Daughter’s Pleasure. Mom’s Punishment. by TightPussyIsBest

My mom. A 5 foot 3, 100 pound woman who has never been near a black man sexually probably cause her body has no room for maybe 6-8 inches.

Well I want us to he laid side by side on the edge of a bed. Both of us with our hands cuffed to our sides

Our legs cuffed by the ankles to bars holding them wide open and in the air. As ropes are used to keep our hips from moving maybe a few inches to each side as we prep our minds and bodies for the train we are about to experience together.

As the first two men walk in. A muscular toned white man and a huge body building black man with a very noticeable bulge in his shorts as the room is quiet till my mom notices the white man approaches my hips and grabs onto my hips and begins fucking me. She then freaks out “Oh hell no! I can’t and won’t take a black guy! I already told everyone—” as her mouth is shut up and cut short by the black man forcing a ball gag into her mouth and staring down into her eyes as his deep voice trembles even my bones “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle…yeah fucking right” as he grabs the lube and puts a huge amount of it in his palm as he drops his shorts and exposes the worse nightmare for my mom but fills me with glee and causes my pussy to get wetter. This man has to be at least 10 inches. Vein covered and already fully erect as his cock stands up straight as his hand grasp it and covers it in lube till it shines and glistens as he grips my mom’s hips, pulls her as close to the edge of the bed as possible and she panics far more as he grips his cock again and guides it between he thighs, His enormous head slipping between her exposed and defenseless pussy’s slit. Untill she feels his cock pass her trembling pussy and more south. Mom looks wide eyed down at his abs and hips and screams into her gag as his hips begins inching forward. Hips filled with muscle, balls filled with lust for white sluts and hot cum and eyes without care as I moan loudly at the site “This is going to be a very long and I guess dark and thick train mom!” as I moan over and over as his hips inch forward enough for his thick throbbing head to finally shove her clenched asshole apart. letting my mom feel her first touch of anal sex as her asshole spreads open and his cock quickly slides in as her hole wraps around every curve of just his head and he moans and bites his lip as he looks down at her and smiles as he wraps his hands around her belly, his hands nearly reaching finger to finger around her as his eyes roll back and he continues forcing more lubed thick dark inches into her unexplored and unwilling inner ass. His shaft begins opening her inner asshole and she fights with all her strength against the cuffs but nothing changes. As both me and the white stud fucking me remain locked on what’s going down on the other end of the bed. As a very slow and I’d imagine painful 60 seconds pass for my mom till the final throbbing and bowel realigning inch sinks into her. Mom is forced to feel not open her asshole getting stretched apart but feels his solid cock’s head plunging up inside her. Forcing her bowels to straighten, moving any organ in the way to the side, and impaling her. His hips press against hers and he squeezes her belly, He admires the new bump that is now visible on her stomach, as it outlines is shaft and disappears near the top of her pussy. As soon as her heads falls back onto the bed and she grunts in pain she quickly switches to screaming into the gag as saliva covers her chin and he starts using his powerful hips that drawfs mom’s body to start fucking her. Sliding nearly every inch out before he bucks forward and plunges inside her against as he moans in pleasure and mutters “I swear I can feel the sluts bowels forcefully being unraveled and straighten to swallow me” as he picks up the pace and within 10 mins both men in this room are showing no mercy or concern for the hole they are using, they are only caring about having thier dicks cum and leaving, as a slapping sound mixed with the low moans of two powerful men fill the room. And within 20 minutes of the slapping noice coming from my mom every second passes a powerful grunt hits me so I look over just in time to see him wrap his hand around her throat and grips onto her. As he uses all his might he shoves his hips against hers as he collapses onto her, making her pretty much disappear under his huge body. As his huge cock is completely buried inside her and her feet frantically kick at her restraines and he hands are pulling with all her might against her cuffs. As a huge load of cum gets deposited nearly a foot up her asshole. Far too deep to leak out in time as he pulls out. Surprisingly my mom’s abused ass wasn’t yanked inside out by the force of his cock leaving her stomach. Pulls his shorts up and walks out as a similar looking black man walks in right behind him.

Mom’s next man is similar to her 1st. Built, sturdy, tall. Without saying a word we walks up between her legs. Undones his pants and as they drop he lays his half erect cock onto her stomach as he presses thier hips together. In a low and deep voice says “I’m going to fucking love this. Been to long since I ruined a white bitch’s pussy”. He holds the bottle of lube over his cock and squeezes a line of it from tip to base. Then he wraps his hand around his cock and begins to spread it. His hand running up and down his cock slowly evolves into him tightly gripping his cock and jerking himself. His black nuts being pressed against mom’s pussy lips as he moans while jerking his cock. Within minutes his cock grows in length, expands in girth as it hardens more and more. With a few more strokes his cock grows to completion, his round head reaching past her belly button and his shift looking nearly soda thick on top of her stomach. He pulls his hips back and grips himself midshaft as he aims his thick and throbbing cock’s head right upto my mom’s pussy’s slit.

My mother’s pussy……She has deliciously plump lips that perfectly round up and together, meeting and pressing together forming a near perfect innie cunt. Her thick lips slightly conceal her small and tender clit sitting atop her slit. She has smooth, flawless white skin. With a thin line of hair straight down the middle stopping right at her clit.

The sight of the black man’s new white slut’s pussy causes his cock to uncontrollably throb and pulse in sync with his heartbeat. He begins to work his way into her cunt that basically feels like a virgin to him. He admires the sight of he white lips slowly but surely being spread apart, her lips spreading cause rolls to form on the skin of them. As the lining of her inner lips is stretched more and more by just the tip of her 2nd ever BBC. His eyes remain locked on her wide open, exposed, defenseless and untouched by a black pussy. “So sexy….so sexy….so tight, nearly virgin tight, so smooth and pink. You white slut’s have the best fuck holes”. As mom and her man both feel a ‘pop’ that rocks her body. His cock finally forced it’s head past her outer lips and is now tightly wrapped in her tight pussy’s walls. He places his hand on the top of her slit as his thumb violently begins rubbing her now visible clit. He leans over and gets inches from her faces and uses his other hand to remove the gag and immediately locks lips with her. He begins kissing her deeply as I can hear her moaning and grunting into her mouth. As he groans and his cock’s shaft begins flexing back and forth. As his hips slowly creep forward and inch by brutal inch is forced into her tiny pussy. His cock feeling like he’s pushing through multiple walls inside her white slit. He wraps his hand around her neck, squeezes, pushes her down using his weight as she sinks into the bed as he’s choking her. And leans by up and sadistically grins and says “I’m out of mercy slut”. Mom, now free to speak quickly pleads “Please no! I’m way too small and shallow for that-“. He tightens his grip on her neck, silencing her begging. Then begins to violently and forcefully shoves harder and harder. His cock’s nearly rips her cunt open as inch by painful inch is plunging up into her. As with once final brutal thrust his cock slams through her last, deepest walls and his finally gets to feel his huge black cock’s being embraced completely to the base by her pussy.

Then the room is once again filled with the grunts and light moans of two men. As my mom is constantly gasping for air then using all of it to groan and nearly scream in pain. Each thrust in rattles her body, his enormous head pushes up inside her pussy and beyond as her belly bulges above her belly button. Each powerful, deep and merciless thrust forming that bulge. Untill nearly 30 minutes of pounding passes her 2nd BBC is buried to the hilt and empties his black nuts ball deep inside her brutalized, fertile pussy.

And this is our night just getting started..

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