

When Jeff returned to the room he could hear Deb screaming through the closed door. Jeff opened the door, walked to the cabinet, grabbed a 2 inch diameter hose and squatted down between his sister’s open legs. Jeff ignored the screams and pleas emanating from his desperate and struggling sister.

Deb watched hysterically as her brother connected one end of the hose to the dildo and placed the other end in the drain below the chair. She watched as he opened the valve and felt the pressure dwindle inside her draining intestines.

After 5 minutes, Jeff disconnected the drain hose and reconnected the smaller hose. He walked behind his sister and turned another dial. Again a warm liquid started filling her bowels. The pain subsided slightly and a warm tingling feeling started in her ass. The warm feeling spread through her entire body as she felt herself relax again.

“Feeling good?” Her brother asked as he turned the dial to stop the flow.

“Yeess, so relaxed and warm and nice,” she murmured.

“I’m glad sis. With your bowels stretched to the maximum, the surface area for absorbing is 4 times larger than normal. Which means that half the normal dose of chemicals will have a greater effect than a full dose would have before. I’ve added in a small dose of a Spanish fly mixture I made myself. You should be feeling light, relaxed and very sensual right now.”

Jeff gently placed his hand on his sister’s cunt and rubbed her cunt lips in light slow circles.

“Mmmmm that feels goooood Jeff,” she purred as her brother teased her craving pussy. “Ooooh, don’t stop doing that. I neeeeed it soooo badly.”

Jeff stopped his sensual caressing and walked back to the bench. He twisted another dial and turned it off after a few seconds. The response was almost immediate. Deb started rocking her head from side to side and moaning between pants and gasps for breath.

Deb felt a small change in pressure in her bowels and almost immediately there followed a wave of warm chills sweeping her body. Her nipples stood straight out and clit swelled instantly. The lips of her cunt puffed and renewed sex juices flowed from her open pussy. The craving for sex had returned with a vengeance, and now it spread through every part of her body.

“It’s time for you to cum Deb and once again I’m going leave the decision to you,” Jeff instructed her.

“I want to cum Jeff, I don’t need to decide. I want to cum now, pleeese Jeff!” Deb screamed as the craving kept growing within her body, raising her to greater and greater urgency.

“Then let’s see if you’re ready.” Jeff unhooked the hose between Deb’s legs and drained the small amount of liquid in her ass. He next deflated the ring on the dildo and jerked it out in one swift movement. Jeff took the dildo and the hose back to the bench and put them in the sink. From beside the bench the unrolled a garden hose and turned it on.

Jeff sprayed his sister’s body to wash off the sweat and filth from the morning training. Deb screamed with delight whenever the stream of water hit her pussy and still open ass hole. When all the dirt, piss and smell was washed down the drain, Jeff recoiled the hose and turned off the water.

Behind her, Deb heard her brother open the door and leave. “No!” Deb thought. He can’t leave me like this.”

The door opened again and Jeff walked in front of her with his arm around her 14 year old son, Bobby. Deb was shocked speechless. Bobby was naked except for a tight leather hood covering his entire head with the exception of his open mouth and lips. Bobby had to keep his mouth open in order to breathe while wearing the tight hood. Attached to the leather hood were various rings of stainless steel. Black leather cuffs were buckled around his elbows with the same type of steel loops.

“I’ve a toy for you to play with,” Jeff announced with a smile.

Jeff directed Bobby to between his mother’s naked legs. “Kneel down,” Jeff commanded the boy.

Deb’s son knelt down in front his mother’s naked pussy. Jeff first took Bobby’s right elbow, and then his left elbow, and fastened them loosely to the straps above each of Deb’s knees. This allowed him to touch, poke and even fondle his mother’s thighs and cunt lips, but not to stand up or pull away too far.

Jeff reached down and clipped a long leather strap to the chin ring on Bobby’s hood. He then pushed the other end of the strap through a ring under the chair just below Deb’s quivering cunt. Then he ran the strap through a series of rings under and behind the chair. He pulled the strap hard and Bobby fell with his mouth on his mother’s cunt. Bobby took a step forward on his knees to correct his balance and squeezed his mother’s thighs for support.

Deb gasped with the contact of her son’s mouth and fingers on her. When Jeff let go of the strap a protesting whimper escaped Deb’s lips, as her son’s mouth pulled away from her needy wet cunt. She couldn’t say anything, without letting her son know the cunt he just kissed belonged to his perverted horny mother.

“Fuck!” was the only word that appeared in her mind. She couldn’t believe how excited it made her to feel her son’s hot breath on her cunt. She looked down and almost screamed at the site of his tongue pushing against her shaved cunt lips, as he tried to breathe around them. She tried to move her hips toward her son’s tongue but her bonds kept her tightly in place.

Jeff continued running the strap to a ring in the ceiling above Deb’s head and back down till it hung in front of her face. He tilted Deb’s head back, and at the level of Deb’s mouth, he tied a large plastic ring to the leather strap. Jeff placed the plastic ring between Deb’s teeth, pushed her chin closed, and pushed down on the top of her head.

As Deb’s head moved down to her chest, her son’s mouth moved forward and into his mother’s cunt. This time the feeling was so good Deb pulled harder. Her clit and pussy were sucked into her son’s mouth in a desperate effort to inhale. Deb pulled down harder as her son shook his head and struggled to breath. His tongue lashed her cunt and pushed hard against her clit.

Deb finally let go when she realized what she was doing. She looked at her brother Jeff and shook her head left and right. “NOooo-please” was in her eyes, but her pleading expression was ignored by her brother. Deb closed her eyes and tilted her head back to think.

Jeff walked to the switch at the side wall and again turned on the light in the room behind the glass. Deb couldn’t believe what she was looking at.

Tied to a cross in the middle of the room was her naked husband. His arms were out to his sides and there were small weights attached to his wrists. Cables ran from the top of his wrists through rings in the ceiling, then over to the wall behind him, down the wall, then between his legs and were fastened to the hood worn by their 12 year old daughter Anna. A ball gag had been placed into her husband’s mouth which limited him to only muffled sounds.

Anna’s face was almost totally buried in her father’s crotch. The little girl was only slightly able to pull her mouth off the semi-ridged prick between her cheeks. Her hands were tied above her head and attached to a belt around her father’s waist. Jane watched in shock as her husbands arms dropped and Anna’s head slid forward till her nose was completely buried in her father’s pubic hair. Anna struggled and shook her head fighting for release. Finally Mike raised his arms but only briefly before lowering them back again with a moan.

“His cock is only partly erect, but if you will notice the tubes leading out of his ass we can quickly remedy this and start the race,” Jeff said as if Deb should know what he was talking about.

Deb looked at her brother with questioning eyes. “O.K. I’ll explain it to you. You see, as his dick grows it has no other place to go but down the little girl’s throat. Due to the fact that his dick is small the girl might be able to breathe if she pulls back real hard. Unfortunately for her, it’s just a matter of time until her neck gets tired or he can’t hold his arms up any more. At that point there are has two choices. Let the girl die choking on the cock buried in her throat, or fuck her mouth till he comes and hopefully go limp before she suffocates. That reminds me I was going to explain this very thing, before I left him in there. Oh well I’m sure he’ll figure it out”

“By the way, there is one other way to save the little girl, if things start going badly. If you cum before she chokes, you win the race and save everyone,” Jeff smiles as her turned and walked back to the bench. He turned the dial to start the liquid into Deb’s husband’s ass, as he shouted, “Let-The-Race-Begin!”

Deb watched her husband’s hips jerk as his ass filled with the liquid being pumped into it. Without hesitation her husband jabbed his cock forward into his daughter’s face. The little girl closed her lips and screamed, onto her fathers invading cock. She could see her daughter questioning eyes open wide as her fathers rapidly inflating cock filled the small girl’s mouth.

Deb watched as her husbands hips began to move forward and back into his daughter’s mouth. “Shit, he’s fucking our daughter mouth,” she thought. “He’s not even trying to resist!”

The realization of this and her son’s hot breath on her shaved pussy lips caused her head to slowly lower to her chest. She closed her eyes and bounced her head on her chest forcing her son’s open mouth against her steaming cunt.

She opened her eyes to see her daughter face being furiously fucked by her fathers cock. The continued moaning from behind her husbands ball gag were increasing and in time now with his shoving hips. The 12 year old Anna was having trouble with her breathing. Occasionally she was coughing around her father’s cock.

Deb watched the jack hammering of her husbands cock into their youngest daughter’s face and moaned as she lowered her head again. The drug inside her, combined with the lurid scene in the next room, and of course the feeling of her son’s lips on her naked cunt, was too much for her. She didn’t care about the race. Her only concern was getting her son’s lips around her clit and getting his tongue as far as possible inside her cunt as she could.

As she lowered her head and pulled on the ring, the strap suddenly snapped. She looked to the side and saw her brother Jeff smiling with a small pen knife in his hand. Still holding the plastic ring in her mouth Deb groaned furiously at her brother and shook her head up and down.

Jeff walked to her side leaned toward her ear. “Since time is critical, and I don’t have another strap, I’m going to untie your right arm and hand, and strap it to the top of the hood between you legs. You owe me big for this favor Sis.”

There was little resistance in Deb’s eyes as Jeff unhooked her arm and tied her wrist to the top of her son’s leather hood. Jeff then reached down and undid the two straps that held her son’s head to his mother’s pussy. Her son instantly pulled back a few inches but stopped when it reached the length of his mothers arm. Deb’s fingers spread over the top and dug into the back of her son’s hood.

Slowly but forcefully Deb guided her son’s mouth to her juicy cunt. Because her hips were restrained by the chair, Deb compensated by grinding her son’s head back and forth into her inflamed cunt. As she watch the lurid scene in the next room she continued to press her son’s face into her cunt in rhythm with her daughter face fucking.

Deb hardly noticed that her brother Jeff was standing beside her and her son. Without warning Jeff reached to the side of Bobby’s hood, unsnapped the leather blindfold on each side, and pealed it away from the velcro that held it tightly in place. Bobby eyes blinked open and then flew wide. He looked up directly into his own mother’s eyes and realized that he was licking and sucking his own mother’s WET CUNT!

Deb looked back at her son and moved his head to her throbbing clit. “Lick my clit son, stick out your tongue and flick your mother’s clit for me. OH YES, than SO GOOD Bobby! Now, flick it from side to side son,” Deb eagerly instructed her captive 14-year-old.

Bobby moved as instructed. He couldn’t believe his mother was pulling his head to her cunt and telling him how to like lick her. “Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh,” was all Bobby could get out in a series of short sounds, with his open mouth held tight in his mothers crotch. The vibrations of the muffled sounds against her pussy lips drove Deb wild with passion. She rubbed her son’s face up and down her pussy, jerking his head in a rapid movements and stopped only force Bobby to press his tongue hard against her engorged clit.

“Yes, that’s it son, suck me, lick me hard OHHHH!” Deb shook with pleasure as she forced her son to licked up and down her slit and flick her engorged clit. Deb knew she was close to cumming. She could feel it building up inside her. Her breathing was getting rapid and the grinding of her son’s face on her flaming cunt was getting harder and faster. The more her son moaned, trying to breath, the hotter it made her and the harder she pull his face into her crotch.

“Yeees Bobby, that’s it, fuck your mommy with your tongue. Stick it in my cunt hole and make me cum. Ooooooh yes! Harder, harder son! Yes fuck me, fuuucckk meee!” Deb screamed and tossed her head back. “Oh I’m Cuuummmiinngg! Harder son, Push, Harderrrr!”

Deb’s pussy juice gushed into her son’s mouth as she held his face tight between her spasming thighs. She continued to pull her son’s face to her cunt in short hard strokes trying to fuck his tongue up her cunt hole. At last she pulled with all her strength and forced her son’s tongue in as far as it would go as she shuttered in orgasm.

As Deb released the pressure on her son’s head, her son looked up at the smile his mother’s face. Deb realized she had cum harder on her son’s face than she had ever cum before. She had never felt as satisfied with her husband Mike. Mike had never licked her between her legs before. She had asked once, and only once, and been told that only whores thought of such things.

Deb lowered her head and smiled into her son’s eyes. She watched as her son bent down and lovingly licked some of the cum off his mother’s pussy lips. She moaned, arched her head further back and communicated her pleasure to her son with a slight pressure on the back of his head and then released it a few seconds later.

Bobby pulled back and for the first time, from only inches away, he stared at his mother’s wet pulsing cunt. He was slightly embarrassed of his hardon but knew that his mother could not see it under the chair.

Suddenly Deb’s head snapped upright as the muffled moans from the next room sank into her brain. “You said that you would release my daughter if I came first,” Deb demanded.

“I did tell you that didn’t I,” Her brother Jeff laughed and shook his head from side to side. “I tell you what. I’ll give you a choice. Release your daughter from her face fucking or release your son from your dripping cunt.”

Deb looked down at her son and stared into his eyes. It felt so natural to have her son’s head between her legs. So warm, so soft. The choice was easy. “Please. Release my daughter,” Deb decided.

Jeff left the room and appeared a few seconds later on the other side of the glass. Deb watched as he removed the 12-year-old girl from her father’s crotch and helped her to stand. The little girl wiped her face with the back of her hand as she gently cried. Suddenly she reached back and swung her fist at her father’s crotch. As she started to pull back for her next swing, Jeff stopped her and lead her out the room.

Deb watched with disgust as her husband still tied upright to the cross lowered his arms. His still raging hardon, only 4 inches, stood out straight from his crotch. Deb realized that her daughter was never really in any trouble of suffocation from her husbands puny organ. She couldn’t see how she was ever satisfied by anything so small.

Her brother Jeff was back within a moments of leaving the room on the other side of the glass wall.

“Thirsty?” Jeff asked his sister.

“Yes,” she said realizing she had not had anything to drink for hours and the sweat she had lost probably had added to her exhaustion. Jeff approached her from the side and held up a large bottle of water.

“It’s not very cold,” he said “but its wet.” He told her as he unscrewed the cap and held it to her mouth.

Deb opened her mouth and placed her lips around the top of the plastic bottle as her brother tilted the bottle up. Deb drank greedily from the bottle and gulped down half the bottle before she realized it. Jeff kept the bottle raised and Deb slowed her gulping till only a quarter was left. She tilted her head back to signal that she had had enough, but Jeff didn’t lower the end.

“Drink it all,” He said. “You’ll need it.”

With her stomach already full she swallowed the remainder of the bottle. Jeff took the plastic bottle away when it was empty and set it on the counter behind his sister.

“When are you going to let me get out of this chair?” Deb asked her brother.

There was something very maternal about her son’s face still licking at her pussy. She felt that she could be satisfied just to sit there and let him lick for the rest of her life. She watched her son’s head move, lightly licking her lips and she instinctively directed his lips to the areas that felt the best to her. Every now and then she instructed him how to lick or tongue the area she moved his face to. Her son seemed eager to satisfy his mother’s requests, and that made it all the more exciting for her. Two nights ago she never would have dreamed she would be having oral sex with one of her son’s or that it would feel so good.

“I’ll be letting you out of the chair very soon,” Jeff said. “As soon as you get rid of the water you just drank.”

It dawned on Deb what he was saying and a tingle went down her spine as she looked down with wide eyes at her son’s face still buried in her crotch.

“What about my son?” she asked. “Aren’t you going to let him go?”

“I’m sure you son is as thirsty as you were. I think we should allow him to have a drink before we put him back with his sister. His sister must also be very thirsty by now, so why don’t you show him how to give his little sister a drink?”

While the thought of what was to happen, raced through Deb’s mind, she could see no way of preventing it. Already the urges within her body were building. She was sure that it would only be a matter of minutes before she could not hold back the piss from her son’s mouth.

Deb watched her son as he continued his licking of her pussy juices. The way he continued to suck on her cunt made it hard for Deb to hold back the urge to piss. As she tried desperately not to release the water inside her, she couldn’t help the small amounts that dribbled out, despite her efforts. She was sure her son could smell it and she was certain he had understood what was going to happen.

She watched as her son licked every little dribble and sucked it into his mouth. He seamed so greedy about getting it all.

“I made him chew salt pills two hours ago and he hasn’t had any liquids in the last 4 hours.” Jeff said watching over her shoulder. “Ask him if he needs a drink.”

Deb looked down at her son. Excitement flashed through her as she spoke. “Do you want mommy to give you a drink?” She asked her son.

Bobby hesitated before he finally nodded his head up and down in his mother’s crotch.

She asked again. “Son, darling, are you going to drink all mommy’s piss like a good boy?”

Her son nodded immediately up and down and licked the inside of her pussy all the way up to her clit. Deb couldn’t believe the excitement she was experiencing just then. Her son had just tongued and sucked his own mother to orgasm, was now licking her cunt, and wanted his mother to piss in his mouth.

“O.K son. But I want you to drink it all. Don’t spill any of it. O.K.?” Bobby acknowledged with a nod.

Deb’s kidneys were begging for release. She held her son’s head against her cunt and released her piss into her son’s mouth. Bobby greedily sucked and swallowed as his mother wiggled his head with her hand to add to her enjoyment. Deb thought she was going to go insane from the movements of her son’s lips and jaw on her cunt as he struggled to swallow her steady stream of piss.

When Deb had finished, her brother Jeff, unhooked her son from between his mother’s legs and lead him out of the room. Deb closed her eyes and relaxed contently. Her attitude toward sex was defiantly changing, and so was her relationship with her family.

Jeff returned from taking Bobby back to his room with his little sister. He smiled at the site of little naked girl running to and hugging her naked brother. Anna helped her brother remove the remainder of the leather hood and cuffs. Jeff took them from the little girl and locked the door as he left.

Anna looked at her brother’s cock, that was still hard from the excitement of sucking his mother’s pussy.

“Wow Bobby, your thing is bigger than dad’s!” Bobby heard his little sister say, and his mind shifted from embarrassment to pride. He looked down at himself and moved his hips forward to allow his sister to see his full length. “You wouldn’t believe what dad did to me Bobby,” His sister said in a pout, as she stared at the size of her brother’s prick.

“What happened sis?” Bobby asked his sister. Anna hemmed and hawed and finally said that it was too embarrassing to tell.

“I’ll tell what mom and I did if you tell me what you and Dad did,” Bobby coaxed his little sister Anna.

“Well, alright, but you go first,” Anna said.

Bobby started to tell his little sister how he was strapped between their mom’s legs and that mom showed him how to lick her and make her feel good. He tried to explain what he did, but was having a hard time.

“Then I licked the little thing at the top of her…… you know …… and then pushed it up and down and sucked it.”

Anna’s face showed that she didn’t understand any of this. Bobby tried harder to explain. ” You know …. it’s hidden inside and looks like ….. you know!” Bobby said as frustration spread across his face.

His sister shook her head “NO,” and looked down at her little pussy and spread her tiny lips with her fingers to see if she could see what her brother was talking about.

“Mom loved it, and said she didn’t want me to ever stop. It must have really felt good to her,” Bobby continued as they both sat on the floor with their knees up, looking at each others sex.

Bobby got up on his knees and said to Anna, “Here, open your legs more and I’ll show you.”

Anna opened her legs wide for her brother so he could show what he was talking about. Bobby got down on his stomach with his face and hands inches away from his sister’s tiny little cunt. He reached out and spread her smooth cunt lips to find her clit and show it to her.

Shivers of pleasure ran up and down Anna’s spine as her brother touched and spread her little pussy lips. Her brother noticed the response and smiled. “Yeah, that’s what mom did when I was doing it to her. Here I’ll show you what mom made me do,” Bobby said as Anna put her hands behind her and leaned back.

Bobby lowered his head to his sister’s pussy and licked her, from her ass hole, to the top of her pussy lips. As he got to the top of her pussy he stuck his tongue between her lips and found his sister’s clit.

“Aaahhh,” his sister screeched.

Bobby lifted his head, “Did that hurt Anna?”

“No I don’t think so, but it felt funny. Kind of tingling and warm. It’s alright you don’t have to stop. You can show me,” Anna said as she laid back on the ground, her hands on her stomach, knees in the air.

Bobby noticed a trickle of wetness seeping from the bottom of his sister’s pussy down the crack of her ass. Bobby lowered his head and with his tongue licked his sister from her ass hole to the top of her pussy again. Anna moaned and squirmed as her brother continued his licking.

Suddenly Bobby put his lips around his sister’s clit and sucked it into his mouth. Anna started bouncing up and down into her brother’s face and at the same time grabbed his head and held in against her cumming pussy.

“Wow!” Anna said. “Mom was right. It feels so good when you do that. Can we do it again?”

“Sure, but maybe latter. Right now my mouth and tongue are kind of sore from doing it to mom and you. I think they need a rest.”

Bobby got up from between his sister’s legs and stood. “Are you going to show me what Dad did to you?” Bobby asked.

“Oh, alright,” she said as she got on her knees in from to of her brother’s still stiff prick. “His wasn’t this big, but I think he liked it cause he kept doing it even when I wanted him to stop!”

Anna shifted on her knees, reached over, put her hand around her brother’s prick and guided it into her mouth. Bobby’s legs felt like rubber and he had to try hard just to keep them from folding underneath him. Instinctively bobby’s hips started to move forward pushing his cock in and out of his sister’s mouth.

“Muuuffff!!” was all his sister said as she let his prick slide against her tongue like she did her fathers. Bobby tried to restrain himself from moving, but he couldn’t quite stop his hips from pushing forward and backward. He quickened his pace slightly as the feelings inside came to a head. Suddenly his prick was jerking inside his sister’s mouth. His sister screamed and started to back, but Bobby grabbed her head and pushed his prick down her throat. Bobby’s sperm squirted and squirted into his sister’s mouth and throat. His hips pushed his prick forward and his hands pulled his sister head so that his entire cock was buried down her small tight passage.

Finally, Bobby let go of his sister’s head and she pulled off her brother’s prick slowly. Anna ‘s mouth was filled with her brother’s sperm and some was leaking down her chin. “BOBBY!” his sister complained as she swallowed. “Why did you do that?”

Bobby looked at his sister. “Sorry Anna I couldn’t help it,” He said sounding truly sorry. “I don’t know what happened. It just felt so good I couldn’t think about anything else.”

Anna remembered just now when she had cum and looked up at her brother. “It’s alright I guess. Besides it tastes pretty good and I’m really thirsty.”

Bobby smiled when he thought of how he could take care of his sister’s thirst. He felt tired of standing and his legs were weak. He sat down next to his sister and hugged her. He could tell it was getting dark outside from the window at the top of the room. He was tired, and so was Anna. Maybe later he’d let his sister have a drink.

“It’s been a good day” Jeff thought to himself.

Everyone in the family had been paired up in three separate rooms. 14 year old Bobby was in a room with his 12-year-old sister Anna. Deb had been put in a room with her 16-year-old son Chris, and Mike had been put in a room with his 16-year-old daughter Cathy. Each room was bare with only two blankets. The blankets were mostly used to cover their naked bodies from each other. There was a large drain hole close to one corner of the room. A shower head stuck out of the wall about 10 feet above the drain and a knob to turn it on stuck out of the wall under it.

Everyone was exhausted and fell right to sleep in the quietness of their partner’s arms. Jeff went about preparing for the next days activities. In the morning he would be busy with all the farm work. The animals had to be fed and stalls cleaned, the minimal farm chores. He should have them finished by noon, and if he prepared for the second day of family training now, he’d be ready to continue on his sister right after lunch.

Chapter 3

The next day at dawn, food was slid through a small sliding plate at the bottom of each door. The Johnson family ate their country breakfast, finishing everything Jeff had cooked for them. Shortly after noon, Jeff entered the room containing his sister Deb and her son Chris.

“Leave the blanket sis,” Jeff instructed as both Deb and her son stood up. Chris tried to take a step forward, but his mother stopped him short. “It’s alright Chris,” she told her son as she grabbed his arm. The blanket slid off her body and she walked toward her brother standing in the hall outside. Chris stared at the beautiful body of his mother as she left the room. He couldn’t help his reaction to seeing her naked and reached down to stroke his rigid cock and wait.

Jeff led his sister Deb to the same room she had been in the day before. As Deb entered the room she was surprised that the chair she had occupied yesterday was gone. In place of the chair, there was a large thick exercise matt with a hole. Sticking up through a hole in the middle of the matt was a steel pipe supporting a padded platform sloping up at a 45 degree angle. At the top of the sloping platform was a chin rest that stuck up from the surface slightly and seemed to be adjustable. Attached under the chin rest were what looked like bicycle handle bars for the hands. There were two holes in the sloping board and Deb assumed they were for the insertion of her breasts. The platform was only long enough to support her from her waist to her shoulders.

“Kneel down at the end, put your breasts in the holes, and put you head on the chin rest,” Jeff instructed his sister. Deb did as she was told. As she wiggled to get comfortable. Her brother adjusted the chin rest so that her head faced straight forward and was at her brother’s waist level. Jeff attached a collar around her neck and fastened it to the underside of the chin rest. Her hands were on the handle bars and Jeff cuffed them in place. Deb felt her knees being pulled apart from behind and locked in an extremely spread position.

“I’m sure you remember the dildo shaped like a dog’s prick you loved so much yesterday,” Jeff said as he squatted down so he could look her in the face as he spoke.

Deb’s eyes widened and she shouted “Noo! Pleeease! It hurts so much. I’m still sore.” She cried as she pleaded with her brother. Jeff only smiled and shook his head.

“You misunderstand me sis. I’m not going to use that on you today. No, that would be very cruel thing to do to my baby sister. Instead I was thinking that I should allow you the pleasure of having the REAL thing.”

Jeff watched the expression in the face of his bound sister as she realized what was going to happen. Jeff stood and left the room as Deb fought the confines of her bondage. He returned a few minutes later holding a leash attached to a large dog. Jeff brought the dog around to Deb’s face and squatted down with his arm around the huge beast.

“Deb this is Rex. Rex this is Deb. Now that you’ve both been formally introduced, I think it’s time you two get better acquainted,” Jeff snickered as he stood up and lead Rex by the collar to his sister’s totally spread and exposed ass. He reached out and clipped Rex’s leash to a ring between Deb’s spread legs.

“Rex is a very well trained dog,” Jeff started. “I brought him with me when I can to the farm. Fortunately for you, Rex hasn’t had the opportunity to mate with a female bitch for almost 2 months now, so I’m sure he’ll be in top form today. I’ve seen Rex here take 5 bitches in one afternoon, or one bitch all day long.”

Jeff stepped back and gave the dog a command. “Rex, Lick!” And Rex proceeded to lick Deb’s pussy from behind.

Deb wasn’t sure she could accept this. She moved her hips left and right away from the dog’s snout, not allowing Rex to have a steady target for his tongue.

“Deb-Deb-Deb. When are we going to learn? You must never refuse to have sex, of any kind, when it’s offered,” Jeff scolded his sister.

He looked at the dog and shouted, “Rex, Stop!” And the dog stopped and sat down.

Jeff walked around to face his sister. He stooped down and adjusted the chin rest slightly. He walked back, unhooked Rex’s leash and brought the dog to Deb’s face. Jeff lifted the two front paws of the large dog and placed them on his sister’s shoulders. Deb’s face was only inches from the dog’s large sheathed cock. As she looked she saw the wet red tip of the dog’s cock slide from it’s sheath.

“As you can see, you have already started to excite him. I must insist that you bring him to a point, that he can satisfy himself in another way.”

Jeff reached under the dog and rubbed the dog’s balls with one hand and stroked his sheath with the other. Deb watched as the dog’s cock slipped out of the sheath and touched her lips. As her brother continued his manipulations the dog moved forward and his cock entered Deb’s mouth.

Jeff stopped and watched as his dog took over, pumping his own swelling cock into Deb’s mouth. Rex would give two of three quick pumps and then stop. Two or three more and shift his stance.

Deb couldn’t believe she was sucking the cock of a dog. She was amazed at the size of it. It was so big around that it stretched the lips of her mouth to where it almost hurt. She had never seen a dog’s cock before. Especially this close. It was amazing to see, and so slippery in her mouth. It was pointed at the beginning, thick in the middle and tapered back to a large ball where it met the dog’s sheath.

Rex was really getting into fucking her mouth now. The dog’s cock was sliding almost all the way in and out of her lips with each quick stroke the dog took. She was beginning to wonder what it would feel like to be fucked with this thing. She felt her pussy getting wet and she couldn’t stop wiggling her ass even though there was nothing to wiggle it at.

Just as the dog started picking up the pace, and Deb was sure It was going to cum in her mouth, Jeff shouted, “Rex, Stop!” and Rex jumped off her shoulders and on to the ground. Rex immediately starting licking himself, and Deb thought that this was what her brother meant by “satisfy himself in another way.”

“Rex, Come!” Jeff commanded and the dog stopped his licking and followed his master out the door. Jeff returned a few minutes later without the dog. Deb was relieved but wondered what was next.

Deb felt a tube being inserted into her ass. Next she felt a warm liquid flowing into her bowels. The tube was removed and a plug was inserted to keep the liquid from dripping out. Deb’s inhibitions dissolved and she groaned, wishing that the dog was back.

“Would you like to fuck the dog now sis?” Her brother asked.

“Mmmm yes. Anything I’ll fuck anything. Just bring it in and let it fuck me. Ohhh I’m soooo hot and horny, get the dog back. Let that beautiful big dog cock fuck me full,” Deb moaned as she thought about the dog cock fucking her.

“Too late sis. I’m afraid Rex has found another mate, but if you’d like to watch I don’t think Rex or his new bitch would mind. But you have to promise me you won’t get jealous now,” Jeff explained to her.

Jeff opened the curtain and turned on the lights to the other room. There in the middle of the room was her 16-year-old daughter Cathy, bound on the same kind of sloping platform Deb was, except Cathy’s neck was not tied down and she was wearing a red ball gag.

Rex was busy licking Cathy’s pussy from behind. Deb could hear her daughter moan through the gag, as Cathy moved and shook her head from side to side.

Deb couldn’t believe it but, she was jealous of her daughter. Rex should be licking her cunt, not her daughter’s. Her daughter should not be trying to steal Rex away. “I was Rex’s first choice,” Deb thought. “I’m Rex’s bitch. Cathy you have no right to have Rex even touch you,” Deb thought as her bodies desire continued to build.

Rex was driving Cathy wild with his licking. Sweet juice from her 16 year old pussy poured out, as Rex’s tongue greedily caught every drop. Cathy had surrendered completely to Rex’s tongue lashing. Rex’s tongue was so long and fast that, to Cathy, it seemed to be unrelenting. She wiggled her hips and pumped her pelvis in an effort to get Rex’s tongue to different places on her pussy.

Suddenly Rex drove his long slick tongue up inside the 16-year-old, twisted the tip around and pulled it out. Cathy screamed through her ball gag with shear delight. She had never felt anything like that, but before she had a chance to calm down, Rex shoved his tongue inside her cunt hole and did it again.

From the other room Deb watched in anger as she watched her daughter taking Rex away from her. “Dam bitch daughter,” she shouted. “I’m Rex’s bitch, not you! Get away from him you little cunt!”

In her present state of mind, Deb regarded her daughter as the competition. As she watched the dog with her daughter she could feel every lick from the dog’s tongue on her own pussy. She could feel his velvet tongue sliding against her cunt lips. Deb opened her mouth and tried to remember what Rex’s doggie dick felt like when he was fucking her lips. She imagined giving herself fully to the dog, to do with as he wished.

Cathy’s body shook with pleasure. She had never dreamed a dog could do this to a woman. The dog would snip at her clit, and his tongue would start its seemingly unending slide along her entire cunt. With each lap the dog’s tongue dragged her pussy lips with it. Then it would withdraw for a moment and leave her craving for it once again.

Deb’s hips were humping air as she sought relief for her burning pussy. She was totally consumed with anger at her daughter and longing for the pleasure the beast could give her.

Cathy wondered how long before her fluffy lover would get tired and have to stop his tormenting of her pussy. “He just can’t stop,” She thought. “Can’t ever stop. I would just die if he stopped now!”

Just then Jeff walked to the glass wall and pushed the microphone button. “Rex, Fuck!”

The amplified voice startled Cathy and she looked in the direction the voice had come from. She was relived when she saw only a speaker. She relaxed again thinking she was alone with the dog and no one would see her perverted behavior with this animal. She was still free to enjoy the great new feelings she was experiencing.

To Cathy’s frustration the dog stopped licking. Her body was starting to relax, when suddenly, Cathy felt the dog jump up on her back. “What is this dog doing now?” she thought twisting her head back to try and look at what was going on. The dog’s body was jerking, and the dog’s chest was moving on her back.

Cathy’s head jerked back when something hit against her pussy. Then it hit again. And again. Cathy tried to move away, but Rex growled. Cathy laid still, suddenly afraid of what was happening.

Rex was relentless. He pumped with short strokes feeling for the correct spot, waiting for the opportunity to fuck his girl bitch. Within seconds he found his mark and jerked his haunches forward sinking his shaft into the entrance of the girl’s extremely wet pussy.

Cathy screamed into her ball gag as the tip of Rex’s cock invaded her recently virgin cunt. She tried to crawl forward but she was already as far forward as her bonds would allow. Cathy knew she could not escape and she lowered her head to await what she knew would come next.

Rex pulled back slightly and rammed forward again sinking another quarter inch into his new bitches cunt. Again and again he forced more and more of his cock into the girl. He drove with such force that Cathy could barely catch her breath. Suddenly his entire cock slammed into Cathy’s stretched cunt. Rex paused for a moment and then started his unrelenting thrusting in and out of the moaning girl.

Cathy felt like she had a football jammed inside her. The combination of pain and pleasure overwhelmed her and she soon started pushing back at each thrust of the dog’s cock. Cathy was amazed at the feelings she was experiencing. When Rex slammed into her, she felt pain, but when he pulled out she craved for it to be inside her again.

Deb watched from the other room in agony as her daughter started responding to the dog’s fucking cock. Rex was hammering into her daughter with that beautiful dog cock and her daughter was enjoying every inch of that cock as it smashed back into her. She saw the dog’s balls swinging forward with every stroke and slapping her daughter clit. She wanted so badly to be in her daughter’s place right now. To feel that thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She would find a way to punish her daughter. Punish her good.

Cathy was almost there. She wanted desperately to cum and at the same time she wanted it to go on forever. She felt Rex’s dick swell inside her and noticed his pace quicken. Suddenly the cock inside her jerked and it felt like she had a garden hose squirting up inside her. Dog sperm was splashing on her legs as Rex continued to pump her cunt.

Cathy tensed, and then it hit her hard. Her body jerked and spasmed out of control. Her cunt muscles squeezed the dog’s cock inside her so hard that she heard Rex Yelp from the pressure. Rex may have stopped but Cathy wasn’t finished. She pushed hard against the invading prick and jerked her pelvis up and down, screaming one long scream into her gag for a full minute. Totally drained and exhausted from her shattering orgasm, Cathy passed out with Rex still inside her.

Jeff turned out the light to Cathy’s and Rex’s room. He knew Rex would continue to try and pull out of the girl while she was passed out and would eventually succeed. If he left them together for long enough, Rex would fuck the girl again and again until she was released and taken away. That was alright with Jeff. He turned his attention back to his sister.

Jeff knew that Deb’s sexually heightened state was not due to any chemicals, but in fact was completely her own doing. Jeff had pumped only water into his sister’s ass. No stimulants or aphrodisiacs were used. He allowed her to believe she was drugged only to overcome her dwindling reluctance. The feelings within Deb’s body were entirely her own now. Believing that she was helplessly drugged only served to release her inhibitions. She was ready. She would do almost anything now.

Jeff decided to see just how badly she wanted to fuck something. Jeff walked over to the cabinet above the bench on the wall and opened the door. He found the object he was looking for and removed it from the shelf. He held it in his hand and smiled to himself. He had rarely had an opportunity to use it. The object was an exact replica of a horse’s dick, a very large horse’s dick. It’s length was 2 foot long but the really wicked part was it’s thickness. For most of it’s entire length it was 3 inches in diameter and at the tip it flared out like a mushroom to 4-1/2 inches. Only a true fuck slut could manage to get it in her pussy, and then once forced in. it was painful to get out. Jeff grabbed an attachment collar for the horse dildo and screwed it into the bottom end.

Jeff approached his sister Deb from behind. He did not want her to see the size of the object just yet. Deb was screaming for someone to fuck her and still shouting obscenities regarding her daughter stealing Rex away. Jeff knelt behind his sister and attached the collar holding the dildo to the steel pipe below the platform. He adjusted the collar so that the tip of the flared end was barely touching his sister’s pussy lips. Deb screamed when she felt the dildo touch her cunt. “Yes, Yes fuck me fuck!” She continued to scream as she rotated her hips in a circle and moved her pussy on the flare. Deb tried to slide back but her collar attachment prevented her from doing anything except rubbing it lightly.

Deb begged her brother to fuck her. “Jeff, please Jeff, just bring back the dog and I’ll, I’ll fuck his brains out. I know I can do better than that slut daughter of mine,” she insisted loudly.

“No sis, Rex wants your daughter right now,” Jeff taunted. “Your not as good a dog bitch as she is!”

“Please-Jeff-Pleeese. I’ll do anything. Anything you want from now on, but please I’m going crazy not being able to fuck something. I need to be fucked. I need a cock filling me up. Pleeese Jeff,” Deb pleaded while rubbing herself on the tip of the dildo.

“O.K sis. I’ll loosen your collar and let you fuck the dildo you’re rubbing on. I hate to see you in need like this, but if I do this for you, and you don’t use the dildo to fuck yourself, I’m going to have to punish you by sewing your cunt shut. Do you understand me sis?”

“Yes, Yes! Anything Jeff!” Deb was panting out the words. “Please just….loosen my….collar…….I can….ram it….in my….cunt….and show you…what a slut…..I am. Hurry Jeff ….hurry…. I’ll show you. I’m a big slut …’ll see. A big… Dog… bitch …slut.

Jeff smiled to himself. The training was going better than he had expected.

Jeff released the collar strap that held his sister Deb from moving backward. Deb immediately wiggled her hips and pushed back onto the dildo’s flared head. She pushed again, her arms strained against the handle bars. “Nooooo,” she screamed. It was there, right at her cunt’s entrance, but she couldn’t get it in. She needed it inside her cunt so badly. She turned her head to look back.

Deb saw the back end of the dildo. It looked large but not too large. The size excited her when she thought of how full it would feel. She had to get it in. With one great effort she pushed back onto the impaler with all her might. She wiggled her hips up and down at the same time she pushed. She fought the pain, thinking only of her need to be fucking something so badly.

She felt her cunt entrance slowly stretching to accommodate the intruder. She pushed harder and harder as the pain increased. She didn’t care if it split open, she didn’t care about the pain, her only thought was to fuck something. She had to fuck something. She had to fuck it right now!

Suddenly the flare of the horse dildo shot past the stretched entrance to her cunt and slammed against the inside of her womb. She screamed in agony from the pain at her stretched cunt entrance and from the punch inflicted inside her stomach but, within seconds she was rotating her hips on the thick impaled dildo wedged in her cunt. She moaned and grunted, as her cunt spasmed, quivering around the shaft, moving so it touched every inch of her inner womb.

The helpless mother began to make short pumping strokes while she circled her hips. The incredible mixture of pain and pleasure took control of her mind and shut out all other concern’s Deb had. She thought only of the feelings coursing through her loins. She couldn’t stop. Her strokes along the invader were increasing in length now. She pumped harder and screamed every time she slammed the flared head of the cock into her insides.

Her brother Jeff watched as the entrance to her cunt squeezed and shrank tight around the 3 inch shaft of the dildo. With every stroke Deb made along the veined replica of the horse cock, her sensitive inner womb rolled partly in and out as though it was attached somehow to the surface of dick.

Deb’s inner womb was being stretched in order to accommodate more and more length of the 2 foot long cock. Her cunt couldn’t get enough. Further and further she forced it’s length into her elongating sex.

Jeff watched, as his sister pulled forward off the shaft leaving the juice from her pussy along 10 inches of the exposed cock. He unzipped his pants, removed his clothes and walked over to straddle the 2 foot long cock. He looked down at his sister’s ass riding along half the black dildo’s length. He stroked his cock as he watched the lurid scene below.

When Jeff’s cock reached it’s full length he lowered himself down so that his balls rested unused end of the long dildo. He slid forward until the tip of his cock touched his sister’s puckered hole.

The feeling of her brother’s cock against her unprotected ass shocked Deb at first and then worried her. She stopped her movements and paused with 6 inches of the dildo in her cunt not knowing weather to move or not.

Jeff slid forward and positioned his cock at the puckered entrance to his sister’s ass hole. Deb wiggled left and right against the soothe round head of her brother’s prick. “Yessss!” Deb shouted suddenly wanting her brother’s cock in her ass. “Just hold it right there. I want to push back on it slowly.”

Deb pushed back increasingly hard as her brother held his cock from moving away. “Arghhhhhhh,” She shouted as her brother’s cock slipped past the entrance and was engulfed by her tight spherical ass ring.

Deb was so stuffed that she could barely move on the shafts that invaded both her holes. She struggled to move back and then struggled to move forward, but nothing happened. Jeff grabbed his sister by her hips and pulled his body up forcing his cock into her ass further. Only 6 inches slid in before Jeff could feel the flare of the horse dildo stopping his entrance.

Jeff then slid out and back in knocking against the flare each time. His pace increased as his sister remained wedged on the large shank sticking in her cunt. Jeff could feel the heat rising in his balls as they rubbed along the length of the long black rubber pole. He quickened his pumping and, within the tight the walls of his sister’s ass, he started to cum.

Her brother’s sperm acted like a lubricant in her ass and Deb screamed as her brother began banging his cock in and out rapidly. His speed increased by the lubrication let him slip past the flair of the dildo inside Deb’s cunt. Large amounts of sperm sprayed out with every inward pump. Some of it dripped down onto the dildo in her cunt as her ass became full and could handle no more. She tried again to move on the shafts imbedded in her cunt but could only managed to shove it in another inch. She whimpered in frustration. She needed to cum like her brother. She felt cheated that she couldn’t move, and she needed to move to cum.

Jeff withdrew from his sister’s ass and walked to her face. He grabbed the collar around her neck and pulled her forward. The flare of the horse dildo kept her from returning forward all the way to the same position as before and Jeff had to adjust the chin support to clip her collar.

With this done Deb couldn’t move on or off the cock inside her. She whimpered as she watched her brother lower his stained prick to her mouth and moaned as it slid past her lips.

Without stopping Jeff continued pushing his cock down his sister’s throat. His sister accepted it without complaint and looked up to stare in her brother’s eyes. She licked and cleaned her brother’s cock as it slid completely in and out of her face enjoying the sensation but wanted so desperately to be sliding along the cock the dildo at the same time.

When Jeff was satisfied that his cock was cleaned off he removed it from his sister’s mouth.

“That’s all for today sis,” He said as he unhooked the dildo from its holder. He pushed it in 12 inches and looked at it as it stood out from his sister’s cunt wiggling in the air. He unhooked her legs, wrists, collar and stood her up.

Deb looked down between her legs and watched the cock swing back and forth between her thighs. She reached down to pull it up more but was stopped by her brother when he grabbed her right arm. “Nooo Jeff. Pleeease. Let me fuck myself. I need to cum right now. I need it so bad Jeff. Don’t stop me. Pleeeease Jeff,” Deb begged almost crying.

Jeff ignored his sister and using the cuffs on her wrists he clipped her hands behind her back. Deb tried to reach the dildo buried inside her but couldn’t. She continued to cry and begged her brother to let her fuck it.

Jeff walked his sister, with the dildo wobbling between her legs, back to her room. He opened the door and pushed her in. Deb turned back to the door and screamed. “Nooo. You can’t so this. Don’t leave me here like this. I need to cum. Don’t do this to me!” Deb sobbed and turned around to see her 16-year-old son holding the blanket closed in front of him.

Chapter 4

“Chris, son, you have to help your mother. I need you to shove this up in me. Please Chris. I’ll do anything. Anything you say. Please son, just do this for your mother, pleeease,” Deb sobbed as she spread her legs, offering her son room to get under her and grab the large cock. Her son refused to move and instead stared at his nude mother with the long thick black cock hanging down from between his mother’s widely spread cunt lips. Cum from her recent ass fuck was wet and running down her thighs and Chris watched mesmerized as it dripped off the end of the long cock and on to the floor below.

Deb’s eyes were pleading with her son as her hips unconsciously pumped slightly forward and back swinging the black cock in frustration, trying to get as much pleasure or pain as possible. Deb looked at her son and saw his stiff cock sticking out of the blanket. She remembered the first time she saw it and how it made her so hot, that she had to shove her fingers in her cunt and try to masturbate in the toilet. She wanted so badly to have her son’s stiff cock shoved in her cunt now, and to feel the warmth of his sperm squirt inside her. “Oh son. If I could only fuck your cock right now. I want so much to lick it and fuck it till you cum,” she said staring as his cock. “Help me take this out, so I can fuck that beautiful cock of yours.”

Chris could only stand with his mouth open and his hard cock sticking out or the blanket. Deb had to do something fast. She needed to be fucked and she was helpless with her hands cuffed behind her back. If her son wouldn’t fuck her, maybe he could get the cuffs off so she could rape him. Deb turned around with her back to her son.

“Chris, either help me get these cuffs off or fuck me!” Deb screamed.

Chris finally woke from his trance and first with hesitation, walked forward to examine the leather cuffs on his mothers wrists.

“Bend over a little mom,” Chris told her as he stood behind her.

Deb bent forward so that her breasts were hanging down and her upper body was parallel to the floor. The dildo, still stuck a good 12 inches in her cunt, rose in the air between Chris’s legs and almost smacked him in the balls. Chris saw it coming and caught it in time. He grabbed his mothers wrists and turned them slightly to look at how the cuffs were attached. The cuffs were locked on each wrist but, they were only connected together by a simple clip to a ring on each. Chris reached to unclip them and then stopped, and retracted his hand.

He realized the situation that his cuffed naked mother was in. He grabbed hold of the dildo and pulled. The dildo moved out to the point where the flare caught inside her cunt’s entrance. Her son pulled again and Deb screamed.

“Oh Chris, no please that hurts,” Deb sobbed to her son.

Chris pushed it in as far as he could and his mother cried, “Yess, Yess son! That feels so good! More! Do it again! Please?”

Chris couldn’t believe it as he watched the huge monster cock, easily slide 12 inches into his mothers gushing cunt. He remembered how his own cock would only go a few inches into his sister’s pussy before the head hit inside and stopped.

Chris looked at his mother, bent over, hands tied behind her back, a 2 foot long dildo sticking out from her cunt, pussy juice mixed with come all over her, and then he noticed the tip of his own dick a few inches from his mothers used and still opened ass hole. Without even a second thought he moved forward till the end of his cock pushed against his mother’s red ass hole.

“Mom, If your going to be such a slut then I’m going to have to fuck you like a slut deserves.” Chris told his mother as he rubbed the end of his prick at the entrance to her ass, smearing his pre-cum around the opening and mixing it with Jeff’s come still leaking out.

Deb shook uncontrollably as she realized the effect she must have been having on her 16-year-old son. She had longed for this, and thought about this ever since she had seen him naked a few days ago. She had fantasized about seducing her son last night while she held him in her arms only hours after watching him take his sister’s virginity. Now she was enticing him to fuck her ass.

All she could think about was “Yes son. Fuck mommy’s ass. Shove your cock all the way in,” She spoke softly as she stood bent over in front of him.

She wanted her son’s dick in her ass, but she wanted the dildo shoved in hard too. “I need your cock in my ass son, but I want more. I need you to push the dildo in my cunt as hard as you can,” She felt nasty and naughty and so perverted asking her son to do this to her. She moaned and moved her hips as her son prepared to push the head of his cock past the entrance to his mother’s ass.

Chris reached forward and grabbed his mothers hips. He placed the head of his cock at the leaking entrance and shoved his hips forward. His mothers ass hole resisted slightly and then spread quickly to engulf the head of his prick.

“Oh yes son,” Deb cried as she felt her son’s cock enter her. “Ohh, FUCK YES! All the way inside my ass. Fuck your mothers ass. Fuck me hard!”

Chris pulled hard on his mothers hips again until his prick sank all the way into her ass. He continued to pull, in an effort to get every last bit of cock shaft buried. He pushed slightly, on his mothers hips while pulling out only a inch, before ramming it back in to the hilt.

“OHHH Shit, that feels good,” he said.

He reached behind him and slapped the end of the dildo to drive it deeper into his mothers cunt. His mother screamed, and Chris hit it again and again harder and harder each time. Chris grabbed the link between his mothers cuffed wrists with his left hand. He reached back slapped the end of the dildo with his right. Each time he punched the thick black shaft into his mothers cunt, she jumped forward jerking her ass off his cock. Chris would then pull her back on his cock and ram the dildo into her again watching his mother move her body on and off his cock in her ass.

The fantastic feelings and the thought of fucking his helpless mothers ass were too much for the 16 year old boy. After only a few minutes he started to come. Chris pulled hard on his mothers arms and buried his cock as far as he could in his mom’s ass and held it there as he pumped his sperm till it came out around his cock. Chris reached forward and unsnapped the link between his mothers cuffs as he pulled his satisfied dick out of her ass hole. Cum spewed from her ass hole and ran down around the sides of the dildo, over the lips of her pussy and onto the floor between her legs.

“Noooo!” Deb screamed. “No not yet. I didn’t cum yet,” Deb whined at her son.

Frustrated and raising from her stooped position, she turned to face her son, forgetting about the 12 inches of cock sticking out of her cunt. The end of the dildo was caught in a wedge between her son’s legs and hers. As she stepped to turn angrily, it pulled out of her cunt leaving the flare just within the entrance. The quickness of the turn and the force of her step caused the flare to explode from her cunt.

Screaming, Deb fell to the floor both hands reaching for her crotch in an frantic effort to ease the pain. She gasped when she felt her whole hand slip inside her open and gaping cunt. Still in pain from the abrupt exit of the dildo, and it’s flared head, she eased her left hand further into her opening. Her arm wasn’t long enough for her hand to reach the end of her severely stretched womb, but she brought her right hand to her clit and rubbed it gently. Although not gone, the pain was starting to subside from the caressing her hand was doing on the inside of her womb. Slowly her caresses turned to easy pumping and her right had was now working furiously on her enlarging clit.

Deb became more and more excited as she continued to pump her hand and now her wrist into her cunt. She pushed down hard and rubbed her clit with the heal of her other fist. The fantastic feelings began to return to her body. Those glorious feelings she could no longer do without. She rolled on her back with her knees up in the air, switching her hand from her clit to her nipples and then back again in time with the waves of euphoria rippling through her.

Deb could feel it building but she had reached a point that she could not get past. So close but not quite close enough. She worked harder on her cunt and squeezed her nipples. She jerked and rolled but still she was not there. She saw her son watching and without stopping, she got to her knees and walked over to where he was sitting against the wall. She fell forward with her face on his chest and wiggled down to engulf his cock with her mouth. She thought if she could just get her son to cum in her mouth she could cum too.

Her son looked down on his mother with amazement and excitement. He saw his mother on her knees, her left hand inside her cunt and her right hand alternating between her clit and nipples. Her face was forced down on her son’s upright cock and her balance being awkward to say the least forced her mouth to take his whole cock down her throat. Chris liked this new feeling. It was very different from the his mother’s tight ass and his sister’s tight virgin pussy. Her tongue skimmed his cock as she rolled around the head. Light touches on the sensitive underside sent fingers of warmth through his groin.

“MMMmmmm, Mom that’s good,” he moaned. Chris started to raise his hips to move his cock into his mom’s mouth at his own pace. He grabbed her head with both hands and began to move her head up and down his cock to please his own body.

“I’m going to use your face to fuck my cock mom. I’m going to cum in your mouth cause that’s what you want. Isn’t’ it mom?” Chris said slamming his mother’s head down on his thick cock.

Deb tried to mumble, “Yes.”

“You love my cock don’t you mom?” Chris continued.

Deb screamed a muffled, “YES,” with her throat full of her son’s cock.

“Your going to suck all my sperm and swallow it. Your going to drink my sperm like the slut mother you are. Your going to do anything I want cause your addicted to my cock aren’t you mom?” Chris commanded, knowing he was in charge totally.

“I’m cumming mom, drink it down, suck IT ALL, AAAAHHHHHHH FUCK,” Chris shouted as he jerked his mothers head up and down his throbbing cock.

Finally, with both hands, Chris forced his mothers head all the way down, driving his cock into her throat. Struggling, unable to breath Deb tried to scream around her son’s cock. Even as she fought for air her hands did not stop working on her own cunt. Load after load of her son’s sperm pumped down her throat as Chris continued to cum while holding her head down tight to his crotch.

Finally finished, Chris grabbed her hair and pulled her head off his still pulsing shaft, tossing her to the side. He turned and pulled the blanket over himself and went to sleep.

Deb sobbed realizing she was not going to be able to come tonight. After what seemed like hours of rubbing and fist fucking herself, she fell asleep with her hands still between her legs. Frustrated and unsatisfied she dreamed she was fucking the dog while her whole family applauded and told her what a “GREAT DOG SLUT” she was.

Chapter 5

The morning of the third day of captivity started as usual with breakfast being slid in and devoured, as it was the only meal served. Shortly after, the trays were collected and taken away in silence.

Deb’s crotch no longer felt like it had been ripped open, but she still had that terrible craving. She sat thinking constantly of her son’s prick and how she still wanted it. She paced trying to think of something to distract her mind to keep her from jumping her son and sucking his masculine cock into her mouth, squeezing his balls until he was stiff and throbbing in her mouth and then pushing him on his back and taking his sperm. “God I’m so horny I can’t stand it. I’ve got to think of something else,” she thought as she paced and watched her sleeping son.

Just then the door swung open and her brother Jeff stood in the doorway. He tossed a set of cuffs in and told Deb to, “Put these on your son.”

Deb got one cuff on and started with the other, “No. Behind his back,” Deb heard Jeff say.

Deb hesitated for a second not wanting to take her eyes off her son’s semi-rigid cock but still holding one hand she walked behind her son, pulled both his arms together and snapped the cuffs loud enough for Jeff to hear.

Jeff stepped forward and checked the cuffs behind Chris’s back. Satisfied that they were secure, he cuffed his sister the same way and lead them both out the door and down the hall. “Today I feel like getting some fresh air,” Her brother announced from behind them.

“Turn right and go up the stairs, when you get to the landing just push the door open and walk on out,” Jeff instructed as he followed then up the stairs and out the door at the top.

Deb looked around when she came through the door and realized they were in a large barn. Jeff nudged them both and they continued to walk out of the gate of stall, to the main area in the middle of the large barn. Once there they stopped and waited for further directions.

The barn was shut off from the outside world with only thin streams of light piercing through the warped boards, of the old barn walls. The smells of new hay and animals mixed with the sounds of pigeons nervously flapping about in the rafters above.

Jeff directed them over to a very large but relatively empty stall, where Deb saw 6 tall wooden posts, each with their own set of chains. The posts were buried in the ground and stood about 5 foot tall, self supporting, about a foot away from an exterior wall. Deb and her son walked toward the far wall, and turned when they reached it. Jeff secured them both to separate posts and left. He returned shortly with her husband, her youngest daughter Anna, and Rex the dog. She noticed that her husband was wearing a large red ball gag.

After securing her husband and daughter to their separate posts, Jeff brought the dog over in front of Deb. “You know Rex don’t you Deb? If there’s anything you want him to do, just ask him. I’ll be back in a few minutes, and if he’s not busy I’ll let your daughter play with him,” Jeff snickered. He knew Deb wanted the dog but would be reluctant to do so with her husband watching.

Deb never noticed her brother turn and leave. She stared at the dog’s enormously long wet tongue sliding in and out of his panting mouth only inches from her cunt. She tried to not say the words. She felt the eyes of her family, watching, questioning. But she feared that if she didn’t tell the dog to lick her before Jeff’s return, he would take Rex away. Her hips were moving involuntarily, pressing towards the dog’s snout, she couldn’t resist any more. “Rex, Lick!” She heard herself scream at the dog.

From somewhere in the barn she heard loud moaning, a woman’s voice screaming for someone to lick harder. She realized the words were coming from her own mouth. She opened her eyes and watched as the obedient dog continued to drive his tongue between her legs. She spread her legs to allow him more access. Immediately his tongue shot up inside her and licked from her ass to the top of her pussy. She squatted down to spread her cunt open and give Rex access to her needy clit.

“Auggghhh, Rex! Your tongues so good,” she encouraged him as Rex flicked his tongue, curled it at the end and stuck it up the entrance to her cunt. “OoooHohoh Rex!” she barely pronounced with a definite quiver in her voice, “Your the best pussy lapper I’ve ever had. Ohh Yesss, don’t stop! Yes! Yes! Fuck me with it Rex. Bite my pussy, Yes!.

Jeff was back and had finished securing the two remaining family members to their posts alongside the others. The chains were long enough to allow each captor to sit on the hay below them. He watched as his sister Deb urged the dog to lick her pussy and saw the look on her husband’s face as he witnessed the lurid scene.

Jeff noticed that the pussy lips of the 16-year-old Cathy were moist and knew she was remembering her first dog fuck the day before, as she watched her mother enjoying Rex’s tongue. It was time to get things moving, there was a lot more training to be done with the rest of the family.

Jeff walked over and removed a tarp covering a large object that resembled a short hospital gurney in the middle of the barn. He dragged the tarp to the side and dropped it next to the side wall. The top surface of the gurney, about 2-1/2 feet off the ground, had a thick dark orange-brown padding, and had the size and shape of an ironing board. The tip of the ironing board angled down to two long padded shin rests on each side of the gurney. The stainless steel struts below the padded top crisscrossed everywhere with support to finally attach to 4 wheels at the bottom, which were secured to rails in the floor. Two large springs were secured from the floor to the far end of the gurney, designed to bring it back to it’s place after it was moved forward. Jeff kicked away what little straw he saw on the rails and walked back to his sister Deb, who was still moaning and verbally encouraging Rex’s ongoing tongue lashing.

“What a lovely family,” Jeff said as he stood before his 6 naked captives. “Today we are going to hold a sex education class!”

Jeff raised his voice to be heard over the ranting’s of his sister, still squatting on the dog’s snout. “Each one of you will be given a chance to fulfill your deepest and darkest desires.”

No one spoke but Jeff saw the oldest girl, Cathy, squeeze her thighs together, while both the boy’s cocks were standing straight out from their crotches, and were sneaking looks at their sister’s bodies on each side of them.

“I want you to open your mind, to the pleasures and desires your bodies are craving. Your bodies were made to be satisfied, and to satisfy others in so many erotic ways. Each one of you, feel the passion inside you, begging to be pleased. Your body burns for what it needs,” he continued to speak as he raised his hand to Cathy’s pussy and rubbed it lightly.

All eyes were on Jeff as he spoke. In a few more minutes he would have them nodding in agreement with him. “The same wonderful needs and desires are being felt by the rest of your family. It is only normal that each of you wants to give and receive pleasure. I will teach you how to give, and in return you will learn to receive,” Jeff ended his speech and took his hand away from the 16-year-old pussy.

Jeff walked over to his sister Deb. “Rex, Stop!”

Jeff helped his sister up from the ground and untied her hands. He lead her over to the gurney and secured her in place. Deb was bent at the waist, her upper body was laying face down on the padded top, with her hands wrapped around the sides and secured together underneath. She was kneeling on the long pads and her calves were held in place with two straps each. Her ass and cunt were exposed to her family’s view and her hips were grinding away in the air still searching for Rex’s tongue. Jeff pulled a lever on the side of the gurney and the front fell to the ground, bending Deb at the waist to a 45 degree position. Deb screamed as her head stopped only inches from the barn floor, while her ass pointed up for easy accessibility.

“This is your mother’s fantasy. Today, your mother is going to show us how to give pleasure to a horse,” Jeff said as he smacked the cheek of Deb’s exposed ass hard enough to leave a red imprint.

Jeff walked to one of the stalls and came back leading large jet-black stallion. He lead the stallion past Deb and turned the horse to face Deb’s exposed ass. Jeff had very little trouble coaxing the horse to step over the bent body of his sister and Deb’s eyes registered shock as she looked sideways to see the front hoofs of the horse not far from her head.

Jeff walked back to the family to untie the 16-year-old Cathy. He led her over to the side of the horse and had her kneel down at the side of the horse, behind her mother’s ass.

“I want you to caress the horse’s dick and balls,” Jeff instructed Cathy. “And I want you to describe to your mother what’s happening and what it feels like as you doing it.”

Cathy stared up at Jeff with a shocked look on her face. Jeff could tell she was on the verge of refusing him. “If you can’t do this for your mother, then I’ll just have to get your little sister to do it,” Jeff told her as he turned an walked toward little Anna.

Cathy looked at her little sister who was shaking her head “NO” quickly, pleading with her big sister through shocked eyes.

“No! I’ll do it,” Cathy said with a slight reluctance.

Cathy put one hand under the massive horse dick and lifted it slightly. She was surprised at the feel and weight of it. Her right hand reached under and lifted one of the horse’s balls.

Cathy cleared her throat and started, “O.K. Mom. I’m holding one of his balls in my right hand and sliding my left hand along his dick,” Cathy stopped not knowing what to say next.

“Describe what the dick looks like,” Jeff prompted her.

“Well, the horse’s dick is really long. It’s almost as long as my arm. It’s thick at the back, thinner at the tip. His balls are very big and I can’t even hold them both with one hand. Their so heavy and the skin around them is soft and nice to feel. When I rub his dick I can see and feel the large veins along the length. OH!” Cathy jumped suddenly. “He’s growing! He’s getting longer! The tip is starting to stick further out and it’s a little shiny. It’s all black and shinny and still growing. It’s longer than my arm and feels very strong and solid.”

Cathy let go of the horse’s balls and wrapped both hands around the head of the horse’s dick. “I’m sliding my hands up and down it and it feels very silky on the outside and hard under the skin,” Cathy continued to describe to her mother.

“Cathy,” Jeff interrupted the young girl. “Your mother is going to need the head of that dick to be wet and slippery to get it inside her cunt. If you care for your mother you better do something to help her.”

Not completely understanding, Cathy looked up at Jeff again. Jeff opened his mouth, licked the air with his tongue and smiled at her. Cathy knew what she had to do but didn’t know if she could do it.

Cathy leaned forward, closed her eyes, stuck her tongue out and wiped it on the end of the horse’s dick. Shivers raced through her body as she thought of what she was doing. She licked again. She licked several more times. She opened her eyes and saw that the tip of the horse dick was covered with her saliva. She twisted her head and looked at the end of the horse’s cock. Suddenly she opened her mouth as wide as she could, pushed her head forward and sucked the end into her cheeks. The size and feeling of it in her mouth drove her crazy and she reached down between her legs with one hand and rubbed her pussy.

“MMMmmmmffff!” she murmured and pushed forward on the dick a little more. Cathy took her mouth away and started talking again. “OOHH MOM! It feels so good. I put my mouth on it and tasted it with my tongue. It’s so big and beautiful, I didn’t want to stop. I want to taste the cum inside it. I want to hold this black cock as it cum’s and feel it’s balls as the sperm shoots out the end.”

She stuck her mouth on the enlarged wet tip again and screamed onto its length as it jerked in her cheeks. She ran her tongue around the circumference of the head and pulled her mouth off again.

“Oh Mom your so lucky,” Cathy said. “I’m so excited I’ve got two fingers in my pussy and I’m dying to see this beautiful black cock inside your white cunt. I wish I was you right now,” Cathy said as she fingered herself.

Cathy looked over at her mother’s cunt and saw it was dripping juice down onto the barn floor.

“Let me help you some mom,” Cathy said. Cathy let go of the horse’s dick and put both hands on her mother’s ass. She pulled her mothers cunt lips apart with her thumbs and looked at the moisture inside. She lowered her head and pushed her tongue inside. She twirled her tongue in the wetness and smeared it all over her mother’s pussy lips. Deb began to moan and wiggle her ass again and the more she wiggled and moaned the faster her daughter wiggled her tongue.

“I think the horse is ready now,” Jeff spoke to Cathy as he gently pulled her off her mother’s cunt. “I want you to guide the horse’s cock into your mother’s cunt. When it’s deep inside, finger your mother’s clit with one hand and do whatever you want with the other.”

Jeff walked to the head of the horse and gently pulled it forward. As he did so Cathy guided the end of the cock into her mothers waiting and very wet cunt. The horse stopped moving when the black head of his cock slipped into the confines of the tight white woman’s pussy. As the horse continued to move slowly forward, he buried his long black cock easily inside the warm moist cunt, till at least a foot was buried and another foot remained outside.

Cathy swooned at the sight of the thick black cock entering further and further into her mother’s pussy. Finally it stopped and her mother jerked forward as the gurney she was on moved slightly. Cathy watched as the horse cock withdrew and the gurney moved back. 6 inches of glistening black cock withdrew from her mother’s pussy and slammed back in moving the gurney up further.

The horse’s big cock was now moving the gurney so much that she couldn’t keep her hand on her mother’s clit. She moved both hands to circle the black cock in front of her face, letting the cock slide through them as it pumped in and out of her mother making wet squashy sounds.

Deb screamed with delight every time the huge cock was rammed into her cunt. The springs on the gurney absorbed most of the shock, of the end hitting against her inner womb.

“Oh Cath!… Oh Cathy!… I’m going… To CuM!!… So HARD!…. It Feels… So Good… So thick… So Deep… OOOOhhh… I’m….. Cummm… Mmming!” Deb forced the words out between the horse’s forceful jabs into her stretching cunt.

Suddenly the horse cock jerked in Cathy’s hands, pushed forward and stopped. Deb was held in place as the impaling horse cock pumped its gooey liquid into her cunt. As quarts of cum quickly filled her womb it began to squirt out from around the tightly stretched cunt hole and the thick black cock blocking its exit. The incredible feeling of hot cum filling her and the fantastic vibration of the long thick shaft within her caused Deb to cum for a second time.

Cathy was sitting on her legs looking at her body covered with the warm horse cum that had squirted out of her mother’s cunt. She rubbed it on her chest and on her pussy at the same time. She licked around her mouth at some that had splashed on her face and moaned at the deliciously evil taste.

Jeff backed the horse up and the long thick black cock exited Deb’s cunt with a pop. More warm horse sperm spurt on Cathy and she moaned again and started to cum on her slippery fingers. She fell backwards and jammed her fingers in and out of her cunt while replaying in her mind the fucking she had just seen. She visualized herself getting fucked with that huge beautiful cock and she came.

Jeff lead the stallion back to its stall and closed the gate. He walked the cum covered Cathy back to her family, attached her hands behind her and then to the post. As he looked back at his sister Deb, her hips continued to move in circles fucking nothing but air. Jeff could tell that Deb’s training was near finished. Now Deb would eagerly help him train the rest of the family. This is where the fun would begin.

Part Two

Chapter 6

Jeff smiled as he looked over the Johnson family, chained to their posts in the barn. The beautiful 16-year-old Cathy was definitely enjoying the new sexual excitement coursing through her body. Her thighs moved against each other as she stood with her hands cuffed and chained to the post behind her. The horse cum, mixed with her mother’s pussy juice was now drying where Cathy had rubbed it between her shapely legs and breasts.

Jeff reached behind the youngest boy Bobby, and unchained him from his post. He led Bobby over to the 12 year old Anna, and sat him down with his back facing his little sister. Jeff unfastened the boy’s cuffs from behind his back. He had the Bobby lay on his back so that his head was under his sister’s spread legs and he was staring up into his little sister’s still virgin pussy. He cuffed Bobby’s hands around the post at his little sister Anna’s back.

Anna stood with her legs apart, her brother’s shoulders lying on the top of her feet, and saw her brother Bobby looking up into her tiny wet pussy. Jeff urged Anna to kneel down until her shins were pinning her brother’s arms and her pussy was on his face.

“I want you to rub yourself on your brother’s mouth and nose Anna,” Jeff told Anna. Little Anna didn’t move. She continued to stare at Jeff with open mouth.

“Anna if you don’t move soon I’ll have to punish your father,” Jeff explained, trying to reason with the little girl.

Anna looked at her father, at his erect prick, and remembered when her father had fucked her helpless mouth a few days ago. Anna refused to move.

“All right then Anna,” Jeff said.

Jeff walked away and returned with a small lamb. He brought the lamb over and tied it to the post between her father’s legs. “Your fathers little prick looks just like the nipples on the little lamb’s mother. When the lamb stops struggling to get away, he will notice your father’s prick hanging in front of his snout. Thinking it’s his mother, he will start biting and sucking on it. It will be extremely painful for your dad, I can assure you. He will cry for you to rub yourself on your brother’s face, but with the gag in his mouth, you will not be able to hear him. Once the baby lamb starts sucking, I don’t know if I can get him to stop. I only hope that the poor little lamb doesn’t suck it off.”

Anna, still angry with her father, refused to move her little pussy over her brother’s face, watching the lamb still struggling to get free. Anna’s father tried to turn so that his prick was not sticking out towards the lamb, but the lamb’s leash was tied high between his crotch. Every time he twisted, it brought the leash with him and the lamb’s mouth closer to his prick.

Jeff walked over to the oldest boy Chris, unchained him and led him over to his twin sister Cathy. Chris stood in front of his sister with his 8-inch prick sticking out between them. “Kneel down Cathy and take your brother’s cock in your mouth.” Jeff commanded.

Cathy shook her head “No!” and remained standing.

“Cathy, you’re going to love the taste of cock. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. You know you want it in your mouth. Your mouth is becoming very wet just thinking of it,” Jeff explained softly.

Cathy looked at her brother’s cock. It did look delicious. She had fantasized what it would be like to have a cock in her mouth. In fact it was her brother’s cock she usually fantasized about when she masturbated alone at night in bed.

With her arms still cuffed behind her back, Cathy sank to her knees in front of her brother Chris. She opened her mouth wide and pushed it over the head of her brother’s cock without touching it. When she felt it reached the back of her throat she slowly closed her lips around it and blew on it.

Jeff laughed seeing the young girl’s cheeks puff out around her the rigid member. “Cathy, my dear girl, they call it a blow job but that does not mean that you blow. You suck on it and twirl your tongue around it as you pull your head off its length. Then push your mouth over it till you manage to get the whole length down your throat. Practice taking your brother’s cock in your mouth as far as you can”

After a few minutes Jeff could see Cathy was really getting into sucking her brother. Her brother Chris was moaning and pumping gently into the warm mouth with his eyes closed. Cathy sucked and licked her brother’s prick, finding that the taste and feel of a cock in her mouth was exquisite. Cathy continued pumping her head on and off the cock, looking up into her brother’s face to watch his reaction. The more her brother closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure, the harder and faster Cathy sucked his cock. Cathy watched her brother’s eyes as she leaned forward and let the 8-inch cock slide down her throat. She felt her brother’s body tremble as she held it deep inside her mouth and then slowly pulled back holding the head inside her lips and licking around the bulb.

Chris could feel that he was about to cum. Looking down into his sister’s eyes he watched her face move forward as his cock disappeared into her lips. The site of his sister, kneeling in front of him, with her hands bound behind her and her beautiful eyes staring up at his, had been his fantasy for almost a year.

Without warning, Jeff stopped Cathy just before Chris could blow his load in her mouth. He stood her up, turned her around so that her back was facing her brother. Jeff then pushed her brother Chris down to kneel with his face level to his sister’s ass.

“Bend over a little Cathy, and push your butt out toward your brother’s face,” Jeff instructed Cathy.

“Chris I want you to lean in and lick your sister’s ass hole. Get your tongue as far up inside your sister as you can,” Jeff told Chris, “and Cathy I want you to push back hard on your brother’s tongue. If you don’t get your ass wet enough, it’ll hurt when I allow you the pleasure of having your brother’s cock in there.”

Cathy started to turn to look at Jeff with disbelief, but closed her eyes and gasped as her brother’s tongue found her pussy, and his nose hit against the puckered ring of her tight virgin ass. Chris moved his head from side to side, burying his tongue in her pussy, as his sister’s cunt flooded his tongue with sweet tasting juice.

Cathy moaned as she thought of the dried horse cum, mixed with her mother’s pussy juice, which had been rubbed between her legs and forced into her cunt hole. Now she was wiggling her ass and rubbing those nasty juices onto her brother’s tongue and face. She was getting extremely wet just thinking of what she was doing to her brother.

Jeff turned to look over at the father as Mike shouted through his ball gag. Jeff saw that the lamb had found his tiny prick and was sucking and chewing on it. “Anna, see how the lamb is sucking on your father’s cock? When the lamb finds he can’t get any milk from it, he will start to chew harder until all that’s left between your father’s legs is a piece of raw meat!”

Jeff looked at little Anna as she watched the lamb sucking on her father. He noticed the devilish smile on her face and her heavy breathing. Without thinking of what she was doing Anna started rotating her hips on her brother’s mouth as she watched her father’s head whip from side to side in pain. Anna pushed and rubbed harder each time her father screamed into his ball gag.

Jeff watched, as Anna seemed to be slowly enjoying herself now, with her hips grinding away on her captive brother below. “Her ability to watch and enjoy torture is amazing for one so young. I will test her later to see if I can develop this more,” thought Jeff.

Jeff turned back to see how Chris and Cathy were doing. Chris had moved his tongue up to his sister’s ass hole and was trying to bury it inside now. He leaned forward against his sister’s virgin pucker and put all his weight onto his stiff tongue. Cathy tried with cuffed hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and allow her brother to enter her ass further. She pushed back against the tongue and wiggled her ass slightly, enjoying the new sensations of her brother’s warm slippery invader inside the entrance to her ass.

Cathy moaned with passion as she tried pushing her ass hole onto her brother’s tongue. “Yes Chris, Oh yess! Deeper! Push it in more! It feels sooo gooood deep inside,” Cathy spoke in deep sexy voice to her brother. “Lick the juice from my pussy and put it in my ass. Make me cum on your tongue Chris.”

Jeff knew it was time and stopped Chris. He pulled him back and sat him behind his sister. Jeff continued to push Chris down until he was lying on his back, and looking up at his sisters exposed ass. He unhooked Cathy and sat her down on her brother’s stomach with her back still facing her brother. He locked the cuffs behind Cathy’s back to the cuffs in front of her brother Chris, linking the two of them together on the barn floor. Jeff leaned Cathy forward and helped Chris to position his cock at his sister’s ass. Jeff then firmly pushed on Cathy’s shoulders and watched as the head of Chris’s cock pressed against her virgin ass hole.

“I want you to push down onto your brother’s cock Cathy. I want it all the way up inside your ass and I want to see you grind your ass on your brother’s stomach once it’s deep inside you. The feeling of a cock way up inside your ass is one of the most pleasurable feelings a real woman can have Cathy. I want you to experience it and learn to enjoy it. When you get your brother to cum in your ass I have another surprise that I know you’ll just love,” Jeff explained what he wanted done to the 16- year-old Cathy.

Jeff had to speak loudly over the muffled screams the lamb was causing the family’s father to make. Jeff walked over and untied the lamb from between Mike’s legs. “Do you want me to take the lamb’s mouth off your tiny prick Mike?” Mike shook his head yes rapidly. “It might hurt a little as the lamb bites down hard to keep his mouth on your little nipple cock.” All Jeff could hear were the muffled screams emanating from Mike’s gag.

Jeff knew the lamb would not relinquish the man’s cock if he tried to pull it off. Jeff walked over to retrieve a bottle of milk from one of adjacent stalls. He held it next to Mike’s prick and let the lamb smell it. He then moved it away from the lamb’s mouth and the lamb quit sucking on the prick and grabbed the nipple of the bottle. He held it up and fed the lamb as Mike collapsed on the straw below the post with his shriveled prick red and raw looking. When Jeff had finished feeding the lamb he led it back to its stall and returned to watch the sexual acts of the 4 children.

Little Anna was grinding away steadily on her Brother Bobby’s face. Her eyes were closed and her head waved from side to side. Her brother beneath her was having a hard time breathing. Gasps could be heard as he shouted into his sister’s pussy in desperation. Anna had her brother trapped by his shoulders and was applying pressure from her hips onto his face. Bobby was turning his head from side to side but Anna was following it and grinding her pussy onto his mouth, chin, ear or whatever she could find to pleasure herself.

Jeff walked back over to Chris and Cathy and was disappointed that Cathy had not gotten further down around her brother’s cock. She had managed to just barely get its head into her ass but it was not going any further. In fact she was barely moving at all!

Jeff walked up behind Cathy, straddling the body of her brother and pushed down hard on her shoulders. Cathy screamed as her brother’s cock forced its way into her virgin ass holes another inch. She tried to rise up but Jeff’s hands were forcing her to stay on her brother’s cock.

Cathy was just starting to endure the pain when she felt Jeff’s hands push down again. Again Cathy felt pain rip through her body and she slumped forward and moved her hips in an effort to find a position to ease her agony.

Her brother’s cock felt enormous in her ass. Much larger than it had felt in her cunt a few days ago. She circled her ass around the intruder trying to find a position to ease the pain. Jeff relaxed his pressure and allowed Cathy to raise up an inch off her brother’s cock. Without warning, Jeff pushed down hard again and Cathy felt the cock slip into her ass further than it had ever been.

For a moment she felt her butt cheeks graze her brother’s thighs but then the touch disappeared. The ache was subsiding slowly. Most of the pain was concentrated at the entrance to her ass. She could feel the bulbous tip of her brother’s cock deep inside her bowels. It felt good when she didn’t move. She tried small circles with her hips. She felt her brother’s cock push against the thin wall separating her bowels from her cunt.

She leaned forward and rose off four inches of the cock in her ass and paused. She continued to pull off until only the head was still inside her. She pushed back slowly, biting her lower lip from the pain, as her ass engulfed 6 inches of her brother’s 8-inch cock.

Chris couldn’t believe the new feeling of warmth and pleasure he was experiencing in his sister’s ass. He wasn’t sure he liked it as much as when he had fucked his mother’s ass. His mother was much looser and the inside of her ass had stroked his cock. His sister’s ass was unbelievably tight. So tight that it almost hurt. Every time she pulled off his cock he could feel her bowels squeeze his prick so hard it overpowered all his other feelings, even the good ones. When she pushed her ass back down, the tight entrance ring cut off the circulation from his cock to his balls. He felt the head of his prick swell enormously large and wondered if his sister could feel it throbbing inside her.

Cathy was moving on and off her brother’s cock by herself now. The pain had subsided as her ass stretched to accommodate her brother’s large prick. Her ass was slightly more slippery with her brother’s pre-cum and was sliding easier around his cock. With each downward stroke she pushed her ass further and further down, trying to get the entire length inside her. Eager to feel her brother all the way inside her, Cathy let her entire body weight drop on top of the impaling shaft. She clenched her teeth and ground hard on her brother’s cock, waiting for the pain to subside.

As the pain eased she could feel a devilish pleasure starting to rise from within her body. Cathy pulled off the cock once again, until the tip was just inside the entrance. Her legs were weak from continually lifting her body and the cock sank quickly inside her ass. It took all her strength to keep her ass from slamming back down on the thick cock. Cathy raised herself up again and fell back down it’s length slamming against her brother’s crotch and thighs.

It surprised Cathy that the mixture of pain and pleasure could feel so good. She accepted the pain and it excited her further. She pumped up and down the impaling shaft oblivious to any thoughts except the desire within her own body. She concentrated only on the feeling of the object sliding in and out, and the pleasure of that single delight.

Faster now she rose and fell until her tired legs were unable to help her off the 8-inch cock. She wiggled and jerked against her brother’s groin and screamed, “Fuck… Fuck…. Fuck… FUCK!” and tossed her head back in ecstasy. Cathy was suddenly aware of someone screaming to her left.

She turned her head and saw her 12-year-old sister looking back and watching her. The two girls’ smiled and ground their hips onto their brothers’ bodies. Moaning and jerking, the girls’ were being driven by a force they could no longer control or wanted too.

Chris could feel his sister’s ass beginning to loosen. His cock was harder and throbbing more than it ever had before. He was going to cum now if his sister kept up her increasing pace. He moaned and lifted his ass off the barn floor to meet his sister’s thrusts and drive his cock inside as far as he could.

“I’m going to cum sis, don’t stop Cath, harder, please, Harder!” Chris shouted to the back of his sister’s head.

Urged on by her brother’s words and her own needs, she increased her pace and slammed her ass down hard on her brother’s cock screaming with each drop. She felt the cock in her bowels start to throb as her brother’s hot sperm shot into her ass. Her brother’s seed coated the inside of her bowels and enabled her ass to slip up and down it’s length easily now. Cathy’s legs could barely hold her own weight. She could only manage to rise up a few inches and drop back down on her brother’s cock. Again and again she dropped, each time causing a moan from her brother behind her and was surprised to hear herself shouting in time with her slams.

“Fuck… Yes!… Fuck… Yes!…” she shouted with each push. Cathy shook with uncontrollable abandon as waves of pleasure rolled through her and took control of her entire body. She ground her ass onto her brother’s cock and screamed louder. “FUCK… YES!… FUCK… YES!…” Cathy came as she pushed down hard on her brother. Over and over again those pleasure waves rose and fell rippling within her young body. Her thighs shook so hard that her breasts quivered and jerked from the force of her orgasm.

Finally spent, both brother and sister remained still, breathing heavily with satisfaction.

Little Anna watched her brother and sister cum and could not hold back any longer. She screamed like her older sister using the same words she had heard Cathy use. “FUCK… YES!… FUCK… YES!…”

Anna came so hard she could only breath in, while surge after surge of glorious feelings reverberated through her crotch and rumbled though her tiny frame. She pushed her pussy onto her brother’s face and nose, his tongue too tired to keep up with his sister’s pace long ago. Anna was using her brother without remorse. She found pleasure in seeing his cock hard and throbbing in front of her, with no release for its torment.

Jeff walked behind Cathy and took a dildo out of his pocket. As Chris’s cock went limp and slipped out of his sister’s ass, Jeff placed the dildo at the entrance to her ass and smacked it in place. The dildo was a large simple orange ball with a base, designed to stay when inserted. Jeff unhooked Cathy and led her over to her younger brother where his face was still being held down by the grinding of Anna’s little wet pussy. Bobby’s face and entire head was wet from his little sister’s cumming twat. Anna continued to hold her brother’s head between her legs and jerk her cunt up and down his face.

“Cathy, see how you’re little sister has made your little brother’s dick hard?” Jeff asked the exhausted 16-year-old. “You can help your poor little brother by slipping your pussy over his young, hard, stiff cock. Let him feel what it’s like to have his sperm sucked from his balls by a real woman’s cunt. Take you little brother’s sperm inside you as you cum around his little cock. He needs you Cathy.”

Without saying a word, Cathy straddled her little brother’s body and dropped to her knees on top of him. Bobby’s cock stood straight up and Cathy positioned her pussy wet pussy hole directly above it. She lowered her herself until she felt it slide past her slippery pussy lips. She wiggled her ass till she the head of his dick was at the entrance to her cunt and started to push down. Without warning, Cathy’s leg muscles refused her weight and her cunt slammed down the entire length of her brother Bobby’s cock.

Bobby screamed into his little sister Anna’s pussy as he felt the first cunt of his life slip around his cock and knock the wind out of him at the same time. Struggling to breathe in, through his little sister’s grinding crotch, Bobby became aware of the wonderful feeling in his young loins. This was much better than his sister Anna’s mouth. Bobby was so horny he bucked his hips up at Cathy’s cunt, while moaning and screaming into Anna’s pussy lips. Bobby sucked in and felt Anna’s small twat enter his mouth. He bit lightly on his little sister. And sucked the juices flowing from her still virgin slit.

Unable to hold back, Bobby came quickly with an incredible force, almost bucking his sister off his hips as he thrust up into his Cathy’s crotch. Cathy screamed at the force of her little brother’s thrusts and climaxed again. The feeling of the dildo in her ass and her younger brother’s cock rubbing against it in her cunt was wonderful. She couldn’t help thinking how it would feel with a real cock in each hole.

As her climax subsided she saw her sister stand and take a step forward. Little Anna presented her dripping cunt to her older sister Cathy, as she pushed it into her face. Shocked, Cathy tried to stand but instead fell on her back between Bobby’s legs.

As Cathy laid on her back looking at her little sister pushing her twat forward, Jeff reached between Cathy’s legs and inserted a ball plug into her dripping cunt. Cathy looked at her crotch. She saw the base of the orange ball plugs sticking out of both openings. She rolled on her side and moaned, thinking about the sperm of her two brothers’ trapped inside her body. She scissored her thighs back and forth feeling the balls inside her rub together and slip around on both her brothers’ trapped seed.

Jeff helped Cathy up and turned her toward her mother. Walking slowly and uncomfortably with both holes plugged, Jeff brought her over to the front of her mother, who was still strapped face down to the device. Cathy was forced to sit down in front of her mother’s face with her legs on each side of her mother’s head.

Deb lifted her face and looked into her daughter’s crotch as Jeff helped Cathy scoot her plugged cunt and ass closer to her mother’s face. “Deb, I have a treat for you,” Jeff explained as he stooped down near Deb’s head. “Your daughter Cathy here, has milked the sperm from each of your son’s cocks, and is holding them for you in each of her holes. When you are finished sucking your son’s sperm from your daughter, AND you have satisfied your daughter’s lust, I’ll let my dog Rex, fuck your ass before I send you all back to your rooms for the night.”

Deb moaned her acceptance and eagerly stared at her daughter’s plugged cunt and ass hole. “Cathy, I want you to move your pussy closer. Your mom will pull out the plugs with her teeth. When she does that, I need you to push your cunt and ass as hard as you can against your mom’s mouth and let her suck the cum out. Only when she has finished, and you are completely satisfied with her sucking, will I give you permission to let Rex fuck her ass.”

Cathy eagerly pushed her cunt towards her mother’s mouth. She watched as her mother opened her mouth wide and grabbed the end of the dildo with her teeth. Her mother twisted her head and pulled the dildos out, one at a time letting them drop to the barn floor. Cathy watched as her mother’s tongue reached for the cum that was oozing from her wet cunt lips and ass. She moved forward, allowing her mother to slide her tongue between her dripping ass and cunt.

Cathy was experiencing many different feelings today, but the feeling of her mother’s tongue on her freshly fucked cunt was so obscenely perfect. Cathy pushed herself harder onto her mother’s face. “Suck it mom. Suck my pussy! Yeah! That’s it mom. Now lick my ass!” Cathy couldn’t believe how nasty this was. She knew that if she felt nasty, that her mother felt even nastier and was probably even more excited. She decided to take control of her cunt-sucking mother. After all Jeff had said, “Only when you have satisfied your daughter’s lust,” So she better satisfy me or else.

“You’re not doing a good job mom. Your going to have to suck harder to get all of Chris’s cum out of my ass. Stick your tongue inside me and lick what’s in there. Yah! That’s it. Lick inside me. OOHHooohh that’s sooo good mom!”

Cathy was so excited. She was actually telling her mother how to lick her and her mother was doing it. “You must really want the dog to fuck your ass. Is that what excites you mom? You want to feel his cock in your ass. Feel his hot sperm explode and fill your entire insides like Chris’s cock did to me? Just like the horse you fucked. You want it so bad even I can feel it! That’s why your going to do what I say, aren’t you mom?”

Deb moaned and nodded her head in her daughter’s cunt. Because of her position she was not able to lift her head off her daughter’s crotch even if she wanted to. Her only thought was to satisfy her daughter so the dog could fuck her. She needed to be fucked very badly. She’d die if Cathy didn’t let the dog fuck her in the ass. She had been waiting so long since the horse had fucked her. She had heard the moans from her family behind her. She had been tied, fucked once by the horse, and then forgotten. She needed sex again and now. She enjoyed sucking her daughter, but she knew she would enjoy being Rex’s bitch more.

As Deb continued to lick and suck on her daughter, Jeff went back to little Anna. He knelt down face to face with her while she tried to move her head to see around him, to watch her sister and mother enjoying each other. Jeff reached behind Anna and unchained her from the post. He unhooked the cuffs and let her arms fall to her sides. Jeff was going to find out if Anna had the stuff required, to be cruel or not. He held her head between his hands and forced her to look at him as he spoke.

“Anna, your mother and sister are enjoying each other and have not included you in their pleasure. That’s not right is it?” Jeff helped Anna to move her head from side to side as if saying, “No.”

“You offered your sister your pussy to lick and she refused. That’s not right is it?” Again he helped her move her head from side to side. “You’re going to have to show them that you’re a woman too, and deserve to have fun like them. Would you like for me to tell you how you can have fun with your mother?” Jeff didn’t need to help Anna nod her head up and down for, “Yes.”

“Alright Anna, can you make a fist? Good! Now I’m going to take the cuffs off your arms and I want you to take your fist and push it into your mother’s cunt. Can you do that?” Anna smiled and nodded her head up and down. Jeff removed the cuffs from her wrists and led her over to behind her mother. He lifted her hand and helped her form a fist. He took her arm and lifted it so that the knuckles of her fist were at the entrance to her mother’s cunt.

“Push Anna,” Jeff whispered to her. “Push until your whole arm is inside your mom’s cunt. It will hurt her a little but she deserves it after how she has mistreated you. You’ll have to push very hard at first, but it will go in. Look! See how you mom is trying to get away by wiggling her ass? Quick! Push it in. Don’t let her stop your fun!”

Anna grabbed her mother’s thigh with her left arm and pushed her right fist as hard as she could at the opening to her mother’s cunt. It didn’t want to go in. Anna pushed with all her strength but it just didn’t want to go past the opening. Anna was breathing hard when she looked up at Jeff with a questioning face. Jeff made a fist with his own hand, pulled it back and punched it forward.

Anna did the same. She pulled her fist back about 6 inches held it still to take her aim and slammed it forward into her mother’s cunt. Her mother screamed, but her daughter’s pussy shoved into her mouth muffled it. Jeff stopped Anna from her second swing and led her over to a table. “I have something that we can put on your mother to help it go in easier.” Jeff put what looked like a rubber for a long horse cock on Anna’s arm. Careful not to get any onto the little girl, he spread a small amount on the end of Anna’s covered fist.

“This is a jell that will open your mother’s cunt. It takes a minute to start working. If you get some on yourself don’t worry, just spray it with water and it will wash easily away. If you leave it on for more than a minute, it will start to be absorbed by your skin and can not be washed off then.”

“Be careful with it. It only works on women so if you rub it between your legs, it will work on you too,” Jeff explained to Anna.

Chapter 7

He led Anna back to her mother’s exposed and now slightly bruised cunt and helped Anna rub the goop onto her mother’s pussy. Almost immediately Anna noticed her mother’s ass jerk and heard her mom scream into her sister’s crotch. Again she tried to push her fist into the small opening, still not fitting. Anna twisted her fist in her mother’s cunt waiting for it to open wider and take her small fist. Anna pushed again as she felt her mother’s cunt hole stretch. She pushed again and felt her fist quickly pop inside the opening.

Deb felt the return of her daughter and the slippery fist rubbing on her cunt. She screamed as she suddenly felt a slight burning sensation as her cunt seemed to open on its own. She had no control over her muscles as her cunt hole continued to open and allowed her daughter’s fist to enter. With the third push of her daughter’s fist she felt her cunt ring stretch open and stay open after her daughter’s fist had entered.

Deb was relieved when she realized that the burning was mild and not going to increase with intensity. In fact it felt very pleasurable. She moaned into Cathy’s cunt as she felt Anna’s arm slide in her dilated cunt ring and continue its journey up inside her. She almost fainted from the craving inside her cunt. She wanted more. “Dear Darling Anna,” Deb thought. “Yes, fuck me with your fist. I need you whole arm inside me. Put it all the way inside me. Make me cum on you arm Anna.” Deb would have shouted if she could lift her head from her oldest daughter’s crotch.

Anna pushed her arm until she felt the back of her mother’s cunt wall stopping her fist. She pushed hard into her mother and twisted her fist inside her mother’s cunt. She felt something in the end of her mother’s womb. She examined it with her fingers and felt her mother wiggle her ass as she did so. At first it felt like puckered lips, but slowly it began to open like her mother’s cunt had done. Anna stuck a finger into the opening and moved it around.

Deb was in shock as she felt her daughter’s finger enter her cervix. She was powerless to do anything about it as the burning now moved to new areas of her being. She felt her daughter finger fucking the entrance to her uterus as her daughter’s arm pulled in and out of her body.

Anna was able to get two, then three fingers into her mother’s inner opening. When she had gotten all 4 fingers inside, she tucked her thumb in her palm and pushed until her hand popped through. Anna looked down at her mother’s ass and saw her arm buried up to her elbow. Anna felt the inner hole close slightly around her wrist and she made a fist inside the new opening. She tried pulling her fist out slowly to see what would happen.

At first she thought her mother’s cervix would come out with her fist. Each time she pulled, it seemed to follow her fist back out. She pulled harder and her fist popped out of the opening and almost came out of her mother’s cunt entirely. She pushed her arm back inside and felt for the opening deep inside her mother. It was still open slightly. She drew her fist back and punched through the small opening and buried her arm up past her elbow and opened her hand to feel around.

Deb screamed trying to plead with her daughter not to continue but with her other daughter’s cunt stuffed in her mouth she only succeeded in vibrating her oldest daughter’s cunt lips with the loud screams emanating from her mouth and tongue. Deb felt as if her daughter’s hand would punch into her chest at any moment. Without warning she felt her daughter’s fist and arm jerk out of her uterus and pussy. She lay there feeling the cold air rush inside her gaping openings. She sobbed as she realized that the emptiness was worse than the pain. She wiggled her ass and begged for her daughter to put her fist back in to satisfy the burning within her, but only muffled noises emerged from the cunt stuffed in her mouth.

Anna knew that her mother wanted the fist put back in. Somehow she had instinctively guessed, and had kept it removed to add to her mother’s mounting torture. She pealed the latex glove off her arm and tossed it to her left.

She walked around to her sister, who was lying on her hands still bound behind her back. Little Anna stepped over her sister’s helpless body with her right leg and stood with legs open wide above her sister’s chest. Anna reached down and grabbed her sister by the hair, squatted and held her sisters face against her tiny pussy.

“Suck this Cathy.” Anna told her big sister as she ground her sister’s face into her pussy. “Open wide, take my whole pussy in your mouth.” Cathy obeyed her little sister and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Anna’s small hairless pussy fit entirely inside Cathy’s fully opened mouth.

When Anna felt her sister’s mouth open and her entire pussy being engulfed inside, she grabbed the back of her sister’s neck and head with both hands and pulled it tightly into her crotch. She smirked and stared down into her sister’s eyes as she started to pee into her sister’s fully open mouth. “Suck me sis. Drink it all down,” Anna commanded her bigger sister.

Cathy tried to pull her head away but could not. She stared into her little sister’s eyes with shock as she swallowed and gagged on the warm piss she was forced to swallow. When Anna was finished she let go of her sister’s head and continued to dribble on her sister’s chest.

Jeff smiled. Anna was a true sadist but for now she lacked the imagination that would come with years of training. He looked down and watched Deb sucking her daughter’s ass. Deb eagerly sucked out her son’s cum careful not to miss any of it. Cathy pushed and squeezed her bowels together to help feed her mother’s sucking lips and cheeks.

“I can still feel some of Chris’s slippery sperm in my ass mom. Suck it all out. Clean my ass mom,” Cathy told her mom as she continued to coach her mother efforts.

Jeff picked up the jar of goop that he had used on Anna’s fist and walked over to Deb’s upturned ass. “Anna, help me with this,” Jeff called to the young girl. Anna walked around her mother and looked at Jeff. “I want you to smear a little of this on your mom’s ass so that it opens up.” Anna took the jar from Jeff as Jeff reached into his pocket and handed her a long green fat rubber dildo. “Use this to wipe it on her ass hole and then shove it inside. Make sure you get a little inside. We can’t have your mother’s ass hurt too much when that big dog cock fuck’s her, do we?”

Anna smiled and took the large Dildo in her right hand. “Don’t use too much or it will open too wide,” Jeff explained with a smile to Anna.

Deb felt the familiar burning at the entrance to her puckered ass, as her 12-year-old daughter applied a glob of goop to her ass hole with the end of the rubber dildo. Deb’s cunt and womb were still extremely open from her daughter’s last application. No matter how much she tried to squeeze them they wouldn’t close. They seamed to be hardened in their extremely open position. The pleasant burning was still there, but she craved for something to fill the unbearable emptiness.

Anna pushed the tip of the dildo into her mother’s opening ass. She raised her elbow level with the dildo and rammed it forward with the heel of her hand. It sank instantly into her mother’s ass about 6 inches. Anna swirled it around before pulling it completely out again. She dipped the end into the jar of gob and wiped the large glob into her mom’s ass, filling it with jelly like substance. She stuck the tip of the dildo back in the jar and proceeded to pack her mother’s ass full.

Deb’s ass opened allowing more and more of the substance to be packed inside. She felt her daughter filling her cavity with what seemed an enormous amount of the jelly. Just then she felt the dildo slide into her ass effortlessly only to be pulled out as easily as it was inserted. Deb realized her open bowels were now exposed to the world. She felt the cold barn air pass up inside her ass, cunt, and womb unrestricted.

Once again she felt something in her ass but she could barely feel it touch the walls of her bowels. The dildo was removed and this time she felt something barely touch the open ring to her ass. “Oh NO!” she thought. “My holes are so big I can’t feel anything inside me!”

Anna continued to pack her mother’s ass until the jar of gob was empty. She looked at her mother’s holes and giggled at what she had done. “Wow mom, you’re so big, you could fit two horse cocks in your ass now,” Anna snickered at the sight of her mother’s enlarged openings.

Jeff walked around to where little Anna was standing and looked at the empty jar and the gloating child. It was true; Deb’s ass and cunt were open so much she wouldn’t be able to feel anything unless it was very deep inside her ass or womb.

Jeff walked over and turned on the hose and walked back to Anna standing at her mother’s ass. “I think we better clean the glop we can out of her with this. Stand back when you turn it on and don’t splash any on yourself. Anna backed up about two feet, turned on the hose and flooded her mother’s openings with the stream.

After a few minutes Anna moved forward and stuck the nozzle into her mother’s ass and watched as the water poured out of the opening. She then stuck the nozzle in her mother’s cunt and did the same. Satisfied that she had cleaned everything out, Anna turned off the hose and dropped it to stare inside her mother’s backside. She put her fingers at the opening and slipped them inside. If she was careful she found that she could put her arm in about 6 inches without touching anything at all. Anna ran her hand around the inside of her mother’s cunt and then put her other hand inside her mother’s ass.

Deb moaned when she felt the sensations of something touching inside both her holes. She tried desperately to close her holes around her daughter’s arms and hands but couldn’t.

Jeff looked at Deb’s condition and shook his head. “Well Deb, it looks like your not going to get to fuck the dog after all. I don’t even think you’d feel much if the dog fucked you in either of your holes right now,” Jeff explained as he looked at his sisters enlarged ass hole.

Jeff walked up to where Deb was sucking on her daughter’s ass and pulled Cathy away from her mother’s hungry mouth. Deb turned her head to the side and screamed at her youngest daughter Anna.

“Anna you little fucking cunt. Just wait till I get hold of you,” Deb screamed as loud as she could. “You won’t be a virgin anymore when I’m done with you! How could you do this to me? You know how bad I need to have Rex fuck me, and look at what you’ve done. You’ll pay for this you little whore. You’ll pay big time!”

Jeff unstrapped Deb from the platform and helped her up while she continued to scream at her 12-year-old daughter. Deb’s legs refused to stay under her after being on the gurney for over two hours. Jeff helped her over to one of the posts and sat her down.

Deb winced as she sat on her extremely open ass hole and rolled to her left ass cheek for comfort. Jeff clipped her left wrist to the pole and walked back to where he left Cathy and Anna.

Jeff brought two bails of hay in front of where Deb was now sitting attached to the post. He lifted one of the bails and slipped a piece of rope with a loop at each end under the hay. He threw a horse blanket over the bails and walked over to unchain oldest boy Chris. Jeff brought him back and sat him on the blanket-covered hay. He pushed Chris on to his back and attached each hand to the rope stretched under the bails.

He walked back to Cathy, pulled her up and brought her over to her brother. He helped the girl kneel on the hay straddling her brother’s body once again. He pulled Cathy’s ass back till her brother’s cock was held straight up between her ass cheeks. He pushed Cathy’s head down until it rested on her brother’s chest. Cathy instinctively started stroking her crotch up and down the length of her brother’s cock.

Jeff turned to Anna and shouted. “Anna, open the third stall, get Rex and bring him here,” Jeff instructed the girl. Anna ran down the isle looking into each stall until she came to the third one and stopped. She opened the gate and slipped her hand under the dog’s collar.

Anna had to almost run as Rex pulled her along to be by Jeff’s side. “Thank you Anna'” Jeff said as he fastened a leash to Rex’s collar. “Kneel down Anna and lick the dog’s cock till it’s nice and hard. Take your hand and gently hold his balls as you lick him. Don’t hurt him or he might snap at you.”

Without hesitation Anna dropped to the dog’s underside, reached towards his sheathed prick and while holding it gently began to lick the tip of his prick.

Deb watched what was happening in front of her and started shouting at Jeff. “She shouldn’t be allowed to suck Rex’s cock after what she did to me,” Deb shouted at Jeff and her daughter, “Bring Rex over here and I’ll show you how a real slut sucks dog cock. Let me suck it and feel it slide in and out of my mouth. Look it’s getting so big she can’t even get her mouth around it. Let me do it. Get her away from him.”

“Alright Anna that’s a good job,” Jeff said looking at the dog’s fully extended cock. He looked up at Cathy’s moving ass and saw that she had already managed to get her brother’s cock inside her pussy. Jeff led Rex forward to just behind exposed moving ass the beautiful 16-year-old girl. “Rex Lick,” Jeff said.

Rex proceeded to lick Cathy’s ass and her brother’s cock buried inside her cunt. Both the teenagers stopped their movements to let the dog lick them. Rex moved his tongue up from Jeff’s balls to Cathy’s ass and darted it in and out of the still stretched opening. Cathy trembled as she visualized what she hoped would come next. Keeping her ass still she flung her hair from side to side and screamed with pleasure.

Cathy suddenly remembered the words she had heard before. “Rex Fuck” she screamed. Rex was more than ready and leaped up and wrapped his front paws around Cathy’s waist. Rex started jabbing trying to find the opening that his thick doggy cock needed so badly.

Rex knew only that soon he would satisfy himself on this human girl bitch. He pumped his hips forward towards the opening he knew would be there. Instinctively he jabbed his prick searching with the tip of his engorged cock for the opening. Suddenly he felt a hand encase his cock and lift it gently and he humped. He felt the tip of his cock strike home. He squeezed the girl bitch with his front legs, hunched his back and drove with all his might. With each thrust he could feel his cock moving further inside his bitch.

Something inside Rex took over and his muscles worked together towards their final objective, to slam the entire length inside the girl bitch’s hole. To feel the base of his cock surrounded by the ring of the tight opening. To feel the bitch milking his cock with every stroke. To plant his seed as far inside as he could. He pumped furiously while squeezing his bitch with his front legs.

Anna had decided to help Rex find the opening of her sister’s ass as she sat on the ground beside him. She watched with amazement as Rex’s cock continued to grow and become extremely fat in the middle. Anna now watched and listened to her sister’s moans as Rex drove into her like a jackhammer.

Cathy was in heaven. With her brother’s cock in her pussy and the dog’s cock in her ass she was so tight that every movement brought pleasure to her entire body. She rubbed her breasts on her brother’s chest and let the dog pound her ass with his magnificent cock. She felt her brother squirting in her pussy and moaned as his hot seed spread its warmth to every inch of her being.

Cathy felt those glorious sensations starting deep within her thighs. They continued to build until her body could no longer wait. She jerked and piston her cunt against the dog’s cock in her ass. She scooted back and forth on her brother’s cock in time with Rex’s thrusts.

Rex pressed forward and held his cock all the way in her ass. Cathy felt Rex’s cock pulse as he flooded her bowels with his hot cum. She felt Rex’s cum leak from her tight ass and run down around her brother’s cock and drip off her clit. She closed her eyes as she climaxed around the two cocks inside her. She pushed back with all her strength trying to stuff as much cock as she could inside her.

Jeff smiled down on Cathy as the dog continued to pump slower now. He saw her body tense and watched her push back against the two cocks as she came over and over again.

It took 10 minutes for Rex to pop out of Cathy’s ass. When he did, the dog sperm flew everywhere and covered the groins of both children. Jeff smiled as he bent down, lifted the girl off her brother and carried her to her post. He had seen her pass out after her body had started its third climax. He attached the chain to her cuffed hands and did the same for Cathy’s brother Chris.

Jeff walked over to Deb who was still sitting on the ground. He used his foot to spread her legs and look between them. He laughed and shook his head at the enormously gaping holes. “Well sis, the only thing a barn slut like you can do with holes like those,” Jeff laughed, “is try feeding a horse’s cock far enough up you’re bowels for you to feel it.”

Deb struggled to her feet and looked at Jeff. “Please Jeff let me fuck the horse again,” she pleaded, “It’s the only thing that’s long enough, please. I need to get fucked so badly. Please dear brother, help me fuck the horse!”

“Well there is one horse over there that has an enormously long dick…” Jeff scratched his head as he thought. “He might be able to satisfy that huge ass of yours. As far as helping you with it though, I’m not going anywhere near those caverns between your legs. Why I could fall in there and get lost forever!” Jeff laughed as he walked down and opened one of the stalls.

Jeff came back leading a beautiful brown horse. The sheen of the horse’s coat glistened as its muscles rippled on its mammoth chest and hindquarters. Jeff led the horse over to Deb and tied him to the post above her head. Jeff released his sister’s hand and let her loose.

“He’s all yours sis. I’ll bet you can’t wait to feel that long thick cock slide inside your ass can you? Your ass burns for that long thick horse cock. I can tell. Your body trembles when you see any kind of animal cock. You can’t think of anything else but getting it inside your ass or cunt cans you? I’ll give you a choice. Let the horse fuck you in the ass or, walk out the barn door and go free.”

Deb felt her body tremble with anticipation as she stared at the horse’s belly in front of her. She looked at the door at the far end of the barn. It was so far away. She couldn’t imagine walking that far. She looked back at the horse. She saw his muscles twitch. He was so beautiful. So close. So big. So warm in her hand. So soft. It felt like heaven in her mouth. The taste was hypnotic. She sucked on it gently. She pushed it slowly down her throat. She wanted to make love to it with her mouth. It grew longer and thicker as Deb pushed her tongue into the slit at the tip.

Anna watched her mother squat under the horse and place her mouth on the end of the huge cock. The little girl was amazed to watch the cock grow longer as her mother encased the end in her mouth and caressed it growing length. Anna stooped down and reached between her mother’s legs. She put her hand in her mother’s pussy and moved it around. When she removed it, her hand was dripping wet. Anna brought her hand up to her mouth and licked the juice covering her hand. She put her other hand between her own legs and then to her mouth. It tasted the same but different. Anna liked them both.

Deb held the end of the horse’s cock in her hand. She straightened her legs and turned around with her ass pointing towards the tip. Reaching through her legs with one hand and over her back with the other she aimed the tip at her gaping ass hole. Deb stepped back feeling the tip of the cock flop into the entrance of her wide ass. She backed up until 10 inches of the horse’s cock was lying inside her bowels. She rocked forward and rocked backward feeling the cock rub in the bottom of her bowels.

She had to have more. She wanted to feel the whole thick length inside her. Deb took another step backward and felt the end of the head hit her narrowing bowels. She pushed hard onto the thick cock and buried it another 4 inches into her body. It wasn’t enough but it refused to go any further. No amount of pushing was going to get it in more than the 14 inches it was already in. She rocked desperately on and off the end 4 inches trying to satisfy her body’s desperate craving.

Just then she felt something at the entrance to her pussy. Anna looked behind her and saw her daughter Anna kneeling behind her with her arm near the horse’s cock. Deb was filled with both fear and desire. With 14 inches of horse cock stuck in her ass she realized she was again at her daughter’s mercy.

Jeff couldn’t believe it when he saw the little girl walk past him towards her mother’s ass. Anna took her hand and placed it at the enlarged entrance to her mother’s cunt. She twisted her fingers back and forth at the entrance. It was slightly smaller now due to the large horse cock sticking in her mother’s ass.

“Anna NO! Please Anna. Don’t do this to your mother. It’s too much. Please Anna,” Deb pleaded with her daughter.

Anna rotated the fingers of her hand in her mother’s cunt and with pushed with steady pressure. She watched as her mother’s cunt engulfed the four fingers and thumb of her hand. Anna twisted her arm to spread her mother’s cunt juice around her wrist. Anna continued to push as her mother’s cunt opened slowly. As her thumb started to enter, Anna saw the lips of her mother’s cunt being sucked in with her hand. Anna pushed again and her arm slipped inside her mother’s cunt.

Deb held still against her daughter’s invading arm and the long horse cock in her ass. She felt Anna’s arm enter her cunt. The thickness of little Anna’s arm caused Deb’s bowels to squeeze against the long, thick, brown horse cock in her ass. Deb could now feel her daughter’s arm and the entire 14 inches of cock in her. The feeling was tremendous! She screamed for her daughter to push her arm deeper. “Yes YES ANNA! Push it in me. Push it hard! Fuck my cunt you little bitch. Fuck it with your fist!” Deb screamed.

Deb pushed back on the horse cock and the arm inside her. The pain didn’t matter. Nothing mattered, except the feeling of having her openings crammed full. She felt the long thick horse cock probing her ass and rocked quickly on and off it. The arm in her cunt was inching deeper into her gushing cunt. Deb screamed again for her daughter to hurry and shove it all the way inside her.

Anna was taking her time exploring her mother’s inner cunt. She twisted her hand upward and felt the horse cock sliding in and out of her mother’s ass. Anna could feel every vein through the membrane separating her hand from the thick invader in her mother. Anna pumped her arm in and out of the cunt as she slowly stroked the huge cock along its length. The child reached back with her other hand and gently caressed the horse’s balls.

Deb was getting close now. She was going to cum on the arm and horse cock pumping into her. Suddenly the horse shoved forward and thrust his long, thick, veined cock deeper. Deb felt the thick cock surge further than she wanted it to go. She was sure it was not going to stop till it came out her mouth. Obsessed with desire she shoved back as the horse bucked forward. Suddenly Deb’s bowels inflated with the sudden surge of horse cum being pumped into it. The huge cock continued to empty itself filling her ass and gushing out to coat her daughter’s arm and chest.

Anna felt the horse cock surge in her mother’s ass as she continued to stroke it from inside her mother’s cunt. Large amounts of horse cum began to squirt from her mother’s ass and cover her arm, face and chest. Anna marveled at the amount of semen that covered her now drenched body and her mother’s legs. She pulled her arm out of her mother’s cunt to coat it all around and then shoved it back in. The arm quickly sank 10 inches into her mother cunt and stopped with her elbow against her mother’s groin. Anna gave one more big push and felt her hand slip past her mother’s cervix.

Deb screamed as her body went into convulsions upon the horse cock and arm impaling her. She shook and fought to stay standing as her daughter continued to push her arm further and further inside her. She felt the horse cock pulsing in her ass as she started her second climax. Pain and pleasure combined and keep her from passing out. She balanced the two into a glorious feeling that rolled climax after climax through her sensuously raging body.

Deb lost count of her climaxes and fell forward off the horse cock and lay on the barn floor with her daughter’s arm still buried in her cunt. She moaned and rolled on her back beneath the horse as the horse cock continued to spray its sperm on her and her daughter.

“Thank you Anna,” Deb mouthed to her daughter. As Anna rolled to her knees to get up, Anna yanked her arm from her mother’s cunt. Deb screamed and pounded the back of her head against the ground as another climax shot through her racked and tortured body. She was too exhausted to get up, too exhausted to even crawl.

It was almost sunset. Jeff decided to get everyone back to their rooms. He switched partners when he took the family back in two’s to their cells. Mike, the father was put in a cell with his oldest daughter Cathy. Deb was put in a cell with her youngest daughter Anna and the two boys’ were put in a cell together. Jeff gave Cathy and her father some salve to put on his raw dick and some cotton bandages to wrap it up. He didn’t need to be taking anyone to see a doctor.

Chapter 8

Jeff prepared breakfast as he reflected on the next stage of the family’s training. After today, the Johnsons’ would have no choice, but to willingly concede to their new life of animal ecstasy and incest.

Experience had taught Jeff that the next step in their training must be one that destroys all hope and desire of the family ever returning to their previous morals. But adjusting an individual’s will to relinquish the past and accept the finality of its future requires more than just mental conditioning. The soul requires a visual confirmation that reverting back again is no longer an option.

Physical modifications to the body confirm through the soul’s eye, that it is truly hopeless to do anything but accept its destiny. From today on, the Johnsons’ will be unable to imagine anything else, but the embracing of humanities deepest and darkest taboos. For the Johnson’s, sexual fulfillment will never again happen by normal means.

Afraid to show others what they have become, they will find pleasure only with animals and their own family. The girl’s sexual appetites will multiply rapidly until only the largest of animals will be capable of quenching their increasing lust for bigger and thicker cocks.

As the women quickly tire of the boys’ small human cocks, the men will have little choice but to become sexual slaves to those who care to use them for their own amusement and gratification.

Jeff had much to do today. He laced the food with a strong aphrodisiac, and a mind-numbing drug. He loaded the trays of food in a basket and walked across the yard toward the barn and the canning cellar below, which held his captive family.

Jeff opened the first door that contained Mr. Johnson and his daughter Cathy. Cathy was sleeping on her side with the blanket bunched between her thighs. Mike was sleeping on his back with his dick wrapped in the white bandages. Jeff put their trays of food down as he shouted “Rise and shine boys and girls,” He shouted as he turned and left the room, locking the door as he went.

Jeff found Chris and Cathy sleeping in each other’s arms. He placed the trays down noisily and left as they rolled apart and rubbed the sleep from their eyes.

The last room contained Anna and her mother Deb. As Jeff entered the room he found Deb sleeping on her stomach with her legs spread wide. Little Anna was busy pumping her hand in and out of her mother’s pussy while her mother Deb slept. Jeff couldn’t help notice how beautiful his sister’s body was. And how sexy she looked with Anna’s tiny fist moving in and out between her legs.

Anna removed her fist from her mother’s groin with a loud “POP”, and licked the juices covering her hand and arm as she walked to get one of the trays from Jeff.

Little Anna’s body was just starting to bloom. Her breasts were small but her nipples were perfect. The hair between her legs was blond and sparse. Her smooth cunt lips were swollen red and puffy. Jeff wanted to reach down and take her virginity right there while her mother slept two feet away, but he had other plans for Anna today. He laid the other tray down and squatted by his sleeping sister.

Jeff raised his hand and smacked his sister’s ass hard. Deb sat up straight and started yelling at Anna until she realized it had been her brother Jeff. “Good morning sister. Breakfast time.” Jeff said as he stood and left the room to prepare the barn for the days training.

Jeff escorted the entire family with the exception of Mike, up to the barn in two’s. Each was led and tied to the post they had occupied the day before.

When all 5 captives had been brought out and prepared for the days events. Jeff looked over the naked bodies standing at their posts in front of him. Each stood on two small stools with their legs separated by a long rod attached to their ankles. The stools were only 4 inches high but the top was extremely small. It was designed to support only the balls of their feet while up on the stools.

Their arms were pulled to the back and cuffed together around the post behind them. Each stood helplessly balancing on their toes with their chests pushed out by the pole at their backs and their legs spread by the ankle bars.

Jeff left and returned with several chrome devices and dropped them in the middle of the stall, except for one. He walked over to the 16-year- old Cathy and knelt down in front of her spread thighs.

Reaching through her legs, Jeff attached the bottom part of the “Z” shaped rod to the post behind her with two thick steel bands. The top end of the “Z” shaped rod had a one inch diameter rubber dildo stuck onto the top 12 inches, and was pointing directly up into Cathy’s crotch. At the bottom of the 12-inch long dildo was a round bar that stuck forward and back about 6 inches in each direction. The bar was to stop anyone from accidentally sliding down the dildo too far and injuring themselves for the day. Cathy stood on her tiptoes trying to get as far away from the tip of the shaft as possible; exactly what Jeff wanted her to do.

Jeff took a tube of KY jelly from his pocket, held it at Cathy’s ass hole and emptied it inside her. He adjusted the 12-inch long dildo upwards until it slipped inside her ass about an inch. Jeff tightened the device in place and walked back to grab another one and do the same to each of the others.

When he was finished fastening all the devices, he checked and tightened each one again, insuring their stability and non-movement. The drugs from their breakfast were slowly starting to have an effect. Jeff watched as the family members had now started moving ever so slightly, up and down, on the tip of the dildos inside them.

Jeff left the stall and returned with 5 ball gags. He proceeded to strap one on to each of the family’s heads. Jeff looked at his watch. It had taken 45 minutes to prepare the 5 family members. “You may all step down from the stools whenever you wish,” Jeff told them but as he turned and left the stall. “You’ll all have to get down eventually,” Jeff cried back at them. He knew that when their insteps got so tired that they could no longer support their own body weight, each one would step down and impaling themselves further, onto the dildos in their ass.

Jeff went down to the cellar to get the tools he would need for today and bring them up to the stall. When he returned with the two boxes, only Anna was still struggling to remain on the stools. “Anna,” Jeff walked over to her, “I strongly suggest that you step down and save your strength. This is going to be a long day for you all.

Anna carefully lifted her left foot and eased it down behind the stool. The dildo slid into her ass and she closed her eyes and she lowered her other foot to the hay covered barn floor. She grunted as the rubber shaft slid up her virgin ass and impaled her with its top 5 inches. With her eyes still closed she lowered her body further, bending her knees slightly, until 6 inches of rubber was sticking into her tiny ass. Jeff smiled and reached into the boxes to get his equipment.

It took another 20 minutes to set up the equipment and get the extension cords plugged in. When he was ready he grabbed a milking stool, walked over to his sister Deb and sat in front of her naked body.

“I’ve decided that you and your family need some decoration. Have you ever wished you had a tattoo?” Jeff spoke as he watched his sister’s eyes stare wildly open at the device in his hand. “I’m not really an artist, but I’ve done my share of tattooing women’s’ bodies. Let’s see what kind of tattoo would look good on you? Oh! I know! This won’t hurt at all sis, if it does, just scream so that I know.”

Jeff proceeded to paint a large tattoo on Deb’s stomach and them one on each of her tits. Deb wasn’t feeling anything except a little pressure on her body. She couldn’t see what kind of picture her brother was giving her from the angle of her head and her blurred vision. In her drug induce state could she only think of sex and the pleasure she was getting from moving up and down the shaft in her ass.

Jeff was not concerned about Deb’s moving while he was working. It didn’t have to be perfect.

When Jeff finished with his sister he moved the milking stool to Chris and started another masterpiece. In two hours Jeff had finished the tattoos on all 5 family members. He looked at his watch. It was eleven thirty and time for lunch. And more drugs for the family.

As Jeff turned for the barn door he looked back at his 5 masterpieces and laughed. He exited the barn for the house to prepare lunch for himself and the 5 tattooed Johnsons’.

Jeff returned with sandwiches, removed the ball gags and uncuffed their wrists so that they could eat. It would be impossible for any of them to rise up enough to dislodge the shaft in their ass without the stools to stand on. They ate their sandwiches as they moaned, with their mouths full, moving their bodies slowly up and down on the rubber dildos holding them in place.

Now Jeff would make the final adjustments to each of their bodies. The drug he had just given each of them would insure that they would not feel anything except slight pinches while he worked. In 4 or 5 hours the Johnson’s would see their new bodies, permanently decorated for their new positions in life, incapable of being undone, and utterly revolting to most normal humans.

Jeff replaced the ball gags and retied their wrists behind the poles. He took a leather pouch from one of the boxes, grabbed the milking stool and sat down in front of his sister Deb. Reaching into the pouch Jeff withdrew a large black punch tool, usually used for thick leather hole punching. He reached back into the pouch and brought out a small box of surgical steel punch bits and eye grommets. The punch bit he screwed into the leather punch tool was a quarter inch in diameter.

Jeff reached up to his sister’s cunt, grabbed her left pussy lip with his left hand and pulled it down. He raised and positioned the punch directly below the entrance to her cunt and quickly but firmly squeezed.

Deb jerked as the punch removed a small piece of skin from the lip of her pussy, and then moaned from the caress of her brother’s hand. The drugs were working well.

Jeff took the eye grommet and pushed it into the hole the punch had made. From the leather pouch he took a pair of special pliers and fit them around the grommet he had just inserted. Making sure the grommet was positioned correctly he squeezed the pliers as tight as he could. The bleeding stopped as it clamped around the skin’s edge of the new hole in his sisters pussy lip. He grabbed the right pussy lip, punched another hole and installed another grommet as before.

Jeff switched the size of the bit in the leather punch to a much smaller one. He reached up to his sister’s clit and pulled the loose skin above it. He took the punch and made a small hole in the hood above the clit. Then he moved the punch down to the skin below the clit and to one side. He made another hole and then a third one across form the second hole.

The holes were in the shape of a triangle that surrounded Deb’s now enlarged clit. From the pouch he took out a small stainless steel bowl about half an inch in diameter. Around the edge of the bowl were three small rings in a triangle shape and on the bottom of the bowl hung a large steel ring. Jeff held the bowl by the larger bottom ring and pushed it over his sister’s clit. He pushed the three small rings through the three holes he had punched around his sister’s clit and crimped them closed.

He leaned back to admire his work and smiled. Deb’s clit was completely covered by the new shiny curved shield. The shield would prevent her from ever being able to touch her clit again. Her orgasms will now be much harder to achieve. Her body would require almost endless pumping in it’s struggle for sexual gratification.

Jeff stood up and walked back to the boxes. He found the heavy object he wanted and lifted it out of the box. He walked back to his sister and sat on the stool examining the new jewelry between her legs. Jeff leaned through his sister’s legs and unfastened the impaling device from the pole. He slowly pulled it from his sister’s ass and laid it behind him on the ground.

The object he had retrieved from the box, was a very heavy stainless steel butt plug, with a large ring hanging from the small curved base. He shook it and listened to it chime in two different tones. The heavy plug was also a Ben Wee ball, designed to ring and vibrate as it moved. Jeff placed it at his sisters ass and firmly pushed it up till it was fully imbedded with just the small base and ring exposed.

Jeff took a long stainless steel chain and put it through the ring in the dildo he had just inserted. He pushed one end of the chain through one of the grommet’s in Deb’s pussy lip and then through the ring in the clit shield back through the grommet in the other pussy lip and then back to the ring in the dido.

He cut the chain with a pair of clippers, took a small ring and fastened the two ends of the chain together, making one loop through Deb’s new sex jewelry. Finally Jeff took a large suitcase lock and passed it through the grommets in her cunt lips. He closed the lock and spun each of the three combination wheels with his thumb.

Jeff next put a ring in her belly button and one in each in her nipples. He attached a chain to each nipple ring, ran them through the navel ring, through the clit shield and finally attached them to the dildo in her ass.

Deb now looked like, and was, a total sex slut. The plug in her ass would vibrate with every movement she made, keeping her in a constant state of arousal. Her cunt was locked so the only way she could enjoy sex would be oral or anal. For Deb to have anal sex, the large heavy plug would have to be removed from her ass. This meant that during anal sex it would swing on the attached chains stretching and pulling her pussy lips, nipples and the shield guarding her clit.

One benefit to the constant wearing of the large plug, would mean that her ass would always be stretched and ready for sex. It also meant, that only those objects larger than the plug, would ever be felt in her ass. Every so often, the plug in her ass would be replaced with a larger one to insure her demand for bigger and bigger cocks, or more than one at a time. Jeff knew that this would make it increasingly difficult for Deb to satisfy her sexual hunger as months passed. Deb would have to look for new ways to get her feed her increasing hunger.

Jeff stood up and stepped back to look at his body art. The tattoos on her stomach read, “PLEASE FUCK MY ASS” in three inch tall black letters. Below that in slightly smaller letters read, “WITH YOUR HARD FIST”

Finished with his sister he sat in front of Deb’s 16-year-old son Chris. Men were easier and more difficult at the same time. Jeff grabbed two opened steel rings from his pouch. He grabbed one of Chris’s nuts and pulled it down. Above the swollen nut Jeff worked the opening in the ring around the thin skin till it squeezed the sack above the boy’s ball. Jeff took a pair of pliers and squeezed the ring shut. He pulled the other ball down and did the same.

The tight rings around the sack, above each ball, made the boy’s balls stick out to each side like ponytails with knots on the ends. Jeff reached back into the pouch and took out a larger ring with three smaller rings equally spaced around the edge. He pushed the ring onto the end of the boy’s dick and continued pushing until it was snug around the base of the cock. The ring was only half the diameter of the cock it circled and it squeezed the cock so that the head swelled in size almost immediately.

Jeff proceeded to punch three small holes in the loose skin around the base of Chris’s cock. Once done Jeff pushed the three rings attached to the large ring through the holes and crimped them shut. This would insure that the boy’s cock could never be removed from the larger ring even when the cock was limp.

The rings around his balls would cause excruciating pain as he came, while his nuts painfully jerked in an effort to empty themselves. The tight ring around his cock would hinder the blood flow out of his cock, keeping it stiff longer and causing it to swell thicker than normal. It would also make it harder to force the sperm through his cock extending the duration of pain in his laboring and swollen nuts.

Jeff stood up and looked at Chris. The tattoo on Chris’s chest and stomach read, “MY MOTHER SUCKS IT” and below that “AND FUCKS IT TOO” with a large black arrow pointing to his ringed dick.

Jeff moved to Bobby and installed the same three rings as he had to bobby’s older brother Chris, using slightly smaller size rings. Jeff snickered as he wondered what would happen as Bobby’s cock grew bigger and outgrew the base ring. Bobby’s tattoo read, “THIS COCKS LIKES TIGHT ASS.”

Jeff moved on to the oldest girl Cathy. Jeff fastened the clit shield in place along with the nipple and belly button rings as he did with her mother. He went back to the box and picked up another large heavy plug and inserted it into Cathy’s cunt. Jeff attached one end of the chain to the left nipple, down through the ring in her belly, through the ring on the clit shield, around the ring in the base of the dildo, back through the same rings to fasten to the right nipple ring.

Cathy was allowed to have sex in either her ass or cunt. She would have to switch the dildo to the hole she was not using, or let it dangle and pull on her nipples. The tattoo over her left breast read, “TWIST THIS” while the right breast read, “SUCK THIS.” On her stomach were the words, “PUT COCKS IN HERE” with the point of the arrow, ending just above her covered clit.

Jeff was ready for little Anna now. He carried his stool and pouch and set them in front of the 12-year-old girl. Jeff put one very thin 4- inch diameter ring through each of her tiny breast nipples. Even the light weight of the two thin rings were enough to pull her developing buds down along with the surrounding skin. Jeff inserted a navel ring. He then ran a chain thorough the three rings and pulled it tight. He connected the two ends of the chain with a small ring and sat back to look. As Anna grew the chain would pull her breasts downward. Her nipples would stretch in gross proportions to her breasts and body.

Jeff rummaged through and found the final ring. Jeff reached under Anna and found the tender skin between the opening to her virgin cunt and her ass. He pinched the skin together and pulled downward. Jeff took the punch and made a small hole through the stretched skin. He inserted a small ring through the hole and squeezed it closed.

Jeff stood and stretched his arms high above his head. He read the tattoo on little Anna’s chest and tummy. “THIS CUNTS MADE” and below that, “ONLY FOR DOG COCK”

Jeff looked at his watch. “Five O’clock. Great! We still have time for one more thing.” Jeff removed the 4 remaining ass restraints from the children and put them in the boxes. He left the barn and returned with a 48 inch tall by 18-inch wide mirror. He leaned it up against the barn wall. Jeff unfastened Deb’s hands from behind the post and helped her over to the mirror. she walked slowly with the 3-foot bar between her ankles, moving her hips in small arcs to take a step.

Deb felt the plug in her butt vibrate as her heel’s hit the ground with each step. She heard the chime’s rumble inside her body. Her body felt good with the drugs pumping through them. The plug in her ass was big and slippery and the vibration seemed to shake her whole crotch as she walked.

Deb didn’t realize at first that the reflection was she. Then, she stared in disbelief as she ran her hands over her body feeling the new additions as she stared into the mirror. Deb slid her hand to her crotch and felt the steel shield covering her clit. She scooted closer to the mirror to see what it was.

“NO!” she screamed into her ball gag as she tried to rub her clit through the shiny metal barrier. She pushed her hand to her cunt and felt the lock on her cunt lips, denying her fingers access to her pussy. She reached behind her and felt the chain and ring on the base of the plug. She pulled at the plug but it didn’t budge. She pulled hard and the plug popped from her ass and slipped from her fingers.

Deb gasped as the heavy plug found the end of the chains and pulled on her pussy lips and tugged on her nipples. She reached to grab the plug but missed as it swung between her legs. Deb grabbed the chain and held the plug up. The chains were not long enough to bring the plug forward from under her crotch. She held it in her hand and stared with disbelief at the plugs large size and the feel of its very heavy weight.

She saw the tattoo and managed to read it backwards in the reflection. “What kind of person would ever want to have sex with me now” she thought as she looked at her reflection. As she stared into the mirror she watched her hands move as they gently pressed the large silver plug back into her needy ass.

Jeff unfastened the cuffs on the remaining family members and let them hobble with their ankle bars to the mirror to gaze at their new bodies. The boy’s stroked their cocks and struggled to arrange their uncomfortable balls. The two girls compared their bodies with their sister and their mother.

Within minutes the family was touching and feeling each other with one hand while caressing their own bodies with the other. The girls were breathing heavy now while the boys groaned with ecstasy and discomfort from their new restraints.

Cathy knelt in front of her little brother Bobby and sucked his semi- rigid cock into her mouth. She played with his bound balls and squeezed them as she sucked.

Deb grabbed her oldest son’s head and forced his mouth onto her left breast. She reached behind Chris and stuck two fingers into his ass. Chris moaned, bit down on the chain and nipple ring and pulled them outward with his teeth. Deb screamed and twisted her fingers inside in her son’s ass.

Anna played with her pussy while she stroked Chris’s cock, watching it expand in her tiny fist. She took her hand away from her pussy and grabbed her brother’s balls. She squeezed and held them tight as her brother struggled to pull away. With both hands now holding her brother’s balls she slipped her mouth around his enlarged cock head and sank her lips down its length. Anna rubbed the balls in each hand wondering if she could coax the sperm out of them and into her mouth.

Chris moaned onto his mother’s breast as his little sister sucked his cock and tightened her grip on his balls. Each time he tried to move his cock forward into Anna’s mouth, his little sister painfully pulled back on his throbbing balls stopping him from entering. Chris bit down again on his mother’s tit in agony as his sister administered a mixed variety of pain and pleasure.

Jeff stopped the orgy by grabbing Deb and Anna and taking them down to their room for the night. Returning he found the three family members still playing with each other. He hobbled them back to their rooms, removed their ankle bars and locked them up till morning. Tomorrow would be the final test of their descent.

Chapter 9

The day started with breakfast as usual. Jeff was eager to start the days training and opened the door to Deb’s room. Deb was sitting on the floor with her back against the far wall. Her hands were in her crotch, pulling on the lock and examining her new jewelry. She rubbed her cunt lips on each side of the lock then down to the base of the dildo in her ass. She looked up and stared at Jeff as he entered but continued with her caressing as she watched him approach.

Jeff helped her up and led her by the arm up to the barn. Deb found it was impossible to keep her hands out of her own crotch as she was led up the stairs and across the barn.

Jeff led Deb over to the first stall. A very large golden brown horse occupied the stall. The horse was facing the rear wall of the stall where his reins to a large ring tethered him. Deb and Jeff stepped to the left side of the horse. Deb looked underneath the horse where she noticed two padded rails.

Each of the rails were supported by two short wooden posts and stood two and a half feet above the barn floor. The rails ran the same direction as the giant horse that stood above them. The padded rails reminded Deb of the parallel bars her son used in his Gymnastics meets, but shorter and closer together.

Jeff took a rolled up cable from his pocket and clipped one end of the cable to Deb’s right nipple ring. He fed the other end under the horse and over the bars. Jeff walked around the front of the horse, ducked under the reins and picked up the end of the cable on the other side. Jeff slowly pulled the cable attached to Deb’s right nipple forcing Deb to walk toward the horse. Deb had to duck under the horse as she shuffled sideways with her upper body between the belly of the horse and top of the padded bars.

Bent in half under the horse Deb’s upper body had no choice but to lay on top of the two bars. Her elbows out to each side, her hands in front of her head, her breasts hung down inside the two bars pointing towards the floor.

Jeff walked to his sister under the horse fed the cable between the two bars and pulled it towards the front of the horse. Deb groaned but crawled forward until the bottom half of her body climbed up on top of end of the two bars. Deb now straddled the two bars with her whole body. Her shoulders at one end and her spread thighs at the other supported her. She sat on her thighs, knees forward and upper body bent forward. Her legs from the knees down dangled a foot off the floor.

Jeff attached another cable to Deb’s left nipple ring. He tossed both cables toward the back of the horse. He pulled the cables around the back posts supporting the parallel bars. As he pulled, Jeff watched Deb scooted back on the bars, till she was in the correct spot. He clipped the chains together and stood up.

“This here’s King. He’s a special horse because he’s been bred and trained for one purpose. That soul purpose is to give women the fuck of their lives with the longest cock I’ve ever seen on any animal.” As Jeff talked to his sister he ducked under the bars, laid down on his back, with his hands behind his head and his feet crossed and looked up at his sister.

Jeff reached back and wrapped leather cuffs around each of Deb’s ankles. He fastened a leather strap to each and pulled them forward. Jeff tied the other end of each strap to the legs of the posts below Deb’s down turned face. Deb was now trapped on the bars under the horse, her feet pulled forward and her breasts pull backward.

“You’re going to have the time of your life Deb,” Jeff said as he crawled out from under his sister.

Deb wrapped her hands around the bars and massaged her tits as she looked down at her brother below. “The trick now, is to get the horse to fuck your ass,” Jeff said as he stood. “I know your dying to have something fuck you but I have a lot of things to do today and I can’t spend the whole morning getting the horse hard and then helping you get it in your ass hole, can I? Now let’s see, who can I get to help you with this problem? I think know just the person. You stay here sis and I’ll be right back,” Jeff told his sister, as he opened the gate and left the stall.

Deb lay on the bars rubbing her tits and squeezing her cunt muscles together trying to satisfy the cravings inside her body. She moaned thinking about the horse cock shoving in and out of her ass. She wiggled on top of the bars and hung her head down to look back at the horse’s cock. She could see only his huge balls as she looked back under her spread thighs. She started to cream looking at the size of his sack and imagined it slapping against her body.

“Where was Jeff?” she wondered. She couldn’t stand being this close and not being touched. She squeezed her nipples and almost screamed at the pain. Her cunt was dripping and running down the crack under the clit shield. “Shit, in this position I can’t even rub my pussy lips together,” Deb thought as she waited for her brother to return. She knew she needed help to satisfy her craving. It seemed as though Jeff had been gone for a long time. Where was he? “Fuck, I can’t stand this.” Deb thought as she struggled on the bars and tried to find a way to rub herself against the horse above and behind her.

Jeff returned leading Deb’s husband by a leash. The leash was attached to a leather restraint tied around each of his balls. His hands were cuffed together below his chin and attached by a short chain to a leather collar around his neck. Jeff took the thin leash and passed it through Deb’s right nipple ring and placed it in her right hand.

“Now Deb, you’re going to have to instruct, your husband Mike, how to help you with this situation. I’m sure you two can manage without me. Just tug on the leash and I know he’ll cooperate. Maybe.”

Jeff turned and left Deb and her husband Mike in the stall. He closed the gate behind him headed back down to get two more of the Johnson family captives.

“Deb, let me get you out of this, we’ll get the kids and go,” Mike said as he stood at the back of the horse. “Let go of the leash so I can get you loose,” He pleaded to Deb as he stood there naked and ashamed. Mike paused, waiting for Deb to drop the end of the leash she held in her tightly clenched hand. “Let go of the strap!” Mike whispered to his wife. “QUICK before he comes back. Deb! Quick! He might be coming back now!” Mike whispered urgently.

“Rub the horse’s cock Mike,” Deb spoke insistently. “Put your hands around his cock and jerk him off…” Deb started to say as though she hadn’t even heard what her husband had said.

“Let go of the leash Deb,” Mike insisted in a loud voice. “Let go you fucking whore or I’ll……. AAAAGGGGG HHHHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK,” Mike screamed as Deb pulled on the leash with both hands. Mike was forced to take a step towards the horse to lessen the pain in his nuts and groin.

Deb pulled again. Mike fell back on his ass under the horse. “Fucking Bitch,” Mike screamed at his wife and received a hard tug for his foul words.

“I’ll pull you NUTSACK right off, you Pencil Dicked Bastard!” Deb shouted looking at her husband from underneath her body. “Now you get under that horse’s cock and find a way to get it in my ass. I’m going to make you lick it, suck it, stroke it, and whatever else you have to do to get that horse to satisfy me. If you don’t, this fucking bitch is going to yank those balls right off your silly ass.

“NNNOOOOooooo,” Mike yelled as his wife gave a yank on the strap and continued to keep up the pressure on her husband’s balls.

Mike was feeling sick. The idea of having to touch a male horse’s cock and the continuing pressure on his balls was causing his stomach to turn. He looked up and saw his wife’s new body chains dangling, noticing how they were attached. He scooted forward to get a closer look and lessen the pressure on his balls.

Deb’s sex craving body wouldn’t wait any longer. She had to get that horse cock inside her and she had to get it in now. “Mike take the dildo out of my ass. Pull it out so I can get the horse,” Deb moaned at the caresses, “can get his cock in me,” Deb instructed her husband. She felt Mike’s hands reach up to her ass and tug on the dildo. Deb felt the large heavy plug being slowly pulled from her ass.

Mike couldn’t believe the size and weight of the object as he continued to remove it from his wife’s ass. It popped out and almost hit his head as it slipped from his hand. Deb screamed as the dildo fell and bounced at the end of its chain. Jeff watched the dildo jerk and swing under his wife and hearing her cries gave him an idea.

Swiftly, Mike grabbed the dildo and pulled. Deb screamed in terror as the pain shot through her clit area and tender nipples. The pain continued to increase as her husband’s pulled harder on the attached plug. The intensity of the pain caused Deb’s pussy to contract with powerful undulations, while her thighs vibrated on top of the rails causing her whole body to shake uncontrollably. The unbearable agony in her tits and clit was having an absurd effect on her. As the intense pain riddled her body, Deb realized that the torture was causing her to cum. Powerful jolts shot through her stiffening body as her indifference to the pain rose. She remembered the strap in her hands and her husband’s tied balls and the other end.

With extreme determination, Deb summoned all her reserves. With one giant burst of energy, she jerked as hard and she could on the strap clenched tight in her hands.

Screams of horror and panic erupted from Mike’s mouth as he felt his nuts and sack being stretched beyond imagination. Mike prayed he would pass out and not have to feel the pain in his groin. He couldn’t tell if he was screaming or not. He let go of the dildo, letting it dangle from his wife’s crotch and fell back on the floor with his knees up. He rolled left and right on his back unable to get his hands down to his crotch to stop his wife from pulling the strap. Deb’s entire body, still vibrating from her intensely painful orgasm, shook as she looked down and back at her husband’s balls, painfully extending from his groin by the leash in her hands.

Deb wanted so badly to yank her husband’s balls off right now but, she still needed him to get the horse cock for her. Breathing heavily, Deb yelled at her husband to get up and suck the horse cock. When her husband didn’t move she jerked the strap again.

Mike screamed for mercy and agreed to do anything Deb wanted. “Please I can’t move yet. I’ll do anything you want, just give me a minute. Please,” Mike sobbed as he struggled to roll to his knees.

“FUCK YOU, YOU ASSHOLE” Deb shouted back at her husband. “Get your pitiful sorry ass up and stick that horse cock in your mouth right now before I rip your balls off!” Deb yelled at her husband, under her still jerking body.

Deb had never been so hot. She was on fire and she had to have that horse fuck her now. She would do anything to get that long thick cock in her ass. She jerked on the strap just to hurry her husband as he stumbled to get to his knees.

“I’m going to tear your balls off and let this horse stomp’um if you don’t get that cock in your mouth right now! Suck on that cock till it’s hard and shove it in my ass, you tiny dicked, sorry excuse for a man.”

“I can’t believe I put up with your puny little dick for all these years. Just look at the cock on the horse! Now that’s a real cock. A cock made for a real woman. Now make it hard and get in my ass now,” Deb screamed, and her husband did as she ordered.

Mike was up on his knees staring at the long cock in front of his face. He reached up and held the cock with both hands and slowly pushed his tongue out against its tip. When the moist end of his tongue touched against the tip, Mike unwillingly held it there with his mouth and eyes closed. Deb jerked the strap again and Mike groaned with his mouth closed. He slowly pushed his face forward until the cock pressed against his lips.

Deb pulled firmly on the strap to get her husband going faster on the cock. Mike moaned again and pushed his mouth around the head of the cock. He pressed his tongue against the slit in the end. Mike quickly moved his head back as the cock jerked and began to swelled in his mouth.

Deb kept constant pressure on the leash as she tried to watch what her husband was doing. She noticed her husband moving back towards her spread ass as the cock grew from Mike’s sucking. “It won’t be too much longer,” She thought as she wiggled her ass in anticipation of the large cock.

Deb saw the dildo still swinging back and forth between her legs and felt it pulling on her nipples and cunt shield. She tried to move her hips up to get it to pull down harder but only succeeded in getting it to swing faster. “You better hurry up or I’m going to stretch those balls till they hang down to your knees,” Deb told her husband. “I’m getting tired of waiting. Start sucking harder or I swear I’ll rip them off your hairy ass right now,” Deb shouted impatiently.

Mike was truly shaken. He could tell that Deb meant what she was saying. He closed his eyes again and started sucking the end of the horse cock as hard as he could. He pushed his mouth further onto the end and sucked as he pulled his lips off. He blocked all thoughts out of his mind and concentrated on giving the horse pleasure so that it would get hard fast, and he could take it out of his mouth. With the cock in his mouth, Mike used his hands to rub along the horse cock outside his lips.

The cock continued to grow and soon Deb felt the back of her husband’s head bumping against her wide spread crotch. She saw Mike take his mouth off the cock and move to the side. “Lick the side of the cock. Lick it all along the side and jerk it off with your hands.” Mike did what he was told without thinking. He couldn’t take his eyes off the huge cock now only and inch away from his wife’s undulating ass hole. Mike watched his wife’s ass open and close in slow contractions trying to suck the growing cock inside it.

He felt a stirring in his aching groin and wanted so badly to be able to reach his own cock with his hands. He continued to lick and masturbate the long horse cock as a new excitement filled his body. He stared in amazement as the long thick cock touched the now snapping ass of his wife. He watched her excitement as her ass opened up and seemingly sucked in the huge head of the intruding thick shaft.

The horse felt the end of his cock being engulfed beneath him. He stepped forward, sinking his long rigid cock inside the tight wet aperture. He paused for a moment as his snout touched against the barn wall. After a few moments, the horse turned his head to the side, allowing himself more room, stepped forward, and pushed his cock further into the tight cavern.

Deb screamed with pleasure as the thick cock drove into her ass. “Yesss Yesss! Fuck! Ummmmph OOOH Shit! Yees! OOOH that feels good.” Just as she was getting used to the 6 inches inside her, the horse leaned forward and shoved another long 6 inches into her tightly stretched ass. Her body was pushed forward on the rails and the chains attached to her nipple rings pulled unbearably at her already over stretched tits.

As Deb felt the horse cock gliding out of her ass she pushed back along the rails to relieve the pressure from the cables connected to her nipple rings. Almost instantly the horse drove his cock into her ass again. 14 inches of thick long cock slid gloriously into her craving bowels. Deb had never felt anything so thick and long and warm inside her before. The horse started jabbing his cock in and out of her ass with amazing quickness.

“OH.. OH.. OH.. OH.. Mi.. Mi.. ke.. ke…” Deb tried to shout to her husband between the trusts of the horse. “See… eee.. Wh.. Wha.. It.. it.. Ta.. a.. akes.. To.. oo.. Saa… aa… tis.. is… fy… iii.. A… a… Re… eee… eal… Wooo… man?” She shouted as each thrust almost knocked the wind out of her. Deb’s ass swelled and opened wide to accept more and more of the horse’s huge cock.

The horse continued to pump only the end 14 inches of his two-foot cock, in and out of the wet orifice. Deb thought she was in heaven. The incredible thrusts of the huge animal caused her body to continually creep forward on the rails and the cables stretched and pulled at her already extended nipples and breasts. She felt every ripple and bulge of the thick animal cock as it slid magnificently through her bowels. Then as the extraordinary shaft started to retreat from her body, Deb would squeeze her ass muscles and try to keep inside longer. It would pause for only a moment and then start it’s glorious journey back up inside her body.

Without realizing what she was doing, Deb was slowly tugging on the leash connected to her husband’s balls. Mike was screaming for his wife to stop but his screams were unheard and unanswered. As Deb pulled hand over hand on the leash, Mike scooted on his back in the direction of his wife’s insistent pulling.

Deb didn’t realize what she was doing until she noticed that the direction of the leash was straight down from her nipple ring. She opened her eyes and saw the leash leading from her very elongated breast, down to her husband’s crotch. Mike’s ass was pushed, as high as he could get it, off the ground. Deb let the strap slip and watched as Mike’s balls and ass dropped to the barn floor.

Deb closed her eyes and concentrated on the thick long cock gliding in and out of her ass. Her breasts were on fire from the stretching caused by the cables attached to them. The skin around her clit was being pulled in the same manner. Every inch of the magnificent cock filled her with pleasure. But somehow it wasn’t enough.

Deb was close, but nothing seemed to be able to put her over that wonderful edge. She screamed with frustration. She forced herself back against the thick cock and arched her back to increase the friction in her ass. Her nipples strained against the cables as she lifted her chest. She was almost there. “Pain.” she thought. “More pain. I need more pain to make me cum.” She screamed without realizing it.

Deb tried to lift her crotch higher to increase the pulling on her clit shield and her nipples at the same time. The horse cock drove into her ass at a new angle and shards of stabbing pain combined to help her body achieve the push it needed to reach that last peak.

She was going to cum now, there was no stopping it. Deb jerked and wiggled to build towards that pleasure as quickly as she could before the first spasm of orgasm began. She squeezed her elongated nipples and screamed from the self-torture that she imposed on her own body. She opened her eyes and looked back under her body as the first waves of pleasure hit her. She shook violently as the horse suddenly stopped.

Deb watched as the horse hunched his back quarters and suddenly lunged forward with all his might. The bulbous end of the horse’s cock rocketed so quickly up her ass she never felt it until it stopped its 18-inch journey. She felt as though she was weightless and the only reason that she wasn’t floating to the top of the barn was the cables attached to her tits and the long, thick skewer in her ass. Deb was sure that the back half of her body was being lifted by the incredible jerking of the horse’s cock as it emptied it’s entire load deep up into her contracting bowels.

Deb’s ass jerked with every contraction of the horse’s thick cock. The cables pulled painfully on her clit shield and over stretched breasts until the pain was almost too much to bear. Deb open eyes looked down and saw her husband’s face below her crotch. Horse jiz was pumping from her ass and spraying in every direction in huge squirts. Deb jerked the leash up slightly.

“Open your fucking mouth,” She screamed at her husband. Mike raised his head looked at his wife not understanding what she had said. Deb pulled on the leash and Mike opened his mouth with a scream. “Open your fucking mouth and keep it open. If you don’t I’m going to pull these balls up until I can bite them off one by one.” Mike closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

The horse cock, finally satisfied with Deb’s ass, retreated from the confines of the gaping wet den. When it pulled out it fell down and just missed Mike’s head as it stopped and hung a foot off the barn floor. Deb was able to adjust her position now and she aimed as best she could. As she let her ass hole relax large amounts of horse cum glopped out onto her husband’s face and mouth.

Mike spit and closed his mouth until Deb, watching and anticipating, pulled on the strap hard enough to cause Mike to screamed in agony. As Mike’s mouth opened his screams were choked by the thick milky liquid that totally filled his mouth and throat.

“Well I guess the horse is finished with you both,” cane a voice from the stall. Jeff was squatting to one side unfastening the cable restraints to Deb’s tits. “I brought up two of your children and just finished putting them in the stall on the other side of the barn. Thought you two would like to watch them. Mike, I’m afraid I’ll have to use this ball gag on you. Nothing personal, but your an ass wipe and I don’t want you spoiling all your families fun.”

Jeff cut the clip to Deb’s dildo and replaced it with a thicker and longer one. The new shiny metal cock was 2 inches thick and 10 inches long. It weighted almost two pounds. It slid easily into his sister’s ass and Jeff slapped her butt cheeks hard, forcing her to instinctively squeeze her colon and hold it inside her ass. “We might have to get you a bigger one if this one falls out.” Jeff released Deb from the rails and helped her stand. “Hang onto to you husband’s leash while we walk over and spy on your children sis. I don’t think he’s going to give you any trouble though.”

“Jeff, can you unlock my cunt lips please. I need so badly to put something inside my cunt,” Deb pleaded with her brother. “O.K. Sis,” Jeff said as he turned Deb around, bent her over at the waist, and forced her spread her legs and thighs.

Jeff took the old dildo from his pocket and squatted down behind his sister’s exposed ass and cunt. He dialed the combination to the lock and removed it. He pressed the tip of the metal dildo against her opening and pushed upward. He continued until the entire dildo was completely inside her cunt and pushing painfully against the one in her ass.

Deb’s legs trembled as she felt the large smooth dildo enter her womb. She felt her cunt entrance close about the shaft at the base. Then she felt her brother pull her cunt lips back together and lock them again. “OH NOOO” she thought. As she walked out of the stall the two dildos vibrated against each other and Deb swooned at the feelings running through her constantly sex-craving body.

Chapter 10

The three walked over to the large stall across the barn, Mike being lead by the leash attached to his balls. Deb looked over the gate and saw her 16-year-old daughter Cathy, squatting down in front of her 14- year-old brother Bobby. Cathy had her brother’s cock in her mouth and both hands busy in her own crotch. Her left hand was between her legs pumping the dildo in and out of her snatch while her left hand was behind her with two fingers stuck up inside her ass hole.

Deb watched her daughter and son moaning and moving and her own hand instantly went to her pussy lips to rub. Jeff opened the gate and walked toward Deb’s son and daughter. He pulled the beautiful 16-year- old to her feet and led her by her arm to the back wall of the stall. The back wall had two padded 2×4’s sticking out 8 inches long. Where they were attached to the wall and about 12 inches apart. They were braced underneath the ends with two other 2×4’s at a 45-degree angle back to the floor. Jeff turned Cathy around so that her back was to the wall and sat her on the 2×4’s.

It was much like a chair without a seat. The bottom of Cathy’s thighs and ass cheeks rested on the boards and the legs below the knees hung down from the ends. Jeff pushed her shoulders back against the barn wall between two large rings. He hooked one end of a thick strap into the ring at Cathy’s left side. Jeff pulled the strap around her left forearm, across the top her breasts, causing them to squish out under the strap, across her right forearm, then hooked it in the large ring at her right side. He pulled the buckle tight until the girl’s breasts looked ready to rupture from under the strap.

Jeff walked over to the wooden box by the gate and lifted out what looked like a 3 foot long box with a motor attached and two bicycle peddles sticking out the sides. The top had two holes at the far end away from the pedals. Jeff placed the device on the floor between Cathy’s legs. He pushed the long box under her ass until it hit the barn wall. He lifted each of the young girl’s feet and strapped them to the pedals. He walked back to the wooden box and removed two dildos attached to two long metal shafts.

Taking the dildos over to Cathy he reached under the bound girl and pulled out the silver dildo from her cunt. Cathy groaned as Jeff let it dangle between her legs and pull on her nipple rings. Jeff placed one dildo at the entrance to Cathy’s cunt and pushed it all the way up inside the young girl. When it was in as far as it could go, Jeff took the second dildo and pushed it in her ass until it also stopped. Jeff then pushed the two dildos up with such force that Cathy screamed as the pressure raised her ass up off the padded boards 6 inches.

Jeff had enough clearance now between the bottom ends of the long dildos and the top of the box. He rested the ends on the top of the box and the knocked them over to fall in the two holes in the top of the box. Cathy’s ass and thighs dropped back down to the padded boards. Her pleading screams stopped but her labored breaths continued as she adjusted herself on the two dildos in her body.

Jeff opened the side of the box and attached the ends of the dildos, sticking through the holes, to the mechanism inside. Cathy sat with wide eyes looking at her mother and father at the gate. She ground her crotch around in small circles on the two long objects in her body, making the chains attached to the silver dildo swing and pull her tits left and right.

Jeff squatted down at the side of the pedals. He grabbed one peddle, with Cathy’s foot attached, and moved the peddle around a circle. The two dildos pushed up and down in opposite directions into Cathy’s ass and cunt as the pedals made one complete circle and stopped. Jeff reached into his pocket, produced a tube of KY jelly and covered the surfaces of the dildos, not already inside the young girl. He turned the pedal several times and watched as the two dildos spread the lubrication into each tight cavity.

Jeff let go of the pedal and watched as Cathy slowly pumped the dildos in and out of her own body. Cathy looked wide-eyed at her mother leaning over the gate and watching her.

Deb didn’t seem to be able to keep her body from moving as she watched her daughter enjoying herself. Her hand was continually caressing her own cunt lips as much as it could around the lock.

Cathy increased the pace as the dildos in her kept up with the ever- increasing speed. Cathy groaned and grabbed onto her nipple chains. She pulled and tugged on them as her legs increased their speed once more.

Jeff watched the young girl enjoying herself and knew it was time for the next step. He took two wires from his pocket. Each long wire had an alligator clip at each end. Her fastened one end of each wire to Cathy’s nipple chains and stretched the wires out in front of the girl so she could watch. Jeff knelt down and stopped Cathy’s peddling. He hooked the other ends of the wires to the generator motor at the side of the box. He stood up and walked away from the young girl.

Cathy started peddling slowly, eager to get back to the pleasure her body had just starting to receiving, before she was stopped by Jeff. As she peddled she felt a tingling in her clit and nipples. It felt good and she moaned from the pleasure of the dildos and warm feeling. As she increased the speed of her peddling, the tingling changed to a prickling feeling and spread deeper into her breasts and crotch. Still nice and warm but she needed the dildos to move much faster to satisfy the cravings in her young frame.

Cathy pumped harder still on the pedals and suddenly was aware of the jolts of pain in her breasts and clit. She slowed slightly and noticed them diminish. She sped up and they became sharper and stronger. “NOOO PLEASSSSE. It won’t let me go fast,” Cathy cried as she kept up her medium pace on the pedals.

“You can go as fast as you want or as slow as you wish Cathy,” Jeff taunted her. “The faster you pump, the faster the shafts move inside you and satisfy the hunger in you loins. You have noticed also, that the faster you pump the more current is produced and sent to your clit and nipples. It’s an exciting feeling, pain and pleasure mixed together into one, Cathy. This is a test of your womanhood. Are you a child in a woman’s frame, or are you a real woman, with dominance over her own body. Pleasure has a limit. But combine it with pain, and the amount of pleasure your body is capable of receiving is virtually limitless. Use the pain to reach a higher elevation. Become a true woman Cathy!” Jeff stood by the gate as he watched The young girl struggling with her bodies raging desires.

Cathy couldn’t stand it any more. Her body was so hot and the dildos were not going fast enough to satisfy her increasingly wicked needs. She peddled faster as her nipples burned and her clit started to ache. She drove her legs on and on as the throbbing increased in her clit and her breasts shook with the current running through them. She squeezed against the dildos and was rewarded with more pain from the friction.

“YESSSSSssss.” She screamed. “OOOOHHH YESSSS.” Cathy felt as though somehow there was a wire running within her body connected her clit and nipples. The current made her nipples and clit pulse and flare at the both at the same time. She felt so immoral, thinking what she must look like, from her mom and dad’s eyes. Her legs forcing the dildos into her body. The chains and rings were piercing her private areas. And everything exposed to both mom and dad, her brother Bobby, and Jeff her new Uncle.

Jeff walked over to Bobby who was stroking his ringed cock and balls, watching his sister ride the machine and fuck herself. He led him over to where his sister, and had Bobby straddle his sisters legs and the 2×4’s they rested on. Cathy’s face was level with her brother’s cock. Bobby immediately fed his cock to his sister’s open mouth. “FUUUCCCKKIINNGG SHIT.” Bobby screamed as Cathy sucked so hard that it hurt his hard erect cock.

Bobby had been almost ready to cum just watching his older sister. And now he could feel the stirring building up in his groin. He leaned both hands against the barn wall above his sister’s head and pumped his hips in and out of Cathy’s wet, warm mouth.

Bobby started cumming and screamed as the head of his bound cock throbbed inside his sister’s lips. He felt his balls swell and his cock jerk but nothing seemed to happen. The tight ring at the base of his cock slowed his ejaculation to a dribble. His balls fought to expel his seed and his sister tried to suck it through the tip, but Bobby felt only pain and anguish. He kept pumping in and out of the tight lips of his sister as he continued to dry cum forever. He screamed with pain, but refused to stop. His nuts swelled enormously and throbbed against the rings that held them tight.

Cathy sucked and chewed on her brother’s cock as he pounded it into her throat and bruised her lips with his pelvis. Thinking of what she was doing, and of all those eyes watching her mechanically masturbate herself while sucking her brother’s cock, turned her on even more than she already was. The rhythm of the dildos was bringing her towards a massive orgasm. She could feel it starting between her legs as a dull spasm now. She peddled faster, while the increasing pain flooded her young form. As the current reached higher and higher levels she started to howl as her body shook with her little brother’s cock still in her mouth.

Bobby’s cock continued to throb in time with his nuts. The screaming vibrations from his sister’s throat rattled against his cock head in her throat and vibrated his hard shaft down to the tight ring at its base.

Cathy knew there was nothing that was going to stop her now. She didn’t care if the electricity sparking her body incinerated her. She was going to cum no matter what, and she was almost there. Cathy gave one last immense effort to pumping her legs and was rewarded with an excruciating peak for her efforts. She shook as the first wave rolled through her body. Her mouth gaped without sound as her brother continued to use it for his pleasure.

Cathy’s legs cramped but still continued to work the dildos at a slower and jerkier pace. Spasm after spasm attacked her young body in seizures that took control of her every muscle.

Bobby’s cock still continued to dribble with every jerk of his balls. Finally tired from leaning against the wall Bobby stood up straight and pumped his own cock with his fist. His cum dripped on his sister’s crotch and ran down between her legs. The boy’s pain was subsiding now, but Bobby couldn’t believe how long he had continued to cum, pain or no pain.

Both children were exhausted. Bobby staggered over to the wall and slid to the floor. Cathy, her eyes closed and her head hanging down to her chest, continued to force the dildos in and out at a relaxed pace, refusing to stop.

Deb was so proud of her daughter and son. They looked so devilish with their new body Jewelry. She was a little jealous of Cathy’s gorgeous body, and the way it looked so tight when she climaxed. Deb was excited again and ready for more. Her children were too exhausted, her husband wasn’t any help. “Jeff! Yes Where was her brother Jeff?” She turned to look for her brother. She found Jeff standing behind her with her two other children.

Without speaking, Jeff turned and walked them to another stall, opened the gate and took them in. Deb led her husband by the leash attached to his balls, down to the stall she had seen Jeff take her children. She got to the closed gate and leaned on the top rail to watch.

Jeff had positioned the petite 12 year old Anna, on her knees, bend over a saddle that stood on two posts in the middle of the stall. Jeff attached small cables to the wristbands on the little girl arms and clipped them to the bottom of the posts. He then wrapped bands above the girl’s knees and pulled them apart, forcing the little girl’s knees to spread wide.

Anna laid bent in half on the saddle, her legs and arms spread wide and bound in place . Deb was surprised to see the ring running through the skin, between her daughter’s virgin cunt and ass hole. She reached down to her own body and rubbed the same area. Deb moaned at the feeling the rubbing produced on that tender area.

“What are you going to do to me?” Anna asked with a little fear in her voice. “Are you going to have sex with me? Will it hurt?” Jeff didn’t answer. He turned and left the stall. Anna pulled at her bonds and struggled to get up.

Jeff returned with the dog and told Rex to “Sit!” in back of Anna’s exposed ass and cunt. Jeff walked around the saddle and looked at Anna’s long hair hanging down toward the floor. She turned her head sideways and looked at Jeff, questioning him with big blue eyes.

Jeff squatted and spoke to Anna. “I have heard the same incredible tale, by every female that lost her virginity to a dog. It is said, that something special happens to the woman. From the moment the dog takes a woman’s’ virginity, I spoils her for human cock. It doesn’t matter how large a man’s cock is, or how long it is, it just isn’t enough any more,” Jeff retold Anna the tails he had heard over and over again during his training in Japan. He turned to the dog and raised his voice. “Rex Lick!”

Jeff continued his tale to Anna. “They speak of legends, possibly some sort of chemical secreted by the dog’s cock, transforms them into a dog’s bitch for the rest of their lives. Some women tell of giving only their virgin ass to a dog, and from that day forward that ass belongs to the dog alone. Today Anna, were going to let my dog Rex, take your virgin ass AND your virgin pussy.”

Jeff stood and walked back to watch Rex busily lapping at the little girl’s cunt. “We will learn if the tales are true. I want to see if Rex, with one fuck in each hole, can spoil you for human cock for the rest of you life. From now on Anna, you will want only dog cocks. You will do anything to get a dog cock inside you. You will try to suck and fuck every dog cock you see, snub your nose at anything else.”

Anna’s 16-year-old brother Chris was standing to the side stroking his cock and watching the large dog lick at his sister’s cunt. Jeff turned to him and said, “Chris, when it’s time, I want you to help Rex get into your sisters tight cunt. After you have done that, you may use her face and mouth any way you wish. When Rex cums in her cunt, it will take a while for him to get hard again. When he does get hard once more, I want you to help him put his cock in Anna’s ass hole. Think you can do that?” Jeff asked.

“I can use her mouth while the dog fucks her?” Chris asked.

“You can use anything except her ass and cunt. After Rex has had each they will be sealed off with plugs to keep his seed inside for as long as possible. I want her desire for dog cock to be insatiable.” Jeff replied.

Anna was scared but ready. She had watched her older brothers’ and sister, and even her mom, fuck and have fun while she couldn’t. She felt Rex’s tongue lapping her pussy and ass and hoped sex would feel as good as his tongue. Each time Rex’s tongue dragged across the ring between her ass and cunt hole it sent a tingle up her spine. She felt the juices flowing inside her and knew her pussy lips were swelling with the excitement.

Anna had heard that it hurts when someone takes your cherry, at least that’s what her friend had told her when her friend’s dad broke it for her. But her friend told her that, “after that it feels great to have sex!”

Anna considered trying her friend’s vibrator once but chickened out. Now she had no choice. She would learn what it was like to have sex at last. She had seen how Rex had made her sister very excited and how her mother had wanted Rex to fuck her in the ass. Yes she was ready. But she was scared most of all.

Jeff was waiting till Rex’s licking had Anna extremely excited. He turned to Deb and said, “Deb, I’ll hold on to your husband for a while. Why don’t you go get Rex ready to fuck Anna’s pussy.”

Deb quickly handed the leash to her brother and opened the gate to the stall. She knelt down at Rex’s side and looked under the dog belly. Rex’s red cock was just starting to poke out of his massive sheaf. Deb rolled on her side and wiggled under the dog. She reached up and rubbed the sheaf with both hands. She lifted her head and wrapped her tongue around the tiny point sticking out.

Rex felt the woman’s tongue on the tip of his dick and licked the little girl faster. He tried hard to poke the end of his tongue into the little hole that was leaking the nectar he found irresistible. He smelled the special aroma that only seemed to come with little girls. His cock was growing and it would only be a matter of time now till his master gave him the command to take the little girl bitch.

Deb heard her daughter moan as she listened to the slurping sounds of the dog’s tongue on her daughter’s crack. As Anna’s moaning increased with each lick the dog made. Jeff walked to the side of Anna’s head and lifted her face to look in her eyes. “Anna,” Jeff said. “When you’re ready I want you to beg me to let the dog fuck you.” Jeff told the little girl. “I know you can feel the pleasure of his tongue on your pussy. The pleasure of having his cock in your pussy is ten times better,” Jeff coaxed the little girl.

Jeff pushed his hand between Rex’s tongue and Anna’s ass and pulled hard on the ring. Anna screamed from the sudden and unexpected pain. All the pleasure she had built up in her body the last few minutes, was gone within a second. Rex’s tongue starting its lapping again and Anna moaned as it slurped and licked the tender area around the ring.

Anna wiggled her hips and soon returned to the point she was before. She felt so good she thought she could just let Rex lick her to orgasm like her brother had done to her with his tongue. She was breathing hard and enjoying Rex’s tongue when another sharp pain brought her all the way back to the beginning again.

Frustrated Anna began squirming against the Rex’s tongue. She tried to push her pussy lips hard against his snout to satisfy her body’s needs. She started encouraging the dog by talking to it. At first she was embarrassed, what with everyone watching, but the incredible feelings shivering through her young body took control and she called out to the dog.

“That feels so good Rex. Yes! Lick me harder, please Rex!” Rex knew the sounds of encouragement and nipped at her pussy lips. “Ohh Rex, stick your tongue in my pussy. Lick between my pussy lips. Yess! Harder! Yesss!” Anna screamed to the dog. Anna didn’t feel Jeff’s hand reach her ass but felt the sharp pain to her tender region as he pulled hard on the ring, and this time held it without letting go.

Anna almost cried. She was so close. Her cunt wanted something to satisfy it. In her delirious state she thought she would die of she didn’t cum soon. The pain caused by ring made her pussy open and close uncontrollably. She felt like she was cumming but not cumming. Her body was shaking but it craved for that something deep inside that just wasn’t there.

Suddenly Anna wanted to get fucked. She didn’t care any more she wanted the dog’s cock in her. “Jeff, its O.K. You can let him do it,” Anna whispered to her uncle. Jeff let go of the ring and asked Anna, “What Anna, I didn’t hear what you said, can you say it again?” Jeff grabbed the ring and pulled it hard again.

The pain from the ring reverberated through the little girl’s body and she almost bounced up and down on the saddle. “You can let the dog do it now,” Anna screamed.

“Anna. If you want to have Rex fuck your pussy, then you have to beg me nicely to let him do it.” Jeff told her as he kept constant pressure on the ring. Rex was still licking the girl’s pussy around his master’s hand and Anna was going crazy with the mixed feelings in her groin.

“Please Jeff, let Rex put his thing in me!” Anna pleaded.

“Anna if you want Rex to fuck your pussy then your going to have to say the words and say them loud enough that I can hear it!” Jeff scolded the little girl. Anna didn’t say anything. Jeff felt her ass wiggle slightly as the feelings of pleasure returned to her body. Jeff pulled harder on the ring and said, “I can’t hear you say anything Anna, don’t you want Rex to fuck you.”

Anna screamed as Jeff pulled hard on the ring. Suddenly Anna could think of nothing else but the dog fucking her. “Yesss. Pleeese Jeff. Please let the dog fuck my pussy. Plesssse let him fuck me!”

“Very well Anna, if that is what you want.” Jeff let go of the ring. He nudged Deb to stop her sucking on the dog’s fully extended cock and helped her stand up. “Chris, It’s time to help Rex,” Jeff spoke as he walked Deb back out the gate. She noticed that her daughter Cathy and her son Bobby were leaning on the gate watching. Bobby had his hand on his sister’s cunt and Cathy had her hand on her brother’s cock. “What a great family!” Deb thought.

She untied the leash from the high hook Jeff had placed it on and prepared to watch her daughter. She wondered how many mothers’ got the chance to watch their daughters’ loose their virginity. She wondered how many mothers’ got to watch their daughters’ loose their virginity to a dog! “This is so exciting,” Deb said. “The entire family gets to watch little Anna get her first fuck!” Deb reached her hand down to her daughter Cathy’s ass and removed the plug. She let it drop on the chains and wiggled four of her fingers into Cathy’s ass hole. Cathy squirmed and pushed against her mother’s fingers, and the hand of her brother on her cunt.

“Yep! This is a fabulous family!” Deb said to her daughter, and her daughter moaned back, “Ohh Mom, It’s so fucking great I can’t stand it!”

Deb and her daughter looked back towards little Anna when they heard Jeff shout, “Rex, Fuck!”

Rex pulled his snout away from the girl bitch’s cunt. He looked at his master as his tongue swiped his nose and jowls. He wined and crouched down slightly before jumping up to place his front paws onto the saddle, each side of little Anna’s small body. Stepping with his back feet he moved forward onto the back of his little girl bitch. His hindquarters started jerking as his enormous cock poked at Anna’s still wet pussy lips.

Chris was at the side of his sister and the dog. He reached between them and got hold of the thick vibrating cock. It slid through his fingers as he tried to position it at his sister’s virgin entrance. Chris watched as the point of the huge cock poked at the small quivering hole. He watched the tip sink in and then pull back out only to sink in a quarter inch again.

Rex was finding his mark. Once the correct location was felt, experience had taught him to try a few times before slamming home. Not for the bitch’s protection but for his own. Too many times he had thought he had the mark and slammed his tender prick into something solid.

Rex was ready. His haunches moved back and he slammed forward, Digging into the saddle with his front paws, and pulling with all his animal strength. Rex hit the mark perfectly. His thick cock bore into the tight hole less than half its incredible length. He quickly started moving in small quick jabs in and out of the warm confines of his bitch’s tight cunt. When he felt his cock becoming slick, he pulled out a half inch and immediately slammed his hindquarters forward again. Rex pulled with his front legs and started his quick jabs in and out of his girl bitch once more.

Anna had felt the tip of Rex’s cock hit the entrance of her pussy, and leave several times. The feeling of it excited her so much she could think of nothing except getting the rest of it inside her. Without warning, something that felt like a knife had been pushed up her cunt. She screamed, “NOOOO! Stop it. Stop it! Get it out! STOPPPP!” Her body was tense and she contracted her cunt muscles, thinking she could force the cock out by strength. She screamed again begging for someone to stop the dog from doing this to her.

Anna heard her mother scream, “Fuck her Rex! Fuck the little bitch hard!” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Was all lost? Couldn’t they understand that something was wrong! This was hurting so badly that something must be wrong. At least she thought it was hurting. The pain was subsiding. There was a terrible burning, but the unbearable pain seemed to be gone.

Anna felt Rex pull back slowly and shove forward again. “Noooo !” she screamed as the pain returned. “No..oo..oo,” she sobbed. Anna noticed that the sharp pain was leaving quicker than it had the first time. The burning was back but Anna could tell it was going away too. She felt the sudden quick jabs of the cock trying to get further into her body. The fire at the entrance to her hole was less now. She could feel the cock inside her pussy’s entrance, and rubbing against the skin inside her pussy. It felt good rubbing her like that.

Anna felt the tip of the dog cock tickle the back of her tiny womb. She could still feel the burning of her pussy’s entrance hole as it continued to stretch wider and wider. The picture of the dog’s cock fucking her sister’s ass exploded in her mind. She realized that the dog’s cock wasn’t even half way in her pussy. She started to squirm but that only made it burn more. Anna laid still and waited for what she knew would come.

Rex continued jabbing. His cock pushing to gain further entrance into the tight orifice. He stepped forward and pushed upwards with his hind legs. He felt the largest part of his cock slip past the entrance to his bitch and he paused as it slowly squeezed itself further inside.

Anna bit her bottom lip as she felt the cock expand the small area of her womb. She felt terribly full and stretched inside. She didn’t think the rest of Rex’s cock would fit in. Her cunt was almost bursting from the large cock now. It seemed to fill her completely. It was feeling very good now rubbing against her insides.

“Ohhh Rex, you feel good,” Anna swooned. She felt someone grab her by her hair and lift her head. She opened her eyes to see her brother kneeling in front of her face. She opened her mouth to scream, but instead felt her brother’s cock slip past her lips and into her mouth.

Anna’s screams around her brother’s cock were muffled, as it filled her lips and blocked the back of her throat. The cock pulled out to her lips and pushed slowly back in. It rubbed along her tongue as it moved in and out of her mouth. Anna closed her eyes and took short breaths through her nose.

She concentrated on the cock that was now plunging in and out of her backside. Anna felt it pushing the back wall of her insides, gaining more and more entrance with each stroke. She wanted it all in her now. She felt like a sex machine with the dog cock in her pussy and her brother’s cock in her mouth.

Rex was pumping for all he was worth. Anna’s body was building with intense emotions that it had never dreamed of before. Rex and her brother had gotten into a rhythm, and she felt like there was just one continuous cock was running from her cunt to her mouth. She was screaming with pleasure onto her brother’s cock as Chris tried to keep pace with the speed of the dog.

Anna knew she was going to cum. Something big was going to happen. Electric chills kept building higher and higher inside her body. She wondered how high they would get before they exploded.

Anna didn’t have to wait long. Title waves of pleasure erupted from inside her belly. They rippled out from her crotch, spreading until they reached every tip of her body and then started rolling back to where they came from. New waves began rolling outward and collided with the returning ones igniting from their collision and shaking her whole body.

Over and over again they cycled through her frame and then, what had seemed like an endless labored joy started to subside. Suddenly, Anna felt the cock in her pussy vibrate and swell larger. Her pussy started to cum all over again as Rex flooded her with his seed. Hot, flaming liquid, burst from the stuffed entrance of her cunt, as it spewed from the dog’s balls and filled the little girl’s belly beyond it’s capacity. Anna moaned around her brother’s cock again. She heard her brother tell her to, “take my sperm,” and opened her eyes as she felt the slippery liquid spurt onto her tongue. She sucked on the end of the cock as it moved slowly in and out of her lips. Dribbles of her brother’s sperm came continually from the tip and she swirled her tongue around the end to collect and swallow it all.

Chris groaned with the burning pain in his cock and balls. He put his hand around the base, squeezed and pumped it forward to force the sperm to move faster. The tip of his cock felt like it was dry heaving. He tried everything but only very small amounts moved past the ring on his dick. He felt his balls pumping and pumping with unending agony, the head of his cock longed for that burst through its length. The feeling of that final acceleration from the base to the tip. It never came, and never would again.

Chris fucked his cock into his little sisters mouth for 10 minutes while dribbling continuously until all his sperm was finally delivered to his sister’s greedy tongue. His cock was sore and tired, but amazingly still very hard.

Finally appeased Rex pulled out of his bitch and went over to a corner to lick his well-satisfied cock. Anna knew she had been fucked royally and she couldn’t wait till the next time. She was only a little sore, and thought, “Just a little rest and then I think I want to do it again.” She turned her head to search for Rex but from her position he was no where to be seen. She wanted to hug him and hold him, but it would have to wait till latter.

Jeff walked up and shoved a small plug into Anna’s cunt. He slapped her ass hard and left Anna on the saddle as he left the stall.

Chapter 11

Jeff grabbed Cathy by her arm as he left the stall, turned her to face a post and bent her forward.

Deb heard a scream of pleasure and turned toward her daughter. She was bent forward with her arms wrapped around a post, her upper torso parallel to the floor, and her ass pushed back into Jeff’s groin. Jeff was slapping her cheeks as he hammered his huge cock into her abused ass, the dildo still in her gushing cunt.

“Spank MEEE ! YES. Harder! HARDER ! YESS !” Cathy screamed not caring who heard her. “Fuck me. Fuck my ASS ! YESS !” She continued to shout as she looked back into Jeff’s eyes. As Jeff pounded her ass, Cathy could feel his cock bouncing off the large hard dildo in her cunt. Each time Jeff’s cock hit against it, Cathy felt the vibrations and heard it chime in her head. She wanted it all, and she wanted it now.

Cathy pushed back away from the post to match each thrust of Jeff’s cock. Jeff was ramming his cock into the girl’s ass hard and fast. He reached around and found the chains attached to the dildo and her pert nipples. Pulling on the chains he tugged them back as they brought Cathy’s nipples with them. With one hand he slapped her ass, while with the other he jerked her nipple chains.

Deb couldn’t stand it. As she watched Jeff with her daughter, she worked the large dildo in and out of her expanded ass hole. She wiggled her body and pulled on her nipples and squeezing them hard.

She was holding her husband’s leash in her teeth with her hands busy at her breasts and ass. She gave a hard tug on the leash, by jerking her head and turned him from watching his daughter and Jeff to face her. “Down on the ground! Quick!” Deb ordered her husband as she took the leash out of her mouth.

Mike immediately went to the floor on his back. Deb stood over him with her feet on each side of his upper chest. She knelt down with her ankles pinning his shoulders to the floor and her shins and thighs on each side of his face. She removed his ball gag and threw it to one side. She reached between her ass cheeks and pulled the plug out of her gaping ass hole. She crawled forward on her knees, leaned back and shoved her ass onto her husband’s lips.

“Open you fucking mouth and put your tongue inside my ass,” she said but Mike refused and turned his head to the side.

“I’ll show his sorry ass that he better learn to obey me,” Deb thought to herself.

Deb got to her feet, turned around and sat on her husband’s stomach. With his hands still fastened to the collar around his neck he could do nothing but lay on the ground and look at his wife’s back. Deb reached down to her husband’s balls, still in the sling ends of the leash. She took one ball in each hand and rubbed it around with her fingers and thumb, gently.

Mike moaned with the sensation of his wife’s affection. He tried to move his hips upwards as the feeling spread through his groin.

“Mike Darling,” Deb said to her husband. “You know I’ve always wondered something. I know that a man’s balls have sperm in them all the time. Sometimes, at night, I use to wonder, if I could make you cum just by squeezing your balls. I mean if your balls are really full of sperm, then if I squeeze them hard enough the sperm should come out your little cock. Right? Deb asked her husband not expecting a answer.

Mike was panicking. “NO Deb, don’t do that, it doesn’t work that way. Please Deb. I’ll do whatever you want. Please !” Mike continued to plead with his wife. He couldn’t see her face, or see what she was doing. He could only feel his balls being caressed in her hands. He was vulnerable, and he knew it.

Deb used her left hand to wrapped her thumb and fingers around her husband’s ball sack squeezing both balls to the end of her husband’s sack. With her right hand she took the extended balls and rubbed them around lightly. Deb continued to talk to her husband and she continued moving his balls around like large marbles in a sack.

“I know after seeing you daughters’ being fucked and sucked you need some relief. Your little dick is all hard and throbbing and needs so bad to cum,” Deb said as she squeezed a little harder on the balls in her hand. “I want to help but if I put your sore dick in my mouth, I know it will hurt you as sore as it looks. Look at all those scabs and sores on that little bitsy dick.”

Deb heard her husband scream as she squeezed his balls and rubbed them around with her hand. She smiled at the screams and continued to talk to him. “So I’m going to rub and squeeze your balls until I release out all those little sperms that want to get out.” Deb let go of his sack and took one of her husband’s nuts in each hand. “Lets see how long and painful it is to make you cum this way.”

Deb cupped her two hands together around the sack and balls and rubbed them against each other. Mike screamed at the top of his lungs for her to stop. Deb ground her husband’s balls with her hands as she smiled at her husband’s screams. She watched as his cock got harder and felt her husband’s balls swell in size.

Meanwhile, Jeff had finished emptying his sperm into Cathy’s ass and walked over to where Mike was screaming from Deb’s crushing hands. The whole family gathered around, except for Anna still bound to the saddle, to see if mom could really squeeze the cum out of dad’s balls.

Deb compressed her hands as hard as she could and rubbed them together making the balls roll and press against each other. She rubbed her hands faster and faster pressing her palms together as hard as she could.

The pain in Mike’s groin was horrendous. His screams had stopped while his mouth and chest still went through the motions of making sound. Suddenly he felt his balls jump. He WAS going to cum! They jumped again and again.

Deb was amazed to see the sperm fire, like a hose, out of her husband’s dick. It shot straight up and splashed on her chest. It shot again and splashed her stomach. Again and again the sperm unloaded from Mike’s dick as Deb squeezed extremely hard and forced spurt after spurt to hit her body and drip onto her husband’s crotch.

Deb dropped her husband’s balls and got up off his stomach. Mike curled into a ball unable to put his hands between his legs. Holding his thighs together tight in an effort to protect his already abused privates.

“WOW MOM!” Cathy said as she looked at her mother’s cum drenched body. “You really did squeeze out all dad’s sperm!” Deb looked at the amount of her husband’s sperm dripping off her body and said, “I think this is the most your father has ever cum. I think he must have enjoyed it.”

Jeff left the family standing in the middle of the barn and went back to the stall where Anna was still secured over the saddle. Rex was sitting and looking at Anna’s exposed ass. Rex knew, that as long as the “fuck bitch” remained, after being fucked, that he would have a chance to fuck her again. Knowing this helped keep him semi-hard and ready.

Jeff leaned over and spit on Anna’s ass. He took his fingers and rubbed the spit on the half-dried dog cum. He scraped it from Anna’s still red pussy lips up to her ass hole. He pushed his finger in the girl’s ass and worked it around.

Anna woke when she felt the finger enter her ass. Instinctively her ass hole contracted against the intruder. She felt it move and wiggle around and relaxed when she realized that it didn’t hurt. In fact it felt pretty exciting moving in and out of her ass like that. Anna felt it withdraw, then rub the lips to her pussy, and then slide back into her ass.

Anna could sense the feeling beginning to stir in her groin again. She tried to move her ass back and capture more of the invader. It withdrew and reentered, only with a friend this time. Anna felt her ass hole stretch wider to accommodate the extra finger. It felt good with two fingers but it didn’t excite her as much as Rex’s cock did before.

“OHHH Jeff!” Anna said. “Can Rex fuck me in my ass now?” Anna asked. “It was wonderful last time. Can we do it in my ass now? Jeff smiled and called Rex over.

“Do you love dog cock Anna? Jeff asked as he continued to widen her ass with three fingers now. “Wouldn’t you rather have one of your brothers’ cocks in you Anna?

Anna thought about it for a moment. Somehow it just didn’t excite her to think about having her brothers’ cocks in her ass. Only the thought of the dog cock pumping inside her body made goose bumps run up and down her back. “No! Please Jeff. I want Rex to fuck me. Please, just Rex!. I want to feel him real far inside me again. Please let him, PLEASE JEFF!”

Jeff removed the three fingers from the girl’s ass. He stepped aside and called Chris over again to help Rex get it in the right hole. “Rex, Fuck,” Jeff called out as he backed away from Anna, towards the open gate.

Hearing the words from his master Rex was ready. He mounted his girl bitch and punched away with short strokes searching for the opening with the tip of his cock. Chris lifted the cock slightly and guided it towards his sister’s ass. Rex felt the tip against the slippery entrance a few times and knew he was home again.

Anna tried to relax, like she had when Jeff’s fingers were in her ass, but each time the tip of Rex’s cock hit her ass hole it tightened up and closed. Anna decided to push her bowels open like she was taking a shit and let Rex get his cock inside. She was afraid that Rex would get hurt if her ass wasn’t open enough and if he did get hurt, she might have to have one of her brothers’ fuck her ass. “No! It has to be Rex’s cock,” she thought.

Anna felt the dog’s cock enter into her ass a few inches. She sensed the dog stepping forward as he held his cock tip in her opening. Then Anna felt the short strokes beginning to push the cock further inside with each thrust. Her ass hole was burning like her cunt, but different. As the cock moved inward with each lunge of the dog’s hips, Anna felt as though her ass hole was going to split open.

Anna gritted her teeth and screamed. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGG” And then the entire length of dog cock slipped into her ass filling her bowels fully. Anna’s ass hole closed around the base of the cock and she felt the dog’s legs as they knocked her ass cheeks. She tensed as Rex started hammering his long rapid strokes with unending stamina.

The 12-year-old Anna relaxed as the tingling feelings returned to her body and the pain was gone and forgotten. She pushed back with each pump of the dog’s long cock. It was an unbelievable feeling to have all of that long thick dog cock completely inside her again. Anna could feel the thick part in the middle and the tip poking at the still unexplored part of her bowels.

It rubbed and pulsed in her ass until Anna could no longer hold back. She screamed for Rex to fuck her harder, faster, more. She loved the dog more than anything else in the world. “Yess Rex, love my ass. Fuck me with your cock. Don’t ever stop. Never stop Rex!” Anna came, over and over again. When one orgasm stopped another began. Then her little body went limp over the saddle.

Jeff noticed that Anna had passed out from the pleasure of Rex’s cock before Rex had a chance to spill his seed. “Never mind,” He thought. From what he had seen he was starting to believe in the tales the women had told him about dogs. Jeff noticed Rex slow his pumping and saw the cum leaking out of Anna’s ass.

It took only a few minutes for Rex to pull out of the girl bitch and when he did Jeff popped in another plug to keep the sperm inside the child.

It was night already. Jeff took the family back down to the cellar and put them all in one room. They could play with each other all night as far a Jeff was concerned. Tomorrow morning he would separate them and forbid them from any kind of gratification. He would sexually taunt and tease their deprived bodies all day, then finally, he would unleash them on his unsuspecting Aunt Martha and Uncle Joe.

Jeff expected Joe and Martha be back around five P.M tomorrow evening. He could hardly wait for them to get a load of the “REAL JOHNSON FAMILY”. Jeff could just picture the shocked look on his Aunt and Uncle’s faces as they watched their precious moral family, fucking each other and everything else within reach. Jeff was pleased with his plan and the training. Tomorrow he would reap his well-deserved rewards.

Part Three

Chapter 12

Jeff sat very still at the kitchen table, his coffee cup poised at his bottom lip, staring at the kitchen window that looked out toward the barn. His eyes stared at the morning’s gentle breeze, hypnotically swaying of the tall stalks of wheat, but his mind was incapable of registering anything past the dirty window panes. He sat there with elbows on the wood table, immobile, unable to return to reality. Like a horror movie, scenes from years of physical and mental torture were reflected back in the panes of window glass across the dark kitchen. It was the same every morning, and would be, for the rest of his life.

Jeff awakened from his trance by the phone ringing in the foyer. It was Martha and Joe just calling to say they expected to be home tonight around five. Martha mentioned that she could hardly wait to cook her own meals again after a week of living on restaurant food. If Jeff wanted to wait, Martha said she would cook a late dinner when she got home. Jeff agreed, good byes and pleasantries exchanged, as each hung up their respective phones.

Jeff now switched his concentration to the current stage of sexual training he was wreaking on his sister and her once innocent family. The initial training period was over. He had succeeded in turning his sister Deb and her two daughters, into cock lusting whores, and her two boys into sexual servants. He wished he had a few more days to train, but they would be ready by tonight.

When the training had begun, Jeff’s idea was to separate the family and sell each as sex slaves to the highest bidders. Unfortunately, the training went too well. He now realized that he could never find a buyer that would be interested in the sexual sluts the three females had become. Jeff was not bothered by this, money was not the type of pay back he was interested in. Vengeance was the driving force, and that sweet taste of revenge would be his tonight.

It had taken him most of the night to clean the house for Aunt Martha and Uncle Joe’s return. Most everything was complete, with the exception of a few adjustments needed to get Deb’s family ready by 5:00 P.M..

Jeff walked back to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, got out the two dozen eggs and proceeded to make breakfast for his captives. He thought of what he had to do today, as he scrambled the eggs for the Johnson family’s morning meal. The eggs were still runny when he added a yellow powder and mixed it thoroughly in the sizzling pan.

The chemical was tasteless and odorless. It was designed to produce a unique balance between extreme burning and itching within the female’s sex organs. He knew from prior experience that the mixture’s irresistible effect could drive a woman mad with desire. The only relief to the unrelenting effects was to insert an object into the craving orifice, and rub hard and fast. A pure dosage was administered only with the subject had been secured, to prevent them from harming themselves, by the self insertion of sharp objects.

Insertion of extremely thick and large objects, was the reason Jeff was using the deluded mixture today, laced with a small amount of cocaine. While the cocaine would heighten the effects of the drug on the female, it caused the subject to be more prone to the acceptance of inflicted pain. It also made the drugs effects last a little longer.

Jeff had witnessed the effects of this mixture when given to a woman for 12-hours straight. The beautiful woman, unrestrained in a warehouse, had fucked herself with every object she could find. That included seven men (that had given her the drug and their friends), two broom poles, miscellaneous tools. Ultimately, she had been chained to a column, for her own safety, and had resorted to using both of her fists.

This small dose mixed with the eggs, would begin to wear off in three hours and with only small residual amounts left in the body after four hours. “Just in time!” Jeff thought to himself. He intended to use a special drug for tonight. Tonight’s special drug, didn’t mix well with other drugs and could have a disastrous effect if combined.

Jeff loaded the food onto a tray, left the house and walked to the barn. When he reached the cellar door he balanced the large tray with one hand, opened the door, and walked quickly to the room he had put the entire family the night before. With the tray once again on his right hand, he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Everyone was asleep with the exception of Jeff’s sister Deb, who was on her knees, bent forward, moaning, as her hand slowly shoved the large silver dildo in and out of her ass.

“Deb, you are truly unusable!” Jeff said to his sister, as he placed the tray down, went back out the door, closed and locked it.

“There’s going to be three very horny females in that room once the drug takes effect,” Jeff thought as he smiled to himself and went about his morning farm chores.

The sun was up by the time Jeff had finished feeding and cleaning the animal’s and their stalls. He rechecked the devices he had set up late last night in the stalls and main isle of the barn one more time. He greased the poles on the “Impaler” in the middle of the barn before he went to get his first victim from the cellar below.

When Jeff opened the door again and stepped inside, he found the food gone and the entire family in one large, moaning, orgy slithering on the floor. He reached down and gave a jerk on the chains still attached to his sister’s nipples and ass dildo. Jeff pulled her from the group, by the chains. Deb screamed as she struggled to follow her brother’s lead as he pulled her through the door. Jeff stopped in the hallway to twist the lock closed, and then proceeded up to the barn with his moaning sister in tow.

Debs right hand was wrapped around her back and between her ass cheeks, trying to hold in the large dildo as they walked up the stairs toward the dimly lit barn. Deb’s ass had become permanently stretched open from the thicker and thicker dildos she was forced to wear. Each time Deb’s ass got use to the larger dildo in it, Jeff would replace it with an even thicker and longer one.

Over the past few day Deb’s ass had become so big that she could easily fit her fist into it. She had done just that, several times last night, but preferred the length of the dildo much more. The constant fucking of the thick dildo in and out of her ass had now made even this 3-inch diameter shaft too small to stay in her without help.

As they walked up the stairs Deb used her free hand to grope around her brother’s hips and try to unleash his cock. Deb could think of nothing else but holding, licking, sucking and fucking her brother’s cock. “If I can just get it out and suck it till it’s hard, then I can stuff it in my burning cunt,” thought Deb. Thinking only of the craving desire in her drugged body, Deb slid the tips of her fingers from her ass toward her pussy. “Ohhh, SHIT!” She moaned when she found the lock still on her swollen pussy lips. Deb pulled on the lock stretching her pussy lips and remembered how her brother had rendered her cunt unusable. Two days ago he had shoved a large dildo up her cunt and put a lock through the grommets he installed in her pussy lips. Two days of being unable to shove something inside her cunt. Two days of not being able to touch her clit, because of the clit shield her brother had sadistically installed, blocking any access to the sensitive nub. Deb moaned in frustration. Her body burned with the desire to touch her clit, to push her hand inside her dripping cunt hole.

Jeff pushed his sister’s hand away from his groin as he opened the door from the cellar to the barn.

“Jeff! Dear brother please! Fuck me now! I can’t stand it anymore. Please! You just have to unlock my pussy lips and fuck me, please Jeff. I’m so hot for your cock. My cunt’s on fire.” Deb pleaded with her brother as they walked from the cellar door to the middle of the barn. The craving deep inside her was driving her crazy. She didn’t just need something to fuck her hard, her body demanded it in every fibre of her being.

When Jeff stopped walking Deb looked up and stared wide eyed with fright, at the device that stood before her. Two metal bars were buried in the barn floor, four feet apart and 10 feet high. They were connected at the top by a metal crossbar. At the bottom there was a circular wooden platform 1-foot off the ground. The platform had three holes. Two of the holes, where the vertical metal poles stuck through, and one hole in the middle. Leather straps, nailed to the top of the platform secured the feet and forced the legs wide apart. The circular wooden platform sat on what looked like a large tractor tire, partially inflated.

Deb started working the dildo in and out of her ass harder and faster. She trying to angle it, against the dildo locked in her cunt, as Jeff stepped up on the wooden platform. He reached down and pulled Deb up by her nipple chains. Deb watched as her brother took her left hand and cuffed it to the left pole. She resisted slightly as he tried to take her right hand away from the dildo in her ass. Jeff pulled hard and as he pulled her hand away, the dildo dropped from Deb’s ass, jerking the nipple chains it had been attached to, down sharply.

“AAAAGGGHHH,” Deb screamed at the sudden pain in her nipples caused by the large heavy plug’s sudden jerk at the end of the chain. Deb felt the large silver dildo continue to bounce and swing between her legs as Jeff cuffed her right hand to the right pole. The cuffs were standard issue and allowed Deb to move her hands vertically along the greased bars, sliding the cuffs with them. Jeff secured Deb’s feet to the top of the platform with the leather straps. With her ankles strapped Deb was able to move her feet slightly, stand on her toes, adjust her balance, but not move more than a few inches in any direction. Grabbing the poles with both hands, Deb noticed that they were covered with grease. Just holding on to them for balance was difficult.

Deb’s body refused to stop moving, as though it was grinding on some imaginary lover. Jeff stepped down from the platform and stood watching his sister as she continued her lewd pelvic gyrations on the platform in front of his face. Jeff reached between his sisters legs and removed the lock that sealed her pussy lips together.

Deb screamed with joy when she realized that the lock was off her pussy lips. “Yes. Oh Yes, please big brother fuck me hard! Fuck your sister’s cunt hard with that huge cock of yours. Please Jeff Hurry! I can’t wait any more!”

Jeff laughed as he looked up at his gorgeous sister’s body dancing in front of him.

“Sis, I wouldn’t stick my cock in that sloppy whore cunt of yours, if it was the last one on earth. However,” Jeff said. “Since you are my sister, I have made arrangements for a few, shall we say, not so fussy friends, to join us tonight.” Jeff spoke softly, as he rubbed his hand through the open sopping wet lips of his sister’s pussy. “Of course it will take us all day to get you and your family ready for them. We wouldn’t want our guests to arrive and find us not ready now would we Sis?”

“Oh Jeff, I’m ready right now. I’ll fuck anybody, anything! You know I can. I’ve been a good slut, haven’t I? Haven’t I been a good slut for you?” Deb said begging for anything that would change Jeff’s mind and cause him to satisfy her craving.

“Yes Deb, you have,” Jeff told her, “But my friends will not care of you’re a good slut or not. They will use you for their own amusement and if you are not prepared properly, it would reflect on me as well. You wouldn’t want that to happen would you, sis? And certainly not in front of your aunt and uncle. You want to give them a good show, don’t you Sis?” Jeff said as he continued to tease the swollen wet lips of her cunt.

He watched mockingly as Deb’s head rolled on her shoulders while she pressed her cunt lips hard against his forcefully moving hand. Just as Deb let her head drop back and moaned in delight, Jeff took his hand away and jerked the thick steel plug out of her cunt.

“YYYEEESSS Jeff! Please Jeff! Fuck me now. Fuck your sister’s whorish cunt. I need your cock so bad,” Deb sobbed unable to endure her now empty holes and the burning desire inside them.

“No Deb. For all the satisfaction I’d get from that stretched cunt of yours I might as well fuck a 4 foot sewer pipe. Now maybe if your beautiful daughter was here, I might slide my thick long cock inside her gorgeous wet cunt of hers, but your cunt is no longer worthy of a man’s cock!” Jeff told his sister. “Your ass and cunt are mine to command and do with as I please. From today on, your ass and cunt will only be worthy of satisfying large thick animal cocks. Your body will be as a receptacle for pain and the storage of inhuman sperm.” Jeff explained to his sister and watched as her body started moving faster and faster on top of the platform as though she was becoming increasingly excited by his words.

“The horse! Yes, Jeff let me fuck the horse again! Please Jeff, just let it fill my ass again, Pleeeeease!” She cried, while her body continued to move in faster circles. In her drugged mind she thought of the long thick horse cock that had fucked her ass a few days ago.

“It’s time Deb.” Jeff said. “You need to be prepared for tonight!”

Jeff dropped the steel dildo, he had jerked from Deb’s cunt, to the ground by the platform leaving the dildo from her ass still dangling on the chains to her nipples rings. He walked to the adjacent stall and returned with a ball gag and a small stool. Stepping up on the stool and reaching from behind her, Jeff put the gag into his struggling sister’s mouth and strapped it firmly onto her head.

Jeff reached down and lifted a small yellow box with two buttons on the top. Attached to the yellow control box was a thick wire that ran from the box and disappeared somewhere under the platform. He pushed the green button and held it down as the sound of a quiet motor vibrated the platform on which Deb stood. To Deb’s surprise, the platform rose slowly. Deb watched as her brother Jeff, continued to hold the button until the platform was 18-inches off the barn floor.

Deb continued her gyrations while she watched her brother enter one of the stalls and return with a long thin smooth metal rod, and two other items. The long rod was rounded at the tip and only 1/4-inch in diameter. Jeff stuck the rod through the hole in the center of the platform. It took a few tries but Jeff finally located the correct position for the rod, and was rewarded with a loud clank as it locked in place. When he released the rod, the tip of the rod slapped against Deb’s lower belly as if on a spring that was trying to right itself. Instantly Deb moaned and started rubbing herself against the thin rod as she tried to step up and mount it without success. Her hands slipped on the greased poles as she tried to use them to pull her body upwards.

The second item Jeff brought was a standard 1-inch hollow pipe, about 10-inches long. On one end of the hollow pipe there were three thumb screws sticking out. Jeff grabbed the 1/4-inch thick rod, pulled it away from Deb’s body and slid the hollow pipe over the rod, with the thumb screw end closest to the platform. The pipe slid down and hit the edge of the hole in the platform, the thumb screws stopping the pipe from going further.

Jeff took the third item from under his arm and held it in his right hand for Deb to see. Deb’s eyes grew wide in terror at the sight of the thick long dildo her brother was holding. The tip was only 1-inch in diameter. But it quickly grew to 3-inches thick in the middle of its 18-inch length. Just below the 3-inch thickness was a 4-inch thick diameter ball. From the bottom of the ball it tapered out to 6 inches at the bottom of the 18 inch base. Deb noticed that there was a hole in the dildo that ran from tip to base. Jeff took the dildo and slid it onto the metal rod. It slid down until it stopped, when the base of the dildo hit against the top of the hollow pipe.

Jeff picked up the remote, pushed and held the green button to raise the platform up again. Deb felt the rod as it scraped down her stomach and the platform rose. When the tip of the rod got to her cunt she stood on her toes and the rod sprang straight between her legs. Without hesitation Deb lowered her cunt around the thin steel rod and began wiggling herself around it.

Jeff continued to raise the platform as Deb lowered herself further, refusing to release the rod from her dripping cunt. Releasing the button, Jeff laid the control on the platform. Grabbing a rope from the post close to an adjacent stall Jeff walked back to behind his sister. Holding one end of the rope, he tossed the other end over the bar above his sister’s head.

The clip at the end of the rope swung and hit Deb in the stomach producing a shocked screech from behind the ball gag. Smiling, Jeff walked around and faced his sister. Grabbing the clip on the end of the rope, he fastened it to her left nipple ring. Walking back around he took hold of the rope and pulled his sister up, off the end of the shaft. Jeff pulled until she was forced to stand on her toes with her left breast stretched grotesquely upward and pointing toward the roof of the barn.

Jeff could hear Deb’s muffled screams through the ball gag. Her head shook left and right. Her body trembled and her sobs shook her breasts as she tried to keep her left side up and decrease the pain in her extended nipple. With her feet held to the platform, there was little she could do to stop the painful stretching of her nipple and breast. Jeff tied the rope to the gate at the side and walked back toward Deb’s straining body.

Looked at Deb’s pussy, Jeff noticed that it was time again for a shave. Ignoring Deb’s screams he left and returned with an electric shaver and a wooden box. He would have preferred to use a straight razor, but the hood attached directly to the skin over her clit and the chains that ran through it, made access difficult.

He decided to loosen the chains running through the ring in the clit shield and remove the attached dildo swinging between Deb’s legs. Jeff took from his pocket a pair of clippers and cut the ring holding the dildo to the end of the chains in two places. The dildo dropped and hit the platform with a loud thud, rolling away off the edge.

Opening up the box Jeff removed out a very thick 8-inch long rubber ass plug with a large steel ring at the bottom end. Jeff attached the new plug to the end of the nipple chains, running from her clit shield, to the large ring at the end of the new dildo.

Holding the tip of the plug at the entrance to Deb’s ass with his left hand, Jeff pushed it in and out slowly to wet the tip, as he listened to his sister moaning through her gag. Without hesitating, he slapped the base of the plug with the palm of his right hand, driving the enormous plug half way up inside his sister’s bowels.

Deb felt the tip of something press just her ass. “Yes! Yes! Shove it in me, quick!” she thought and moaned in delight, as her ass burned from the drug induced desire to be full again. Almost before she could complete her moaning, the plug forced through her already stretched ass hole and began again to stretch her open beyond belief. “Nooo, God Nooo. Stop, No Doooon’t!” She screamed into her ball gag and screamed again when her body shook and pulled at her painfully stretched nipple.

Jeff heard Deb scream a second time but, before she could take another breath, Jeff punched the large plug all the way up inside the tortured bowels of his beautiful sister’s ass.

Deb’s arm’s jerked away from the slippery poles they were cuffed to, in a desperate effort to reach her ass and rip the huge object from her tortured hole. Deb screamed continually into her ball gag as she stood, suspended by her stretched nipple, balancing her weight on one leg. She jerked her groin back and forth in an effort to dislodge the monster from inside her.

Jeff went about the task of shaving her pussy, ignoring the screams and jerking cunt of his sister. He pulled down the lips of her cunt by the grommets he had inserted and shaved the entire area until he was satisfied that it was smooth.

Deb’s body was adjusting to the pain in her bowels but her ass ring was still burning from the 4-inch diameter monster holding it open. There was nothing she could do except bear the pain. She didn’t even notice the vibration of the electric razor on her pussy nor did she realize when it stopped.

Her head hung low on her chest and still sobbing, Deb opened her eyes to see her brother slid the 18-inch long dildo upward on the steel rod between her spread legs. Jeff left 1/4-inch of the steel rod sticking out of the tip of the large dildo. Holding the dildo in position, Jeff grabbed the hollow pipe and slid it up until it touched the bottom of the dildo and held it from sliding back down the rod. He tightened the thumb screws to hold it and the dildo in place. Deb noticed that her hips had started to move involuntarily in circles, only inches above the dildo’s head. She couldn’t help it or stop herself from moving. Pain filled her body, but not nearly as much, as the desire for the thick long cock waiting below her cunt.

Jeff then slid a large loose ring around the 18-inch long dildo and attached it to the ring at the base of the plug in Deb’s ass.

“This ring,” Jeff explained, “Will keep the dildo aligned with your cunt, Sis. I don’t want you to move away from it before it has a chance to embed itself.”

“God, what a stupid thing for her brother to say!” Deb thought to herself. Pushing her cunt onto that beautiful rubber cock was the only thing that she could think of over the pain in her nipple and ass.

Jeff lifted the control device attached to the end of the tube, and twisted a knob at the end. A slight hissing began and Jeff adjusted the knob until he was satisfied with the air flowing out of the tube beneath the platform.

Jeff reached up and released the clip at the end of the rope from Deb’s nipple ring. Deb dropped immediately to her flat feet causing the plug in her ass to jerk and her pussy lips to lightly touch the tip of the dildo sticking up from the platform. The burning in Deb’s cunt renewed as she felt the end of the dildo rubbing against the outer lips of her newly shaved, and swollen wet cunt lips.

Deb’s body shook uncontrollably with anticipation and fright as she stood looking down at the dildo below her. Slowly she bent her knees and pushed against the tip of the dildo. Her head flew back as waves of pleasure ran through her belly as her slick pussy lips spread around the dildo tip. She felt the tip of the steel rod sticking out of the top of the dildo touch the entrance to her burning cunt. Deb couldn’t remember a time when her cunt lips weren’t lock and forbidden the pleasure she so desperately craved. Now she would have something in her cunt again, feel it’s thickness pressing against her slick burning inner walls. She forgot the pain and almost fainted with divine anticipation.

Deb closed her eyes and concentrated on the rubber cock below her. She thought about how long it had been, and the pleasure she was about to receive. Cautiously, she bent her knees and pushed down with increasing weight, trying to insert herself onto the tip. Her eyes flew open wide with the realization that the huge plug in her ass had forced her cunt hole tightly closed. She listened to the air hissing from the control at her feet and knew she was being lowered onto the thick dildo whether her cunt would open or not.

Deb was so filled with fear, of what would happen as the dildo forced itself up into a hole that wasn’t there, that she hadn’t noticed her brother depart. Jeff left Deb to deal with the terror and horror of her present situation alone, to return to the cellar once again. He opened the door and went down to get the next drug crazed member of the family.

Chapter 13

Jeff opened the door to the cellar and walked to the room that held the rest of the family. The four children were screwing each other while Mike, the father, was watching the incestuous scene before him, stroking his still sore cock. Jeff walked over to the 16 year old Cathy and pulled her off her brother Chris. Helping her to her feet he led her through the door, locked it and proceeded up to the barn.

Cathy walked behind her Uncle Jeff, trying to keep three fingers in her ass while pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt with her other hand. Jeff led her by the nipple chains toward the end of the barn. She looked with envy, as she saw her mother spread wide above the shaft stuck up between her legs. Cathy stared as she was lead past her screaming mother and taken to the device that would “help” get ready her for tonight.

The 16 year old Cathy was stood in front of a large wooden wheel. The wheel was 9-feet in diameter and almost touched the barn floor at the bottom. It was tilted back at the top slightly. There were two small steps at the bottom edge of the wheel that Cathy knew were for her feet to stand on. Straps nailed to the bottom of the steps hung loosely down toward the floor. Cathy knew that the straps were to secure her feet to the wheel. A thick belt hung open from the middle of the wheel and at the top there were handles with straps, spread apart like the foot rests, to hold on to.

Jeff turned the wheel until one of the steps was directly at the bottom. He moved a large wooden wedge over to the bottom of the wheel and kicked it in place to prevent the wheel from turning. Jeff turned Cathy so that her back was against the wheel and lifted her foot onto the step. He strapped her foot and ankle to the step and told Cathy to step up and put her weight on that foot. Cathy put her hands on Jeff’s shoulders for balance and stood on the step with her other leg hanging limply. Jeff helped her reach toward the handles for her hands.

Jeff took hold of the other foot and pulled it to the other step. Cathy’s groin was stretched to its limit as her other foot was strapped securely into place. Jeff then took each of Cathy’s hands and strapped them in place tying her wrists to the handles she was holding on to. He then reached up and pulled the thick strap around Cathy’s chest. The thick leather strap had two small 4-inch round holes. Cathy watched as her Uncle pulled the strap over and against her left breast. Looking down she saw her left breast squashed flat with only the nipple and a small part of her breast budging out of the hole.

Holding the strap tight against the young girl with one hand, Jeff grabbed the nipple ring and pulled. Holding on to the ring in Cathy’s left nipple, Jeff pulled hard, slowly moving the breast around in circles until it was drawn all the way through the small leather hole.

“AAAGGGHHH, NO NO NO STOP STOP PLEEEEASE, NOOOOOO!” Cathy screamed as her nipple was stretched and pulled straight out from her body by the ring through it. The chain scraped the bottom of her tit as it was pulled through the tight hole with her breast.

“OOOHHH GOD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP!” She cried as Jeff did the same with the other breast.

Both of Cathy’s breasts stood straight out, squeezed through the 3-inch holes and budging painfully as they turned red and then a sick grey. Jeff leaned forward and licked the enlarged nipple on the swollen breasts of the young girl. He placed his lips around the entire end of her breast and sucked hard on it.

“OOOHH Uncle Jeff, Yes OOHHH Yes!” Cathy moaned at strange mixture of pain and pleasure cause by her uncle’s mouth on her tender young breast. Jeff stopped sucking on his niece’s breast and held the wheel from moving as he kicked the wedge to the side. He let the wheel turn till the 16-year old stood upright, legs spread widely apart on the wheel before him.

Jeff left for a moment and returned carrying a milk can with a rubber hose sticking out of the top and leather straps attached to the sides. He moved the wedge to the bottom of the wheel and set the milk can on it balancing the can from tipping with one hand.

Jeff strapped the milk can to the wheel between Cathy’s legs. He turned the wheel slightly and kicked the wedge out from under the can. Jeff left again and returned with a rubber dildo that seemed to be a long slender shaft with a large ball at the base. A tube ran out from the bottom of the base to a small rubber plunger and Cathy watched as Jeff released the air and the ball deflated slightly. He continued to squeeze the ball until all the air was out and the ball shape had disappeared completely.

Looking into Cathy’s eyes, Jeff reached between the young girls legs and pulled the silver dildo out of her flowing cunt. He slowly lowered the dildo in his hand and let it hang from the chains attached to Cathy’s nipple rings. It swung between her legs but the tight leather strap squeezing her breasts prevented her from feeling the weight pulling at her nipples.

Jeff took the new rubber dildo and shoved it into Cathy’s already open cunt, sliding it in and out slowly until the entire length was wet with her pussy juices. Cathy moaned and moved her hips left and right increasing the friction of the sliding invader against her burning cunt walls. Jeff watched as the sexy young girl moved her body in time with the slow thrusts of the dildo. Without warning, Jeff slid the dildo from the pussy of the moaning girl and held it barely touching Cathy’s trembling cunt lips.

“Nnoooo, Please Uncle Jeff!” She begged when she felt a burning emptiness inside her dripping wet little cunt. “Please put it back in. My pussy is burning so much. Please put it inside me again. Just for a little while, please!” Cathy pleaded with her Uncle.

“O.K., Cathy,” Jeff answered his niece, “But I don’t want you thinking your Uncle has a soft heart now!”

Cathy moaned and closed her eyes. Her hips started to move in circles as Jeff lowered the dildo to the girl’s cunt. Cathy felt the tip of the shaft touch her pussy lips and slide, ever so slowly, along her wet crack toward the entrance to her cunt. Jeff paused there and watched Cathy’s face as she braced herself to receive the full length of the shaft at once.

Jeff’s smile widened wickedly and instead of putting it back in her cunt, he slid the tip of the slick wet dildo further back and sank half its length into the 16-year old girls shocked ass. Cathy screamed and jerked trying to move away from the object now lodged part way in her tight ass.

Jeff ignored the young girl’s screams and shoved the shaft upwards until almost the entire length was buried into teenager. The now writhing body of the helpless teen jerked in an effort to move off the object in her ass. The desperately jerking of her body only succeeded in helping Jeff push the final inch inside the tightly contracted hole.

Holding his fingers against Cathy’s ass hole, Jeff held the dildo from being pushed out of her ass. He grabbed the plunger, dangling from the end of the dildo and squeezed it, inflating the ball just inside Cathy’s ass ring. Cathy jerked her body trying to work herself off the inflating ball, as it painfully grew inside her tight 16-year old body. Jeff stopped and dropped the plunger, letting it hang down between the teenager’s outstretched legs. He picked up the rubber tube from the milk can and screwed it into a nipple inside the base of the dildo that was buried tightly in Cathy’s ass.

“We will clean and stretch your ass for your birthday and tonight’s use,” Jeff told his niece. “My friends will expect nothing less, than for you to accommodate their every wish. Without preparation, you would not survive the first half hour, and that would not speak well for my training techniques.”

“It’s not my birthday,” Cathy sobbed. “I turned 16 last month.” Cathy told her Uncle.

“Oh I think you’re wrong, it is going to be your birth day in about two hours,” Jeff said laughingly to the confused teenager.

Jeff turned the wheel slowly until Cathy was upside down. Cathy could feel the liquid flooding her bowels, from the milk can now above her upside down body. As she opened her eyes, she saw her Uncle kicking the wooden wedge in just inches from her forehead. She watched the heels of his shoes as they walked away and disappeared down to the cellar beneath the barn.

Jeff returned to the barn with little Anna. He led her to a stall just opposite her mother and took her inside. He stopped her and had her kneel on the thick pad on the barn floor. In front of Anna was a short wall of wood with one hole in the center, about 18-inches from the floor. Anna watched as the top half of the wooden wall hinged opened and the hole in front of her face split in two. Jeff pushed Anna forward until she was on her hands and knees with her neck rested in the bottom half of the padded hole.

Jeff brought the top down on Anna’s neck and secured it in place at the end. The stock now held the helpless 12-year old in place. Anna picked up one of her hands and pressed it between her legs to play with her pussy, holding herself up with her other hand. Anna could not see what was happening behind the wooden wall. She felt something padded being slid underneath her from one side, and realized it was for her to rest her stomach on.

Not being able to see what was happening, Anna waited until the padded rest was in place to put her hand back between her legs. To the little girl’s shock, she realized that the stomach rest prevented her hand from reaching her pussy. She tried to reach behind her back and get to it that way, but her arm was only long enough to reach part way down her ass cheeks.

Before Anna could try anything else, she felt straps being tightly secured around her legs, just above her bent knees. Her legs were then forced wide and secured in place so that most of her bodies support came from the padding under her stomach and her hands on the floor behind the wooden stock.

Anna heard his paws scraping on the wooden barn floor, before she saw Rex walk around in front of the wooden stock that held her head. Rex happily sat right in front of his little girl bitch, looking up at his master for a command.

“Rex, Up!” Jeff ordered the dog.

Rex jumped up so that his front paws were on the top of the stock above Anna’s head. The dog’s cock stuck straight out as he stood on his hind legs in front of Anna’s face. Anna, lifted her head and stared straight at the dog’s cock as the pink tip started to emerge from Rex’s hairy sheath just inches from her lips.

Anna’s hands tried again to reach her tiny little button and dripping pussy as she stared at the hardening dog cock that had taken her virginity. She stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of the emerging red prick and moaned as her tongue slid against the smooth surface. The cock was growing thicker and a drop of pre-cum emerged from the tip. Anna’s tongue lapped at the end and sucked in the nectar presented to her.

“Rex, Fuck!” Anna heard Jeff shout to the dog.

Rex stepped forward immediately and started humping into the little girl’s face. His cock grew thicker as he felt the girls moist lips encircle his pulsing member, and draw it inside the wet warm place. Satisfied, Jeff turned to leave the Rex and his bitch, to check on Cathy and Deb’s progress.

As Jeff walked out of the stall, he saw Deb was now standing on her tip toes in an effort to get away from the impaling cock. As he got closer he could see that the first 1/2-inch was being forced inside her cunt.

“Well Deb,” Jeff spoke to his gagged sister. “I guess no one told that dildo that there wasn’t room for it.” Jeff continued as he stared at the thick dildo entering his sister. “That absurdly thick dildo seems to be unconcerned with the lack of available space.”

Jeff straightened up and looked his sister in the eye. “You have the first half inch in there. There’s only another 17-1/2-inches to go!”

Deb moaned and sobbed around the ball gag. “Your holes will adapt to both of the objects. Your cunt will stretch and your ass plug will shift and allow the dildo to enter. I suggest that you don’t delay the enviable and get down off your toes now. The weight of the platform combined with your own weight will pull you down around this cock wither you like it or not. Even staying up on your toes will not stop you from being impaled onto it’s full length eventually.”

As Jeff watched, Deb gave a long growl, closed her eyes and dropped all her body weight onto the giant shaft between her outstretched legs. Jeff saw his sister’s cunt engulf 4-more inches of the dildo. He could see the tip of the dildo pushing out her stomach in the front.

“MMMMMUUUHHHHHH!” Deb screamed through her gag continuously between gasping breaths.

“Good sis!” Jeff said. “When you sink another 5-inches, you’ll be at the half way point. That’s when you reach the ball. That balls 4-inches in diameter and combined with the 4-inch diameter plug in your ass well, that’s enough for two horses at the same time. Of course the bottom of the dildo is about 6 inches in diameter. I don’t know how your going to handle that!” Deb’s eyes were open wide looking at him with shock. Jeff just laughed and turned back toward Cathy

As Jeff approached the upside down Cathy, he could hear her pleading over and over “Please stop this thing, please stop this thing.” Jeff walked up and rapped his knuckles on the upside down milk can. It was almost half empty. Cathy’s stomach looked fully distended, filled with the liquid from the can.

Jeff closed the valve and kicking the wedge out from the bottom of the wheel. He turned the 16-year old right side up. Cathy moaned with the shift of the liquid in her bowels and now felt a new pleasure. She squeezed her bowels in a vain attempt to expel the liquid inside them, but the inflated ball on the dildo and closed valve prevented release and only pain came from the attempt.

Working slow, intentionally prolonging the teen’s agony, Jeff unhooked the tube from the can and put the end in a bucket. He released the valve and stood back as the pressurized liquid shot from the girl’s ass into the bucket. When the flow died to a trickle, Jeff squeezed something from a tube into the end of the hose, reattached it to the dildo in Cathy’s ass, turned the wheel, and started the second enema.

Cathy screamed as she felt the liquid reenter her ass along with an extreme tingling/burning sensation inside her bowels. Cathy opened her eyes, upside down, and saw Jeff’s shoes in front of her face. Suddenly she felt something smooth being pushed into her cunt, and then a gentle vibration within her pussy. She relaxed, closing her eyes again. She was starting to enjoy the burning sensation in her bowels.

Jeff stood looking at the upside down 16-year old teen’s wide spread groin with a half empty tube of tooth paste in his hand. He knew the burning would not be unbearable and would go away with 5 minutes. He wanted Cathy to get use to discomfort and burning in her ass for the festivities tonight. Jeff had slipped a small vibrator into her cunt to further condition her body to accept pleasure from the pain. He turned back toward Deb and walked till he stood in front of her.

Deb was writhing in anticipation, tossing her head and hair back and forth, as she again stood on her toes. She could feel the pleasure waves mounting within her body.

“If I can only stay away from that pain, for a few more minutes, till my orgasm starts, . . . ” She thought to herself.

She forced herself not to move down on the impaling monster, although the slut inside her longed for the two thick giants, to fill her completely. The whorish craving inside her cunt and ass screamed to be satisfied. She pushed her body further up on her toes, away from the pain to allow her orgasm to build to a peak. Deb just had to cum, and her plan was simple. She would wait till the last moment possible. Then, just when her orgasm flooded her body to the point of no return, she would drop down onto her heals and embed the monster cock into her spasm demanding cunt. Her body would explode in multiple orgasms and never stop. Pain and pleasure would fight each other within her cunt, causing orgasm upon orgasm to rip through her body endlessly.

“Just a little more,” She told herself. “I’m getting there! I’m getting close! Just have to hold off one more minute! OHHH it feels so good! Just keep the pain away for one more minute!”

Suddenly, Deb felt hands placed on each her hips. “NOOO!” she cried into the ball gag as she realized in an instant what was about to happen. “Not yet, NOOO! It’s too soon. I’m not ready!”

Jeff smiled as he placed his hands on his sister’s hips. “I will allow you to cum sister but it will be short and unsatisfying, leaving your body begging for more.” Jeff told his sister. With all his weight he forced her shaking body down off her toes and past the 4-inch thick ball in the middle of the 18-inch long impaling cock.

Deb shook uncontrollably with the searing pain the coursed through every nerve of her body. Her cunt throbbed, as tiny waves of orgasm grew toward an eruption and then stopped. Robbed of it’s climax, her cunt screamed and shook on the shaft within her. Her body became one large straining muscle pulsating around the thick shaft between her legs.

When Jeff took his hands off his sister’s hips, Deb immediately shot back onto her toes. The pain was too great, and stopping the dildo from pressing hard against the end of her tortured and elongated cunt chamber was urgent. As her body shot upwards, the dildo slid up along the rod, refusing to leave her cunt. To Deb’s horror she found that the thick ball, in the middle of the cock, had lodged inside the entrance to her cunt.

The top 9-inches of the impaling shaft was stubbornly stuck inside her. The tip of the hard rubber cock, pushed painfully against the far wall of her cunt, stretching her inside to match it’s unyielding mass. Her legs shook as she stood on the balls of her feet, so that the 1/4-inch rod was not poking the soft tissue of her upper cunt. Without thinking of why, the sound of the hissing air from the tire tube below disturbed her more than it had before.

Jeff smiled at the sight of his sister nervously standing before him. It was a something he wanted to remember for a long time. He stared at the naked woman before him, with her legs spread wide, arms to each side holding tightly onto the greased poles. Her eyes were closed as she groaned. Her body moved constantly, as it was slowly pulled down onto the thick shaft between her legs.

Jeff checked his watch and looked at the 9-inches of thick rubber cock still sticking out of his sister’s cunt. In her silent pleading eyes, Jeff saw his sister’s naive horror, as she realized that her brother was not going to stop the decent of the platform. She refused to believe that her brother would allow her to be pulled down further onto the massive thick cock.

“Soon now,” Jeff thought to himself, “she will have no choice but to allow the rounded tip of the metal rod, into the puckered opening of her cervix.” Jeff smiled as he thought of the panic that would race through her mind at the realization of the inevitable.

He walked to the side of the stall and picked up a hand vibrator and carried it back to behind his sister, Deb. He strapped the large vibrator onto the hollow metal tube just above the thumb screws so that it would not slip down. He connected the vibrator to the extension cord he had dragged from the stall. It was not time to turn it on yet, he would wait.

When Jeff returned to the stall with the kneeling Anna, Rex was lying in a corner licking himself. Anna was trying to hump and wiggling her ass, to entice the dog to fuck her. Rex was well trained and usually didn’t take orders from anyone except Jeff. The only exception to this is when someone else held his leash. He was trained to accept that person as temporary master.

Anna could not see her Uncle walk up behind her and continued coaxing Rex to fuck her quietly. Jeff left to go get Bobby from the room in the cellar. He brought the 14-year old boy back to the stall and stood him behind his 12-year old sister Anna. Jeff motioned for the boy to be silent. Bobby stood looking down at the kneeling spread legs of his sister and continued to stroke his ringed cock over her exposed tight little ass.

Jeff walked over to his dog and brought him back to where he had fucked Anna’s face 20 minutes ago. “Rex, Up!” Jeff instructed the dog and Rex jumped up to his previous position.

“No, please Uncle Jeff. Please let him fuck me. My pussy’s on fire. I need Rex to fuck me there, please Uncle Jeff? Please?” Anna pleaded, but just then Rex’s cock slapped against her cum spattered face, and all she could think about was putting her lips around it.

“Rex, Fuck!” Jeff instructed the dog. Rex smiled, that smile dog’s do, and started humping his hind quarters eagerly into the girl’s mouth again. Jeff motioned for Bobby to kneel down behind his sister. Bobby did so and started rubbing his cock up and down his sisters little wet snatch.

Anna screamed her defiance around the thick purple dog cock in her mouth and tried to move away from the object rubbing her from behind. Bobby reached forward and grabbed his sister’s hips with both hands and held her still. With Rex’s growing cock in her mouth and her brothers cock forcing entrance into her pussy, Anna was helplessly being taken at both ends. She was locked in a totally defenseless position, from which anyone who wanted to take pleasure from her body, could do so without her consent.

She wished that it were Rex’s cock that was using her pussy, not someone’s human cock. Human cocks were so cold and plain compared to dog cocks. Even their cum was just so little and hardly warm. Anna remembered how Rex’s cum had filled her snatch with liquid fire.

“OHH, I need you in my cunt so bad Rex! I just can’t cum with a small cold cock,” Anna thought to herself as she sucked greedily on the smooth thick dog shaft in her mouth. It was heaven to the 12-year old girl’s tongue. This time she was going to swallow every drop of cum. She had tried last time but failed. This time she was going to take Rex’s cock down her throat and let him pump his thick juices into her stomach.

Jeff left the stall and returned to where Cathy was upside down on the wheel. He turned her right side up, and drained the water out of her bowels again. Cathy’s pain stopped and the vibrating in her pussy made her moan with pleasure. Jeff left her there, moaning on the wheel, to go below and get her twin brother Chris.

When he returned with Chris, he turned the wheel so that Cathy was almost sideways and her mouth was level with her brother’s cock. With a slight push from Jeff, Chris stepped forward and pushed his cock into his sister’s mouth. Jeff returned with a long vibrating dildo and handed it to Chris. Instead of looking like a cock, it looked more like a cone. Its tip was only 1/2-inch in diameter, but its base was 3 inches. Chris didn’t see how it was going to all fit into his sister’s small cunt.

“Use the vibrator to open her cunt wider,” Jeff instructed Chris. “I need her cunt’s entrance stretched, but I want it done slowly.” Jeff then removed the small vibrator from Cathy’s cunt and walked away with it.

Chris rocked his hips into his sister’s mouth as he held the large vibrator in one hand and the remote attached to it in the other. He slid the switch on the remote and felt the rubber cock spring to life. He saw the tip begin to move in a slightly circular motion. Amazed at what it did, he turned the switch to full. The rubber cock almost jumped out of his hand. The vibrations were so powerful that his hand quickly became numb from trying to hold on to it. He could only guess at what it would feel like to his sister’s hole.

Chris turned it off and reached to the side and held it against the entrance to his sister’s wet cunt. He pushed it inside his sister, easily sliding the first half of the 8-inch length into the hot wet opening. Chris felt his sister start to moan continually, onto his swollen member. The moaning sent waves of vibrating pleasure that rose through his cock and balls and reverberated down to his toes. He continued to work the dildo in and out gradually getting small amounts of its thickening length inside his sister’s snatch. Each plunge of the dildo coincided with his own cock in her mouth. He didn’t want to rush anything; there was plenty of time to enjoy. Finally after 15-minutes of teasing his sister with only part of the dildo’s length, he plunged 6-inches of its length into her waiting cunt.

Holding it inside his sister’s cunt with one hand, he slid the switch to the first of 6 notches. Cathy screamed with the pleasure at the powerful vibrations and the moving tip inside her. Her moans came in sobs, as she gasped for breaths around her brother’s thick cock, as it slid in and out of her hard sucking mouth and throat. The inflated plug still in her ass jumped wildly when the vibrating dildo pushed against it through the thin separating membrane wall.

Cathy felt as though she was in heaven. She sucked hard on her brother’s cock trying to taste more of the delicious nectar. She was so turned on. Even the streams of sperm and saliva running down her cheek excited her. Her cunt opening burned to be so wide, but the throbbing of the vibrator made every inch of her cunt feel stimulated.

With her eyes closed, she imagined two men viciously using her body to satisfy their big sperm filled cocks. She thought of what it would feel like to have them squirt her so full that it would spill out of her holes. She imagined cupping the sperm with her hand as it leaked and rubbing it on her tits and into her cunt and ass. In her mind, every cavity of her body was filled with sperm. Her body was covered with the slippery white cum. Cathy needed to cum badly, but more than that, she needed sperm.

Across the barn, Jeff was leaning on the gate to Anna’s stall, watching her, Rex and Bobby. He stood looking as the dog continued to fuck Anna’s helpless mouth and Bobby pistoned his cock into her cunt from behind. Bobby was watching Rex and trying to match Rex’s lunges into his helpless sister Anna, stroke for stroke, a near impossible task. Rex was like a machine, seeking only relief for himself and his swelling cock.

Chapter 14

Jeff turned, walked over to Deb and stood in front of her. She was again on the tips of her toes and not moving. Her eyes were open and looking down at her brother filled with questions and worry.

Jeff walked behind his sister. He reached up and grabbed the large ring on the base of the plug in her ass. He pulled down hard. Slowly the huge plug started to emerge from the severely open ass it had fully occupied. Without warning, the plug shot from the tight confines, and Deb screamed into her gag, from her burning ass ring and the shock of cold air that rushed in to take it place. Jeff removed the alignment ring attached to the dildo in Deb’s cunt and let the plug hang from the nipple chains it was still attached to.

“It’s time sister.” Jeff spoke from behind her. “I know you can feel the tip of the metal shaft pressing hard against the top of your cunt chamber. You know where the shaft has to go.”

Jeff checked the vibrator he had install previously on the shaft as he continued to talk. “Place the tip of the rod into your cervix, push down onto it and hold it there.”

Deb shook her head from side to side. “MMMMFFFFFF! MMMMMFFFF! ,” Jeff heard from behind her gorgeous body.

“I am going to count to 5,” Jeff continued, “on 5, I’m going to step up on the platform, causing it to sink several inches, and pull you down instantly onto the shaft. If you do not place the shaft tip correctly, it will not enter your womb. If it does not enter your womb, I will still enjoy fucking the ass of your impaled body, as it jerks and spasms around my cock for the last time.”

Deb’s body trembled with excitement and terror as looked back over her shoulder at her brother. She needed the huge monstrous shaft deep inside her body. She knew the hellish pain that was associated with what was next. What would have been abhorrent to her a few days ago, now seemed demonically enticing.

“ONE! Your body will experience incredible pleasure.” Jeff told his sister.

She moved her hips and placed the tip of the rod at the center of her puckered cervix.

“TWO! The pleasure in your body will build instantly toward the most powerful orgasm you have ever had.” She heard from behind.

She squatted slightly and tried to relax her body. The tip pushed through her cervix and was stopped by the head of the dildo just below it.

“THREE! But, You will not be able to cum!” Jeff shouted.

Deb couldn’t help herself. The feeling of the shaft in her cervix, the thought of the dildo shoving itself up inside her womb, while her brother stood behind her fucking her ass was just too much. Deb’s whole body started to tremble. First her legs shook as she tried to hold back the surges of a powerful orgasm. She fought to keep the tip buried inside her cervix as waves after wave built and started to roll through her groin. She screamed as her fists tightened around the poles at her side.

“FOUR! Your pain tortured body will stay on the verge of an incredible orgasm, unable to reach that final glorious breach.” Jeff spoke to his sister from behind.

She never heard her brother count to five. She felt the platform at her feet shift slightly, and then she was plunged down onto the shaft unmercifully. Her cervix was speared painfully open and she felt her body suspended for a moment, before her wombs entrance spread and accepted the top 3 inches of the thickening dildo.

The mental picture of what had just happened, more than the pain caused several quick contracting spasms to rock her body. Deb hips involuntarily jerked in every direction at once from both the tremendous pain and pleasure. Her body uncontrollably heightened toward a massive orgasm, regardless of the heinous pain.

“I’m There! I’m There!” She thought to herself. “YES! YES!” She was going to make it. Then agony set in, as her building spasms dissipated just as they reached the point of no return.

“NNNOOOO!” She screamed into her gag, as her body demanded more to push it over the edge. “PLEEEEEASE I just want to cum!” She said to herself knowing no one would help.

For what seemed like hours, her body had been tortured to an exquisite point tittering between heaven and hell.

Deb knew that she could have cum. Her body had demanded that it be allowed to cum. But for some reason, that she didn’t fully understand, her brother’s instructions had made cumming impossible.

Deb could only dream of how good it would have felt. She knew that it would have been, the hottest orgasm of her life. Instead, she was forced back to reality when the waves of pleasure suddenly stopped, ebbing away as quickly as they had begun. Deb’s body required so desperately to cum. She started to bend her knees and push down on the shaft stretching the entrance to her womb and to her cunt at the same time. As she pushed she suddenly felt the tip of her brothers beautiful cock touch her still gaping ass hole. Deb stopped her pushing, shocked that she had forgotten that her brother was behind her, and waited for him to shove his cock inside her.

Unable to talk through the ball gag, Deb’s mind ran wild with the thought of her brother’s cock poised at her ass. “Yess Jeff. Put your cock in my ass,” Deb thought. “Oh yes brother, take me with your cock. Fuck my ass as deep as you want. Use my body to cum in Jeff. I can’t wait till you to shove it in my ass Jeff. I’ll do whatever you want me to Jeff. Just put in me!” Deb’s mind screamed.

“Yes Deb, so now you know,” Her brother said. “Your body and soul have become mine to command. Your power to resist, even my smallest suggestion is gone,” He continued. “Every remaining moment of your pathetic survival, will be mine to control. As my personal slave you are no longer allowed to think of your own pleasure. Humiliation and pain, are the only release your body will know,” Jeff continued. “From now on your name will be “SLUT.” Whoever calls you by that name, will become your master, and you shall become their slave. You will perform, willingly, whatever is commanded of you.”

Deb’s body trembled as she heard her brother’s words. She knew that he was correct even before she had heard the words. He had complete control over her mind and body. Her pleasure came only from the degradation and shame associated with doing what he said and in obeying him completely.

“I no longer feel like exerting myself by shoving my cock up your worthless slut ass. You will instead shove your ass down onto my cock.” Jeff ordered his SLUT. Jeff held the tip of his cock at her ass hole with one hand and reached around his sister’s body, to pull down hard on her nipple chains with the other.

Deb bent her knees and felt the head of her brother’s cock enter her ass easily, as the dildo forced her cervix to open further. She screamed into her gag. Her tortured body was jerking so intensely from the pain that she almost stood up and allowed the head of Jeff’s cock to flop out of her ass.

“If my cock falls out of your ass before I cum, I will shove a catheter in you and sew your cunt lips shut forever, SLUT!” Deb heard her brother and knew he would do it.

Deb bent her knees again and with all her weight, pushed her ass down around Jeff’s cock. She could feel the top 6 inches of the dildo as it pressed into her womb. Screaming with pain, and unbelievable pleasure at the filling of her body, Deb continued her downward journey of horror.

Her legs were weak and they trembled as she heard her brother moan behind her. She raised herself only 1-inch off her brother’s cock and slammed her body back down. She felt her ass ring stop, as it hit the bottom of her brother’s long cock.

Jeff reached to grab each of his sister’s nipples with his thumbs and fingers. He squeezed them hard and then pulled them up by the rings that pierced them. He looked over his sister’s shoulder and watched as her beautiful breasts deformed from the deviously wicked torture.

Deb wanted so badly to be the best fuck her brother had ever had. The pain heightened her senses as she worked up and down on both the shafts buried inside her. She quickened her movements and circled her hips to give her brothers cock more pleasure.

To her surprise her body started to respond. Her mind blocked out all but the immediate feelings she was experiencing.

She talked to herself as though her brother could hear her. “Oh Jeff, you feel so good! The pain, the pleasure. I don’t ever want it to stop. Yes! YES! AAAAAHHHH!” Deb screamed as her hips pistoned up and down with unbelievable speed. She needed her brother to cum inside her. She felt she would die if she couldn’t get him to cum in her ass. She was his SLUT! Her brothers SLUT. She existed only, to obey his every whim.

Just then Jeff screamed, and Deb felt his thick cock vibrate within her bowels. She squeezed her stretched ass as tight as she could and slid slowly up and down his cock, milking the cum from his balls. Deb refused to stop, even when she felt Jeff pull his cock out of her ass and step down from the platform.

Jeff reached out and turned on the vibrator that he had attached to the shaft before. Deb moaned as the vibrator shook the entire shaft buried deep inside her.

“I want you to fuck the shaft in your womb SLUT! I need you stretched for tonight and you have a long way to go.” Jeff turned up the vibrator to mid-speed and heard her scream into her gag as she tried to fuck herself moving her hips in circles on the dildo buried in her body.

The bottom 6 inch diameter was not yet fully buried inside her cunt. Jeff decided to let his sister enjoy her final stretching, as the platform continued its downward journey. He watched as Deb’s pussy turned crimson red and her thighs shook from the thudding of the large vibrator. Later, when the dildo was buried completely, he might turn the vibrator to full and watch her being racked violently on the end of the impaling shaft.

Jeff looked to the end of the barn and saw Chris’s hips still fucking his sister’s mouth. He turned to the stall that held little Anna, Bobby and Rex. As he entered, he saw that Rex had finished and was lying in a corner again licking himself. His head rose as Jeff entered and he whimpered as Jeff walked over and petted his head.

“Good boy Rex,” Jeff said as he rubbed and scratched the dog’s head.

Little Bobby was still fucking his sister’s cunt from behind and looked about ready to cum. Jeff walked around the stock and saw Anna’s entire face and head covered with dog cum. Her head bobbed up slightly with every push her brother gave her pussy from behind. Anna was not happy and she looked up at Jeff and told him so.

“Tell Bobby to stop Jeff! Stop him now! Don’t let him fuck me any more I hate it, I hate him, I hate you!” Anna screamed at Jeff with her head turned sideways and her eyes filled with spite.

Jeff turned toward Bobby, whose eyes were closed, enjoying the long fuck. “Bobby,” Jeff shouted and Bobby opened his eyes, “Take you cock out of your sister’s cunt and put it in her ass. When you feel you are ready to cum, I want you to shove your cock inside your sister’s mouth so she can take your cum down her throat.”

Jeff turned to Anna and said, “You will do as I command whither you like it our not, Anna. You will quietly allow your ass to be fucked by your brother Bobby. When your brother is ready, you will clean his filthy cock with your tongue and swallow his cum without resistance. If you refuse, if you do not swallow every drop willingly, I guaranty that you will learn to drink cum willingly.” Jeff twisted Anna’s head so that she looked in his eyes. “Do you understand, Anna?”

“I won’t do it! I want Rex!” Anna shouted as she twisted her head out of her Uncles hand and stared downward.

Jeff grabbed her chin and twisted her head to look in his eyes again. “Do you believe me when I say, that I can make you WANT to swallow cum?”

“You can’t make be swallow. I don’t have to, if I don’t want to!” Anna shouted defiantly.

“We will see, Anna! We will wait and see,” Jeff told the young girl.

Jeff let go of her chin and stood up. Bobby had the head of his cock pushing at the entrance to his sister’s ass. Jeff heard Anna scream, as he left the stall and returned to where Cathy was still being face fucked by her brother Chris.

Jeff observed how the dildo was stretched Cathy’s extremely wet cunt. Her pussy lips were puffy and red. Her brother Chris was working the vibrator in and out, in time with his pumping hips. Jeff noticed the cum dripping from Cathy’s mouth and down the side of her beautiful cheek. Chris had cum a few times already, but was still pumping and hard. The ring that Jeff had permanently attached to Chris’s cock would keep him hard as long as there was any kind of stimulation. Poor Cathy would have to suck her brother’s hard cock as long as her brother Chris wished her to. Cathy’s red and swollen lips didn’t seem to mind the pounding her brother was giving them. The budding 16-year old Cathy loved the taste of cum. It made her feel sexy and slutty at the same time. For the past two nights she had awakened with a strange desire to have her mouth full of sperm. From the first time the horse cum had sprayed out of her mother cunt and onto her body, she couldn’t get enough. She wanted to be covered with it, have dripping from in every hole of her body. Her dreams were filled with cocks of every kind squirting her face and breasts and pussy. It didn’t matter if they were horse, donkey, dog or man cocks. She wanted their cum.

Jeff walked to one of the stalls and returned with a few things. He pulled the vibrator out from the 16-year old Cathy’s sopping wet cunt and dropped it still buzzing and turning to the floor.

Jeff took a 2-foot long piece of nylon string, tied with knots on 1- inch centers, and fed it through a 12-inch long balloon. It took a couple tries but, he got the string all the way to the tip of the balloon.

Jeff placed a thin, 18-inch long rod with a small hole through the center to his lips and blew through it to insure it wasn’t clogged. He then wiped it with a slippery cream. He then put the tip of the rod into the neck of the long balloon and slid it all the way through until it reached the end. Jeff examined the balloon covering the rod, with the knotted string between the rod and balloon, carefully. The balloon hung loose around the rod, but not too loose. Satisfied, he tucked the balloon covered rod under his arm and picked up the plastic tube.

The clear plastic tube was 1/2-inch in diameter and about 10-inches long. Coating one end of the hollow plastic tube, he then inserted a 1/2-inch diameter,10-inch long hollow plastic tube into her gaping cunt entrance. He moved the tube around until he found the center of her cervix deep inside the youngster’s cunt. Slowly, forcibly he pushed the hollow tube threw the girls cervix and into her womb. Jeff continued to push until only 1-inch of tube remained sticking out of girl’s young wet cunt lips.

Cathy’s body jerked as it tried to twist away from the plastic tube pushing at her cervix. Every muscle in her body tensed as she screamed onto her brother Chris’s cock buried deep inside her throat. Chris had grabbed her head with both hands and held it still, as he pushed his cock down her throat slowly, and withdrew it just as slow.

To her brother’s delight, Cathy continued her muffled screams as the tube broke through and continued its journey through her cervix and into her virgin womb.

Every time Cathy screamed around her brother’s cock, Chris moaned in pleasure. Holding his sisters head tight in his hands, he pushed his long cock slowly down her throat until his crotch was forced against her lips and his balls hung against her cheek. Forced into his sister’s throat, Chris now held his crotch against her Cathy’s face. He ground his hips against her mouth, trying to get that last fraction of an inch more of his long cock into her lips, before he started that wonderful, slow, exquisite withdraw.

Jeff took the long balloon covered rod and covered it with the slippery gel. He fed the end into the plastic tube, and easily pushed it through the tube and into Cathy’s womb.

The neck of the balloon stuck out of the plastic tube about two inches. Jeff carefully pulled the long rod out, twisting it and careful not to pull out the knotted string as he did so. Jeff let the rod drop to the floor. He took the neck of the balloon and stretched it back over the end of the plastic tube that was still sticking out of Cathy’s cunt about 1/2-inch.

Jeff leaned his head forward and put his mouth around the 16-year old cunt lips. Cathy moaned as her whole body surged with pleasure. Jeff closed his lips and teeth around the end of the tube, and blew through the end.

Cathy shook with terror as she felt the balloon and her abdomen expanded from the air being forced inside her womb. Jeff took his mouth off the tube and laughed as the air quickly escaped from the balloon through the end hollow tube.

Satisfied that the balloon was now inside 16-year old womb, Jeff let go of the tube and walked back to the stall. From the bench Jeff grabbed two plastic bottles of liquid and one larger empty plastic bottle and walked back to Chris and Cathy.

“Turn your sister till she’s up side down and kick the wedge in to keep her there,” Jeff to Chris. Chris pulled his thick dripping cock out of his sister’s mouth and did as Jeff had instructed.

Jeff unscrewed the pointed stem from the empty plastic bottle. He poured the liquid from each of the other two other bottles into the empty one and screwed the plastic stem back on the top.

Jeff looked through the clear plastic bottle to see if the portions of the two liquids were correct. Satisfied, he shook the bottle for several minutes to insure the two liquids were fully mixed.

Jeff took a knife from his pocket and cut the tip off the end of the bottle’s long plastic stem. Jeff pushed the end of the bottle’s stem into the end of the balloon and hollow plastic tube. He squeezed the plastic bottle with both hands until the bottle was almost empty. Still squeezing the plastic bottle Jeff pinched the end of the tube and balloon to keep the mixture from coming out. He removed the plastic bottle allowing the air back inside and shook it to get the liquid down to the tip. He reinserted the bottle into the tube and squeezed the remainder of the liquid through the tube, further expanding the balloon in Cathy’s young womb.

Jeff squeezed the end of the tube again and tossed the empty plastic bottle aside. With both hands’ Jeff carefully tied the end of the balloon. When he was finished, the knot in the end of the balloon had the nylon string coming out of it hanging down onto the young girls stomach. Grabbing hold of the plastic tube he carefully pulled it out of the girl’s cervix, sliding it along the balloon and string. Once done, the stem of the balloon contracted inside the girls cunt, leaving only the string sticking out of her delicious young pussy lips.

Cathy was sobbing as she stared up at her slightly extended tummy. There was really no pain, only an extreme discomfort. She could feel the baseball size balloon filled with something soft inside her body. It felt strange. She turned her head and opened her mouth, expecting her brother’s cock again.

“Leave her like that for now,” Jeff instructed Chris. “Follow me! I have something I want to do.”

Chris turned to follow his Uncle, his stiff ringed cock swaying and bobbing as he walked behind his mentor. Jeff led Chris to a stall where he stood him in front of a wooden bench. Jeff reached over to one of the leather bags that filled the top of the bench and pulled it open. Reaching his hand into the bag, Jeff pulled out two glass tubes about 10-inches long each but with different diameters. Jeff took the largest tube and tried to slip it over Chris’s thick cock. It didn’t fit.

Jeff returned the tubes to the bag and withdrew another larger one. He forced it over the engorged head of Chris’s cock and all the way to the base against the stainless steel cock ring. Satisfied he removed it and laid it on the bench.

Jeff opened another bag and removed a 6-inch long plastic sheath with long soft rubber studs covering the entire surface. Chris watched as Jeff stretched the rubber sheath onto the outside of the glass tube leaving 1/4-inch of the sheath hanging off the end. Jeff pinched the 1/4-inch sheath hanging off the end of the tube and turning it inside out he rolled it back over itself. This done Jeff again forced the glass tube onto Chris’s stiff cock. Pushing the tube almost to the base of the boys cock, Jeff unrolled the end of the plastic sheath onto Chris’s cock. Getting his finger under the end of the sheath Jeff held the end of the sheath and pulled the glass tube off the boy’s cock.

Chris put his hand around the rubber studded collar encasing the base 6-inches of his 8-inch dick. The head of his dick was starting to swell already and Chris watched as the purple head grew twice it’s normal size. Chris stroked along the studded sheath but found only the bulbous head could feel anything. The 1/4-inch long rubber spikes were relatively soft, but the sheath covered almost the whole shaft. The head of Chris’s cock had stopped swelling but looked as though it was going to pop.

Chris pumped his fist hard and found that he could still excite himself but with slightly greater difficulty and only if he moved his fist very fast. Pumping his cock like a madman with his right hand, Chris’s only thought was to find some tight cunt or ass to stick himself in and get relief. He wanted to go back and resume fucking his sister face, but with his newly studded instrument, he had to find an alternative. Chris knew that at the speed he was jerking himself off with, his fist and arm would soon become tired.

Chris followed Jeff back to where his sister Cathy was still hanging upside down on the wheel. Jeff felt the teenager’s stomach. He pushed the palm of his hand against her budging abdomen hard causing Cathy to scream.

“Your sister Cathy,” Jeff spoke to Chris. “Is a very young and beautiful girl, Chris. She has led a sheltered life till recently. Too sheltered to enjoy the experience of many different and diverse lovers. Her young cunt is small and not yet open enough to accept a real man’s full length and girth.”

Cathy hung upside down staring at her brother’s newly studded conk and listening to Jeff’s every word. She knew something was going to happen but she couldn’t guess what.

“Stretching her young pliable cunt won’t be very difficult.” Jeff explained to Chris loud enough for Cathy to hear. “I have placed a balloon into her womb and filled it with a fast hardening rubber epoxy. Your mother is undergoing the same stretching but, from the outside working in. Cathy here will be stretched from the inside out. The hardening balloon is now the size of a baseball inside her womb. The string that you see hanging out is to help with the removal of that hardening ball.”

“NNNOOOOO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! NNNOOOOO, PLEEEEESE!” Cathy scream when she realized what her uncle Jeff was saying to her brother, Chris.

“I think we better gag your sister for a while Chris.” Jeff told the boy. “Go back to the stall and get the yellow ball gag on the shelf above the bench. Put it on you’re sister’s head. The rubber epoxy should be fully cured and ready to be removal by then.”

Chris left stroking his cock to follow Jeff’s instructions. Coming out of the stall he saw Jeff standing in front of his mother talking to her. He walked over to his sister and started to put the ball gag on her head. Cathy was still screaming as her brother pushed the hard rubber ball into her mouth forcing it open and her tongue back toward her throat.

Deb was enjoying herself on the embedded shaft. It had worked itself all the way up inside her cunt and womb easily, now that there was no plug inside her ass. The vibrator was on half power. Jeff watched the shaft vibrate his sister’s cunt lips as she writhed on the 18-inches embedded deep inside her body.

The hissing had stopped and the platform was now resting on the blocks 4-inches above the barn floor. Deb was in a world of her own as the vibrating thudded her entire frame.

Jeff however, had not installed the vibrator for Deb’s pleasure. He did not have an endless amount of time to stretch Deb’s cunt and womb to the size he required. The powerful vibrator was there to help the job of opening his sister’s body to it’s maximum.

Now that the hard rubber shaft was fully inside her body, Jeff would turn the vibrator to full. The shaft was connected under the platform to a very stiff spring. Jeff had tested the vibrator on the shaft last night. With the vibrator on high the rod moved in a 4-inch circle so fast that the top few inches were blurred beyond recognition. Inside his sister’s cunt and womb, the dildo would move so fast that it would seem like it was growing thicker and thicker.

Jeff reached between his sister’s legs and slid the vibrator up one notch below high. Deb jumped up on her toes, but the dildo slid up with her on the rod. Her body shook all over from the fierce vibrating in her crotch. She could feel the shaft moving inside her so fast that it seemed to be spinning. Pain returned as her cunt and cervix were forced again to expand.

Amazed, Jeff watched the amount of vibration shaking the breasts of his sister. The nipples were jumping up and down so fast that the chains attached scraped against her torso as the heavy dildo hung and pulled them against her body.

Chapter 15

“Shit!” Jeff shouted. “Can’t have your body full of welts for tonight.” Jeff looked around trying to think of what he could do to stop the chains from rubbing as they were pulled tight against Deb’s body by the weight of the ass plug hanging between her legs.

Unable to think of anything else, Jeff picked up the ass plug that was pulling down the chains and held it so that the chains were loose. The chains stopped rubbing against Deb’s body and danced loosely back and forth.

“Well I can’t hold this damn thing all day!” Jeff thought to himself as he looked around for an alternative. With none in sight, Jeff lifted the plug and placed the tip back at the entrance to his sister’s ass hole. Holding it in place with his left hand he slapped the base with the palm of his right hand. Again and again he hit the base until the plug was fully embedded deep inside his sister’s bowels again.

Deb’s cunt and ass were fully stuffed as the vibrator spun inside her. Deb hung onto the poles with all her strength trying not to fall onto the dildo. Her legs were becoming numb and week with the thudding vibrations that the shaft was sending through her frame. The burning sensation disappeared, but was replaced with pain, as the rubber shaft in her, beat against the huge plug in her ass.

Fighting the pain Deb pushed her ass backwards hard against the thudding monster in her cunt. She tried to wedge the dildo against her cunt’s entrance and her cervix to stop it from beating against the plug in her ass. Deb’s head dropped with relief as her inner muscles wedged the dildo in a way,that the tip stopped beating against the plug.

Jeff had left Deb and entered the stall to the left to check on Anna and her brother Bobby. Bobby had finished fucking his sister’s ass and had his cock in her mouth. Anna moaned as her brother continued to instruct her on how to clean it with her tongue.

“Fuck, yes! That’s it cunt! Suck it! Lick the bottom some more,” Bobby was talking to his sister in a demanding voice. “Lick it harder you fucking dog bitch! That’s it, Yeah that it. Make me cum. harder suck harder. YES! I’m cumming, YES! AAAAGGGHHHH!”

Anna screamed as she felt her brother grab her hair and force his cock down her throat. Bobby’s cock was not as big as Rex’s cock but for some reason, having a human cock in her throat was repulsive. She tried not to gag as she thought of it pumping it’s luke warm sickening sperm into her stomach to mix with Rex’s nectar. She felt it throb in her throat. She closed her eyes and tried to make believe it was Rex that she was sucking on, but it was no use.

Bobby looked down at ring on the base of his cock that was still sticking out of his sister’s lips. His balls were throbbing trying to pump his 14-year old sperm past the tight ring. “Suck you bitch,” Bobby screamed as he pushed harder into his sister’s mouth. “Suck it out of me! Suck it! Suck it!” Bobby screamed louder as his balls fought for release. He pulled his cock out so that just head remained inside his sister’s lips and held it there.

“Tighten your lips’ bitch!” Bobby told her. “Use your tongue and suck hard or I’ll ram it down your throat again, DOG BITCH!” Bobby threatened as he pulled hard on his 12-year old sister long hair. Bobby used her tight lips and sucking mouth and tongue to stimulate the tender head of his young cock. He fucked it in and out just past the tight lips of his sister’s mouth dribbling his warm liquid juices onto her tongue.

“Swallow it sis,” Bobby reminded her. “Swallow it or I’ll tell Jeff.”

Finished and satisfied, Bobby pulled his cock out of his sister’s cum filled mouth and stood up. He looked at his Uncle Jeff standing behind Anna. He looked down at his sister’s head, still held in the stock and saw her spitting out his sperm onto the ground.

Jeff could not see Anna’s head on the other side of the stock, but he heard her spiting as Bobby rose and stood above of her. Jeff smiled as he starred down at the little girl’s exposed ass and shook his head. He walked to the equipment stall and grabbed a special face mask. Entering Anna’s stall with the mask he straddled the girl’s back, reached over the stock and strapped the mask onto the girl’s face.

The mask was made of clear plastic and looked very much like an oxygen mask. It fit over Anna’s nose and mouth and had two holes located at the top near the bridge of her nose. A soft rubber gasket filled the gap between the mask and Anna’s face, and Jeff pulled it tight to insure there were no gaps. At the bottom of the mask, near Anna’s lower lip, was a tube that stuck out of the mask and was a 1/2-inch in diameter.

Anna could do nothing to stop Jeff from placing the mask over her nose and mouth. She felt the straps at the back of her head pulled tight and the rubber around the edge of the mask press hard against her cheeks, chin and bridge of her nose. She labored to breathe through the two holes at the top of the mask. She watched as the mask fogged with each exhale and clear slightly as she inhaled.

Anna waited, listening to her labored breathing as Jeff left the stall and soon returned. Jeff had brought what looked like a large glass jar with a wire handle on the top and a valve with a tube leading out the bottom. The jar was 10-inches tall and 4-inches in diameter. Anna watched as the jar was hung on a hook on the wooden barn wall in front of her. Jeff picked up the loose end of the tube and attached it to the tube sticking out of the mask.

“Chris, come in here, now!” Anna heard Jeff call to her older brother. When Chris arrived Anna heard Jeff give instructions to Chris and Bobby. “I want you and you’re brother here to jack off into this jar. Fill it as full as you can, as many times as you can!” Jeff instructed. Jeff reached down to make sure that the valve from the jar to the mask was closed.

Jeff turned from the stall and saw his sister Deb bent forward with her breasts hanging down and her ass pointed backwards. He walked to face her and picked up the control from the platform. He reached between her legs and turned the vibrator off. Jeff saw Deb’s body instantly relax. He pressed the control button and waited as the platform rose. As Deb and the platform rose, the dildo stayed in her body, wedged in her cervix and cunt. Jeff continued to hold down the button until the rod tip exited from the base of the dildo.

Deb was so relieved that the thumping had stopped that she didn’t notice the platform rising at first. The dildo stayed inside her cunt and womb and continued to feel like it was vibrating slightly. Deb couldn’t feel anything from the waist down, due to the numbing sensation she had endured for the past 15 minutes. She barely felt the removable of the dildo from her stretched holes, but the sudden rush of cold air into her cunt and womb shocked her back to reality.

Only a slight pressure was required to remove the dildo. Jeff slid it slowly till it was almost out and then pressed it up again with ease into his sister’s body. Jeff was pleased with the stretching so far. He took the dildo to the equipment stall and laid it on the bench. When he returned to his sister, he showed to Deb, a dildo much larger than the last. This one was the same length and design but, with a 6-inch diameter bulb in the middle and an 8-inch base.

Grabbing the top of the rod below his sisters dripping cunt, Jeff pulled it toward him and slid the larger dildo over the end. Holding the dildo aligned to Deb’s cunt, Jeff twisted the release valve with the other and lowered Deb onto the new monstrosity. As Jeff watched, the tip slipped slowly and easily into Deb’s cunt. The 6 inch bulb at the dildo’s mid span passed easily through her cunt lips, having already been stretched larger that by the vibrator. He watched as Deb instinctively positioned her cervix to accept the tip of the invader. Once Jeff was certain that the tip was well into Deb’s womb, he set the valve to release quickly and lower his beautiful sister quickly.

Deb felt the dildo reenter her cunt. It felt smooth and filling inside her. Surprisingly Deb found she was eager for her body to be filled again. For what seemed like an eternity, she had felt barren and hollow. Now with the huge cock back inside her, she felt complete and whole. She moved her hips slowly around in a circle trying to feel every surface of the exquisitely painful beast within her.

Deb closed her eyes and imagined that her body was being skewered by some evil creature’s cock. Her mind pictured an immense beast with his huge clawed hands encasing her small body. She imagined herself helpless as the creature lowered her onto his massive cock as though she were a toy. Pulling her body off his pole, again and again, forcing her except his throbbing swollen shaft deep inside her small frame.

Jeff reached between Debs legs and ran his hand over her inflamed pussy lips. Deb moaned through her gag, as her body went out of control shaking and gyrating against the pleasure of her brother’s hand. Her breathing was short and quick and matched her mounting groans. Suddenly Jeff’s hand left the sopping lips of his sister’s cunt and turned the vibrator on again.

Instinctive reflexes from Deb, caused her body to resume it’s previously bent position. Her cunt muscles fought to squeeze the mammoth cock and hold it still. 4-inches of the 18-inch dildo remained to be cover by Deb’s lowering cunt. Jeff turned and walked to where the budding 16-year old Cathy still hung up-side down on the wheel.

“I have a job for you Cathy,” Jeff spoke to the moaning teenager as he turned the wheel until Cathy was upright. “I want you to suck the black horse that you helped your mom fuck, and save his cum in a bucket. I need all the cum you can catch so try not to spill any.”

While Jeff was instructing the girl he removed her ball gag and unbuckled her breast strap. Next he untied her hands. Immediately Cathy’s left hand went to her tummy and felt the baseball sized balloon inside her young womb. “Uncle Jeff,” Cathy spoke in a hushed voice. “How will I get this out of my womb?” She questioned in a scared teenage voice.

“Cathy, don’t worry about it now,” Jeff told the teenager. “If you do a good job with the horse, I’ll have it taken out so that you can enjoy tonight’s fun. Now here’s the bucket. I’ll take you to the stall and suck till you to empty the horse’s balls.”

Cathy followed Jeff to the stall. She rubbed her breasts with her free hand as the pain intensified with the return of the circulation to her pert little breasts. Her nipples were still swollen and stuck out from her body as though they were held out by and invisible hook. As Cathy looked down at them she noticed the color returning to normal and felt the dull pain changing to a terrible but exciting burn.

It took Jeff only a minute to install the bridle and bit into the horse’s mouth and tie the reins to the back of the stall. Jeff didn’t want the horse to raise his front legs and crush the lovely teenager with its hoofs.

Cathy moved her mouth around to relieve the ache in her jaw, squatted down below the horse and started rubbing his cock with both hands.

Jeff left Cathy to milk the huge horse cock and went back to see if the two boys had made any progress on their own. Chris was dribbling small amounts of sperm into the jar and the bottom was covered about 1/4- inch. Jeff took his massive cock from his pants and masturbated to add his load to the container. After years of slavery Jeff had learned to control and cum on demand. In less than a minute he was ready and stepped to the rim of the glass container.

With a groan, Jeff’s cock jerked and shot a steady stream against the containers far wall. Another spurt like the first hit, and it too flowed down to mix with the semi-clear liquid at the bottom. His third stream was short and his hand slowed its movement and squeezed the final dribbles against the glass wall nearest him.

Jeff banged his cock on the upper lip of the glass jar and then put it back in his pants. The jar looked to be about 1/2-inch full.

“Not quite enough yet boys,” Jeff said as he turned to leave. “Keep stroking!”

He entered the stall where Cathy was squatting under the horse. The tip of the horse’s massive cock was engulfed by her mouth and her hands were encircling and rubbing up and down the remainder of the shaft as fast as they could. Jeff looked at the bulge of her tummy and smiled. She shifted continually under the horse trying to get comfortable with the small ball in her womb.

The horse was starting to dance and Jeff knew it was getting ready to come. Cathy moved her mouth off the end of the mighty shaft and used her tongue to rub around the tip. Without thinking Cathy stuck the tip of her tongue into the horse’s piss hole. Suddenly, like someone had turned on a water hose, thick horse sperm filled her mouth and throat and sprayed onto her face. Coughing and choking she grabbed the bucket and pointed the still gushing cock into it. Cum hit the bottom of the bucket and sprayed everywhere. Cathy was drenched and tried to angle the spray against the side of the bucket to absorb the force of the stream and keep the thick liquid from splashing out.

The bucket got heavy within seconds, as blast after blast continued to fill it. Cathy could feel the heat of the horses cum through the metal pail. She wanted to use one of her hands and rub the hot cum into her pussy but the bucket was getting too heavy for only one hand.

Cathy could see that the horse’s cock was now receding back and the gushes of hot cum were reduced to a dribble. She placed the bucket down and put the horse’s dribbling cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked trying to catch any of the magnificent beast’s juice she could. When finally she had disappointingly sucked him dry, she stepped to the side and stood up.

Jeff took the bucket from her and looked to see how much had been collected. Cathy had managed to fill the bottom 3-inches with the horse’s thick milky cum. The rest Cathy was rubbing into her skin and licking from her lips.

“Follow me, Cathy,” Jeff said as her turned and left the stall. Passing by his sister Deb, he paused for a moment and looked at the progress of the dildo. The platform was not quite to the bottom but Deb had managed to squat down on the entire shaft. Her thighs were quaking from the vibrations as she maintained the position of breasts forward and ass back to stop the shaft from beating against the plug in her ass.

Jeff continued to the stall that held the 12-year old defiant Anna in the head stocks. The two boys stepped away from the glass jar, unable to cum any more, and let Jeff walk between the jar and little Anna’s head sticking out of the wooden wall. Jeff placed the metal bucket onto the lip of the jar and poured the horse cum carefully filling bottom 8 -inches of the container.

“Anna,” Jeff said. “As you can see, I have filled the jar in front of you with your brothers cum, my cum, and the cum from one of the horses. I am going to turn the valve and let the cum fill your mask slowly.”

Jeff turned the valve and started the thick mixture flowing into Anna’s mask. “As you can feel, the mask is starting to fill with the still warm mixture of cum. Soon it will fill the bottom against your chin and rise to your lips.”

Anna felt the warm liquid filling the bottom of the mask. It reached her bottom lip and she squeezed her lips tightly together. “If you refuse to drink,” Jeff continued. “The cum will continue to rise until it covers your nose. At that point you will not be able to breathe.” Anna heard Jeff say as the very strong pungent smell filled her nostrils and continued to rise past her upper lip.

The cum continued to fill the mask slowly. “We are leaving now. You must decide what to do yourself.” Jeff said as he ushered everyone out of the stall. “Just one more thing Anna,” Jeff said turning back to look at the little girl’s ass wiggling. “I’d advise you to drink slowly. That way you will not get sick and throw-up into the mask. You’ll only cause yourself to drink it again or drown.” With that Jeff turned and left the young girl alone.

Anna tilted her head back trying to delay drinking the combined man and horse cum. Her brain filled with the pungent aroma as it reached above her upper lip. Unexpectedly, as she inhaled, a small string of cum shot up her nose and caused her to cough. The force of the cough splattered the cum against the face mask and onto her face behind the mask.

The liquid was now past her nose. She closed her eyes and sipped a small amount threw her lips and swallowed. Desperate for air Anna opened her mouth, letting the cum fill it. She inhaled through her nose while she held the cum in her budging cheeks. As the cum continued to rise again it once more reached her upper lip and Anna swallowed hard.

Anna fought back the queasiness in her stomach and opened her mouth for the next feeding. She looked up at the glass jar hanging in front of her face and saw that the liquid had just barely gone down. She swallowed for the second time and took in the next mouthful. She knew that she would have to drink it all.

Jeff walked over to where the two boys and their sister Cathy stood in the middle of the barn. “It’s time to remove the ball from your womb,” Jeff said looking at bulge in the young girls naked body. Jeff grabbed the 16-year old nipple chains to lead her to one of the prepared stalls. Cathy screamed as her nipples stretched painfully and her body stumbled to catch up to her uncle’s strides quickly.

Jeff led Cathy with her brothers following, to a stall at the end of the barn. An 18-inch wide padded board with wheels on the bottom sat on rails about three feet off the floor. Jeff had the young Cathy straddle the end of the board and then pushed her forward to lie face down on the padded surface. Cathy’s thighs stuck straight out from each side of her body. Her knees were bent and her feet hung down with her toes pointing toward the barn floor 12 inches below them.

Jeff pulled the girls body so that her pussy hung off the end a few inches. The top of the platform pressed hard against the ball in her womb. Jeff strapped the teenager to the top of the padded board around her waist. He then took a metal spreader bar from a corner of the stall and attached the ends of the bar to each of her ankles, further spreading her legs apart about 4 feet.

Jeff placed his hand on his niece’s exposed ass and pushed her and the padded board forward on the rails. The padded platform slid effortlessly forward and back taking the teenager with it.

“Cathy,” Jeff said. “Here’s what were going to do. Bobby and Chris are going to fuck the rubber ball out of your body. Your brothers will try their hardest to get the ball out, by fucking your ass as violently as they can.”

While Jeff was talking he was hooking a cable around the post directly behind Cathy’s wide spread crotch. He tied the cable to the bottom of the post and brought the other end up toward her cunt.

“Each time one of your brothers rams his cock into you hard, the platform you’re strapped to, will lunge forward. I am tying the nylon string, attached to the ball in your womb, to a post behind you.”

Jeff tied the nylon string to the end ring of the cable. He pulled hard and stretched the string insuring it was tight and let the cable drop from it’s own weight.

“AAAAGGGHHH! NO! NO!” Cathy screamed as the weight of the cable pulled at the ball inside her womb.

“Since the ball must come out of your cunt, your brothers will have to fuck your ass very hard,” Jeff continued raising his voice against the 16 year old screams, “I suggest you relax. This may be the only time you will be able to enjoy giving birth while your ass is fucked and filled with both your brothers’ sperm.”

“Chris,” Jeff called to the boy. “Why don’t you try out your studded cock in your sister’s ass? Bobby, while you’re waiting, you might as well use that stool over there and have your sister suck your cock. Just duck down and come up between the rails in front of your sister’s face. No use letting one of your sister’s good holes go to waste.” Jeff said as he left the stall and walked back to see how his Deb was progressing.

Jeff stood in front of his sister. Deb was almost bent in half leaning forward. Her hands were no longer trying to hold onto the greased bars. Her arms were stretched outward behind her back, her wrists pulling at the short chain on the cuffs. Deb could feel her large breasts hanging down and vibrating madly below her horizontal chest. Every so often Deb had to readjust her stance, as she slipped on the platform from the grease that had run down the bars by her feet.

Jeff walked behind her and turned the vibrator off. Deb was breathing hard, taking into her lungs large gulps of air from her constant struggle not to fall on the shaft. She stood up, her chest rising and falling incredibly with each gasp. Jeff used the button to raise the platform. The thick dildo stayed up inside his sister’s womb. When the rod popped out of the bottom of the dildo, Jeff released the button and stopped the platform from rising. He removed the cuffs from his sister’s wrists and then unbuckled each of her feet. Reaching up he grabbed her forearm and pulled her down from the platform to the barn floor.

The floor felt strange after riding the wobbly platform for the last few hours. With the gigantic dildo stuck halfway through her torso Deb found she had to stand with her legs apart.

Jeff reached down between his sister’s legs and massaged her pussy lips with his hand. He pressed his body hard up against her naked breasts as he rubbed his hand across her pussy, to her wide spread ass and back again. He removed his hand from between her legs and pulled her tighter. Both of his hands slid down the small of her back and opened her ass cheeks wide.

Deb’s body responded to her brother’s caresses, moaning in her gag as her head fell backwards and her hair hung loosely down her back. Deb couldn’t believe how much she was trembling in her brother’s arms. Jeff bent slightly, his chin touching her shoulder while his right hand slid down between her ass cheeks. He paused with his fingers around the base of the but plug and gently pulled it down and out of his sister’s ass.

Deb swooned with the gentle removal of the plug and the warmth of her brother’s body against hers. Jeff’s hand returned to her ass without the plug and gently caressed the outer rim with his fingers. Deb moved her lower body in an out causing her brother’s hand to slide from her ass to her cunt. She paused when she felt Jeff fold his fingers up inside her gaping ass hole. She shook from the heavenly feeling her body was experiencing desperately wanted to cry out for more through her gag.

Jeff’s fingers were now slowly reaching further inside her ass. She could feel the knuckles of Jeff’s hand as they passed the opening and paused. In a daze, Deb felt her brother lift his head from her shoulder. Jeff stepped to Deb’s side, keeping his fingers still in her ass but rotating them as he moved. He looked at his sister, standing with her legs spread, her eyes shut, her head back trembling before him, and knew she was his completely.

Jeff jerked his fingers out of his sister’s ass and slid them toward the base of the dildo in her cunt. He twisted the large dildo around in Deb’s as her hips moved forward and back almost unnoticeably in a slow but steady motion.

Afraid that her slightest movement might anger her brother and cause him to stop, Deb stood as still as she humanly could. She felt the loose dildo in her cunt and womb twist back and forth. She felt Jeff’s left fingers squeezing her left nipple. She stood there ready to be used in any way Jeff wanted.

Jeff slowly pulled the dildo downward 6 inches and pushed it back inside her easily. “Good,” Jeff said. “The slut is almost ready for tonight!”

Chapter 16

Suddenly a loud muffled scream came from the last stall at the end of the barn. Then Jeff heard the boys whooping and cheering. “Yeees! Yeees! Yeees! I fucked her good. I fucked it into her cunt! I feel it in her cunt when I fuck her tight ass. Yeees!” shouted Chris.

“My turn now let me try Chris,” Bobby shouted. “Let me fuck it out of her cunt now. Jeff said for me to do it Chris!”

“Alright, alright. Keep your dick on!” Chris told his little brother. “Your turn Bobby.”

Deb knew someone was shouting but, it didn’t register in her mind. To her it was a buzzing noise from far off somewhere. She concentrated on what Jeff was doing and hoped he would continue his pleasure.

Jeff pulled the entire length of 18-inches out of his sister’s body and dropped the heavy monster to the floor. Deb stood there, almost in tears from the emptiness her body was feeling. How could she ever have stood not having a cock in her? It had become her only friend, her only comfort.

Her insides screamed for something to occupy the emptiness inside her. She prayed that her brother would shove something back inside. Anything to take away the emptiness and fill her with happiness again. Pain didn’t matter anymore. She’d do anything to stop this barren feeling.

A sudden jerk on her nipple chains opened her eyes and pulled her body forward. She followed her brother without resisting hoping he would ease her need and stop her agony.

Jeff took Deb with him to the end stall where her two boys were busy fucking their sister at both ends. Deb saw the cable and string leading to her daughter’s cunt and wondered what was happening. When she saw her daughter being fucked hard by her son’s beautiful cocks, Deb’s body reacted violently. Her thighs quivered and her chest hurt. She wanted so badly to change places with her daughter.

Deb’s hands were busy between her legs as she watched the lewd seen in front of her. She took a step forward, forgetting about her ball gag, squatted down with her fingers already working in her cunt, and pushed her face between her son’s ass cheeks before Jeff could stop her.

“NNNOOO!” Deb’s mind screamed realizing her ball gag was stopping her from licking her son’s balls. In desperation she shoved her nose into her son’s ass and moved it around trying to gain entrance.

Jeff reached down and pulled Deb back, away from her son’s ass. Slightly angry Jeff said, “I have not given you permission to participate. You are here only to watch until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand SLUT?”

“MMMMMffffffff, HHHHHHffffff,” Was all that came out of the ball gag as she desperately tried to get Jeff to understand the incredible craving within her body. She found it almost impossible to stand there and watch as her body screamed for sex of it’s own.

“I told your daughter we would celebrate her BIRTHDAY today,” Jeff explained to Deb. “As you can see she is in the middle of giving birth right now! Your two boys have just fucked the rubber ball out of her womb, and Bobby there is now trying to fuck it out of her tight little pussy.”

“MMMMMffffffff. MMMMMffffff,” Was all that came out of Deb’s ball gag. Jeff looked at his sister wondering if she were objecting to the treatment of her daughter or begging for something to be shoved inside her own body. As he stared at her face he noticed beads of perspiration rolling down her forehead and off her nose. Between her breasts was a river running down her body and dripping off her shaved pussy lips.

Finally forced to do something, Jeff said, “Oh sis, I’m Sooooo sorry! I completely forgot how addicted your body is to constantly being filled with large thick objects! I guess we’ll have to find something to fill you up before you go into serious withdrawal. Now let’s see, what we can use to take up all that space? Why don’t you stay here and watch your daughter get fucked by your two sons and I’ll go find something for you.”

Jeff left the stall and came back dragging in a heavy wooden chair. The chair was immense and had dark black leather covering the thickly padded arms, back and seat. He half dragged the large chair into the stall. Tilting the chair to the side, he walked it on two legs and set it upright over the cable, two feet behind where her son Bobby was fucking his sister’s ass. The bottom of the chair seat pushed down slightly on the cable beneath the chair and forced the cable below the chair to pull tight.

Cathy screamed as the chair stretched the cable, pulling her back on the rails and tugging at the ball inside her, forcing her cunt to open another inch in diameter. Deb could see the tied end of the balloon sticking out of her daughter’s opening pussy. She could see her daughter’s widening cunt hole framing a two inch circle of the red balloon as it struggled to force its way out. With each stroke of Bobby’s cock into Cathy’s ass, Deb watched her daughter’s cunt hole opened and close, stretching and contracting against the insistent diameter of the balloon.

“There,” Jeff said to Deb. “Now you have a ring-side seat for your daughter’s birthday.”

Deb was finding it unbearable to stand and watch her children without going crazy with desire. She desperately thirsted to kneel behind her son’s ass and lick the strings of sperm that were squeezing from her daughters ass and dripping off her son’s balls. Her eye’s closed tight as she fought to stop her hands from ripping off her gag and sucking her sons dripping scrotum into her mouth.

Deb stepped forward, her legs trembling, to the side of the huge chair. She had approached the chair from behind, with her eyes were glued to her son’s balls, as they slapped loudly against her daughter’s dripping ass. Deb’s eyes followed a string of sperm that was running along the nylon cord as it moved from her daughter’s pussy toward the bottom edge of the chair.

It was then that she saw it. Thick and black, like the leather covering the chair. A gigantic black cock that stuck up through a hole in the seat. The 6-inch bullet shape shaft was the most seductive thing she had ever seen. She reached down to touch the smooth shinny black surface and stroked it with her lightly fisted hand. It was slippery to the touch and her palm glided effortlessly up and down its length. The tip was beautifully rounded with a 4 tiny holes in the end.

Jeff had pulled in a long extension cord and plugged it into the underside of the chair. In his pocket he held a cordless remote. He watched as his sister bent over the arm of the chair and stroked the exposed length of slick soft black cock.

Jeff had designed and used a similar chair years ago, while he was head slave to a sadistic master. This was a replica; with a few minor adjustments add in.

A women’s first reaction to the chair was always the same. It had the looks and feel of something that was built for comfort and pleasure, and it was indeed built for that purpose, that is to “LOOK” that way. The soft black pliable casing of the cock, the liquid gel that filled it, gave an exquisite feel when touched. Not to mention the huge sturdy chair and the soft leather padding, filled with the same gel, that seemingly surrounded the woman’s body and made her feel safe and secure.

After their first experience in the chair, women either begged for more, or fought tooth and nail not to be put back in. It’s safe and comfortable looks disguised the sinister purpose for it’s design and use.

4 tiny holes at the end of the cock enabled four different liquids to be introduced into the woman cunt or womb, a lubricant, an aphrodisiac, a powerful pain killer, and a high volt electrical conducting gel.

The 6-inches of exposed black cock were only the tip of the iceberg. Its full length was 18-inches and could be raised and lowered by a motorized screw device under the seat. At the end of the screw device was a cam that could piston the cock up and down 6-inches at any height and any speed. A hollow plastic rod inside the length of the cock could vibrate, sending waves of ripples through the gel, or thudding pulses that shook the whole body.

There was one more thing the chair was capable of. A small hydraulic pump under the seat was used to force more gel into the cock. Filled with gel, it’s thickness changed from it’s soft 2-inch diameter to a hard 8-inch wickedly painful thickness. The hydraulic pump could be used in various ways. It could pump the gel slowly or fill the cock almost instantly to it’s 8 inch maximum. It could also be set to make the cock pulse.

The pulsing of the cock was a pleasure that no woman could get enough of or could even imagined, prior to experiencing the chair. The release valve, for the filling of the cock with gel, would be left opened, to allow the gel to escape with very little pressure. The pump would be turned on high and the gel would expand the cock until it gently touched every surface inside the woman organs. The quick pulsing flow of the gel through the cock massaged her inner walls without the numbing effect vibrators had.

Without exception, the pulsing caused continual and uncontrollable orgasms for the rider. Even though exhausted, women begged not to be taken off. Passed out and still on the device, their bodies would ride and spasm in ecstacy only to wear themselves out to the point that they would have to sleep for days to recuperate. Once awake their every thought would be to get back on and ride the pulsing cock again.

“Place yourself on the cock, SLUT!” Jeff commanded.

Deb’s body was already in motion. She stepped over the cable, reached behind her back putting her hands on the arms of the chair. Leaning forward she looked between her legs and lowered her cunt to the tip of the waiting black cock.

It felt like heaven as it parted her pussy lips and then easily inside the entrance to her stretched cunt. Lowering herself with her arms, Deb felt the black cock sliding into her cunt with an ease she would never have dreamed of. The warm leather of the chair lightly caressed the cheeks of her ass and she sank into the gel filled padding. The thickness of the cock gave way as the gel flowed around to fill the areas of less pressure.

Deb’s cunt muscles rubbed the cock. She felt it gurgle as the gel moved around and then back when her muscles relaxed. She felt comfortable and secure as her entire body relaxed and sank into the padding.

From under the chairs arm Jeff pulled a strip of Velcro, wrapped it up and over Debs wrist. He did the same to her other wrist. Reaching down, Jeff pulled the Velcro around his sister’s ankles and the sturdy legs of the chair.

Deb, unconcerned that she was being strapped in place, was moving her hips in a small circle around the soft heavenly cock inside her cunt. She moaned and groaned, her eyes fixed on the expanding bright red circle at the entrance to her daughter’s cunt. Deb’s hips started jerking forward in time with the expansion and contraction of the red circle in front of her.

From the side of the massive chair Jeff clipped a thin elastic band to Deb’s left nipple ring. Pulling it forward he reached between Bobby’s legs and passed it through the ring on Cathy’s clit shield. Stretching the band slightly, Jeff clipped the loose end to Deb’s right nipple ring.

Each time the bright read circle at Cathy’s cunt enlarged, Deb’s nipples were pulled straight out from her chest. The movement of her breasts matched the ass fucking of her daughter, and in a way tied the two of them together sharing both pain and pleasure. Deb’s breathing matched the jolting of her breasts as she forcefully ground her ass into the padded seat.

Deb was not aware of her daughter’s moaning. The radiant pleasure of the cock inside her and rhythmic pain within her nipples beat a uniform din that echoed inside her head.

Jeff passed a thick leather strap around Deb’s waist from side to side and pulled it tight with a buckle.

“MMMMUUUffffff! MMMMUUUUffff!” Deb pouted as the tightening of the strap now prevented her from moving around on the dildo. She shook her head from side to side in an effort to let her brother know it was too tight. Jeff tugged on the strap again to make doubly sure his sister couldn’t possibly move.

Just as the cravings were returning to her body, Deb felt the dildo squirt something inside. It was warm, maybe a little hot, but it was still a shock when it happened. Another squirt hit the top of her cunt and splashed her cervix.

“Oh God that feels soooo good!” Deb thought to herself.

“OOOHHH,” Deb moaned in pleasure to herself. “This feels really good. My cunts so warm and wet. If I could move, I’d fuck this black cock so hard. I want to move so bad. This is driving me crazy! I need to move NOW! OOHH! I have to move! HAVE to fuck it! GOT TO move! DEAR GOD LET ME MOVE MY ASS AND FUCK THIS COCK!” Deb’s mind screamed as the aphrodisiac took control and her body and demanded pleasure.

Jeff noticed his sisters white knuckles on the ends of the chairs arms. He knew what she was going through. The aphrodisiac was both powerful and irresistible. Once administered, there was nothing Deb wouldn’t do to satisfy the craving in her groin. The first chairs designed, didn’t have padding. The women literally beat themselves unconsciously, against the wooden arms and back, trying to free their bodies enough to move up and down on the black cock inside their cunts.

Jeff watched as his tortured sister strained at her bindings. He watched as she threw her shoulders forward and slammed them back against the gel filled padding. Each backward slam of her upper body caused her nipples to tug on the elastic band attached to her daughters clit shield. Both would scream from the sudden pain at the same time.

Bobby couldn’t keep up the pace any more. His cock still hard he pulled out and stepped down from the stool underneath him. He walked over to the hay in the corner of the stall and fell forward, exhausted.

“Chris,” Jeff called to the older brother. “Why don’t you do the honors again and fuck the ball out of your sister’s cunt. She must be tired of having it in for so long, I’m sure she just wants to get it over with and out.”

Chris ducked under the rails and walked around toward his sister’s exposed ass. He watched his mother stare at his newly sheathed cock as he walked toward her, stepped over the cable with his right leg and kicked the stool out of his way.

Deb had watched her son’s thick studded cock bounce as he walked around his sister and toward the chair she was bound to. Deb spread her knees as far apart as she could, offering herself to her son. “Any way you want to take me you can Chris, darling,” She thought to herself as her eyes locked on her son’s huge cock. She cared only that someone do something to her. She needed more stimulation. She pulled back again on the band attached to her nipples. At least that was something.

Chris leaned over his sister’s back and placed his cock at the crimson red entrance to her worn ass.

Deb watched as her son Chris, plunged his studded cock deep into his sister’s bowels. As Chris lunged forward into his sister’s ass, Deb’s breasts were pulled so hard she screamed in pain along with her daughter. Her chest leaped forward pulling her off the back of the seat, following the nipple rings attached to them. The pain was intense. Deb pushed her shoulders back increasing the pain to her breasts looking for any kind of arousal. In her current state, she truly didn’t care what kind that was. Her unquenchable cravings demanded pain if they couldn’t get pleasure even to the point of mutilation.

Jeff pointed the remote at the chair. It was time to continue Deb’s exquisite torture.

Deb screamed, and then moaned with relief as she felt the movement within her. The soft black cock was rubbing her inner walls as it twisted in slow continuous circles.

“OH YES! That feels so GOOD!” Thought Deb, “More, MORE! I need MORE! Please faster, FASTER! PLEASE!”

Totally out of control, Deb’s body demanded greater and greater arousal. Jeff knew whatever his sister received would never be enough. He remembered the time he had used this aphrodisiac on a girl he had strapped to the chair. She begged him to make the cock go faster and faster. He had pushed the speed as high as the machine would go, but the girl continued to scream for more. Even as the friction from the dildo’s great speed caused wisps of smoke to appear and the smell of sizzling flesh floated up from her crotch, the girl demanded more!

Deb noticed that the slowly spinning cock inside her, was also growing in length. Her first realization was when it touched lightly against her upper cunt wall. She felt the pressure at the tip of the dildo increase as it twisted inside her now. She leaned forward slightly to position her cervix at the dildo’s tip and screamed with delight at the continual rising of the cock. Her cervix was still open from the previous stretching and Deb hardly felt the dildo’s entrance into her womb.

As the soft black cock continued it’s rising spin, Jeff decided to check on little Anna’s drinking problem. By now she should have finished all the cum in the jar. Jeff hoped this lesson would solve the problem of her defiance. If not, Jeff would have to try more drastic measures.

Jeff walked around the stock and looked at the jar. It was empty. Only a small amount remained in Anna’s mask below her lower lip down to her chin. Anna turned her head sideways to look at Jeff. Jeff could see that the defiance was gone from her eyes.

“You drank it all Anna, I’m so proud!” Jeff said as her pulled the mask from her face. The cum dripped down from her chin as Anna turned her face down in fear of what might come next if she did or said anything to upset her Uncle again. “I hope you have learned to obey me without question or talking back. Have you Anna?” Jeff questioned.

“Yes.” Came in a small voice from the young girl.

“Good!” Jeff said, “We are not yet through with your punishment. Rex, Come here!” Jeff instructed the dog. Rex stood from the corner he was in and pranced to his master’s side.

Jeff took a long piece of string from his pocket. He tied one end to the ring he had pierced through the tender skin between Anna’s ass and pussy two days ago. He then wrapped the other end around both of Anna’s feet. He lifted her feet till her toes touched the floor and pulled the string tight.

Anna could feel the tight pull of the ring in her tender area. It was uncomfortable, but not too painful, “IF” she stayed on the tips of her toes. She felt Jeff remove the straps from around her knees and slide the tummy support sideways from under her. Anna started to move her knees closer together but stopped when she realized that the closer her knees came together her tighter it pulled on the string.

“Rex, Lick!” Jeff instructed the dog.

Anna’s heart leaped when she heard her Uncle Jeff instruct Rex to lick her. “AAAAHHH, OUCH! OWWW! OUCH! OUCH!” Anna screamed as Rex bumped and moved the string to get to Anna’s crotch with his tongue. Anna raised her feet in the air to loosen the string that Rex’s body was trying to straddle and push aside.

“AAAAGGGGHHH, NO REX, NO. NO. Don’t step on it! NO! AAAAGGGGGHHH!” Anna screamed as the ring pulled painfully with each movement of the dog legs to get a better angle to lick her flowing pussy juice.

“REX, FUCK!” Came the instruction and Rex obeyed by jumping up on Anna’s back. Anna’s cunt was not accessible due to the string attached to the ring, so Jeff reached down to guide Rex’s pink tip into Anna’s ass hole. Once started Rex took over and started pounding into the warm tight hole of the his little dog bitch.

Anna was so confused. She screamed as each thrust of the dog’s cock pushed her slightly forward bouncing her legs and pulling at the ring embedded through the skin below her ass. She bit her lips together between her teeth and tried to ignore the pain and concentrate on Rex’s glorious cock sliding in and out of her bowels.

“OHH Rex, OUCH, your cock OUCH, feels really, OUCH, good!” Anna called out loud, between the spikes of pain. Within a few minutes the area around the piercing ring had become very sensitive and with each of Rex’s thrusts, it hurt! Anna’s feet were raised as high as she could hold them off the floor. After ten minutes her leg muscles started to shake as they cramp from their position of unrest. Each time she unconsciously let them drop, she was reminded painfully to keep them up.

Holding her legs high for what seemed to be an eternity, Anna was now close to cumming. She had waited all day for this fuck with Rex and she wasn’t going to let a few muscle cramps stop her from finally cumming with Rex’s hot cock inside her.

“OHHhhhh, I’m going to cum! Ohhh, Yes, don’t stop Rex! Just don’t ever STOP! That’s it Rex. Harder! HARDER!” But without warning, her leg muscles kicked uncontrollably in cramping spasms that jerked at the ring and caused incredible pain to shot through her entire crotch.

“NOOOOO! OWWWW! OWWWW! SHIT!” she screamed as the intense pain overrode all other feeling in her body and stopped her orgasm. The skin around the pierced ring burned so bad she could hardly feel the thick throbbing dog cock cumming inside her ass. Anna fought, as her legs still kicked uncontrollably, to climb back to where she had been just moments before. As her legs stopped their spasms and the pain finally wore off, she felt Rex’s hot dog sperm dripping from her ass and down her cunt lips.

Already Rex was trying to pull his bulbous cock out of the little girl’s tight ass. Anna pouted quietly, as Rex tugged his still throbbing cock from her ass ring, with one slow painful ass stretching move. Anna tried to stop Rex from pulling out by tighten her ass muscles in a desperate effort to keep the hot cock inside her. Concentrating on keeping her ass muscles tight, her feet lowered again and the pain shot through her crotch.

Rex pulled hard when he heard Anna scream and his cock plopped out of his bitch’s tight little ass. Thick hot dog cum dripped and splashed everywhere. Anna’s back, her ass, thighs and legs were splashed and dripping with it, not to mention the streams that were pouring out of her ass hole and down between her pussy lips.

Rex licked at the strings of hot cum leaking from Anna’s ass for a while before he walked over to his corner to lie down and lick himself.

Jeff had returned to the stall with the rest of the family as soon as he had helped guide Rex’s cock into Anna’s ass.

Looking over his sister’s shoulder Jeff saw the widening circle of red at Cathy’s opening cunt. The circle had spread to 3-inches and Cathy was groaning constantly now. Chris, her brother, pounded relentlessly into her ass as his mother sat moaning into her gag, behind him.

The dildo beneath Deb had screwed its way up into her womb slowly and stopped at its highest point as programmed. Jeff now pushed the button on the remote to open the release valve and start the gel flowing through the soft black cock in his sister’s womb.

Deb felt a rumbling surge as the black cock grew in thickness. As the pump filled it with gel the soft exterior of the cock expanded to fill the empty space in her cunt and womb. Ever so gently it pressed against the sensitive walls inside her. Her body tensed at first but relaxed as the massage started to caress every inch of her eagerly responding sex. This was an sensation that Deb could never have dreamed she could experience. It was like millions of tiny wet tongues were licking and caressing the sensitive inner walls of her most forbidden places. Her whole being was floating on the sensations rippling through her drug induced, sex craving body.

To Deb it felt like heaven. Her body responded quickly to the cocks pleasure and soared toward orgasm so fast she could hardly believe herself. Before she was even ready, she was going to cum.

“My God, I can’t believe this!” Deb thought, “I’m close to cumming already! Here it comes! HERE IT COMES!”

All at once pain suddenly ripped through her entire body. “MMMM FFFFFF GGGGGGG AAAAA HHHHHH!” Deb’s muffled scream shook the walls of the barn through the ball gag. The pain was so intensely paralyzing that Deb couldn’t imagine where it had come from. She sat, sobbing for a moment, restrained in her chair, trying to remember what had happened. As quickly as the pain had come it was forgotten as the cock continued it’s licking caresses, and Deb’s body responded as before. The glorious feeling in her cunt and womb was forcing her body to build toward another orgasm . . . ! Then the pain hit her again!

Jeff smiled as he held the remote watching his sister as she tried to figure out what had happened. Jeff had seen his sister starting to cum and had pressed the button on the remote to shut the release valve. With the valve shut and the gel pump on maximum, the soft black cock had grown from a soft and comfortable 2-inches in diameter to a painfully hard 8-inch diameter in under a second. Deb’s cunt and womb openings had been stretched instantly to the circumference of the inflating cock inside her.

Releasing the button, opened the valve instantly allowing it to continue it’s delightful caressing. Within seconds the wondrous cock’s massage had made Deb forget her experience of pain and was taking her toward another climax. Jeff watched his sister’s inner thigh muscles for the tell tail signs of an impending orgasm.

As Deb’s inner thighs started to quiver, Jeff waited for one, two, three, then he pushed the remote inflating the cock again to 8-inches. Jeff watched as Deb’s body racked in all directions at once. Not a sound issued from behind the gag. Her arms fought against the restraints and her upper body pushed backward hard. From the muscles tightening in her arms Jeff could see that his sister was instinctively trying to tear the arms from the chair and throw herself off the massively thickening cock.

As it had been with every girl put in the chair, the continued massaging of the cock made all thoughts of pain disappear. Almost instantly, the cocks tender massage soothed the body from the inside wiping away any memory of pain.

Jeff noted that it had taken Deb a few minutes to recover from the first painful shock to her body. This last one had taken less than a minute till Deb was again moaning with pleasure through her gag.

“Just a few more times Deb and your body will start getting use to the pain,” Jeff told his sister. “Your cunt and womb will quickly learn to ignore any amount of stretching and search only for the pleasure your body is craving for.”

Jeff suddenly noticed that Deb’s nipples were being pulled from her body and elongated severely at the insistence of band attached to her daughter’s clit shield. Deb made no attempt to lean forward, obviously unaware of any pain caused by the tremendous pulling. Jeff looked over toward Cathy’s cunt and saw that the red circle of the balloon was now almost 4 inches in diameter. Her red cunt hole had stretched almost to the point of releasing the baseball size rubber ball.

“Ugh, Ugh, Yes, Ugh, Yes,” Was the only sound escaping the teenage girl as her brother continued his punishing fuck of his sister’s ass. She seemed to enjoy the pain caused by the rubber ball opening her cunt in relentless jerks.

Jeff noticed Deb’s thighs tighten again. Waiting, one, two, three, he pushed the button on the remote. Deb’s body shook as though it was being electrified, but immediately the cock made her moan with pleasure. Within less than a minute, Deb was close to another orgasm. This time when Jeff pushed the button is was as though Deb didn’t hardly feel the cock swelling.

Jeff smiled and pushed the button again and again. Each time he pushed the remote he watched for Deb’s reaction. Deb’s reactions to the inflating 8-inches were getting less and less each time. After only a few more minutes, Jeff couldn’t see any difference in Deb weather he pushed the remote or not. Her mind now associated pain as pleasure. Jeff was pleased. There was nothing Deb wouldn’t take and put up her cunt now.

Jeff pushed the button on the remote to dispense the painful burning liquid into Deb’s womb chamber. He watched as Deb cringed slightly but returned to her labored breathing and still mounting orgasms. This time Jeff pushed and held the button to inflate the black cock inside his sister. As he held the button He listened to his sister moan with pleasure. He watched her body tremble and build towards orgasm. Jeff released the button and could see the disappointed look on Deb’s face.

Jeff knew beyond all doubt, that he had succeeded. He had pushed his sister’s body and mind, driven past, never to return from the darker side of sex. The place where your body lacks morals and pain is the requirement for satisfaction.

Chapter 17

Cathy screamed as her brother’s pumping edged her forward and tugged the 4 -1/4 inch diameter ball from her body. As the ball popped from her tender cunt she slid forward on the rails tugging at her mother’s nipple rings. With the ball now lying on the floor, the only thing holding Cathy in place while her brother fucked her ass was the elastic band attached to Deb’s nipple rings.

Deb’s Breasts were stretched out before her a full 10 inches from her chest. The nipples at the end were pulled tight and elongating the holes around the rings. Deb hardly noticed the pain to her breasts as the dildo inside her cunt and womb continued it’s rumbling against her body’s inside walls.

Chris was starting to cum. His ringed cock fought to release the flood that his sperm fill balls were trying to force past the tight ring. The swollen tip of his cock was ready to burst as his balls jumped in extreme effort to expel their contents. He moaned and slowed his motion to prolong the feeling for only a few glorious seconds.

Chris felt the rising flood in his cock bubbling to a peak as his sister’s ass squeezed around the puffy head of his cock. He pumped faster and harder into the now loose orifice, knowing that nothing could stop or delay the final mounting orgasm.

Cathy cried out to her brother behind her. “OHH YES Chris. Don’t stop! Please don’t stop. Make me CUMMMM TOOO, Please dear brother! Harder Chris! HARDER!” She screamed.

Cathy felt the huge ball shape of her brother’s throbbing cock head moving in and out of her bowels. She felt the rubber nipples on his sheath bounce as they escaped her pulsing ass ring, flicking it in all directions as the sprang loose and then were pushed back inside.

Chris continued to feed his seed into the milking bowels of his beautiful sister’s ass for 2 glorious minutes as his sister’s body built ever and ever higher toward a massive orgasm. Chris listened to his sister Cathy scream for more as he pulled his cock out of her ass, leaving her on the platform still attached to her mother’s nipple rings.

“NO, NO Chris! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME! HARD, DON’T LEAVE, I NEED IT HARD! Pleassssee Chris, AAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!” Cathy screamed as her body slowly relaxed and her mounting orgasm died. Cathy was still sobbing and begging her brother as she felt someone reach under her and unclip the band from her clit shield. She continued to beg for what seemed like forever and stopped suddenly as something touched the lips of her cunt.

“Yess! OHH YESS! PUSH IT IN ME! QUICK PLEASE!” Cathy begged as her cunt lips tingled in anticipation of the object filling her needy body.

“You must learn patience,” Jeff told Cathy, “You cunt will be filled soon enough.”

Jeff had removed the band attached to Cathy’s clit shield and her mother’s nipple rings. He then attached a clamp to the end of the rails behind Cathy’s still exposed and dripping ass. He pushed the girl forward on the rails and fixed a 14-inch long, 3-inch diameter dildo to the clamp installed on the rails. The dildo was now held horizontal to the ground and painted straight toward Cathy’s cunt. Jeff now slowly pulled the teenager’s ass back until the head of the huge cock lodged inside her cunt lips and stopped at the still stretched cunt opening.

As Cathy begged for the cock at the entrance to her inflamed cunt to be pushed inside her, Jeff clipped the end of a bungee cord to the ring of her clit shield. The bungee cord was in the shape of a “Y”. With the two remaining ends in his right hand, Jeff pulled them back toward his sister.

Jeff put his hand on Deb’s shoulders and pulled to lean her forward, toward her daughter’s ass. Deb was now sitting, bent at her waist, extremely forward on her chair. Jeff raised the cords and attached the two ends of the bungee “Y” to Deb’s nipple rings. The bungee hung down loose, between the two women. Jeff turned back toward Cathy.

“Cathy, I know your cunt is burning to be filled,” Jeff spoke to the young girl as she tried to wiggle her body onto the shaft behind her.

“The cock behind you is waiting for your cunt to move onto its long length,” Jeff said as he continued to talk to Cathy. “But the problem is, you can’t work yourself backward onto it alone. You’ll need your mother’s help,” Jeff continued to tell Cathy how her clit shield was now attached to her mother’s nipple rings. For Cathy to get the cock into her pussy, her mother would have to painfully pull backwards, tugging her daughter onto the shaft with strength of her breasts.

“So,” Jeff finished. “It’s up to you to convince your mother to torture her nipples and breasts to please her daughter’s needy cunt.”

As Cathy began to plead with her mother, Jeff stopped the flow of gel pumping through the cock inside Deb’s body. He stepped to his sister Deb’s side and whispered into her ear. “SLUT, I want you to look at the shaft pointed at your daughter’s cunt, and not take your eyes off it. I want you to remember the pain; you went through this morning when the thick shaft was forced past your cervix and into your womb.” Jeff whispered as Deb stared straight ahead at her daughter’s dripping, crotch and the tip of the dildo spreading the lips of her teenage pussy.

“Now, while your daughter is begging you,” Jeff continues. “I want you to pull back hard with your breasts. Drive the thick cock into your daughter’s pussy. Force your helpless daughter to feel its unyielding thickness, as it spreads the opening to her womb and lodges itself into the most painful part of her cute little body.”

“Listen to what she’s asking, Deb,” Jeff whispered. “She’s begging you to do it. She doesn’t know how big it is or how much it will hurt. Show her Deb. Make her hurt. Pull her all the way onto the cock. Pull her back till it’s all the way inside her. I want you to pull until her pussy engulfs and closes over the end of the dildo. I don’t want to see any of the dildo outside her cute little cunt. I want you to pull until her cunt closes around the rod that holds the end of the dildo. If you can do this Deb, I’ll turn the chair back on and set it to high. I’ll let you cum as you watch your daughter’s tortured body writhe and scream around the shaft you buried deep inside her.”

Jeff watched as Deb’s body moved started to move backward. As she sat slowly back in the chair, her nipples stretched painfully outward from her body. Jeff looked toward Cathy’s cunt and watched as the head of the cock slipped inside of the teen’s pussy hole.

“Ohhhh Yess Mom!” Cathy sang out as the thick head spread the folds of her pussy lips and pushed past the opening to her cunt. “OHHH that feels so good. It’s sooo thick! It hurts, but it feels so good.” Cathy couldn’t believe the size of the shaft she felt moving into her cunt. The ball she had given birth to was larger but not as pleasurable. This cock, now sliding into her slowly, was a thing of beauty. She needed to be filled with it. If only she could move onto it, she knew she could cum on the thick shaft and her body screamed to cum now.

“More mom, I need more.” Cathy begged her mother. “Please mother, PLEASE! Fuck me Mom, fuck me onto the cock. I’ll do anything you want. Just, please, fuck it into me HARDER, PULL MOM!”

Deb screamed into her gag. Her nipples and breasts tugged painfully as they struggled to pull her daughter’s body back onto the thick dildo. Cathy heard the scream and imagined the torturous pain her mother must be suffering, but could not bring herself to tell her to stop. Her body needed to be filled and that need went beyond all rational reason. She didn’t care that anyone was hurting, only that SHE could feel pleasure at last.

Cathy felt herself continue to slide along the shaft as it entered deeper and deeper into her wet cunt. The feeling of total filling reached a maximum as the head of the dildo pushed against the end wall of her cunt. She heard her mother scream again and felt the incredible pulling of her clit shield continue. The cock had reached the end of her tortured cunt and now wanted to continue further.

“Mom! Mom! Stop! It’s all the way in me! MOM It hurts! No MOM NOOOOO!” Cathy screamed as the head of the dildo found Cathy’s still slightly open cervix.

“NO, PLEASE MOM, NO MORE PLEASEEEE!” Cathy screamed. “You’re forcing it into my womb, mom pleeease no. Don’t do this to me mom!” Cathy sobbed as she realized this was what her mother had intended all along.

Deb smiled as she listened to the screams of her daughter. She watched the thick monster cock forcing entrance into the young whore cunt in front of her. She didn’t feel the pain in her breasts. She felt only hatred for her young beautiful sexy daughter.

“AAAAHHHHHGGGGGGHHHH, NO MOM NOOOOOO!,” Cathy cried as her cervix surrendered to the size of the thick headed cock and pushed through the pliable opening to her womb, pulling the puckered skin around her cervix in with it.

“MMMMMGGGGGFFFFFHHHHHH,” Deb screamed in her gag bearing the incredible pain in her breasts. She watched as the cock disappeared further and further into her daughter’s small pussy.

Every inch of the cock’s entrance into her daughter, Deb paid for with extreme pain to her breasts. She could hear her daughter begging her to stop now. Deb knew it must be entering her daughter’s womb. Looking down at her own breasts she saw the holes made by the rings in her nipples elongated from the pulling. Only a small piece of each nipple held the rings from ripping away from her breasts. She would impale her daughter onto the cock at any and all costs. Her brother Jeff had promised her that she could cum if she buried the cock all the way inside her daughter, and that’s what she was going to do. Her body burned to cum, could think of nothing else but the return of the rumbling cock in her own body.

As Deb watched the thick cock almost disappeared into her daughter. Only one more inch remained outside the ring of young cunt. Deb pulled back with all her strength, but her back was already against the back of the chair. She leaned forward and threw herself backward. Her nipples burned with pain from the sudden jerk, but her daughter refused to move further back onto the cock. She slammed herself again and again against the chairs padded back trying to move the chair backwards but again and again nothing happened.

“MMMMFFFFGGGGHHHH,” Deb screamed as she looked at the butt end of the pink dildo sticking out of her daughters spread pussy lips. She turned her head to look up and her brother standing beside her. Tears of desperation were in her eyes as she realized that for all her effort, she was not going to be allowed to cum.

Jeff released the braces that held the dildo in Cathy’s cunt to the rails. Leaving the dildo deep inside the young girl’s body, Jeff dropped the bracing to the floor. Cathy was still tied to the rolling platform. Jeff left his sister and her children while he went to get something from a nearby stall. Returning to behind Cathy’s ass he held a rubber sledge hammer and a 3-inch diameter shaft with a smaller rod sticking out of the end. He placed the smaller rod into the hole in the end of the dildo in Cathy’s cunt.

Raising the rubber sledge hammer with his right hand he brought it down and hit the end of the 3-inch diameter shaft. Cathy didn’t know what had happened. She opened her mouth to scream but before she could emit a sound another jolt hit her from behind driving the dildo further inside her womb. Two more hits and Jeff removed the small shaft from the end of the dildo and from the inside of Cathy’s cunt lips.

Jeff stooped down and pulled the teenager’s cunt lips apart, looking for the end of the dildo in Cathy’s cunt. Jeff couldn’t see the end of the dildo at all. He stuck two fingers into the teenager’s cunt and felt for the end. When his fingers found the blunt end of the shaft, they were two-inches inside the young girl.

“Well, it’s really up in there, Cathy,” Jeff spoke to the now screaming teenager. “Yep! Even after all that stretching, your young pliable cunt is closing with that monster inside it. I think we’re going to need a cork screw to get it out of there!” Jeff laughed as he tossed the hammer and small shaft toward the corner of the stall.

While the helpless teenager continued to scream, Jeff turned his attentions to his sister Deb.

He undid the straps that held her arms and thighs to the chair. “SLUT! You failed to do as I asked. You will stand up and place your hands on your daughter’s ass in front of you. You will then lean forward and suck your son’s cum out of her ass. You are lucky today, SLUT, that her ass was cleaned this morning, and both of your son’s combined sperm will taste pure. When you are finished with her ass, you will work on her pussy lips. Are my instructions clear, SLUT?” Jeff asked his sister.

“MMMMMMFFFFFGGGGHHHH,” Was all that came out of the gag.

“Then stand and do as you are instructed,” Jeff told Deb. Deb’s ankles were still attached to the legs of the chair. It was going to be difficult to remove herself from the long shaft with only the strength of her weakened arms to lift her body. Jeff watched as his sister struggled and fell back down on the shaft several times, screaming into her gag as her ass splatted against the cushioned seat of the chair.

As Deb struggled to remove herself from the long shaft, Jeff turned to Bobby and Chris. “Chris, I have given your mother an order but, she is disobeying it. Each time your mother refuses to get off the chair and suck your sister’s ass, I want you press this button on the remote and hold it for 5-seconds. If she fails again, do the same,” Jeff explained to the oldest boy.

“Bobby, I want you to help your mother off the chair. Stand in front of her and grab the chains to her nipple rings. As she starts to get up, pull them forward and up to help her,” Jeff explained to the youngest boy. “Leave her ball gag in until she manages to stand. I do not wish to hear her screams as she tries. I will return in a few minutes, and expect to see my orders obeyed.”

Jeff turned and left the stall to check on the youngest girl, Anna. When he arrived at the stall he found Rex humping the young girl’s ass with quick powerful strokes. This could not be the continuation of the same instruction he had given Rex 30-minutes ago. Anna was no longer screaming from the string that was still attached to the ring piercing her skin below her ass. Jeff kneeled down and saw the skin between her ass and cunt hole red and stretched from the pulling of the ring.

Jeff stood up and looked at the hind end of the dog as it pistoned into the girl’s ass. Rex had never disobeyed him before. He realized that somehow a bond had been established between the girl and dog. No doubt she had somehow coaxed Rex to please her. He wasn’t upset with Rex, after all he was only an animal doing what he had been trained to do, but he would have to make it clear to Anna that this kind of behavior was not to be tolerated.

He slipped away quietly, to bring back the equipment he needed to teach the young girl. When Jeff returned, he could see the cum dripping out of Anna’s ass, as Rex’s cock hosed the inside of her ass with it’s hot sperm. Anna was about to cum and was quietly encouraging Rex to continue.

“OHHH REX! Your hot cum is burning inside me! Oh Yes Fuck my ass. Keep Fucking, I’m almost there! Harder Rex! Make me Cummmmmm!” Anna was half whispering and half shouting to the dog she could not see on top of her.

“Rex, Stop!,” Jeff commanded to his dog. Instantly the dog jumped down off the young girls back and turned toward his master. It was then that Jeff realized, that the dog was locked in the girls tight ass hole. Rex stood facing away from the back end of his bitch, ass to ass with his tail on her back, his head and ears down in a submissive manner.

Rex knew at this point that he had disappointed his master. He could sense it in the way Jeff stood and looked at him. Jeff reached down and rubbed the dog’s head and ears, but Rex was still ashamed. Rex wanted so badly to slink away to a corner and hide, but he was held prisoner in the ass of the female bitch. He struggled to stand still as Anna wiggled her ass left and right trying desperately to cum on the dog cock lodged in her ass.

Jeff took out his pocket knife and cut the cord around her ankles. He picked up the end of the cord he’d just cut and pulled hard on the attached ring piercing the tight skin between her ass and cunt holes.

“AAAAGGGGHHHHHAAAAA, NO, NO, PLEASEEEEEE! NO! STOP!,” Anna yelled as the pain tortured her sensitive area. Instinctively she tried to move her ass away, but Jeff held onto the cord tightly, and her movements only succeeded in pulling the ring more. Anna concentrated on holding her body still through the unending pain while she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“I shall pull on this ring until you decide to release Rex from your ass Anna, so you might as well get used to the pain,” Jeff told the little girl.

“AAAAGGGGHHHHHAAAAA, NO, I CAN’T, HE’S STUCK. PLEASEEEEEE JEFF! NO! STOP!,” Anna screamed and continued to beg her uncle to release the ring.

It took 5 minutes of unbearable pain for Anna, until Rex was able to pull out of the tight confines of her extremely sore ass. Jeff let go of the cord but Anna continued feel the pain around the area pierced by the ring as the severe burning refused go away.

Jeff knelt down behind the exposed ass of the little girl and pulled over the equipment he had brought to the stall. Rex refused to leave him alone, pushing his nose under his hand trying make up for his disobedience. Jeff stopped and rubbed Rex’s head and ears and told him nicely to go to his corner.

Jeff used his knife to cut the knotted string off the ring below Anna’s ass. He then returned to his large case of equipment. As he worked he could hear the muffled screams of his sister as her two sons’ administered his orders.

Jeff opened the case he had brought into the stall. Reaching in, he grabbed a tube of lubricant and unscrewed the top. Placing the end of the tube into Anna’s ass he squeezed until half the tube was inside the young girls bowels. He screwed the top back on and dropped it in the case.

Reaching into the case again, he pulled out a large hollow rubber dog tail. Attached to the back end of the 2-foot long skin colored dog tail was a 6-inch long butt plug. At the place where the tail met the plug there was a small silver chain with a ring at the end. The end point of the plug had a removable hard plastic tip, that had a very small hole in the end.

Holding the tail in his left hand, with the plug up and the tail hanging straight down, Jeff pried off the removable tip from the plug. As he pulled out the hard plastic tip, a long 1-1/2 inch plastic plunger device attached to the tip came out with it. Jeff shook the device to make sure it was working properly. The ball and plunger moved back and forth with each shake of Jeff’s hand. The device was designed to dispense one drop of liquid when the ball forced the plunger toward the tip. As the ball and plunger moved away from the tip, the device sucked in another drop of liquid for the next plunge.

Jeff took a bottle of clear pinkish liquid from the case and unscrewed the cap. He filled the end of the hollow butt plug entirely with the liquid and forced the removable tip and plunger back in. A few drops of the liquid overflowed and Jeff was careful not to touch any of it. Jeff wiped it off with a rag from the case.

The liquid was a powerful aphrodisiac mixed with a very powerful pain solution. Each small drop, dispersed into the subjects bowels, would continually increasing the bodies demand for sexual stimulation. At the same time it would also produce, the most torturous 5-second burning a person could imagine.

The combination of drugs created a never ending cycle of pain and demand. The body would experience an irresistible demanded for a cock to be slammed inside it. When the cock slammed hard enough into her body, another drop would be administered and the pain would rack her body forcing her to immediately pull away. 5-seconds latter, the accumulating effect of the aphrodisiac would demand for more cock, causing more pain.

The ultimate effect was, that the irresistible demand for sex would cause brief but intense pain which then turned to an irresistible demand for sex again. All this within a 5 to 10-second period. It literally drove a woman wild with it’s cycle of unending pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure.

Holding the plug to one side carefully, Jeff turned it upside down and squeezed the plug. Nothing came out of the tip.

Satisfied, he now held it horizontally, in the same position it would be inserted and worn, and very forcefully jerked it back and forth. The direction and force of movement was the same that Anna would experience as her cunt was fucked from behind. Each shake produced a tiny drop of liquid from the tip. Wiping the drops off again, Jeff placed the tail- plug against Anna’s sperm leaking ass hole.

Jeff pushed and twisted the large plug until the entire 8-inches disappeared into Anna’s ass ring. Only the tail and the chain with the ring on the end could be seen now. Jeff reached into the case for the pliers and attached the chain’s small ring, to the ring piercing her still sensitive skin just below her ass hole.

Anna screamed and cried as her Uncle Jeff slowly forced the 2-inch thick plug into her ass. It took less than a minute but her ass ring burned from the stretching. She felt a slight pulling on the ring that pierced her skin between her ass and cunt as it was stretched toward her ass. Anna could tell that whatever Jeff was doing to her, had stopped. The pain now seemed to subside a little with each passing moment but her ass was terribly full and she could tell that something heavy was hanging from her.

Jeff was now holding a thick leather waist belt with two thin 2-foot long straps attached. The each strap had a buckle at the end. He laid the thick belt on Anna’s back and reached underneath the kneeling girl to pull the strap tight and fasten the belt buckle tight on her stomach. The 2-foot long straps were draped on each of Anna’s ass cheeks and down the backs of her thighs to the floor. Jeff now pulled the left strap toward Anna’s foot, fastening the strap around her ankle, her instep and arch. Next he did the same to the other strap. These straps were designed to prevent their victim from standing. With the belt strap on, Anna would only be able to craw on her hands and knees or squat sit on the floor like a begging dog.

Jeff now pulled out two knee pads that were made to look like the back paws of a dog, and strapped them onto Anna’s knees. He lifted each of her knees and buckled the paws in place.

Jeff picked up two leather mittens from his case. Again they resembled the paws of a dog. They were designed to hold the hand in a fist like fashion inside. To put them on, the wearer had to fold their thumb into their palm and wrap their fingers over it. Jeff picked up Anna’s left hand. Anna could not see what her Uncle was trying to do and instinctively held her hand in a fist.

Jeff stretched the leather mitten over the girl’s tightly held fist and fastened the two buckles around her wrist. Walking to the other side of the girl’s kneeling body, he did the same to her other fist, with only a little more struggling on Anna’s part.

Jeff now took two straps and connected them from her front paws to her waist belt. This insured that Anna could not raise her arms or use her new hard leather paws to punch anything. The mitted front paws also insured she could not pick up and hold any object to satisfy her own lustful cravings. She would be forced to crawl on the ground and beg for any sexual favors.

Anna was now truly, a dog’s bitch. She was at the mercy, of whatever man or beast, decided to use her defenseless body.

Anna heard the lock at the end of her stocks click, and then felt the top half raise. Quickly, Anna pulled her head backwards from the bottom half of the stock. She rolled to one side and sat on her new rubber tail.

“OOOOWWWW!” she said as she moved her weight back to rest on the side of her ass cheek, relieving the pressure of the tail twisting in her ass. She looked at her new paws and the foot like knee pads. She tugged her arms, testing the straps connected to her waist. At the end of the strap, her paw just reached her eye level. She turned her head and looked behind her back at the end of the rubber dog tail. Rolling onto her knees and lowering her shoulder to the ground, Anna reached between her legs with both paws. Pressing against each side of the rubber tail she tried to pull it out of her ass.

“AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH,” She screamed from the renewed pain as the ring pulled at her still sore and sensitive skin. “Noooooo, Pleaseeeeee, Nooooooo,” Anna sobbed as she realized that her new tail could not be removed. Anna laid on the barn floor, face down in a fetal position.

“Since you insist on only having the dog fuck you, then it is only fitting that you look like his bitch,” Jeff explained to the girl. “You will obey anyone that commands you,” Jeff said as he walked behind the bitch and grabbed the end of her tail. “If you don’t,” Jeff said as he lifted the tail, “You will receive nothing but pain!”

“AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH,” Anna screamed as the lifted tail moved the plug in her ass and pulled painful on the ring piercing her flesh.

Jeff took Rex’s long leather leash from a hook on the wood wall between the stalls and hooked it onto Rex’s collar. He then took the looped end and clipped it onto Anna’s front paw.

“There Anna,” Jeff said. “Rex is yours to command. Command him to fuck you all you want.”

Jeff stood and walked out of the stall leaving the young girl to experience her new bindings on her own.

As Jeff approached the stall occupied by Deb and her other siblings, he pause at the open gate to watch the scene before him. Deb had managed somehow to get off the chair and long cock. She was leaning forward, her hands on her daughter’s thighs, and her face buried in her daughter’s drenched crotch.

Bobby had used the stool to stand on, and with both hands full of his sister’s long blond hair he was fucking in and out of her warm wet mouth. Cathy’s twin brother Chris, had climbed on top of the rails and was pumping fiercely into his sister’s ass while his balls slapped his sister’s cunt and his mothers greedy tongue.

Cathy was going insane from the continual orgasms racking her body as she was held and forcibly used by her sluttly mother’s mouth and both of her brothers swollen cocks.

Jeff stared with amazement at Deb’s swaying ass as it pushed out and wiggled at him. The lips of her cunt were hanging down grotesquely stretched by the weight of the heavy lock she had worn for the past two days. That, and the constant pulling she must have done on the lock as she tried to get her fingers inside her cunt and move the dildo that was sealed inside. What really stood out was the large dark hole between her drooping cunt lips. Both his sister’s large cunt and ass holes were spread permanently open, wet and begging for something to fill them. He could see his sister’s pussy juices as they dripped off her exposed inner cunt walls and puddle in the bottom of her pussy before dripping to the floor between her legs.

Deb’s ankles were spread and still attached to the legs of the chair behind her. Jeff turned, and walked to the equipment stall. He reached under the bench and pulled out a large wooden box. He opened the box and hefted out a large solid double rubber dildo. The two dildos were slightly different in size and were permanently mounted into a round leather strap that would fit in the woman’s crotch area. From the round strap in the crotch the front widened as it went up to fasten to a belt around the waist. Thick loops were sewn in the ends of the strap for a belt to run through. A latch was provided for a lock preventing its removal without a key. Jeff reached into the box and picked up the waist belt that went with it.

The size of the dildos were so large that Jeff had never had a chance to use this particular tool. The largest dildo was 8 1/2-inches thick and 18-inches long, the other just slightly shorter but only 6-inches in diameter.

Chapter 18

Jeff had bought the device, only to copy the cut of the thong strap and the mounting of the dildos for smaller belts. Whoever the maker was, he had put some thought into it’s design. Most straps holding large dildos were thick and rubbed the inside thighs of their wearer raw. This one was thick where the belt went through and sewn into a solid tube where it passed through the crotch. The marvel of it though, was that the sewn tube passed through a small reinforced hole in the dildo. This allowed the two dildos to slide along the tube and adjust their spacing to fit any woman’s body. Except for the size of the dildo’s, it was a great idea. Jeff however never could figure out how to get the large leather area through the small hole in the dildo. He had long ago decided that the dildos must have been molded around the leather crotch tube after the leather device was sewn.

Disappointed that he couldn’t easily duplicate the idea easily, he had stored it away, never expecting to have the opportunity to actually use it. After all, any woman stretched to these proportions is worthless for sexual enjoyment. The only purpose that this device would be used on a woman, is to cause her permanent humiliation, or complete sexual frustration, after it’s removal.

Jeff tossed the heavy cocks in his hands feeling the weight again. He reached over and squeezed an entire tube of lubricant onto the ends of the two cocks. Jeff heaved the belt over his shoulder, grabbed a long piece of cord, and walked back to the stall and the gaping holes of his sister’s abused body.

While his sister was still leaning over, licking her son’s balls and her daughter’s pussy, Jeff fed the waist belt through the back loop of the crotch strap. He placed the belt on his sisters back and reached around to her stomach and fastened the buckle. He took the long piece of cord he had grab from the other stall and fed it through the front belt loop of the crotch strap. Bringing the crotch strap up underneath his sister he guided the tip of the rear dildo into her ass.

Deb moaned as she felt the head of the hard rubber object enter her ass. Just when she prepared herself for the thick shape to be rammed into her, something poked and entered the gaping opening to her cunt. To Deb this was too much to hope for. Her body started to shiver in anticipation of what would come next.

Jeff took each of the ends of the long cord and ran each through the rings in Deb’s nipples. Pulling down on the cords gently with one hand, Jeff pushed the dildos up into Deb’s crotch with the other. Jeff tied a knot in each of the cords so it could not pull back out and let go of the dildos. The weight of the dildos in the stretched openings of his sister caused the dildos to drop when Jeff took his hand away.

Deb continued to suck on Chris’s balls and Cathy’s pussy lips, not wanting to displease her brother Jeff by stopping. She could feel the dildos several inches into each of her holes and looking down she saw with shock the other end attached to a leather strap down at knee level. She wiggled her ass and watched the long shapes sway between her outstretched legs. Only moments after Deb saw her brother take his hand away, the dildos slipped downward and the knots in the string caught on her nipple rings.

“AAAAGGGGNNNNGGGGHHHHHHH,” She cried, not really from the pain but because she needed the dildos inside her. She pulled up hard on the cord, trying to force the dildos back inside her dripping holes. Placing her hand back on her daughter’s thigh for support she used her other had to try and pull the other cord. It was no use. As she pulled on one side of the cord, it slipped through the leather belt loop only to pull on her other nipple ring. She let go of the cord and reached between her legs, with one hand, she grabbed the front cock and tried to force it up inside her cunt. Finally she felt the pressure on her nipples ease and the thick cock slid into her cunt slowly and only with a lot of force.

Jeff released Deb’s ankles from the legs of the chair.

“SLUT, stand up straight,” Jeff commanded his sister from behind. “Grab both the cords hanging from you worthless tits and follow me.”

Deb grabbed the two cords, one with each hand, and waddled after her brother as fast as she could. The ends of the two thick long dildos swung wildly twisting their buried heads inside Deb’s two holes.

“Stand here and put your feet next to those rings in the floor,” Jeff told her pointing down with his finger. Deb looked down and saw the two large rings in the floor, with hand-cuffs attached to each one. She shifted her weight back and forth, on each foot, until her feet were next to the rings and spread 2-feet apart. Jeff fastened the hand-cuffs to each ankle.

Then Jeff turned and left his sister, legs spread, holding the heavy dildos in by the two cords, while he went into an adjacent stall. He returned to stand in front of Deb with two large weights. He tied one weight to the cord running through her right nipple ring. Lifting the attached weight up to the height of Deb’s head and pulling the cord tight Jeff said, “SLUT! Hold this.”

Deb let go of the right cord and took the weight from her brother’s hand. She watched as he tied the next weight to the other end of the cord, pulling it up to the same height he said,”SLUT, hold this one too!”

The weights were heavy and tiring in Deb’s upraised arms. As the weights dragged on her muscles, Deb let them drop slightly. As her arms lowered, the knots in the cords pulled the rings in her nipples down. She looked at her predicament and realized that if she let go of one of the weights it would rip out her nipple ring. She was stuck. She couldn’t hold them up forever. She realized she was in trouble. Just then, she realized Jeff was speaking to her.

“SLUT, you are to work the two dildos into you holes. I do not care how you accomplish this. Use any means necessary. We’ll see how smart a SLUT you are!” Jeff said as he turned and walked away. Deb pushed both the weights upwards with all her strength. She could feel the dildos move up into her slightly resisting holes. After what seemed an eternity she rested her arms, and the heavy dildos slowly moved back out till the knot once again pulled at her nipple rings. To relieve the pain to her breasts she raised the weights with her now quivering and tired arms.

Deb thought for a minute, and then pushed the weights up as high and as long as she could. The weights moved up past the top of her head before her arms got too tired to hold them up any more. Without releasing the tension in the cords, Deb quickly moved them backward and over her shoulder and dropped them on her back. The cords dug into her shoulders as the weights swung under her arms, but it was infinitely better than having her nipples ripped off. Her hands free now she reached between her legs, one hand in front and one hand in back, squatted slightly and wrapped her fingers around the thick long shafts.

Holding on to the two dildos, Deb pulled the shafts up into her body. As the shafts moved into her holes the weights moved down her back and the cords rubbed her shoulders.

“SHIIIIIIIIT!” Deb screamed as she slowly forced the dildos upward. “FUCKKKKKKKKKKK! AAAGGGGHHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKKK!”

Deb tried again to force the thick shafts painfully into her cunt and ass with both hands. Although both her cunt and ass holes were enormously wide, the combination of both thick shafts was making insertion difficult. Deb stopped to rest her arms as she gulped deep breaths and looked between her legs at the long lengths still hanging almost to her knees.

Staring down at the floor, Deb started to bend her knees and lower her body to use the ground to help push the dildos up inside her dripping holes. With her hands now on her outstretched knees, Deb bent her chest forward for balance but as she did this she noticed that the bottom end of the dildos pointed backwards. Deb stopped in a half squat, and with both hands, pulled them forward to point straight down. As she struggled to bend the solid rubber shafts forward, Deb started to loose her balance. Instinctively she let go of the shafts and stuck her hands out in front of her body, to shift more of her weight forward and balance her upper body.

Instead, Deb saw the next few moments moved in slow motion. Her hands twirled like propellers. Her ass stuck out towards the back. Her knees bent and her head dropped between them and Deb knew for certain, there was no stopping her fall backwards. She screamed even before the dildos touched the floor behind her. In those few milliseconds, as her squatting body fell, she felt the two dildos slide their 18-inches ever so slowly into her body. But she never felt her ass hit the ground. Deb’s mind blanked out from the expectation of the pain to come.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!” Was all that Jeff heard, from the stall where he was helping Cathy off the platform. Jeff stopped what he was doing and went to the middle of the barn to see Deb’s progress.

As Jeff walked out and looked down the large Isle of the barn, he saw Deb laying on the floor in an strange position. Her ass was flat on the floor with her feet held wide by the rings in front of her. Her upper body was flat on the floor between her legs with her arms above her head. It looked like a stretching exercise. From the back he could seen no sign of the dildos. Only the leather strap going between her ass cheeks was visible.

As he approached his sister there was no sound or movement. He knelt down grabbing her hair with one hand and lifting her head. A small moan escaped from her closed lips.

“Fainted! Well . . .” Jeff said. He took out the pocked knife and cut the cords to the weights now on the ground at her sides. He pulled Deb’s hair, sitting her up straight with her arms limp at her sides. With an easy push, Deb’s body fell backwards. Jeff held his sister’s hair to prevent it from thudding on the barn floor. He let go when her body weight was supported by the ground and Deb’s head rolled to one side as she moaned quietly again.

Jeff squatted down at Deb’s crotch examining the dildos buried in her holes. Less than 1/2-inch of each dildo remained yet to be inserted. Jeff reached down and with both hands tried to push the remainder inside his sister. Nothing moved. Standing up, he swung his foot hard, kicking the ends of the rubber shafts into each hole. It took only three kicks to each end shaft to bury then completely.

Jeff knelt down again removed the cord and slipped the front flap of the crotch band between his sister’s belly and the tight belt. He folded the flap down and fastened the two buckles to hold it in place. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a small lock and slipped it through the latch in the folded front flap. The lock closed with a click. He slipped the key in his pocket.

Still kneeling, Jeff reached into Deb’s crotch with both hands. Grabbing the grommet in each of her pussy lips, he pulled then both, wrapping them around the end of the rubber cock and the crotch strap. Deb’s cunt lips had been stretched from the weight of the heavy lock for the past two days, but to get them to wrap around the end of the dildo and strap, Jeff had to pull them extremely tight. When the lock was slid through the grommets in Deb’s cunt lips, and closed, Deb’s crotch looked like a ball of flesh was about to burst between her legs.

Jeff looked at his watch. It was almost 3:00 P.M. and time to get the family dressed for tonight. He crossed the isle, opened the tach room and dragged a large chest, out by the end handle, to the middle of the barn. Dropping the end of the chest he headed for the stall that held Cathy and her two brothers.

Walking to the platform that still held the beautiful teenage girl, Jeff returned to his previous task of releasing her bonds. Once done he pulled Cathy down from the platform and helped her stand while her circulation returned to her legs and arms. When she could almost stand on her own, Jeff ordered her brothers, Chris and Bobby, to walk her out to the middle isle where the chest stood.

Jeff lifted the unlocked brass catch and opened the lid to the chest. Rustling around inside the deep chest, Jeff pulled out a leather garment and draped it over the chest’s opened top. It was black, skimpy and made of leather. Reaching back in, Jeff pulled out a pair of thigh high boots made of the same black leather material. The leather outfit and the boots had been treated and polished to a bright gloss. It’s texture was so soft and thin that when worn, it had the appearance of being painted on.

“Help her put the boots on boys,” Jeff told Chris and Bobby, still standing on each side of their sister, holding on to her arms. Chris took one of the boots that was laying on the top of the open chest, and bent down to lift his sister’s foot. After several failed attempts, he told his sister to sit on the barn floor. Cathy sat and fell back as her brothers lifted both her legs to force on the tight high boots. The boots stretched around her legs from the tips of her toes to her thighs, only inches below her seeping crotch.

Once the boots were on, Chris and Bobby helped Cathy stand in her new black leather skin. Jeff walked up to the young girl and taking a clipper out of his pocket, he cut and removed the chain hanging from Cathy’s nipple rings.

Next came the body suit. The suit was made to shape it’s captor. It forced the body to conform to a desired shape by squeezing in just the right places.

The body suit was put on it’s victim from the front, as though putting on a shirt backwards. The long tight sleeves were pushed over the wearers arms bringing the main body of the suit against her upper torso and chest. There were two small holes about 2 1/2-inches in diameter for the breasts to be squeezed through. As the boys wrapped the suit around Cathy’s back her nipples bulged out of the small holes in the front of the suit.

Jeff stood in front of Cathy, and again squeezed and mauled her gorgeous breasts until they were completely through the holes. The pointed nipples stood straight out and the areolas were twice their size, as the small holes ballooned the ends of her young breasts. Cathy’s breasts appeared as though the weren’t attached to her body at all. They looked like someone had pinned two globes to the front of her leather suit.

Cathy reached up with her hands and lightly lifted her painfully squeezed breasts. She looked down in wonder at the way they stuck straight out from her body and at their enormously swollen size. She touched the large pointed nipples and moaned at the pain and sensitivity caused by her gentle caress. Her pert little breasts were now swollen, tight and sticking out from her body for anyone to grab with ease. More than anything else her breasts felt vulnerable and defenselessly exposed.

The boys were pushing on Cathy’s back, trying to pull the suit together behind their sister. On the back, one side overlapped the other and the boys had figured this out quickly. All the way down the back of the suit were interlocking tabs to be laced together, much like a door hinge but without the bolt. While the boys were trying to pull the tabs together Jeff handed them a long flexible plastic rod with a round loop handle at the top.

Chris knew exactly what it was for. Holding the end of the long rod in one hand he pulled the tabs of the suit together to meet and align. Once done he slipped the rod through the matched tabs at the top of his sisters back. Bobby then pulled the next tab over and Chris slid the rod down into it holding the first three tabs and the neck of the suit together.

Down the back of the suit the two boys pulled and squeezed and thread the plastic rod to close the suit tightly around their sister’s thin body. When the flexible rod slid through the last loop, the boys stood back and relaxed their arms from the tremendous pulling they had had to do.

The crotch flap was still hanging down from the waist of the suit. Jeff took hold of the flap and pushed it up to expose the front of Cathy’s cunt and the clit shield. Cathy’s light colored pubic hair was beautiful but, Jeff decided that it should be shaved for her Leather Cum Whore look.

“Hold this up and out of the way Bobby,” Jeff told the young boy. Bobby reached around his sister’s waist and grabbed the leather flap. Jeff reached into his back pocket and took out a clipper. He cut the three rings holding the clit shield in place and removed the metal cup. He clipped each of the three rings again and pulled them out of the pierced skin around the clit. Jeff used the electric razor to clip and shave the young girls tender and swollen pussy lips. Jeff ran his hand along the smoothly shaved cunt eliciting load moans from the teenager. He caressed the soft skin and watched it jump from his touch, as Cathy tried to ground her cunt into his hand.

Jeff pulled the flap from Bobby and pushed it through the girls legs, and grabbing it from behind. The flap was only 2-inches wide, where it was attached to the waist in the front. Tapered from the waist down, it was only 1-inch wide when it reached the crotch. Jeff stood behind the girl and pulled the back flap upwards, forcing it tight against the girls pussy lips and up the crack in her ass. Standing behind the girl, Jeff pushed the end of the flap through a buckle ring in the suit on the small of the girls back, and then pulled the leather strap down.

“Chris,” Jeff called to the oldest boy. “Hold this flap tight, and when I tell you, pull it down tighter.”

Jeff walked around to the front of the girl and knelt looking at the fit of the strap. Jeff was looking at the small 1/4-inch hole in the thin crotch flap. Feeling through the thin leather material with his fingers and looking through the hole, Jeff instructed Chris to pull the strap tighter. As Chris did so, Jeff saw the tip of the red swollen clit pop through and stick out the small hole. He raised his finger and rubbed the tip of the stretched clit causing Cathy moan and push her hips forward in response. The effect of the tight strap made the girls clit swell and extend out of the hole about 1/2 an inch.

Jeff stood, and backed up back slightly to admire the effect the suit had on the young girls budding form. Already Cathy’s pussy lips were bulging out on each side of the crotch strap, red and puffy. Her swelling clit squeezed out of the small hole like a tiny red dick. Jeff stepped forward and with the palm of his hand lightly caressed the sensitive clit and swollen side lips of the girls spread crotch.

“OOOOHHHH FUCK!” Cathy moaned as she tried to push her entire crotch harder onto the slow moving hand. “Yes . . . YES!” She almost cried. As Jeff slid his hand forward, Cathy’s hips moved back to increase the speed and pleasure of the caress. She felt the tip of her Uncle’s hand slide back into her crotch and she pushed her hips to slide forward against it. Suddenly the hand was gone.

Jeff watched the young girl’s reaction to the gentle caress of his hand. As Cathy moved forward and back with her hips, Jeff could see the pleasure mounting within her young frame. He lowered his hand to his side quickly and brought it back up slapping hard against the swollen pussy lips that were only moments ago trembling with pleasure. Holding his hand against her stinging clit, Jeff pulled his hand back rubbing it against the swollen clit before drawing it away again.

Shocked by the sudden tingling the slap had caused, Cathy opened her eyes just as another, harder slap shook her cunt lips and again made her clit tingle with desire and need. She spread her legs wider, hoping for another smack and gentle rub against her clit and was rewarded. Again and again her pussy lips stung and tingled from the measured slaps of her Uncle Jeff’s hand. Higher and higher the feelings in her body rose toward orgasm.

“HARDER, please Jeff?” The teenager begged, as she stood with arms held ridged at her side, hands closed into tight fists, legs spread wide open and her head tilted back in front of her uncle. “HARDER! MORE! YES! MORE! MOOOORE! Yes, YES!” Cathy screamed and she got closer and closer to that zenith that she and her tortured, stinging cunt, so desperately needed.

Jeff watched the young, cum slut, breathing hard and rolling her head from side to side. Tears ran down her cheeks from the continual slaps to her blood engorged clit and cunt lips. Without saying a word, Jeff stopped, and turned back toward the trunk leaving the begging girl trembling with a horribly burning and still unsatisfied cunt.

Immediately Cathy’s hands went to her clit and started to rub. The girl moaned and half squatted as she worked on the clit that had been untouchable for the last few days. Her hand labored between her legs as she moaned and closed her eyes. Unable to achieve satisfaction from her own fingers, Cathy started slapping her cunt and clit hard between rubs.

Jeff returned to the writhing girl with another leather item in hand and stood behind her. Handing the leather item to Chris, Jeff grabbed both of the girls arms and brought them behind her back. Cathy resisted taking her hand away from her needy clit, but Jeff was too strong to resist, for more than a few moments.

Jeff held Cathy’s two arms together behind her back and instructed Chris to slide the leather tube around his sister’s fisted arms, up past her elbows. This done Chris held the leather tube in place while Jeff proceeded to pull the six buckles tight and latch them in place. Cathy screamed as her elbows were pulled almost together and her arms were encased tightly behind her back. When Jeff was done, Cathy twisted and tried to find a way to remove her arms from the unseen restraint behind her body.

As Cathy stumbled around on the high heals, Chris and Bobby grabbed her by her nipple rings and made her stand with her feet spread in front of them. Each of the boys took turns twisting her sensitive nipples while the other slapped her exposed, red and very swollen clit.

Deb was still passed out on the floor in front of the chest, her legs spread to each side and cuffed to the rings in the floor. Jeff looked at her shaved cunt lips locked around the leather tube that held the dildos in her holes. The leather strap spread open as it exited the dildo in her cunt and tapered wider as it passed over her clit shield. Jeff could see the silver clit shield in the hole where her clit should have poked through. Jeff decided that this was a good time to change the clit shield to something a little more appropriate.

Jeff returned from the equipment room carrying two large wire mesh cones, one small cone and a bottle of alcohol. In his shirt pocket was a tiny rod 4-inches long with a rounded hook on one end, and a small butane torch. Placing the three cones on the ground beside his unconscious sister, he took the clippers and pried open the three small rings to her clit shield.

Jeff opened the top to the alcohol and poured it over his sister’s clit. He used almost half the bottle to insure the area was clean. Then he removed the tiny 4-inch rod with the hooked end from his shirt pocket along with the torch. Holding the hook with the clippers, Jeff heated the hook till it was red hot.

He set the torch down and with his left hand squeezed the skin around Deb’s clit making it poke up away from her cunt. Holding the searing hot sharp hook with the clippers he pushed the sharp point through the end of Deb’s clit, searing the skin around the hook immediately and cauterizing the new hole. Jeff picked up the alcohol and again poured it over the smoking skin to cool it and the hook. Holding the end of the long shaft of the wire hook, Jeff used the clippers to squeeze the hook into a closed circle around the pierced tip of Deb’s clit.

Jeff picked up the small wire mesh cone in his left hand, while he held the 4-inch long rod piercing the clit, with the other hand. The shape of the wire mesh cone resembled a large sewing thimble. The mesh was open enough that you could see through it, but not large enough to fit even a small finger through. In the top of the wire thimble, there was a small hole. Jeff placed the thimble over the wire shaft, letting the wire shaft poke through the hole at the tip of the thimble. Grabbing the end of the wire with his finger and thumb, he pushed the thimble down the rod until it surrounded Deb’s clit and rested against her skin.

Jeff now took a pair of needle nosed pliers from his pocket and formed a loop in the end of the hook sticking out of the tip of the thimble. He now took a large silver ring and slid it through the loop he had just made and squeezed it closed.

Jeff watched through the wire thimble as he slipped his finger through the ring and pulled. As the ring was pulled out, away from the thimble, it pulled the hook and Deb’s clit with it. Jeff pulled on the ring until it refused to be pulled any more. Looking through the wire mesh thimble, Jeff could see Deb’s clit elongated to the full 1-1/2 inch length the thimble would allow. Letting go of the ring, Jeff saw the clit slowly shrink to it’s original size, pulling the ring back with it, till the ring was drawn tight and stood straight out from the end of the wire thimble.

Next, Jeff clipped the chains attached to Deb’s nipple rings leaving 12-inches dangling from each ring. Picking up the end of the 12-inch attached chain, he pulled it straight up from Deb’s chest. Jeff placed one of the large wire cones over the hand that held the end of the chain attached to Deb’s left breast. He pushed the end of the chain through the hole in the tip of the round wire mesh cone an slid the cone down the chain. Deb’s breast was larger around than the base of the cone, as she laid on her back. Jeff had to pull up on the chain, elongating his sister’s left breast, to allow the rubber ring base of the cone to fit tight against her chest. He proceeded to do the same to his sister’s right breast.

Once the two cages were in place, Jeff pulled the chains tight, till the ring in the nipple was 3-inches from the end of the cone shaped cage. Holding the chain pulled tight, Jeff slipped a large stainless steel ring through the closest link of the chain outside the cone. Letting go of the chain Jeff used the clippers to remove the extra length of chain hanging from the stainless steel ring. He moved to the other side of his sister’s still frame to continue with her other breast.

Chapter 19

Jeff stood above his sisters splayed naked body looking at his new handiwork. Her breasts and nipples were pulled straight out from her body and secured in their deformed position by the ring on the outside of the cone. This enabled anyone to grab one of the large rings and pull her breasts out another 3-inches. It would cause incredible pain but no lasting damage. The end of the cone would prevent the breasts from being pulled out too far and ripping her nipples off.

To finish dressing his sister, Jeff would have to have her awake and standing. He was in no hurry to wake her now. There was a lot to do without having to listen to constant screaming due to her new ornaments and their painful stretching of her tender body parts. He would let her sleep for now and get her two sons ready first.

Jeff called both the boys over to the trunk. He handed Chris a small leather strap, rummaged around in the trunk and found the other and handed it to Bobby. Chris held up the article looking at what he was to put on and figuring out how it was to be worn. It was made of leather and looked basically like a small sack with suspenders. Chris stepped through the suspenders pulling the sack up to his groin and slipped the straps over his shoulders. The suspender straps hung loosely on his shoulders and the small sack between his legs was a few inches below his ringed ball and cock.

Chris pulled the sack out in front of his crotch to look for the hole. Bobby watched his brother and mimicked whatever Chris did. Finding the hole, Chris bent his semi-ridged cock to feed it through. The hole was slightly bigger that the diameter of his cock and his cock went through easily. Next Chris tried to push his ringed and swollen balls into the small leather sack. The sack was longer than it was wide and Chris had to arrange his balls so that one was in front of the other to fit them in.

Jeff stood and walked behind the teenager and pulled the buckle on the suspenders tight. Chris winced as his balls were squeezed by the small sack. To prevent their removal, the suspenders had a collar buckle. The collar wrapped around the neck from the back and both suspenders were lock to the neck collar as the crossed over the shoulders. Jeff used two small luggage locks to prevent the suspenders from being removed or even loosened.

“Put these on your brother,” Jeff instructed Chris and handed him two open locks without the keys and the collar.

“Chris, I want you and your brother to go to the first stall and get the tall wooden posts and bring them out here. You’ll find 6 holes covered by wooden plugs with rings on the top. Pull the rings up and twist them counter-clockwise to remove the plugs. Drop the ends of the poles into the holes.” Jeff told the two boys as he uncuffed Deb’s two ankles from the ringed wooden plugs in the floor.

Jeff made another trip to the equipment stall and came back with a black leather doctors bag. Setting it on the floor between his sister’s legs he Looked inside for a capsule of smelling salts. He stepped over to where Deb’s face was turned to one side on the floor. Jeff twisted her head 90 degrees by her chin and broke the smelling salt capsule under her nose.

Deb’s eyelids moved and a cringe appeared on her face. Suddenly she shook her head and her eyes flew open looking in every direction at once. Groaning, she sat up on her elbows and closed her eyes as her body started to register the pain. Pulling her feet in toward her body and raising her knees she leaned forward to wrap her arms around her legs. It was only when the tit cages hit her knees, that she stopped moving and saw what had been added to her body. She looked in horror at her elongated breasts and nipples as her hands felt around the outside of the cages. She realized with seconds, that she was now deprived from the pleasure of having her breasts touched and caressed. Her arms fell down the insides of her bent legs and scraped against the clit cage. Shocked she felt with her fingers at the wire cage that surrounded her most sensitive sex organ.

Deb felt the large ring on her clit cage swivel as her fingers felt around the entire surface. She noticed that as her searching fingers turned the ring, it coincided with a twisting sensation of her clit. Inserting a finger into the ring she experimented by twisting and pulling.

As she pulled the ring out from her body a twinge of pain grew in her groin. But along with the pain was the first pleasure from her clit in over two days. Deb experimented with combinations of pulling and twisting and quickly discovered just the right amount of pleasure and pain to cause tremendous excitement in her cunt area.

Standing behind her, Jeff reached down and grabbed Deb from under her arms and helped her stand. Once standing Deb now noticed the rings at the end of her tit cages. Immediately she used her other hand to pull and twist on the rings to her nipples. Pain, and pleasure, and pain, and pleasure cycled through her body as she manipulated the rings, switching hands constantly in an effort to play with all three rings, with only two hands.

Jeff lifted a corset from the chest and walked back behind his sister’s beautifully figured body. He reached around her and placed the corset around her waist in the front and pulled it around to the back. Quickly he laced a few of the hooks and pulled them tight to keep it in place while he adjusted it. Walking around to the front of his sister, Jeff adjusted the corset upwards so that the bottom breast supports now pushed up against the bottom of the tit cages.

Jeff found it distracting to work around and through deb’s flying and very busy hands and arms. With the black leather corset in position, Jeff began lacing the back. Formed metal stays in the front and back of the corset held the upper torso in a very sexy posture. As Jeff tightened the back laces Deb’s body was bent and squeezed into place. Her back was permanently arched pushing her caged breasts outward and her ass backward. Her waist was compressed to 22-inches and had the effect of making her look like a wickedly tortured inflatable sex doll.

Although the corset affected Deb’s breathing, Deb continued to taunt and tease her nipples and clit using the rings. Jeff went back to the chest and removed a pair of crotch high leather boots. Placing his hands on his sister’s shoulders he pushed her down till she was sitting on the ground. With her hands still playing with her rings, she fell on her back with her knees up and feet flat on the floor.

Jeff picked up one of the boots and slid it up her leg. It was a very loose fit, not like the tight fitting boots on Deb’s daughter, Cathy. On the top outside edge of the boots were two long straps. Jeff brought the leather straps up to the side of Deb’s corset, where two rings were attached and hanging down.

He slipped the two straps through the rings and tied a knot in each. He went to the other leg, pulled up the boot and tied the two straps to the other side of the corset. The bootstraps would help keep the corset from riding up and the loose boots from falling down.

Looking up Jeff saw that the two boys had put all the six posts in their holes. Cathy was standing with her front against one of the posts rubbing her clit up and down while begging her brothers to spank her cunt.

“Please Chris,” Cathy pleaded. “Just spank my clit, it’s been very bad and needs to be punished. Just slap it! Just a little. Please!” But Chris just smiled stroking his own swollen cock head as he watched his sister make love to the wooden post.

Unable to get Chris to help her play with her clit, Cathy turned to her younger brother Bobby.

“Bobby, your tongue would feel so good between my legs. Don’t you want to suck your big sister’s clit. I can suck your man size cock for you,” Cathy begged her younger brother watching him stroke his own cock. “Well FUCK you both then if you don’t want to help me,” Cathy screamed at them frustrated by her own sexual desires, and unable to quench the fire within her craving body.

Cathy looked over and spotted her mother lying on the ground. Cathy ran over to her mother and straddled her corset body. She stood over her mother’s chest looking at the large moist lips of her mother’s beautiful face. She dropped down with her knees on each side of her mother’s head and lowered her cunt to those inviting lips. She crawled forward on her knees till her clit was only inches above her mother’s mouth. Her upper torso bent forward with her arms bound behind it and Cathy looked back under her body to watch her clit lower till it pressed against her mother’s moist lips.

Deb felt the small soft round shaft touch her lips and instinctively she sucked it lightly. Suddenly she heard her daughter scream with delight and felt the entire weight of her daughter’s leather clad crotch push against her face. She tilted her head back slightly, freeing her nose to breathe while her lips continued to suck and her tongue swirled around the outside of her daughter’s engorged clit.

Jeff stood at Cathy’s head with a thick leather collar in his hands. The collar was studded and had several rings around it for attachment of a leash and other restraints. Jeff slipped one end of the collar under Cathy’s neck and fastened the buckle holding it tight in back. He clicked the end of a leash onto one of the rings and pulled the teenager off her mother’s pleasuring tongue.

Cathy was being half dragged over to one of the posts that the boys had installed in the middle of the barn. When Jeff reached the end post, he raised the end of the leash in his hand high, and fastened it to a ring at the top of the post. Cathy quickly spun around onto her knees with her face in the dirt and her ass pointed toward the post. She scooted backward, with one leg on each side of the post, until her crotch was again rubbing up and down the slick thick smooth wood surface. Jeff knew that if he let this continue, she would rub her entire clit off onto the wooden post.

Jeff took a long rope off one of the gate posts and walked over to the teenager with her face buried in the hay covered floor. He reached under her chest and ran the rope through each of her nipple rings. With both rope ends in his hands he walked backward pulling the rope through the nipple rings until both lengths were equal. Two steps in front of him was a ring in the floor. He put both ends through the ring and pulled.

Cathy screamed as she was dragged forward by her nipple rings and fell flat on her chest and stomach. Her breasts, still swollen like balloons and squeezed through the small leather holes, bent unwillingly under her body. As she started moving her ass back again toward the post, her nipple rings pulled tight. She could feel the post almost inches from her swollen and aching clit, but no matter how hard she pulled on the rope through her nipple rings, she was unable to reach the post with her clit.

As Cathy sobbed and rolled to her side Jeff was placing a leather hood over her head. This special leather hood was more like a mask than a full hood. Jeff wanted to see as much of the girl’s long blonde hair as he could against the black leather body suit. Very thin leather strings, much like a open net went around the back of the head holding the mask tight against the face. There were no eye holes. A leather nose stuck out from the front open at the bottom. Cathy’s lips were the only part of her face that the mask allowed to be seen. Jeff pulled two small ear plugs from his pocket. Holding the girls head he rolled them until they were long and thin and inserted them into her ear canal. Almost instantly the special plugs started to expand into their previous thickness. They filled every crevice of the ear canal, blocking out almost all sound. Earflaps attached to the mask were now pulled tight over Cathy’s ears. Jeff tied the leather strings together at the back of her head. Cathy was now, for all intensive purposes, helpless, blind and deaf.

Jeff knew that depriving Cathy of her sight and hearing would increase her attention toward the sensations in other areas of her body including her clit. Unable to stimulate herself, she would lay on the ground, her mind exploding with desire, and think of nothing else.

Jeff turned and walked toward the stall where he had left Anna and the dog. He leaned on the gate and watched as Anna was in the troughs of misery.

“NO, REX, STOP! AAAAAAGGGGGGUUUUUUHHHHH” Anna screamed as she tried to crawl out from under the humping dog. Rolling to her side she curled to a tight fetal position. Rex followed constantly sticking his nose into the girl’s crotch. Reluctantly, Anna moved her feet to allow him access to her needy cunt lips. In less than a minute, Anna was breathing hard again and begging Rex to lick harder. As the drug demanded greater stimulation Jeff watched Anna’s mood change to desperation.

“REX, LICK!” Anna screamed. “OH YES REX. LICK MY PUSSY!”

Anna rolled onto her knees and pushed her ass back at the lashing tongue of the dog. Her face was buried in her hands on the floor and her knees were spreading wide to allow the dog greater access. The pain from the drug was quickly replaced by an irresistible craving.

Anna tried to fight the need to have Rex’s cock, but the demand of the drug was too much for the little girl. Finally the delicious feeling of Rex’s tongue and the ever increasing craving caused by the drug melted away all resistance.

“REX, FUCK!” Anna screamed at the top of her lungs. Obeying, Rex leaped on the girls back and wrapped his front paws around her waist. His cock was hard and rubbing against her steamy pussy as his throbbing member sought the opening to his bitch.

Anna cringed at the pain caused when the tail was pushed to the side by Rex’s hind quarters. She curled her fingers in her hair and pulled, thinking it would somehow compensate and distract her from the pain in her ass ring. As Anna held herself still for Rex, she felt the tip of his thick cock touch the entrance to her cunt.

“That’s it Rex. You’ve got it. Right there! Right there! OHHHHHHH, YESSSSS!” Anna screamed as the dog’s cock slid into her wet little cunt and jerked partially back out. “FUCK ME REX!” Anna screamed.

Without pausing, Rex’s hips started moving in a blur. His long thick cock sunk 6-inches into the girl’s waiting pussy. The tightness and warmth of the hole excited Rex’s cock, and it swelled inside the opening. Rex squeezed his front legs around the waist of his bitch and pulled his hind quarters forward, sinking his cock in all the way.

Anna was begging Rex to hold still. “Not yet Rex. Hold still. Don’t pump yet, please, Rex!” She pleaded with the dog, “Just stay still and let me do the moving. See, like this! Nice and slow.”

Rex was having a hard time keeping himself from moving. His instincts were to jackhammer his cock into the bitch below him and squirt his load. He couldn’t understand why this bitch didn’t want him to do this!

Anna fought her own drug induced urges. She wanted Rex to pound her little cunt. She needed to have that slippery cock ramming her from the back. It felt so good now inside her. She moved a little faster. “OH, YES THAT’S BETTER!” Anna spoke out loud.

Her ass started to move in circles as she moved on and off the thick cock increasing her speed. Suddenly her ass was jerking fast. She needed to have the dog’s cock buried all the way inside her. She couldn’t resist the cravings any more. Anna slammed her ass back into Rex’s hips. Rex slammed back and started pumping his throbbing cock into the wet slippery hole.

Within seconds of Rex’s accelerated plunging, Anna was screaming in pain for him to stop. The lustful craving inside her was overshadowed by the burning in her ass. She crawled reluctantly, away from under her lover, waiting for the pain to subside again.

“Looks like fun,” Jeff spoke from the gate. Anna was moaning from the pain and Jeff doubted if she had heard him. Not wanting to break up this happy couple, Jeff returned to the rest of the family in the center of the barn.

Jeff turned to Chris and Bobby and stared for a moment. There was only one more thing for the boys to wear. Jeff went over to the chest picked out two straps of leather walked back to the boys.

Jeff put the collars on the boys’ necks and locked them in place. These collars had leashes sewn to them and were not removable. Jeff attached the end of the leashes to locks at the top of the posts. He left, and returned with a bucket of water, and a scoop. He set the bucket between the boys and dropped the scoop near the bucket.

“Chris, Bobby, sit facing each other with your legs spread wide,” Jeff told both the boys. Chris and Bobby did as they were told. Jeff picked up the bucket and poured half of it into Chris’s crotch and the other half into Bobby’s crotch. He left with the empty water bucket and returned with a full one. He placed it between the two boys and dropped the scoop in the water.

“The leather pouches you two are wearing were made from a special hide,” Jeff told the boys. “They have been treated and stretched and now as you saw me do, soaked in water. As they dry, the pouches will start to shrink squeezing you balls together. This slow but relentless shrinking will cause your cocks to swell and eventually, the cum to be forced from you balls, not to mention the slow torturous pain.”

Both boys looked down at the soaked and already tight pouches that held their balls captive.

“I suggest that you keep the pouches wet with the water in this bucket so they don’t shrink while I’m gone,” Jeff told the boys. “Use the water wisely and don’t waist it. I may not be back for many hours.”

Jeff returned to his sister still on the ground playing with her new rings. He took two straps and thread them through rings in the side of Deb’s corset. Holding one of Deb’s arms against her side, Jeff wrapped the strap around her biceps and buckled it in place. With the second strap, Jeff pulled her fist down to her side and fastened the strap around her wrist.

As Deb begged her brother not to tie both her hands, Jeff finished securing the other arm and wrist in place tight against her side. Walking back to the chest he removed a wide leather collar and wrapped it around Deb’s neck. He buckled it in place, snapped a leash to a ring in the collar and lead her to one of the two still unoccupied poles. He fastened the leash to the top and stood back to admire his work.

“Anna!” Jeff said out loud when he realized that someone was missing. “Where’s our darling little Anna?”

Jeff walked to the stall and opened the gate. Anna had her ass in a corner protecting it from the advances of Rex’s tongue. Jeff unsnapped the leash holding Rex to Cathy’s belt.

“Rex, Come!” Jeff commanded the dog.

With one arm, Jeff reached around Anna’s waist and lifted her off the floor. Holding her on his hip he walked out of the stall and over to the empty post. He reached around with the other hand, grabbed the belt around Anna’s waist, and lowered her to the barn floor.

Rex followed, and when Anna was placed on the ground, he sat in front of her. Jeff saw the worried look on the girl’s face as her drugged body demanded cock, and the memory of the last time still burned vividly in her mind.

Jeff attached a collar to Anna’s neck. Snapping a leash to the collar, he reached up and attached the loose end of the leash to the top of the pole.

Walking to the end stall, Jeff dragged the chair toward Deb’s pole. Deb screamed in joy at the sight of the chair coming toward her. The sight of the chair and the long distended black cock drove her mad with desire. When Jeff set it upright in front of her, all she could do was moan and cry. Her hands tied to her sides and the two thick cocks strapped and locked inside her, made it impossible to even sit on the beautiful black cock.

The two boys were arguing with each other. The length of their leashes prohibited either boy from reaching the bucket with their hands. This meant that one of the boys would have to push the bucket to the other with his feet and then wait till it was pushed back to him. Neither of the brothers trusted the other, and each wanted to be first to get the water.

Jeff went to the impaler and removed the pipe and the thin rod from the hole where it stuck up through the platform. He slid them under the platform edge for possible use later. He checked to insure that all the air was out of the tube and that the platform was resting on the blocks.

Jeff had spent days preparing other devices and machines for tonight use. He had them under tarps in various stalls in the large barn. He walked into each stall removed their covers and check them one last time before this evenings fun. Walking back to the trunk, he paused to stand and look at the five members of the Johnson family in front of him.

The two boys were still arguing. Deb was standing with her arms bound to her sides, looking at the cock sticking up form the chair. Cathy was still on her knees, with her ass turned toward her sister Anna now, begging her to let the dog lick her clit. Anna was busy using Rex for the same purpose and refused to answer her older sister.

They were all so ready for tonight. Both Deb and her oldest daughter, Cathy, had had their openings enlarged, and spacers inserted to keep them that way for tonight. Anna now looked the part, of the dog’s bitch and the two brothers now distrusted each other and thought only of themselves. Each one of them had become sadistic toward the other members of the family, seeing the rest as only for self enjoyment, never thinking of the pain they caused, or showing the slightest concern for anyone else’s pleasure.

His sister Deb would do anything he asked. Her will, had been broken to the point, that she was powerless to function without pleasing him first. To Deb the feelings of pain and pleasure were the same now. Both were a means in which she could please her brother, and in doing so, could feel the only pleasure allowed by her master.

Cathy, the beautiful cum slut teen, had been conditioned to seek only pleasure for herself. Her natural fetish for loving cum was a bonus. Her body was conditioned to orgasm only when small amounts of pain were added. Without the pain, her body would never achieve the heights of pleasure it desperately needed.

He closed the trunk and dragged it back to the tack room. Exiting the stall he closed the gate. He looked at his watch. It was 4:30 P.M. The fun would be starting soon. Jeff, felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. He just couldn’t wait to play with his new toys.

Chapter 20

Jeff closed the huge wooden barn doors as Rex ran through the narrowing opening and as he lowered the thick wooden bar into its steel cradle, securing the barn’s double doors in place. He turned toward the house, noticing the kitchen lights, still on from this morning, and started his walk across the large gravel area to the porch steps.

Jeff relaxed as he walked, entranced by the sight of the porch, bathed in the warm, soft, gentle glow of the early evening sun. He cast his eyes downward, as he walked, noticing the barn’s shadow below his feet. He thought of how helpless the house must feel, watching the barn’s dark shadowy emblem, move slowly, silently, unrelentingly toward its sinister dark final evening embrace of the old farm house.

Jeff’s steps on the driveway were the only sounds of the impending evening. He walked unhurried towards the porch to await the arrival of Aunt Martha and Uncle Joe.

As Jeff neared the bottom of the porch steps, he heard the sound of tires as they slowed, to make the turn and start up the gravel drive toward the house. When he reached the top step of the porch, Jeff looked to the right, down the tree lined driveway towards the sound of the car. A cloud of thin dust reflected in the rays of the low angled sun as it chased the vehicle down the long driveway to the house.

Jeff turned toward the front door, fished for his keys, and unlocked it. Twisting the door knob, he let it slide from his hand, and with a slight push, it swung open to stay. Without looking, he slid his hand along the inside wall and flicked on the porch lights. Turning, he walked back to the porch steps. He glowered with the realization that the last part of his plan was falling into place.

As he reached the bottom of the porch steps he looked toward the oncoming car with intense anticipation. Jeff’s smile quickly turned to a glare when he realized there were two cars instead of only the one he had expected. He stood at the bottom of the porch steps as Martha and Joe’s white sedan stopped in front of him and a dust covered black van stopped on the other side of their car.

Jeff could tell through the lightly tinted glass of the sedan’s front window, that the occupants were not his Aunt and Uncle. Disappointed but curious as to what was going on, Jeff watched as the car’s three hooded occupants along with the driver of the van, exited the vehicles and walked slowly toward him.

Two of the figures were extremely large, the other two were smaller and all wore hooded cloaks. With the setting sun at their backs, it was impossible for Jeff to see the faces buried deep in the hoods, but he recognized the cut of the cloaks almost immediately.

“What is it that you want?” Jeff addressed all four, not knowing which one of the group would be the allowed to speak.

None of the hooded figures responded but continued to stare from unseen eyes somewhere deep within the darkness of their hoods. Jeff squinted his eyes against the low setting sun, in an effort to see a face or even a feature of any of the people inside the hoods.

“What are you doing here and where is your master?” Jeff spoke to the group again.

From behind the two large figures came a smaller one, moving slowly towards Jeff, till it stood only a foot in front of him and looked up into his face.

“Are you not happy to see me again, Slave?” A woman’s voice spoke softly from inside the large dark hood.

Jeff knew instantly the voice of the cloaked woman in front of him. He reached around the back of the woman’s head and slowly pulled the hood, exposing the beautiful face and icy eyes of his last Master.

Her hands reached up to her chest and slowly pulled the cloaks bow string. As if the robe was moving in slow motion, it spread open at her shoulders and caressed every curve of her body, on its downward path to her ankles. There it bunched around her lower legs forming a base at her feet, seemingly reluctant to be separated from the woman’s perfect legs.

She was dressed, if it could be called it that, in three very revealing, leather patches. Two small triangles covered her nipples, and a very small triangular patch between her legs, all held in place with thin leather strings. Leather straps from her sandals crisis crossed themselves as they laced up the perfect thighs finally tied in small bows in front.

“What do you want, Annette?” Jeff spoke to her, seemingly unaffected by the extremely seductive form of the woman’s body.

With the mention of her actual name, Annette eyes lashed out as if to tortuously pierce the skull of the person that spoke them. Slowly her expression returned to normal and she laughed, tilting her head back slightly.

“There is not a slave, still alive, who has ever called me anything but Master!” Annette spoke as though she was amused at the mention of her actual name by her former slave trainer. “I will tolerate your disrespect for old times sake, Trainer!”

“I am no longer your Trainer. I was given my freedom. It was witnessed by the other masters. It can not be revoked by you or anyone else unless I agree to the reinstatement of my servitude.” Jeff reminded Annette in a tone that reflected neither malice nor fear.

Annette nodded her head up and down slightly as she listened to her former slave trainer. She knew his words to be true. She also knew that she had lost the best trainer she had ever had when she gave Jeff his freedom. She needed him back, and she was determined she would have his agreement.

“You know Jeff, I really miss the way you trained my women.” Annette looked into his eyes as she ran her hand along the inside front of Jeff’s trousered thighs. “When you left, there was no one that could train my new slaves the way I was accustomed to have them trained. You spoiled me, Jeff”

“You don’t need a trainer, Annette.” Jeff smiled as he spoke her name again. “You need a sadist, capable of contorting the beautiful bodies of your female slaves into grotesque deformities. And for what purpose? For the sole purpose of insuring your status of being the most desirable looking woman in you and your father’s slavedom.”

Annette was furious at Jeff’s remarks. She looked at the smaller of the three slaves. “Slave! Stand here, in front of the car, and remove your cloak!” Annette spoke, pointing to the ground beside her.

The slave moved forward and stopped on the spot commanded of her. She quickly removed her cloak and let it slip to the ground around her spread feet.

Turning to one of the male slaves Annette commanded, “Turn on the car head lights so that our former trainer can fully appreciate my latest work.”

Jeff looked at the extremely modified body of the female slave now illuminated by the car’s lights in front of him. The woman wore a leather face mask, hiding her features but otherwise the rest of her body was devoid of clothing.

Looking at her masked face Jeff could see that her tongue had been pulled through a large slit in the hollow ball clenched tightly between her teeth and then pierced with a ring, preventing the tongue from being drawn back into the mouth. Saliva drooled from the woman’s open mouth and dripped off the chin of her leather mask.

Her breasts had been severely banded. Jeff had used several types of banding before, but not to this extreme. Normally, a wide leather strap was secured around the base of the breast and locked tightly in place. The leather bands were soaked in an oil and as the leather slowly dried the bands shrank over a period of days, causing the skin on the breast to stretch, and the bulging end of the breast to inflate from the pressure of the band.

However, banding was not the right word for what had been done to this woman’s breasts. A better word would have been “tubed”.

Jeff thought about the continuous, unrelenting pain involved in getting this woman’s breasts to this point. It must have taken months of constantly increasing the widths of the breast bands to form their present elongated state. Now dry, the 12-inch wide bands on each breast looked like tubes growing from her chest. At the bottom end of the tubes, swinging in tandem, were what looked like small water balloons that swung at the level of her waist. Additional leather bands had been applied to her now 3-inch long nipples, causing the same effect, only on a smaller scale.

Looking between the woman’s legs Jeff could see a thick dildo exiting her cunt and entering her ass, leaving only the loop of the dildo hanging between the woman’s spread legs.

“Come here Jeff,” Annette said. “I want you to see the best part of my alteration to this slave.”

Jeff followed Annette to the side of the woman’s tortured body. “Spread your legs so that we can see your cunt, slave!” Annette commanded. “Go ahead Jeff, take a close look at her cunt. I actually had it surgically done. It took three months just to heal!”

Looking between the woman’s legs, Jeff could see that the thick dildo had been permanently stitched into the skin of the woman’s inner cunt walls.

“The dildo was custom made,” Annette spoke as Jeff reached between the slave’s legs to examine the surgeons work. “The dildo is 14-inches long with a small tube inside. The tube runs from the head of the dildo, that’s in her ass, to inside her pee hole. I had it sealed in her urethra so it wouldn’t come out. Now she fucks and pisses like a man, a man with a very long thick cock that is. She was so beautiful, Jeff. You should have seen her before this!”

Jeff reached up and tugged at the end of the cock sticking in the woman’s ass. As he pulled harder and harder the cock finally popped from the woman’s ass revealing the large ball that had held it securely in side the woman’s ass ring. Jeff heard the slave moan as the long heavy cock swung freely and hung down past her knees.

Jeff stood and looked at Annette. “She’ll die from infection by what you’ve done, then what good will she be to you or your father?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, she will die,” Annette answered. “But very slowly I hope! I have a great many things planned for her before that happens.”

Jeff looked at Annette and asked, “Why? What did she do that you want to torture her in this form?”

“Have you ever wondered, Jeff, why I gave you your freedom?” Annette spoke as she returned Jeff’s gaze. “Have you ever known of any slave to have been given his freedom? Especially a very valuable trainer!”

Jeff remained silent. Annette’s question was the same question he had asked himself, every day of his suddenly acquired freedom.

“My father was your first master.” Annette said. “Do you know how you became his slave?”

Jeff knew how, but answered Annette in only silence.

“I know what you were told, that your parents sold you to my father,” Annette continued, not waiting for an answer from Jeff. “It’s not true, you know. Your parents didn’t sell you, at least not willingly.”

Jeff turned and looked accusingly into those cold eyes, trying to see weather there was truth behind them, or just the usual lies.

“Your father was a FINDER,” Annette began. “He was paid by the masters, mostly my father and his friends, to find and secure slaves. Runaways, kidnaps, abandons and sometimes specific orders. The masters paid your father, and your father supplied the flesh.” Annette paused and said, “You didn’t know that? Of course not, how would you? You were too young!”

“Anyway,” Annette continued as she walked slowly around Jeff watching him as she spoke. “My Father paid your dad front money to obtain a particular teenage girl that had snubbed him, somewhere, probably a restaurant and your dad accepted the contract and the bounty in advance.”

Jeff was now turning his head to follow Annette as she continued her slow walk around him.

“It took your father a while,” Annette continued having Jeff’s full attention. “But he finally snatched the girl and took her to his safe place.”

Annette stopped in front of Jeff and stared up into his eyes as she continued. “There are only two rules that a FINDER lives by. One, you NEVER, EVER let the flesh escape, and two, you NEVER let it see your face. Whether he let her go or she escaped, doesn’t really matter. The flesh gave the police your father’s deion and my dad ordered your mother and father eliminated to avoid any link back to him or the other masters.”

Jeff stood trembling with rage as he recalled that last day with his mother and father. “My mother and father sold me,” Jeff replied in a calm voice. “I was there when they gave me to your father’s men. Your story’s bullshit! I don’t believe a word of it!”

“Your Mother and Father weren’t given a choice,” Annette answered. “The men you saw in your house where there to insure the permanent silence of your parents and to collect flesh, already paid for.”

“I was told by my mother to ‘Go with these men, you belong to the master now,'” Jeff said.

“Of course!” Annette replied. “Your parents knew their own fate. What would you expect them to tell a 10 year old boy?” Annette asked. “My father gave the men orders that you were to be taken in exchange for the bounty and your parents were to be terminated.”

Jeff was silent as he remembered sitting in the car in front of his house and hearing several loud bangs.

“That brings us back to the question of why you were given your freedom,” Annette continued. “As it happens, Jeff, your mother didn’t die. When the police arrived, only your father’s body was found inside the house. Master was furious when he learned that your mother was missing. He vowed, and made the entire family swear, that some day, your mother, would be his slave, no matter what it cost.”

Jeff was all mixed up. Could it be that the reason he had hated his parents for all these years was based in lies? “What has any of this, to do with my freedom?” Jeff asked and added, “Not that I believe a word of it, Annette!”

“The reason that you are not a slave today is that your mother made a deal to exchange herself, for your freedom.” Annette stopped and stared at Jeff’s face. loving the confused look in his eyes. “When I told my father of your mothers offer, I thought he was going to have me whipped for not accepting the her conditions immediately. In no uncertain terms, The Grand Master ordered me to ‘Get the woman or become a slave myself,’ and The Grand Master does not joke.”

“Do you really think I believe you have my mother, and that she’s alive, and that she sacrificed herself so that I could be free?”

“Yes, isn’t that what I just said?”

Jeff’s mind wouldn’t stop spinning with questions. The spinning didn’t stop until he heard Annette say…

“Would you like to ask her yourself?” Annette turned to the two large men slaves and spoke. “Bring the slut here, and place her right here in front of her son!”

Jeff watched as the two men turned and walked toward the van. As they stepped around the front of the car, his gut tightened, when he saw them grabbed the female slave he had examined only minutes before, and drag her to Annette’s side.

“Remove the mask from the female slave.” Annette ordered the two male slaves.

Jeff watched as the dark leather mask was removed revealing the tear stained face of his mother.

“Mother.” Jeff spoke softly to her face. “Is it you? Mother, you should have stayed away. You should not have come back!”

Janet, Jeff’s mother remained silent, staring up into her son’s face. Only unintelligible sounds could be made if she tried to talk through her ball and tongue gag. It was enough just to see him again, to hear him call her mother.

“Enough chit chat! It’s family reunion time!” Annette spoke in a raised voice. She walked to Jeff who had a puzzled look on his face. “Oh yes, I know about the rest of the family in the barn. I had you watched from the day you were given your freedom. I’m sure you’ve trained some excellent new slaves for me! Six of them, I’m told!”

“You two slaves,” Annette commanded. “cuff his hands behind his back. If he resists, kill the female slave.”

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