Deathgivers 2 by Crunchgasm

Ken Shamrock was in the Independence Arena at the UFC 5 event in Charlotte, North Carolina, ready to fight Royce Gracie in the main event. He was a fierce fighter, respected and feared by opposition who knew the kind of training one had to go through, to succeed in mixed martial arts.

However, there were those who did not respect him, or the law. As a Deathgiver, Ken Shamrock had made powerful people his enemies, in particular, by his murder of two higher-up drug dealers in Atlanta, as they were preparing to distribute a new type of drug onto the streets.

A month before the MMA bout, he had been alerted of suspicious activity near the juvenile home he had once attended by an acquaintance. The MMA fighter chose to expose himself, since thrill, risk and violence offered an outlet for his impulsive nature, for his destructive desires. As it turned out, the men who came out indeed had the sleazy, falsely elegant look of drug dealers.

They were in the company of a teenager, who gave off the impression he was a drug addict. The men did mention the drug was new to the market. From a concealed position, Ken sought to simply make sure the two men did not have any weapons on them, before attacking.

Once he believed it was safe enough, Ken Shamrock ran out, and made a beeline for the two drug dealers, and ignored the fact that the likely customer panicked, and alerted the other two by backing off and shouting.

The targets turned around, but it was too late. Ken leap in the air, and performed a running dropkick, knocking one of them down hard onto the pavement. As the other one reached within his suit to grab a likely weapon, the ferocious fighter wanted to subdue him as well, as fast as possible.

Rolling towards him, Ken wrapped his legs around the man’s right foot, pulling him down to the ground, and by acting fast, he caused the criminal to drop the pistol he was pulling out, forcing him to fall on his face, wincing in pain, even as the landing was softened by the forearms which absorbed some of the impact force. However, it would get much worse for both him and the other one.

Ken Shamrock immediately got up to his knees, and reached for the right foot of the fallen foe, gripping it with his hands. Locking his legs to trap the whole leg, he twisted sharply, trying to cripple the drug dealer with an ankle lock. It took very little time for the telltale crack to ring through the air, alongside screams and cries of the injured man.

The gritted teeth and the focused eyes of Ken painted a fearsome facial expression, while a tent in his tracksuit indicated he was aroused by what he just did, but the stirring of the dropkicked man meant the MMA fighter had little time to properly enjoy the combat in a sexual manner.

To stop the desperate attempt of the crippled drug dealer at reaching his dropped firearm, the fierce fighter quickly sat on the man’s back, and wrapped his right arm around the criminal’s neck, pulling on it with a dragon sleeper hold.

The flailing of the victim was dramatic, but useless, as the interruption of oxygen supply quickly shut his body down. Ken Shamrock kept the hold on for about 40 seconds, well past the point where the man had gone limp, before jerking his neck upwards once. A hard SNAP elicited a groan of arousal from the fighter, who could then focus on the other man.

Totally dazed and desperate to grab onto anything so as to get up, he took hold of the first thing which seemed firm. Sadly, it was the left leg of his soon-to-be executioner. Of course, Ken felt the grab, and reacted by turning around, twisting his body a bit so that he could grip the right arm of the unfortunate man, setting up a quick kimura lock, as he laid on his back while securing the hold.

“N-no! Aaaaahhh!” CRACK-POP ”Arghhhhhhh!”

The hold was painful and devastating, sending the drug dealer into shock. Ken loved the effects of his holds, but he had to finish this quickly, lest some corrupt cops show up and cause trouble.

Adjusting his position so he directly faced his victim, the submission holds expert wrapped his legs around the man’s neck, crossing his right leg with left one, which was on top of the neck which was going to get snapped, in a climactic finale- the triangle choke.

The drug dealer #2 tried to resist, but Ken had his left hand secured, pulling it away, at least until the power of toned, muscular legs made the desperate movements weaken to a great deal. At that point, Ken Shamrock took a bit of liberty, and pulled his raging hard-on out from his underwear and tracksuit bottom.

The choked-out man barely twitched, while Ken Shamrock pumped his hardon with one hand, ready to get off on this kill. At one point, the lack of his victim’s movement set the muscular man off, and he twisted his hips, successfully producing a pop from the criminal’s neck, as well as emitting a grunt of arousal, followed by very fast pumping.

Only a second later did Ken cum, his cock firing semen onto the face of the dead man, while twisting hard to the opposite side.

“Ffffuccckkk yeahhh!”, the victorious Deathgiver roared, as the stressed neck broke in several more places, producing a complex, almost rhythmic sound, which helped him cum even harder.

Soon, Ken left the scene, quite satisfied with what he had done. However, the drug addict from before would live to tell a part of the tale, and thus, the word travelled to the ears of influential criminals who were very angry at the idea of sanctioned vigilantism ruining their “business enterprise”.

Given that he had killed other criminals before, the decision was made to kill Ken Shamrock in a public place, as a show of force. However, the shooter who rose up from one of the seats close to the ring didn’t count on the sharp eyes of a woman, moments before he began to shoot from a submachine gun that had been hidden in a first aid box near his initial location. Her loud voice was what alerted the fighter, who, upon turning towards the source, had to duck immediately, to avoid the shots.

It worked, as the assassin, posing as a security officer, missed Ken, but actually hit Royce Gracie instead, as well as the referee. While everyone screamed and got down, Ken jumped out of the ring, rolling forward to close the distance to the assassin, who couldn’t see the target. He shot at random, trying to discourage people from intervening, but failed to hit his target, instead killing and wounding spectators and actual event security.

Utilizing the commotion and the reduced visibility from the masses of spectators trying to run or duck behind seats, Ken Shamrock vaulted, rolled and jumped in the direction of the shooter, who did not see his target until it was too late.

A sudden thrust kick makes the attacker stumble back, doubling over, as he drops his gun. Even though he was trying to get his weapon, he was too slow. Ken began with a ferocious combo, which completely toppled the man, and got the fighter “in the zone”, which meant the assassin’s death was all but secure. Ken wrapped his right arm around the assassin’s neck, and secured a guillotine choke by grasping his left arm with the right hand.

The other male soon faded, and with a roar, Ken jerked upwards, breaking his neck. However, the panic did not subside immediately. A big part of why this happened was the massive bulge in the red underwear of the MMA fighter, which formed quickly after he had gained control in this conflict.

He turns around, and sees a nearby man bleeding from his abdomen, barely moving. Deciding swiftly to kill him off, he runs over, and to the further astonishment of people, places one hand on top of the man’s skull, while the other one cups the chin.

One hard twist later, another death occurs, as the wounded spectator shuts down altogether.

Quite a few people moved away from Ken Shamrock, shocked by what they saw, but there was trouble. A shifty, balding man in a suit shoved people out of the way as he pulled out a revolver. He either was another assassin, or perhaps even a member of the bookie mafia- another group, which hated true fighters who won on their own merits and never laid down.

However, the fighter was quicker, and by tossing an empty can at the next attacker, he managed to disorient him, causing him to stumble and fall down steps.

Ken does not waste time, and he runs to the fallen man. Intending to grab him by his feet. However, the assassin seemed to have been lucky, in that his gun fell near his current position.

Just as Ken readies to break the man’s back with a Boston crab, the man leaps for the gun, causing a tug of war situation, in which the shooter succeeds in firing, but doesn’t hit the fighter- it’s an Asian male who tried to duck behind a seat who gets shock. Immediately, a woman goes into panic, crying over the dying man.

Having to quickly improvise, Ken does a back kick into the man’s head, before wrapping his legs around the man’s neck in a reverse headscissor. The resulting crack keeps his boner strong, as his triumphant grunt overpowers the last, weak noise of the balding male.

As many eyewitnesses gasp at yet another kill, Ken runs up to check on the wounded man and his female partner. She seems in shock, stunned by the fact that he had passed away so quickly. She switched her gaze between her dead husband, and Ken Shamrock every so often. Near the dead man was a small hand-held sign in support of Ken Shamrock- this couple was one of many who had seen the American martial artist fight in Japan.

Suddenly, the buff male groped her right breast, through the thin white shirt she wore, which produced a shocked moan and gasp, but no physical resistance from the woman. Emboldened, he simply yanks the shirt with his left hand, forcing the material to give way, thus exposing the black bra of the woman in her mid-twenties. His right hand moved to her long dark skirt, and pulled it downwards, as the background noise grew in volume.

The woman gulped, but ended up cooperating without a word, as she pushed the skirt down. A smiling Ken slid her black panties down, and when he reached for her bra, the woman undid it herself.

Soon, he was on top of her, groping and fingering her, to which she let out embarrassed moans, which grew louder as he licked at her exposed nipples. Slowly, the woman’s legs opened, and then the MMA fighter turned her around, before quickly penetrating her vagina with his long, hard weapon.

It was a scandal on top of the horrific shooting that had happened earlier. However, people mostly watched, and the woman, who was apparently Japanese, did nothing to resist the MMA fighter, as she seemed to enjoy the groping of her breasts while he fucked her.

When Ken’s left arm wrapped around her neck, she knew, deep down, that he wanted to end her. She was fine with that, too. Before her death, however, there would be another one.

A member of the audience had apparently brought a video camera with him, and was filming a lot of the carnage, but as a sexual act unfolded, he approached, making very lewd remarks as he filmed everything from up close. He had made the mistake of invading the personal space of the Most Dangerous Man, and did it in a way where he was within reach of his legs.

A kick into his left shin made the man stumble, and Ken managed to catch him with his legs, trapping the nosy man’s head with them. While the hapless victim flailed, Ken thrust into the female faster, grunting in pleasure, while she, too, seemed amazed by what the fighter did. One hard twist of his hips made sure the video camera user was dead.

“Fuck yeah!” Ken roars, as the Asian woman begins to cum over his cock soon after the kill. He sets up the rear naked choke while also locking his legs around her waist. Her noises grow weaker, and the fighter decides to kiss her, prolonging his orgasm, while triggering his own. His vice-like arms then twist hard to the left, as he ejaculates into the woman’s womb, as her body twitches in a ghastly way.

The rear naked choke remains locked on tight up until Ken’s climax finally subsides. By now, nobody really dared approach the man, as he got up from the floor.

“I’m the deadliest weapon on the planet!” he roars, pointing to his body and even his penis, which wasn’t fully soft…

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