Daddy’s girl pt 1

I’m in Australia and ab to go through a cyclone so I figured I’d write something.

[DDLG play?]

“Good girl.”

Daddy lifted my chin with his fingers, encouraging me to look in his eyes. He stood firmly above me as I knelt down in submission. Staring up at him, I felt so safe but so small. His blue ocean eyes sparkled in the lamplight of our hotel room, begging me to continue. He wouldn’t allow himself to seem desperate for my wet mouth around his cock, but I knew he wanted it. The fast breathing and premature groaning when I gripped his package, unbuckled his belt and dropped to my knees had told me everything I needed to know

Daddy wrapped his strong, venous hands around the back of my neck and guided himself through my soft, pillowy lips and down my throat. I gagged a little, til he gripped my hair at the scalp. I didn’t dare make another noise for I wanted to be rewarded, not punished. I could still feel the aftermath on my ass from our last fuck. I’m a petite girl, and Daddy isn’t gentle when I misbehave – I have a habit of not learning my lesson. His hands left bruises, purple and yellow like a sensual sunset, on my little plump cheeks. I loved staring in the mirror every morning and admiring his artwork. I loved to be owned by him but this time I really wanted to cum.

“Good girl. You can do it..” he grunted, as he began gently fucking my mouth like it was a pocket pussy. I let my tongue ring glide along his cock as he slowly pulled it in and out. I couldn’t help but gaze up at his tall stature and admired his chest and torso. He looked so strong standing above me and forcing me to service him. I sucked and licked and gently teased as he enjoyed his personal fuckhole I keep calling a mouth.

Soon the delicate licking and sucking would not be enough, and he would grunt and shove his cock right down my throat. I felt him pulsating inside. I almost choked, gasping for air at the unexpected throat fuck. I whimpered as saliva dripped down my chin, mascara running as I cried in pleasure. It hurt but God, it felt so good to be servicing my Daddy. I held onto his hips and forced him all the way down until my tears were falling on his balls.
“Ooh…” he groaned as I flexed my throat, I could feel his head throbbing as I gripped, he wanted so badly to cum right there and then.
“That’s it, take it all.” he whispered, with gritted teeth. I wanted his cock inside my tight pussy so badly, but Daddy cums first.

I wrapped my small, soft hands up under his balls and played with them gently, nursing them with my fingers as I started to move my mouth back and forth, faster and faster applying suction, I wanted every last drop of his cum on my tongue. He almost lost balance and put an arm up to stabilise himself on the wall behind him. I continued to shove his cock down my throat, harder and harder. I lost grip on his hips and grabbed onto his trousers, still forcing him in so he could use me like a sex doll. My knees were rubbing against the floor becoming red and purple like my ass as I worked hard to milk the cum out of him. I wouldn’t let him go. All you can hear now is gagging, slurping and choking. His belt buckle dangling from his trousers clinked against his legs as he began to shake in excitement.
“Oh fuck, you really are a good girl.” he moaned as I felt his cum start to shoot into the back of my throat. He groaned and kept cumming until my throat was full of his seed. It tastes like the perfect balance of sweet and salty and I enjoyed sucking every last drop, causing micro-orgasms as I licked around the head. I suckled and licked until he was finished. The way his cock twitched after a huge load had always amused me.
When he was done, his sweet cum dripped down my lips, falling like my tears did, and painted my chin in glistening cream. I smiled in satisfaction as Daddy struggled to catch his breath.
I had hoped he had cum hard enough to let me ride him, and reward me like he promised.

I guess you’ll have to find out in the next entry.

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