Debbie and the Pool Party Part two

We eventually moved the party into the house as the evening was getting cooler and the girls were getting a little rowdy. We had been inside when there was a knock on the door, wrapping a towel around myself I answered it. Standing there was A’s GF and her partner, someone had complained to the police about the noise. I could see her partner trying to see into the house, not sure what he saw at that point but his eyes widened and a smile came on his face. “Tell A to save some for me” Her GF said knowing full well what was going on.

I walked back into the house to the site of naked bodies sprawled all over the floor as I joined them Mel grabbed me and separated me from the rest as she forced her tongue in my mouth and grabbed my cock I heard Debbie’s voice “Careful Johnny Mel is a bit of an animal” those words would prove to be an understatement. Keeping a tight grip on my cock she lead me back outside, she was the noisiest kisser I have ever been with, I know we all make noises but she was growling when she kissed me. She lay me down on the lounger and began to kiss my body stopping at my nipples to bite and lick them. One thing I have to admit, I may be a man but my nipples are really sensitive A has made me cum in the past just by sucking my nipples, yes it’s quite embarrassing. Mel’s tongue though was something else and she used it to good effect as she explored my body. You probably realised by now I was just laying back and enjoying everything. Her tongue went into my belly button (That was a first for me) I kinda like the feeling but when she reached my cock I felt fear. She used her teeth and scraped the outside of my cock, she was gentle but those teeth were sharp, every now and again she would bite the tip causing me to flinch. When I tried to put my hands on her she would bite down a little, i understood that this was her way of telling me she was doing this for herself. She then did something I had only had done once before by A. She took my cock in her mouth and slid her mouth all the way down but then I felt my balls inside her mouth as well, she did this a couple of times just split seconds at a time but she engulfed everything. She didn’t even gag, lifting her head up and with saliva all over her face she looked at me “Nice cock I could eat this everyday”. Then her head disappeared into my lap again. Eventually she stopped sucking came back up and gave me a saliva filled kiss before telling me to eat her ass, then she turned and lowered her ass onto my mouth, I began to lick all around her hole before pushing it inside her, using the moisture from her pussy I was able to stretching her with my fingers, when she decided it was ready she turned and told me to fuck her I naturally went for her pussy but was quickly told no man goes in there until she is married, so I got her on her back put her legs on my shoulders and slid into her ass. She was not an anal virgin that was evident, I slid balls deep into her. I fucked her with long slow strokes but she yelled at me to hurry the fuck up as she wanted to join the girls. I then turned it up a notch and hate fucked her ass. I was fearing another visit from the police as she was screaming the place down I put my hand over her mouth but she just bit me so I increased my speed to get it over with as soon as poss. The more I wanted to cum the harder it was to cum, by now I had her pretty my doubled over it was then she was able to reached up and grab my nipples, she scraped her nails on them and then twisted them forcing to push deep inside her and unload. I did notice the visible wetness of her pussy which started to run out of her as I let her legs down. No sooner had I pulled out she got up and joined the rest of the girls. I lay there until A came out, getting on her knees she started to clean my cock with her mouth I tried to stop her telling her I had fucked Mel’s ass, her answer “She must keep it clean”.

We eventually walked inside, Mel was on all fours and Helen was fucking her with a strap on, Mel was eating out Debbie, me and A sat and watched them for a bit. Sandy was a bit of an odd one, she was sat in the chair playing with her pussy. she was very pretty but she seemed a little out of place. A by now had got me hard, Having three women playing together on the floor helped and Sandy in the chair poking at her very hairy pussy also helped. She was the only one who had hair down there. Sandy’s eyes lit up when she saw A take my cock in her mouth and came over for a closer view. A would offer my cock to her but she kept refusing, A got me on the floor then with her ass in the air she began to blow me when suddenly she yelped, and cried out “Oh fuck she’s in my ass” Sandy was behind A but I couldn’t see what she was doing, I looked across at the other girls they had switched around but it was just Debbie and Mel, Helen had come over and whispered something to A, a huge smile came on A’s face then getting me to get up she took both me and Helen by the hand and we went to the bedroom. We lay Helen down on the bed she looked stunning with her red hair all over the pillow. A went down on her straight away as I began to kiss her, I was definitely hard who the fuck wouldn’t be. A looked to me “She’s ready for you” I moved to the end of the bed, and lined up my cock. I looked up and there were all the girls standing around the bed, I pushed my cock in I felt resistance and looked at A, “Yes she is” is all she said, I leaned forward and kissed Helen and asked if she was ready, she wrapped her arms around my neck and I pushed I felt her tense up but then as I started pushing further in she began to relax. I fucked her gently and she responded with loud moans through the tears she was crying, a big smile on her face, I was not going to last long so I increased the pace a little I began to tense as my orgasm approached I was about to pull out when A pushed me in telling me to give Helen the full treatment. So there I was loading Helen’s virgin pussy with cum. I pulled out, traces of blood visible. A sent me to get a shower, as I washed she asked if I would sleep in the spare room so the girls could have some fun.

I know they had fun because I could hear them all bloody night. It was a good night though and one that would be repeated when A’s GF could play too. Thankfully Helen didn’t get pregnant. We liked Debbie’s friends she would introduce us to some of her guy friends, but that is for another time. I never got my head around why Helen had the word SLUT tattooed on her lower back and yet she was a virgin.

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