Day drinking

We met for drinks on a warm summer afternoon after i left work early to enjoy the day.  We meet about an hour after i leave work to give me a chance to clean up and you too finish your errands. We agree to meet at a bar you like i arrive before you and sit at the bar and enjoy a cold beer before you arrive. Than you walk in the door a stand to greet you and give you a hug. I order you your favorite drink and an extra so we can enjoy something you like together. We start talking and enjoying the day I reach over and start rubbing your leg as you look at me and smile as we continue with our day. A couple hours go by as we both start feeling really good we decide to leave and I walk you to you car before opening your door I grab you amd push you up against your car as I run my hand around your waist as I work my way up your body before securing firmly around your throat as I pull you in close before looking you in the eyes before passionately kissing you as your knees buckle. I grab ahold of you so you dont fall and pull you up til our eyes meet and lean in and whisper in your ear “follow me” as you smile and nod with excitement and jump in your car and follow me to my house. We get to my house and walk inside and i take to my room set you on the bed and light some candles to set the mood. I started thinking about some of the earlier conversations at the bar while lighting the candles and remembered you like it rough with a little knife play involved. So i look over at you and smile as I lean in and grab you by the back of your neck and start kissing you laying you down on the bed as we start caressing each others bodies with our hands exploring and letting our excitement grow together. As we start to get more and more excited i stop and sit you back up and smile before pulling your top off and your bra and telling you to get on your knees. You do as your told like a good girl. I smile as I undo my belt and pull out my cock. I see the look of excitement as you see my cock for the first time which gets me more excited as you see my cock twitch with excitement. I tell you open your mouth and stick your tongue out as I start slapping my cock on your tongue until your drooling so much that your tits are covered in spit before I finally face fuck you. I grab the back of your head and shove my cock deep down your throat making sure you take every inch as I hold your head I hear you gagging I let go as more drool just keeps running down your chin over your tits I grab your head and start thrusting my cock into your mouth as the sounds of moans and gagging fill the room. I stop you look up at me makeup and mascara running down your face drool still dripping from your chin as I pull you up off your knees and get down on mine to undo your button for your pants as I slowly slide the zipper down. I peel your pants off revealing a sexy black thong. I lay you down on the bed and reach over to the night stand and grab my knife and open it up as I see your eyes light up and your body tense with excitement. I remove my pants and lay beside you with knife in hand as I take it and run the cold steel down the side of your neck sliding it down to your drool covered tits circling each nipple making them harder than before as you let out a gasp from the cold knife. I continue to run the knife down your body as I reach the top of your thong as i run the knife along your waist line before sliding it up under the side of your thong and cutting them off of you. I reach over and cut the other side and pull them off of you. I realize that you had soaked thru them with excitement as I smile and continue to explore your body with the knife. I run the blade across your pussy and down your thighs making sure you feel the cold unforgiving steel against your skin as you moan with excitement. I set the knife back on the night stand for now as I lay down beside you and start kissing you and sliding my hand down between your legs. I pull your legs open and lightly run my fingers across your wet pussy before sliding two fingers inside you as you moan into my mouth I start kissing you harder making sure your moans dont escape my mouth as I start sliding my fingers in and out making sure they are covered with your excitement as I pull them out glistening with your cum I tell you to lick them clean so you can taste yourself and I can taste you as well. Once I get a taste I cant help myself i throw your legs on my shoulders and pull you in close as I look up at you before thrusting my tongue deep inside you making sure I get as deep as I can as you scream and cum again making sure to push my head against your pussy as you start grinding your pussy against my tongue. As you continue to grind against my face I slide my tongue up to clit making sure to flick it ever so lightly before sucking on it to send you into a frenzy of maons. While I’m licking and sucking on your clit I feel your hand wrap around my cock as I can feel it throbbing while in your hand and between your moans I hear you gasp and utter “fuck me….fuck me now”.  I pull you to the edge of the bed and grab my cock and slide it up and down your pussy teasing you and covering it in your cum. I slide the tip in and grab you by your hips before shoving my cock deep inside you as you gasp for breathe I keep thrusting into deeper and deeper with each stroke as I feel your legs tighten around my waist I reach up and wrap my hands around your throat squeezing as I feel your body quivering and shaking as you scream “I’m cumming”. I stop and grab you by the throat and pull you up to me and tell you ” I didnt say you could cum or be loud” as I bend you over and smack your ass and tell you ” If you want to be loud Im gonna make sure everyone can hear you” as I grab your throat again with one hand and slide my cock inside you with the other making sure to shove it in as hard and as fast as I can. I start thrusting as hard as I can as the sound of the bed hitting the wall gets louder and louder with each thrust. You start to say your cumming again I tighten my grip around your throat choking off the words as you manage to let out a whimper as I thrust harder and harder and faster and faster until you feel my grip loosen around your neck and tighten around your waist as your feel my cock twitching inside you as I give you one final thrust holding you tightly against me as you feel my cum fill you up. I pull my cock out as my cum slowly starts coming out of your pussy I get on my knees and bury my tongue deep inside your pussy once more making sure to lick our cum up. You sit on the bed and look up at me before i bend down to kiss you and share our experience even more with you as I grab your head and passionately kiss you to end our day drinking adventure.

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