Daddy, Please Kiss Me by Mystic47

We were on the car ferry headed to the island. Since we had made this trip for years, we didn’t bother to go up to the observation deck to watch the scenery. My daughter Kaitlyn and I were going home after a long day at a girls’ soccer tournament. Both of us were content to sit and relax in the car for the 35-minute boat ride. We had reclined the seats back and were staring at the roof of the car, I thought she had slipped into a nap. About 15 minutes after lying back she opened her eyes, looked at me then rose up to lie over the console between the seats. She turned to face me, put her hands on my shoulders, laid her head on my chest and murmured “I love you daddy.”

I rested my hand on the back of her head, “I love you too Kaitlyn.”

She lifted her head and kissed me on the cheek, “Daddy, would you kiss me?”

I scanned her pretty schoolgirl face and replied “You should never have to ask that question, I’m always ready to kiss you sweetheart” then pecked her on the forehead.

The next words came on a light breath across my cheek, “No, not there, really kiss me.”

I pulled my head back and looked at my fifteen-year-old daughter, “What?”

“Kiss me like you kiss mom” she said so softly I almost missed the words.

“Kaitlyn —-”

“Dad, I never kissed a boy, I want to know what it feels like to mouth kiss.”

I felt compelled to remind her, “I’m not a boy, I’m your father.”

“Yeah, that makes it okay, we can kiss and you don’t have to be afraid that me and a boy are doing something.”

“Doing something?”

My girl blushed, “You know, something.”

I balked even more, I felt uneasy with her lying in my arms asking me to kiss her. She felt the hesitation, “Please?” In my entire life I’d never had fifteen-year-old girl ask me to ‘please’ kiss her. I bent slightly then brushed my lips on hers. Kaitlyn’s eyes were wide open and when I pulled back, she smiled excitedly, “How was it?”

“It was sweet. You have sweet soft lips.” She smiled even wider then raised up and planted a full lip lock on me, her move surprised me but I didn’t stop her. With my hand on her head I held her against my lips for maybe three seconds then let her go. She pulled away, her eyes were sparkling, “That was nice.” The ferry was nearing the dock so she moved back to her side of the car content. After we started moving my daughter rested on the reclined seat with her eyes closed but captured my right hand and held it for the few minutes it took to drive from the ferry dock to our house.

A month passed and I shrugged off the intimate episode in the car as a moment of curiosity for a growing girl. I wondered if she had used me to break the shyness of kissing someone and was now planting her lips on some skinny, drooling, pimple faced kid with curious hands. I hinted in a conversation with Maggie, Kaitlyn’s mother, that she might want to talk facts of life with the budding young woman. My wife assured me that they had already had a series of conversations about boys, sex and caution. She told me our daughter was informed enough to say she would wait until she was married before having sex. “A great ambition,” I replied, “but we both know how that could go to hell in a hot moment.”

I was lazing in bed on a Saturday morning, my wife had risen earlier to ready herself for a day of holiday shopping. She came in around 9, wished me a good day then left to visit her sister on the mainland. A few minutes later Kaitlyn stepped into the bedroom and asked “Are you awake?”

I cocked an eye on her, “Yeah, what do you want?”

My daughter crawled up over the end of the bed then flopped to her side next to me, “I want to talk.” I looked at her from disheveled morning hair, over her face and down her adolescent curves under a cotton night shift. My daughter was beginning to look like her mother, and not just in the face.

Her lying on the bed next to me wasn’t anything new, she’d done that ever since she could toddle from her room to ours, “About what?”

“Remember when we kissed in the car?”

“Of course, I said you had sweet lips.”

“I want do to that again. Kiss again like that.”

Her words grabbed my full attention, what she said was beyond my idea of causal chat. What she wanted was a step of intimacy that I wasn’t prepared to take. Not with my daughter, on my bed, in our sleep wear. “Kait, why don’t you go get dressed while I get up.”

She lifted her head from her mother’s pillow, her large green eyes locked on mine, “Daddy I won’t leave until we kiss, I liked what we did and want to do it again. I have to learn with somebody and I don’t have a boyfriend so,” she brightened the room with a big enthusiastic grin, “I choose you!”

I put a hand on the smooth skin of her cheek, “You are fifteen, you are my daughter; I should not be the one to be teaching you how to kiss or anything else intimate for that matter. Now go get dressed, I have to pee.”

My girl looked at me solemnly for a few moments then said as if it made a difference, “I’m almost sixteen.” Then just as she did in the car she asked “Please?”

My hand was still caressing her face so I cupped her chin in my fingers and pulled her close. Her eyes were open when our lips touched but they fluttered shut when I pressed firmly against her mouth with mine. My intent was to give her a quick smooch but she put a hand on my shoulder and held herself against me then her mouth slid over mine gently as she twisted her head. I hung on to the kiss long enough to enjoy it. When I pulled back, she opened her eyes, smiled wide and gushed “Oh, wow, that was nice” then threw her arm over me and drew tight to me, her small breasts were flattened against my chest, her body molded against mine. I felt a rush of relief that there were blankets between us.

“Kait you really have to go now.”

In spite of a scream of protests in my head, I didn’t resist when she put a hand on my neck pulled me closer then gave me another kiss. Her mouth opened wider so I caught the full impact of her soft warm lips as she canted her head, pressing them to mine. She released me then asked “Are you going to ride today?”

There are several bicycle trails on the island and we rode them regularly, it was good exercise and kept me and my wife trim and fit, Kaitlyn often rode with us, “I’d planned on it, want to go?”

She chirped a happy laugh, “I’ll get ready.”

Through my morning coffee and waffle breakfast I could feel and taste my daughter’s kiss. It was an unsettling but pleasant feeling. The unsettling part was that I enjoyed the feeling and couldn’t get it off my lips. I watched her as she moved about the kitchen, not with the eyes of a parent, but with the eyes of a male on a provocative female. She was wearing her bicycle gear which was a skin tight polyester pants and shirt combo. The shiny black material had red piping down the sides of both the shirt and mid-thigh pants. The stripes followed the contour of her profile highlighting the emerging curves of her body. In the past year or so she had grown several inches taller, too fast to have a softly rounded shape, she held some youthful sharpness in her hips and shoulders. She wasn’t skinny but her thighs were slender so she had a noticeable gap at the junction of her legs. Every time she turned from me my eyes magnetized to her ass and the space between her thighs. I felt perverted as hell, but compensated by trying to convince myself I was a concerned father judging the effects my daughter would have on boys steeped in testosterone.

We rode for close to two hours at a leisurely pace stopping once in a while to enjoy the island scenery and catch a breath. She took the lead on the trails so I spent much of my time watching her butt and hips rock on the bicycle seat as her legs pumped the pedals. I felt sinfully slimy but she was much more interesting scenery than the forest and water. By the time we got back to the house it was hot and both of us had worked up a good sweat so we headed to the showers; her to the main bathroom, I had a bath adjoining my bedroom.

Just as I pulled off my shirt Kait charged into the room, “Help me, I can’t get a good grip on my top, it’s too tight and sweaty.” She turned her back to me and waited for me to pull her top off. I grabbed the hem of the tight shirt and pulled it up over her shoulders and extended arms. When it was free, she turned to face me, took the shirt then put her right hand on my chest. Her eyes lingered on mine me for a second while her fingertips tugged lightly on my chest hair then she treated me to another quick lip to lip kiss, “Thanks dad.” I couldn’t help but think she was flirting with me before putting her lips to mine; was that something else she was learning to do?

She stepped back and my eyes locked on her breasts which were covered by a thin black sports bra with a white Nike swoosh across her breasts, the logo ‘Just do it’ was emblazoned under the emblem. My gaze rested on the slight nipple bumps in the fabric until Kait turned and headed for the door. As she moved away, she hooked her thumbs under the waist band the bicycle pants and rolled them a couple of inches down to reveal the black elastic band of her underwear, also decorated with a line of small Nike swooshes. The top of her briefs arrested my attention until she left my sight. I got the impression she left that way on purpose, giving me a glimpse of the hourglass form of her lower back, to lure me into thinking exactly what I was thinking; Kaitlyn was quickly becoming a woman. As I stood in the shower the spots where her fingers touched me felt warm and I could only think of my daughter standing nude in her own shower, ‘Just do It’ kept running in my head. I was ashamed of the semi-hard state of my cock when I finally stepped out to dry off. I questioned myself, was this a phase all fathers experienced when their daughters grew through puberty?

She left to spend the afternoon with friends which gave me time to chastise myself for the unwholesome thoughts I was having about her. As the hours passed, I calmed my thoughts and became her father again. About five that afternoon Maggie called, “Hey, why don’t you and Kait walk on to the ferry and meet us at the Wharf Diner. We can eat, then you two can go back home, I’m going to stay tonight with Clarice, we have more stores we want to explore.”

“Alright but you call your daughter, that way she will know it’s you, not me, messing up her evening with her friends.”

“You’re a coward but I still love you.”

She was supercharged with little girl gusto when she dashed into the house, “I have to change before we go!” Fifteen minutes later Kait came from her room wearing light makeup, a sun yellow summer dress, small hoop earrings, rhinestone sandals and a dazzling smile, “Can we take the car to the dock? I don’t want to bike it today.”

The dress hung from her hips to about four inches above her knees. The length of the bare legs from the skirt hem to the floor made her look taller than 5’8. As I checked her long slender legs (think Taylor Swift), my imagination again wandered to places a father’s shouldn’t. A wide swath of bare skin revealed by the open neck of the bright yellow cotton showed me she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had made up with liner, mascara and lip gloss, her long light brown hair was pulled back to a pony tail that swished across her lower back as she moved. For the first time in my life the words sexy and daughter combined to form a single thought. Unbidden, the question arose in my mind, ‘If this is what she looks like at fifteen, what the hell will she look like at eighteen?’ I was tempted to tell her to change into something less revealing, but that impulse was overruled by a reaction that was completely non-fatherly. My daughter appealed to the beast within and he silenced any objection to how she looked.

Dinner with my wife, daughter and sister-in-law was a two-hour exercise in quiet enjoyment. I didn’t have to say much more than hello and order dinner. The three chirped and chatted the entire time, my only contribution was to pick up the tab. I sat back and relived the eighteen years I’d known Maggie and considered myself rich to have met and married her. We said our goodbyes then Kait and I left for the half hour boat ride. Sitting on the passenger deck of the ferry Kaitlyn said “Let’s go outside, I don’t get to take this trip in the dark much and I like looking at the lights at night.”

We stood at the back rail of the upper deck and watched the city shrink in the dark. The wind from the speed of the boat chilled my girl who was wearing no more than the short dress. I saw her shiver and she said “I have goosebumps!” then threw an arm around my waist and clutched to me for warmth. I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. As we stood in the rising moon with her head on my shoulder the bonds of our relationship started to unravel. A sexy young female clung to me and my long line of male ancestors were taking notice. Back in the car she quietly held my hand on the drive home, just as she did a month earlier.

I sent her to bed with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. She had been as playful and daring as a kitten all day and I had the distinct impression I could have given her another mouth to mouth buss, but I was too wary of the feelings stirring in my nuts. I needed to put some space and a couple of walls between us. My daughter and I had spent many nights alone in the house, but that night was the first I’d ever had any thought but parental for her. I was stressing over what was playing out in my mind.

I woke up disorientated.

The moon’s silver glow shown through the bedroom window and I was on my side facing Kaitlyn who was on her back next to me, my hand rested on her stomach, her hand covered mine. It took me several seconds to realize who was beside me, that it was very late night or very early morning, but regardless, my daughter should have been in her own bed. I could feel her body shaking under my touch, her breath rapid and warm across my face. Kaitlyn pushed my hand down her midriff until my fingers were over her crotch. She moved her legs apart then held still when I almost involuntarily started caressing the hot damp cloth over the form of her pussy. She shivered, flexed, and gasped lightly as I massaged her. She nudged closer until her hip crushed against my rapidly swelling cock.

When I realized who was in bed with me, my first impulse was fright and to send her back to her own room. The thought rose, but as the words formed, I stalled. Maybe it was curiosity, maybe something else, but before I chased her away, I would find out how much she had developed from girl to teen. I eased my hand into her underwear and began to stroke her warm wet sex. When she didn’t object to the intimate intrusion, I felt emboldened; the feel of my fingers sliding through soft silky pubic hair created a chaos of thudding in my chest. I pushed my long finger over the puffy lips of her vagina; her stomach and hips started to undulate as I rubbed her. Shards of moonlight caressed her face so I saw when she opened her mouth for more air, I could hear her heart booming in her throat, her legs moved even wider apart. I kept pressure on her tender young sex, moving my finger until it was sliding up and down over her clit. She must have been teetering on the edge because just moments after I stroked her, she grunted softly, grabbed a fist full of blanket then convulsed and started shaking while huffing gulps of air. I had given Kaitlyn an orgasm and at that moment I accepted my daughter was more woman than girl. When she quieted, she rolled to her side facing me, moved a hand to my stomach then pushed her fingers under the elastic of my undershorts and gripped my erection, softly exploring. Her entire body was in motion, restless, flowing with lust against the full length of mine. She bent her leg at the knee and laid it over my thigh, her warm smooth skin caressed mine as she fondled my prick.

Her hand on me was the death blow to my morality and fortified my libido, all thoughts to send her away vaporized. She let go when I twisted around and pulled the sides of her underwear to take them off. Kaitlyn lifted her butt to let them move down her legs, when they were around her ankles, she kicked free. She raised up and I knew instinctively she wanted me to pull off her night shift. In moments my daughter was naked, the heat radiating from her was almost smothering. She pulled on my shirt then tugged it off. Her hands rushed under the blanket to my shorts and pushed them down, compelling me in silence to strip. As soon as there was nothing between us, she rolled to her other side, putting her back to me. I spooned against her supple warm body and she lifted her top leg to rest it over mine. My erection found its place between her open legs, pressed against her virgin slit. When I reached over her and put a hand on her developing breast, I got a soft sigh and a bump of her ass against my groin as my reward. She rolled her hips, her whole body vibrated as her tender pussy slipped on my hard cock, deliciously inviting me to even more intimacy. I moved my hand to cover her crack then probed into her with my middle finger. Kait gasped then rocked her pelvis against my hand, seeking more penetration, she was flowing fluids so I found no resistance. I pushed in to my second knuckle; she grabbed my wrist and held my arm in place. She began to whimper as she experienced her first finger fuck while tugging on my hard-on with a hand behind her.

I fingered the girl for a couple of minutes but my balls were building tension so I pulled my hand from between her legs and shifted around until the head of my cock was in the right place. She reached between her legs, gripped my erection and rubbed it on her body preparing to receive me. I pressed against her gently but she wasn’t being hesitant or wary about losing her virginity. My girl held me while I pushed through her fist and into the small opening which stretched to accept the thick hard muscle. I felt the tightness, the resistance, but she and I were both slick with lubrication and driven by instinct so I pushed deeper. She had to move her hand and when she did, I thrust up and in until my groin slapped against her firm round ass. Kaitlyn stiffened with pain but it was momentary, in a few seconds the hurt began to fade and she puffed quietly over her shoulder “It’s better now.” Those were the first words either of us said since she came to my bed. I grabbed my daughter by the hip and started fucking her. She was virgin no more.

We were locked into a pure, natural, spontaneous act. What we were doing and experiencing was driven by the same urges and needs that compelled our ancient ancestors to mate. Our minds, our laws, our morals, were rendered void by eons of male and female instinct. Even though Kaitlyn was just fifteen, she was reacting to me with wild primal need, she was taking from me as much as I was taking from her. She reached between her legs and started rubbing my cock while I thrust in and out. I was so into the feeling of her tight hot body that it took only those light caresses on the shaft to spring the tension, I began gushing, squeezing long surges of cum into my innocent young girl. She arched her back rubbing her ass on my groin while she lost her innocence in her mother’s bed.

She rolled over to face me when I pulled out. She was panting for air when she put her arm around my neck and hugged me. She was still turned on; her body was rolling in waves against mine. Kaitlyn found my face with her hand in the dark and pulled me close, “Make out with me daddy.”

With the pressure off my balls, my hormone levels at low ebb, I pushed away from my daughter, “Kaitlyn, what the hell are you doing here!? We can’t do this, it isn’t right, this so fucking wrong on every level of decent and good!”

She looked at me, “Daddy, I want this, I want to do what mom does with you. My insides get all mixed up and I feel fluttery and warm when I think of this, don’t send me away.”

The blanket was a rumple at our feet, her nakedness radiated like a beacon in the night. I paused to take a calming breath, to look into her wide green eyes, “Kait this isn’t right sweetheart, you know that don’t you?”

She ignored my concern, “I hurt a little bit.” She dipped a hand between her legs and drew back fingers coated with pink semen; my cum mixed with her lost chastity. She cast a glance at me as she got off the bed, “I’ll be right back, don’t go to sleep.” The last fucking thing on my mind just then was sleep.

She came out of the bathroom in a rush of little girl happy, bounced on the bed then greeted me with a large smile and a wet kiss, “I love you dad!”

“Kait,” I paused, I needed to send her to her own room but wasn’t sure how to say it. “Kait, you can’t be here, we can’t do this, you are my daughter for god’s sake, and you’re years too young for sex with anyone. Go back to your bed sweetheart, we have to forget this ever happened.”

My daughter ignored my pleas by flipping over and turning on the nightstand light. She sat up beside me, her fresh firm breasts drew my gaze while she smiled down on me. She reached for my semi-flaccid prick and began to caress it with her finger tips, “I don’t want to go back to my bed, I want to stay here so you can teach me about kissing and fucking” she stated with total sincerity.

Again, she shocked me, the girl never used foul language around her mother or me but hearing her say ‘fucking’ made me realize that math and history weren’t the only things she was learning in school. I was self-conscience as hell with her fingers on my cock and tried once more to send her away, “Kait —, Kaitlyn, we can’t.”

She lay at my side put her nose just behind my ear and offered softly, “Yes we can dad. With the light on, I want to see you do it with me.” She was still fondling my prick which was firming up again in spite of what I was thinking. I turned my face and our lips bonded; I was a goner. When she made her offer, when her mouth covered mine, all thoughts of impropriety were again banished. I wrapped Kaitlyn up in my arms and started seducing her as if she were Maggie on the night I got tired of being polite.

My hands were all over her body then I bent to taste the nipples on her breasts. When I teased the first with my lips Kait convulsed and gasped “Uh!” She put a hand in my hair and pressed me closer to her while I kissed and suckled the firm standing nipples. My right hand migrated to her knee then I stroked up her thigh until I held her pussy. Kait was panting soft sounds of pleasure her hips rolling in sync with the hand caressing her sex. “OH – Daddy!” she yelped then her body went stiff, her legs began to vibrate and she groaned out a long breath of ecstasy.

She was on her back, gulping air, staring wide eyed at me when I rolled over her. She spread her legs to give me space, “Watch me baby, watch me put my erection in you. Watch while we fuck Kaitlyn.” She licked her lips to moisten them then shifted her head until her eyes were locked on the cock poised to penetrate her. I pressed the head into the split between her thighs, she pulled her knees up then laid them wide to each side. I pushed into her until my balls rested on the soft cushions of her body. She moved her eyes to mine, put her hands around my neck and asked “Am I like mom, do you like me like her?” She looked wary, wondering if I wouldn’t like screwing her.

I bent down, kissed her, and answered “You don’t need to be like mom, you don’t have to be her for me. I want you to be Kaitlyn, not Maggie.” I began to plunge and pull, in and out of my daughter slowly, I was sure she was still sore from the first fuck so I didn’t want to hurt her by being rough or in a hurry.

Her body softened, creases of worry and pain eased from her face to be replaced by a growing awareness of what we were doing felt good. She moved her eyes from mine to watch me screw her and said “Tell me when you get done, I want to know; will I feel it when you squirt in me?” She put her hands on my waist and started pulling on me when I stroked in, she was helping me fuck her.

When my wife and I have sex, we can entertain each other for close to an hour before a final mutual climax, but with a cute, taboo, 9th grade girl under me gazing up while I screwed her, my endurance shortened to about six or seven minutes. My cock clenched in a futile effort to hold back the forces in my balls so I pushed up on straight arms and warned her, “Watch now Kait.” I pulled out so the head of my cock hovered over her tummy then the first convulsion laid a line of semen from pubic hair to breast, I pushed back in about half way then stayed motionless. Kait watched my erection jerk each time it shot a surge. When I pulled out again, she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me flat on her, “Oh wow, that was amazing! I love it!”

The alarms and fear I’d felt the first time I screwed her didn’t return when I was done pumping the second load of nut juice into her. I rolled to my back and pulled her over so she was cuddled against me, my arm around her back. I caressed the smooth skin of her ass and asked her, “Do you want to stay, you don’t have to go back to your room?” It wasn’t because I wanted to fuck her again that she could stay, it was because I’d never in my life felt a stronger bond with my child.

“I want to but I don’t think I can do that again, I’m kind of sore.”

“Just stay here and be my daughter, I love you Kaitlyn.”

She reached over, turned off the light then snuggled close, “I love you too daddy.”

A pastel sunrise filtered through the leaves of the big maple outside my window when I woke that morning. Kaitlyn was lying on her side away from me cradling her mother’s pillow like a plush toy. I felt a momentary surge of angst when I looked at my daughter’s nude form, but that quickly faded to a father’s love. A rush of warmth enveloped me and I again felt the strength of the bond I’d experienced a few hours earlier. She was my child and nothing in my life could be better.

I reached over and began to stroke her from shoulders over the round cheeks of her butt and down her thighs. She stirred, straightened her legs then rolled to her back and stretched the sleep from her muscles. Sleepy eyes flickered open, “Hi dad.” She didn’t seem troubled to wake up naked in her father’s bed so I felt reassured that what we had done was something she was still okay with.

“Morning girl, why don’t we get up and I’ll take you to Mitzi’s for breakfast.”

Kaitlyn studied me for a few seconds, smiled and replied “Yeah, I’m really hungry.” I didn’t doubt that; she’d used a lot of energy fucking me just hours earlier.

“Come on, let’s take a shower.”


“It will be fun.” That got me another happy girl smile as she bounced off the bed.

The warm water flowed from her shoulders over her small breasts then coursed down her stomach to between her legs where it cascaded to the floor of the stall. While I was wiping her back with a soaped sponge my cock began to revive, it rose far enough to press against her leg as I washed her. Kaitlyn looked at what had touched her then up to my eyes, hers were full of permission. She was ready to fuck but taking a shower with a woman can be a slow erotic event and I wanted to introduce my girl to some slow erotic sex.

I pulled her into a full body hug and as my hands went to hold her ass, she slid a hand between us and began to pull on my erection. She and I felt each other up as our lips met again. Kaitlyn was pumping my cock slowly when she extended two fingers to my balls so she was caressing my nuts as she moved her hand. I stroked the crack of her butt then reached over her ass, sliding my fingers through the warm swollen lips of her sex. She began to roll her hips against the pressure between her legs when I introduced her to the tip of my tongue to her mouth. Kait moaned softly then pulled away, she looked into my eyes, “Can we do it here?”

“Not yet baby, wait for it.” I slid down the shower wall to my butt on the floor between her legs, licked her from ass to pubic curls then put my mouth to work on her vagina. I French kissed the lips of her pussy which sent a muscle spasm through her; she moaned loud enough I could hear her over the water cascading onto my head. Kait leaned back on the wall and spread her legs wide, allowing me, urging me, to excite her with my tongue. I set about to do just that, I licked and probed, tasting the sweet nectar from her body. I formed a seal over her clit and lifted it out of its soft home and sucked it between my lips. While I was consuming the delights of her sex, I put my hands on her ass, spread the cheeks then slipped the tip of a middle finger into her butt. Her hips jerked and her sphincter tensed but it was momentary; as I tickled her anus, I felt the tension ease. She was caught between my hands and mouth and I was determined to give her an orgasm before I took her back to bed.

Her skin was wet and slippery, her hips were rolling as she gasped, she was hard to hold on to. She sucked in air making a sharp “UH” sound each time my tongue teased her clit. When she released her breath, it came out as a hiss. I could hear “UH-sssss; UH-sssss; UH-sssss;” above the sound of running water. Then it changed. Her ass clenched on my finger, her thighs began to tremble and the –ssss turned into a long low groan as the tremors built to a full-blown climax. She crushed her body against my mouth, grabbed my hair and pressed my face tight to her. I shoved my finger in as far as it would go up her butt then sucked on her until she couldn’t stand. Her knees gave out and she folded into a heap beside me on the floor of the shower. I reached up and turned the water off then lifted Kaitlyn in my arms and carried her back to bed. I laid her on her stomach then pulled her legs apart by her ankles. The drops of water on her skin sparkled in the morning sun, my daughter looked as if she had a thousand jewels sprinkled across her back. I mounted over her ass then fucked Kaitlyn as if she were a sexy new girlfriend.

The excitement of screwing my daughter kept me going for twenty minutes, my stamina was returning. Even though she obviously enjoyed what was happening to her she was totally acquiescent, letting me turn or position her any way I wanted. I screwed her from over her back, spooned against her, and between her legs as she looked up at me. The girl was whimpering and convulsing with a series of orgasms as I fucked her. It was when she was lying on my stomach that my endurance ended and I emptied my balls into her again.

We couldn’t do anything but gasp for air, she was lying on me her chest rising and falling rapidly as we gradually came off our sensual high. She lifted her head then kissed my chest, she looked up at me then asked tentatively, “Daddy, am I going to have a baby now?”

The question startled me. I’d fucked her three times and I knew I didn’t have to take precautions, but it didn’t register that she might think about getting pregnant. Her eyes softened as I reassured her, “No Sweetheart, you don’t have to worry about that. When you were little, I got very sick and almost died, then after I got out of the hospital, the doctors told me I couldn’t make babies anymore. Something happened to my testicles and now I’m sterile, that’s why you never got a brother, I can’t make any woman pregnant.”

She rested her head on my chest and sighed “I’m glad.”

“Glad you don’t have a brother?”

“No, glad we can do this and not be scared.”

I pushed her off me, “You don’t have to worry about a baby if we do this, but if you let a boy fuck you then you need to be careful.”

She answered with total sincerity, “I’m not going to do it with anybody else. Not until I get married.”

That was the same vow she made her mother but I had twenty years more experience than she, “That’s a nice thought but one day some boy will come along and you will fall in love and let him do anything he wants, because you will want to also. That’s how nature is girl, you just have to be careful. I can teach you how to be safe with condoms and different ways of letting a man cum.”

“Like a blow job?”

Once again, I was stunned, “Holy shit girl, what the hell do you learn in school?”

Kaitlyn grinned marginally, “I don’t learn anything like that, but I hear a lot.” She changed topics, “Daddy, do you still love mom?”

“Huh? Of course I do, why would you ask that?”

“Because of what we did, I don’t want you to fall out of love with her.”

I pulled her to me, hugged her tight and reassured my daughter, “Kaitlyn, I love your mother more than life, I love you just as much but there are different types of love. She and I are partners, soul mates, bonded by a natural attraction and love. You and I are father and daughter and that relationship is as strong as the one your mother and I share. There is room enough for both of you in my heart, you will never take her place, she will never take yours.”

Kait looked at me with warm, satisfied eyes, “But we probably shouldn’t tell her what we did, huh?”

I gave her a quick kiss, “No we shouldn’t, you’re right about that.” I smacked her ass, “Are you ready for breakfast?”


For the first few days after the night my daughter seduced me, I was nervous as hell that somehow Kaitlyn or I would give away our secret, somehow her mother would find out that I had fucked her baby three times. But our lives didn’t change, our relationship as daddy and daughter was as normal as it had always been. After a few days of routine family life, I no longer sweated when my wife and girl were in the same room. Kaitlyn turned sixteen shortly after she gave me her virginity; we celebrated her birthday by driving out to a secluded spot on the beach where she had several strong orgasms.

As the summer passed Kait and I had sex five more times but only when her mother was on the mainland. The girl was an avid student of nature, she was willing to let me do anything I wanted. I especially enjoyed performing oral sex on Kait but I hadn’t gotten as far as teaching her how to suck a man off. In September she went back to school.

Kaitlyn was on both the school soccer and volleyball teams so her year was filled with sports practice or weekly games against other schools. Since there were only three schools on the island, one for each level, Grade, Middle and High, most of the intramural games were played on the mainland. The school’s volleyball team was expected to romp through the season and emerge with a state trophy. Kait and her best friend Sally were the team co-captains and the two best players. Both had grown taller than their teammates, both had grown more provocative than most other girls in their class. Sally was the step-daughter of my best friend Zachary. She was the product of a carefree high school moment and her biological father fled when he found out Mae was pregnant. Zac married Mae when Sally was two or three so he was the only male parent she knew. Usually when there was a game on the mainland, we would make the trip together, me and Kait with Sally and Zac. While Maggie and Mae were supportive and enthusiastic about their daughters’ sports, they didn’t go to games on the mainland.

“Daddy can we drive over alone this time?” Kait was asking about the trip to the third volleyball game of the season.

“I guess, why?”

“Because I want to go to the North Woods Mall and do some shopping but don’t really want to drag Sally and Zac along.” Separate travel arrangements were made, Kait and I left, Maggie stayed on the island. We expected to come home late so my wife kissed me tenderly and told us not to wake her when we came back.

Zac and I cheered on the game, then after victory, the team went for a dinner of burgers and fries. Our friends and teammates said goodbye then left for home while Kait and I headed out to some stores. I had started the car and backed out of the parking slot when Kaitlyn put a hand on my arm, “Dad?”

“Huh, what?”

Her voice was shaking, soft, just above a whisper, “I don’t want to go shopping; can we do something else?”

She looked nervous, almost scared, “What do you have in mind, where do you want to go?”

My daughter took a deep breath, “Can we go somewhere? Alone?” It took me less than a second to understand what she wanted. I don’t know why she would be scared to ask me that, she had propositioned me before, but just then she looked wary, like I would reject her. I didn’t answer, I didn’t question, I didn’t flinch or hesitate; I turned left on the street and headed for an ATM. If I was going to get a room so I could screw my daughter, I needed cash, credit cards left clues. With cash in my pocket, I drove to a motel conveniently close to the ferry dock. She stayed in the car while I got a room then we both tried to stay in the shadows when we left the car in front of room 25. When the door clicked shut Kait stood rigid beside the bed looking at me with nervous eyes, “What’s the matter girl?”

“Are you mad because we didn’t go shopping?” My daughter was thinking I was upset for changing her mind, that she wanted sex, not shopping?

“You planned this didn’t you, this is why you didn’t want Sally and Zac with us tonight? No Kait, I’m not mad. I want to make love to you but I don’t want you to think you have to, or I will force you. I’ve been waiting for you to come to me.”

The worried frown morphed into a marginal smile, “You don’t have to wait anymore.” I stepped close to my daughter, put my arms around her and pulled her into a hug. We stood briefly bonded by arms and love then Kait pulled her head back and kissed me; she came on to me as if I had flipped a switch, with an instant heated passion.

My heart was thumping when I stepped back and I loosened my pants and pulled them down. Her gaze traveled from my tented shorts to my eyes then back down. I dipped into my underwear and pulled it out to show her what I was hiding. I saw her shiver then she reached for me and gripped my erection and began to pull on it. I stepped closer to her reached under her skirt and began to rub her pussy as she pumped my cock. I pulled her panties down until gravity took them to the floor then caressed her body again. She was hot, swollen and ready to fuck so I told her to lie back on the bed. She went to her back with her legs hooked over the edge spread wide for me. I pushed her skirt to her stomach then bent over her and put the head of my straining hard-on against the entrance to her body. She jostled slightly for a comfortable position then opened her thighs even further, the knob at the end of my shaft tickled through her pubic hair then slipped into her hole until the head was fully encased. I stopped moving, I didn’t want to jam into her all the way so I started rolling my hips fucking her with just the tip of my erection. Inch by slow erotic inch, I stroked deeper and deeper into the tight young girl. Her eyes were wide, she wasn’t moving, she looked serious, solemn. She lifted her feet and put them on the bed, her knees high in the air, legs wide apart, shoes pressed into the mattress. She smiled then pulled a deep breath then held it until our pubic bones were pressed together, I was in her as far as nature would allow. I started screwing the sexy school girl, the one I was supposed to be protecting from bastards like me. Her breath flowed through slightly parted lips as a long sigh of satisfaction.

When I leaned over her for a kiss my erection slipped out so I took advantage of the pause and urged Kaitlyn to stand again. I pulled off her clothing; blouse, bra and skirt slowly, erotically while necking and petting with her. When she was nude, she went to the bed and watched me strip my shirt and socks. I joined my daughter on the playground and started to play house with her. She had put on a few more pounds since the first time we fucked, so her ass, thighs and breasts were fuller, softer, rounder and I took my time inspecting the delightful features of my daughter’s body. I inspected kissed and fondled her from ankles to neck. I was lying between her long legs with my head over her groin; I kissed the top of her split then slid two fingers into the wet dilated hole of her pussy. Kaitlyn huffed out a long groan of pleasure while her hips arched off the bed. I plunged my fingers in and out of her while licking her clit. When I put my thumb on her button and pressed it hard, her blood reached boiling, her stomach convulsed, and her legs started vibrating as the orgasm bounced and rebounded through her.

She was turned on before we took our clothes off, but when I made her cum she was demanding to get fucked, “Oh Daddy! Huh, Huuuhhh — now! Oh my gaud, Now!” I pulled up into position over her, her body was flowing in waves, her back undulating, her groin caressing my cock. I stroked her smooth curves then kissed her sensitive neck while she encircled my thighs with her legs. Kait and I necked and groped and stoked the carnal fires, building our desire even further. Her first climax served as an erotic prelude to fucking and when she felt my long hard cock kissing her entrance, she knew exactly what to do, she reached for it and guided me to where we both wanted it. Kaitlyn and I rocked and rolled all over the bed for another twenty minutes, the entire time the girl was amassing orgasmic energy. She was straddled over my lap, sliding on the thick muscle engulfed by her body while I tweaked and pulled on her nipples. My daughter was staring down into my eyes when she grabbed two hands full of my chest then started panting out another series of sexually charged cries as she got hotter and wetter. She collapsed down on me and bit my neck as she came repeatedly. Caught up in the throes of her own orgasm she was barely aware when I unloaded into her.

I was overheated, sweating, rasping for cool air as we relaxed in the afterglow, but she was still hot and trembling as I moved my hands over her. She jolted slightly when I slipped some fingers between her legs and into the crack of her sex. Her legs eased wider apart when I pressed on the sensitive fold of skin at the top of her slit, teasing her with finger tips coated with the cum flowing from her hole. Kait reached between us and found my relaxed prick then massaged it tenderly as we talked. She eased to her side facing me, looked at me intently, “I bit your neck?”

“Does it show?”

Kaitlyn looked worried, “You have teeth marks, mom will see them.”

“Don’t worry about it baby, she’ll be asleep when we get home and by morning the marks will be gone.”

“I’m sorry daddy, I wasn’t careful, I didn’t want to hurt you.”

I rolled to my side and pulled my daughter tight, our bodies meshed and bonded from thighs to breast. I kissed the girl with a soft passion, my tongue danced briefly with hers, “Believe me Kait, it didn’t hurt. Did you enjoy yourself?”

Her tension eased slightly, “Yeah, it was awesome, I feel awesome, this was better than before. Is sex always like that?”

“That depends on who is doing you, sometimes you might regret letting someone have you like this and just want him to get off and go away, but other times you won’t ever want to stop.”

“Like now? I don’t ever want to stop.” She smiled prettily then brushed her lips on mine for a light tender kiss. The kiss turned into necking accompanied by petting. For 30 minutes Kait and I slowly rekindled the embers of desire while talking intimately. We casually built our lust until my fingers in her ignited the embers in her womb that became flames which set her on fire as she convulsed repeatedly. I was on my back while she caught her breath then she rolled over and rested her head on my stomach, holding my erection, studying it closely. She looked up and asked “Should I put it in my mouth daddy?”

Just the question almost overloaded my nuts, I reached down, stroked her face, then with fingers on her neck urged her head over my lap. Kaitlyn’s eyes were locked on my cock when her lips parted and she dipped down and let the head of my erection slip into her mouth. She was hesitant, unsure of what to expect but determined to learn something new. It took only five or six bobs on my cock until her tongue went to work on the shaft of my prick. Sucking on a cock must come naturally to a girl because I saw and felt her tension ease as she experimented. I put a hand over her ass, pressed the end of my thumb against her butt hole, then extended two fingers into her pussy as she learned a new sexual act.

My daughter suckled my erection maybe two minutes then sat up smiling broadly, “Did you like it?” I saw no more nervousness in her eyes, they were sparkling again.

“That’s a question you will never have to ask any guy you give a job to; it may be the best feeling we can have. Sometimes a good blow job can feel better than a hot fuck.”

“When? Tell me.”

“When she sucks him off, lets him cum.”

Kaitlyn paused, took a deep breath, locked her seductive green eyes on mine then asked in a low whisper, “Should I do that?”

“Kait you can do anything you want when you think you are ready; you know I won’t force you. You have to make those decisions on your own.”

She held my hard cock in her fist and frowned at it for maybe three seconds. She bent over again, tickled the hole with the tip of her tongue the started me toward another climax while she sucked and fondled my erection with growing confidence. As with the first night she came to me, my stamina was cut short by the newness and excitement of what we were doing. I warned her, “I’m going to cum Kait, if you don’t stop, I’ll cum in your mouth.” My daughter looked up, smiled around the muscle between her lips and sucked a vacuum on me. Kait may have thought she was ready for the end, but when the first shot slammed from the end of my erection, her eyes flew wide open, her brows arched, surprised. The second surge filled her mouth so she pulled off the fountain in her hand as watched fascinated as I squeezed four more times. Cum gushed from the head of my cock, splashed on her face, across her neck and over her hand. Her tongue poked from between her lips, licked the residue from them then the semen in her mouth slid down her throat. Five months past her sixteenth birthday my daughter was becoming a very erotic sex partner.

She flopped down beside me again contented with learning something new. She didn’t ask how I felt, how she did; words were not necessary. I used a corner of the bed sheet to clean semen off her cheek, slapped her butt hard enough to get her attention then said “We have to go, the last ferry leaves at midnight, we have twenty-five minutes to catch it. We can come back here when we get the chance.”

We cleaned up quickly, dressed, then left the room. I glanced at the bed and saw that house service would have to change the sheets, there were two cum stains to prove what we had done. My nuts stirred lightly and it ran through my mind I could make another spot if we had the time. I was thinking maybe a quickie in the car on the ferry when I heard Kaitlyn gasp loudly and utter “OH NO!”

I looked up and over her shoulder to see what had startled my daughter and looked directly into the eyes of her best friend Sally. Just behind Sally was Zac, he was burning red with instant nervousness. I caught my breath; my head went light and my vision swam out of focus for a few moments. The only thing I could think was “Holy Fuck! Caught!” It was when Kaitlyn stepped back and bumped into me that my mind cleared, “Zac, what the hell are you doing here!?”

He looked at me, at Kait, then back to me, “I assume I’m doing the same thing you are. You’re fucking your daughter?” Both girls were speechless, tense, and staring wide eyed at each other.

I hung my head trying to be invisible but I couldn’t avoid the obvious, “Looks like we both tasted the forbidden fruit tonight Zac.” We stood as a tight group looking at anything but each other, apprehensive and not knowing what to do next.

It was Sally who was level headed enough to break the circle of uncertainty, she regained her composure then spun to her step-father and said “Hey, later, we have to go or we’ll miss the boat.” Nothing more was said as we went to our separate cars. Any thoughts of a quickie on the ferry were buried under an avalanche of dread and terror. For the entire trip home neither my daughter nor I said a fucking word. We were too ashamed to even talk to each other.


It was irrational, it was illogical, but I was scared as hell Zac or Sally would tell Maggie what her baby and I had done. It was illogical because they were as guilty as me and my girl, Zac was screwing his step-daughter. The longer it dwelled on my mind, the more curious I got. Gradually my nervousness slackened but the image of Zac standing with Sally in front of the motel room didn’t. We avoided each other for a week but with the next game looming I had to call him, “Hey, meet me at the Rotten Log, let’s get a beer.”

We sat face to face in a booth, our fingers wrapped around full mugs. There was no point in delaying what needed to be said so I jumped in, “How long?”

He knew what I was asking, “New Year’s Eve. We all drank too much hot spiced wine; Mae went to bed early and zonked out then Sally started getting flirty and I encouraged her. After about a half hour of hinting and teasing we started wrestling, I pulled her panties off then she laid back on the sofa next to the Christmas tree; I nailed her while the Times Square ball dropped.”

“She was drunk?”

“We were both drunk. You and Kait?”

“Memorial Day. Maggie was staying the night with her sister on the mainland. Kait had been in a frisky mood all day then came to bed with me after I was asleep. She was smoldering hot and asking for it when I woke up, so instead of chasing her back to her room, I fucked her.”

Zac looked at me bemused, “A good year for holidays. Sally has a boyfriend so I’m 100% sure she wasn’t virgin, was Kait?”

“Yeah, she was, but she still came on to me like a new bride. Now what?”

“Now we all know our deep dark secrets I guess we let the girls figure out what to do or not to do. Leave it up to them, their choice now.”

I needed him to know, “Zac, it was Kaitlyn’s choice in the first place, I didn’t come on to her and I won’t ever force her into bed with me just because we’ve gone at it before. She’s my daughter and I’ve always respected her, never tried to jam my will down her throat.”

He smiled at me, “Ever tried to jam anything else down her throat?”

My first impulse was to slug him but it was momentary impulse, my daddy moment passed; I grinned my reply, “A family secret.” I studied Zac while I took a sip of beer then asked “Kait and I haven’t talked about this, have you and Sally, what is she saying?”

“Not really, I know the girls have been talking but I’m not sure what they think or anything. I guess we’ll find out tonight on the way over or coming back. We should take one car again; I would hate to try to find a reason for driving separately twice in a row. Mae would be curious.”

“Yeah, so would Maggie, especially since we have to spend the night somewhere.” It didn’t dawn on me until that moment that the team was traveling over 100 miles to the school where the game would be played. I’d been so busy fretting about being discovered having an affair with my own child that it didn’t register that this would be an all-night trip. In the past the arrangements for these trips were the girls in one room, me and Zac in the second. My mind buzzed, what the hell would the arrangements be this time?

We met Sally and Zac at the parking lot of the terminal. It was the first time I’d seen Sally since she discovered I was fucking her friend; I wasn’t sure what to expect but she was as upbeat and outgoing as whenever I saw her. She got into the back seat next to Kaitlyn, “Hi Neil, let’s go, this team tonight is tough and we need to get there early so we have time to warm up and practice.” I drove onto the ferry alongside a bus full of teammates and chaperons.

The 100-mile drive was quiet, the girls were texting, talking, gossiping and planning game strategy. Zac rested his head on the window and went to sleep. As we neared the motel we reserved, Sally leaned up to my shoulder and with a warm breath on my ear asked me, “Are we going to do girl – girl or boy – girl roommates tonight?”

The audacious question shook me up. Yes, I wanted a boy – girl arrangement but with the other team members in other rooms I wasn’t sure we should. “I think we should stick to same sex rooms tonight, too many eyes and ears around.”

Her reply? “Really? God, how boring.” Damn! At that exact moment I envied Zac. Sally sat back then I heard whispering between the girls but couldn’t catch what they were saying.

After their fourth victory in four games Zac and I joined the team at a local pizza place for an after-game celebration. The gala lasted about an hour but all the girls were tired and wanted to go back to shower and sleep. The coaches and chaperons agreed to stay a bit longer for a beer. Since the motel was only a block down the street the gaggle of young women left to walk to the rooms. Forty-five minutes later I keyed open the door to the room Zac and I were to share. When we went in, we were greeted by Kaitlyn and Sally who were sitting on a bed with their fingers dancing over the screens of their smartphones. Kaitlyn was wearing a black satin slip; her legs were bare from mid-thigh to toes. She sat cross legged so her red cotton covered crotch was on prominent display. Sally wore a blue sports bra and loose fleece sweat pants. Zac reacted first, “How did you two get in here?”

Kaitlyn answered, “I went to the front desk and told the lady I lost the card; she didn’t even ask; she just gave me one for this room.”

“Okay, well now you can go to your room, we need to get some rest.”

It was my daughter who stood off the bed and approached me, “Dad, me and Sally have been talking and we,” she paused and looked at her friend who nodded slightly then turned back to me, “we want to spend the night with you guys.”

“You want to stay with me? Kait, that could be tricky with so many sets of eyes around.”

Sally got off the bed then stood near Zac, she bloomed red in the face, took a deep breath then braved on, “She won’t be with you, I will.” She shot a look at her step-father to see how he would react to her statement.

Two things happened at once, my mind blurred with doubt, but my cock reacted immediately. I’d just been propositioned by a hot, leggy, sixteen-year-old blonde and my body went on full alert. I looked at my best friend and saw intrigue mixed with caution. It was apparent the girls had discussed this and had settled on a course of action, now it was up to me and Zac. The only way to settle what to do was directly; “Zac?”

He didn’t hesitate, “She’ll probably be a more entertaining roommate than me.”

No more needed to be said, the girls relaxed visibly then Kaitlyn stepped close to me, kissed my cheek and whispered “Have fun daddy.”

It was apparent she had abandoned her vow to wait until she got married to screw somebody else, and just as apparent that I likewise abandoned my fatherly duty to keep my daughter safe from horny males. Since this would be her first adventure with a man who wasn’t sterile, I whispered back, “Don’t get pregnant.”

She looked at me with amused eyes then breathed boldly into my ear, “Should I use my mouth as birth control?” I almost refused to trade daughters with Zac.

Zac left to open the second room then sent me a text, ‘ok’, which sent Kait scurrying unseen though the dark to join him. When I closed the door to our room Sally said “I only did this with my boyfriend and my dad, nobody else.” I stepped to the girl held her chin and pulled her close to kiss her. Her lips were warm, wet and slipped deliciously over mine as our mouths met. I had an instant reaction in my pants when she put her hands on my neck and tugged me tighter against her mouth. Sally was over 5’9, taller than Kaitlyn so I didn’t have to bend so far to kiss her. Her tits flattened on my chest; I flexed my groin against hers then wrapped my arms around her waist. She twisted her head letting her lips slide over mine then broke away and stepped back to arm’s length, her eyes were blazing. She moved her hands to her body bra then pulled it up and off her upstretched arms. I hit the light switch by the door which darkened the room but there was enough ambient light from the parking lot I could see her. I started undressing as her sweats fell down her legs leaving only brief black panties, Christ the girl had long legs; I wondered briefly if she was done growing. My cock was a monolith in my boxers when she sat on the edge of the bed then rolled up onto it completely, lying back on two pillows against the headboard.

Sally was looking at me with large brown, bedroom eyes, waiting for me to join her on the bed. Just as I put a knee on the mattress, I had a flash vision of my daughter posing for Zac just as Sally was posing for me. My cock clenched and I felt a bubble of lube boil from the end but I wasn’t sure if it was the girl in front of me that caused it, or the image of my daughter with Zac’s cock plunging between her wide-open legs. Sally reached a hand for me and Kaitlyn vanished from my mind. We lay face to face, far enough apart that the only the tips of her tits were teasing my chest, the end of my erection dented her thigh. I bent to her breasts and paid lavish attention to her nipples while she pushed her panties down her legs. Her fingers hooked into the band of my boxers then she worked them over my stiff cock and off my legs while I was busy seducing her. It was when she gripped my cock in her fist that I entered her with two fingers. Sally had a few more pounds of feminine features than Kait, her breasts were larger, her ass and thighs had more form. When I slipped my fingers into the girl, I could feel how her pussy lips were fuller than my daughter’s, she was swollen with heat. I withdrew a finger from her then pulled it up and over her clit, she stiffened from toes to head and sighed a low moan. I urged her to flat on the bed then went to my knees between her splayed legs, I pressed deeper into her then put the thumb of my other hand over her clit the started fingering her while rubbing the sweet button hidden at the top of her pussy. Sally arched her back and barked out a sharp cry then pulled a pillow over her head. She voiced her ecstasy each time her body cramped but the pillow kept her teammates in the other rooms from hearing, she wasn’t climaxing, but I was bringing her to peak quickly.

I fell to my stomach between her thighs and put my mouth over her steaming hot pussy and licked her from ass to clit. Sally convulsed, arched her back and groaned out a deep breath as the air around her body vibrated. She quieted when I lifted from her then moved the pillow from her face. She was breathing deeply when she put a hand in my hair and invited huskily, “Put it in me Neil, god, I need to get fucked!”

I hadn’t brought any protection; I didn’t need them but Sally probably didn’t know that so I didn’t want to worry her by blasting her with two nut loads of semen, “Do you have any condoms? I don’t.”

She brightened the room with her smile, “Kait says you don’t need them, that you’re shooting blanks.”

“Shooting blanks?”

“Yeah, she says you can’t make a girl pregnant; you can go bang, bang, bang, but you have no bullets. So, bang away.” What the fuck? I’m screwing Miss NRA? Where do school girls come up with such language?? She softened her tone slightly and stoked my cheek, “I make my boyfriend pull out, my dad always uses protection, so no one ever came in me; you can do that, finish inside, I want to feel it.” Arrghhh! I damn near shot my load all over her thighs. She pulled on my hair urging me over and between her thighs. When the end of my erection touched the lips of her slit, I pushed up on my arms and looked into her face, she was smiling, eyes large and luminous with lust. She humped her hips which caused the end of my cock to slide along her crack. We rocked our bodies slowly feeling the shaft of my erection slipping along the length of the hot puffed opening to her sex. Neither of us said anything as we focused on the connection between us. After a few moments of building even more pressure in my balls, Sally bent her knees, lifted her legs, then put her heels on my butt and pressed me down and into her hot slick entrance. My shaft slid deep into the girl, only my swollen balls kept her from swallowing me completely. I stopped moving when our pubic hair meshed, my heart thrilled from the incredible sensation of Sally’s body. She put her hands on my cheeks, pulled me down and kissed me passionately, her tongue tapped on my lips for entry to my mouth. As our bodies began the dance of life, she was no longer my daughter’s best friend, she was no longer my best friend’s daughter, she was a wanton piece of ass and she fucked me that way.

I was balls deep in more forbidden fruit and she accepted me completely without reserve. A quick image of Kaitlyn getting laid a few feet away flashed and damn near caused me to cum so I had to pause. Moments later we started fucking again with the searing passion of a couple overcome with lust for each other. She was mewing in my ear as I slid in and out of her warm tenderness. She grabbed my back and clutched to me while her hips undulated, using me with as much need as I was her. Sally’s hot breath on my neck only increased the incredible sensations flowing through me. As much as I tried, I couldn’t hold back the end. I gave her fair warning then my climax started in my balls, raced through my pounding shaft, then I filled her in a frenzy of long deep thrusts. She held me close and whispered encouragement into my ear, “Oh my god, I feel you Neil, I feel you cumming!” I was dimly aware of the bed groaning in protest as she bounced and rebounded with another orgasm.

I collapsed to a wilted heap on her to catch my breath. She pushed me off and over to my back then rolled up on top of me, her breasts and stomach hot and soft on mine. She kissed me quickly then flooded the dimly lit room with a beautiful smile “What an awesome victory celebration!” She put a hand between her legs then drew it back with a smear of semen on it. Sally inspected the mess on her fingers then licked it off before she went to the adjoining bathroom to clean up.

In the next hour Sally and I learned even more about each other. She wasn’t shy about going down on me and working me up to another heated fuck session with her mouth. When I was strong enough for her, she went to her knees with her head resting on her arms which were crossed on the head of the bed. I fucked her from behind until she collapsed to a heap of quivering, groaning satisfaction while I pumped a second round of lust into her. It was late, we were tired from the long drive, the game, then seducing each other for over two hours. Sally and I drifted to a contented sleep around midnight.

The soft chime of my cell woke me an hour later, I checked caller ID; Zac. “What?”

“Are you guys awake?”

“I am now, Sally is gone.”

“So is Kait; listen, as long as we are being perverted bastards and playing around with jail bait, committing adultery and incest, let’s take another step toward Hell.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“I fucked Kait twice, she got off a dozen times and damn near ruptured my nuts. You must be teaching her well.”

“She has a natural talent.”

“No shit, but then so does Sally.” I agreed with him silently.

“You didn’t wake me up to tell me that you like screwing a pretty, underaged volleyball queen, what do you want?”

I heard Zac take a breath then he said “Let’s switch, you come over here, I’ll go there. The idea of both girls in the same night is keeping my cock hard, it wouldn’t die even if I screwed your daughter all night.” My balls began to buzz. Two minutes later as we passed in the dark Zac and I agreed we would stay in the rooms until the rest of the team left so when we came out, no one from home would see who our roommates were.

She was on her right side, naked, but didn’t stir when I laid behind her and slipped my erection between her legs. I stroked her cunt with my cock while holding her hip, our legs chafed as I moved. I knew Zac had used two condoms because they were lying on the floor next to the bed and Kait’s pussy wasn’t slippery with semen. As I slid the head of my cock through the lips of her sex they began to soften and warm, I was having an effect on her. After a few moments of tender intimacy, I bent my back so I could penetrate my daughter. I pushed into her until my pubic hair was tickling her ass, she moaned, moved, and straightened her legs.

Kaitlyn came awake with a cock sliding in and out of her and she huffed a long sigh of pleasure. She reached over with a hand and put it on my head and pulled me down to kiss the back of her neck. I nipped her behind the ear then she turned her head and looked at me. Her eyes flew wide open in surprise, she jerked off my erection, spun over and sat up, “Dad? What are you doing here?!”

I stated the obvious, “Screwing you.”

“Where’s Zac, what happened?”

“I’d guess he’s several inches deep in Sally right now, we wanted to spend some time with our own girls so we traded rooms.”

She stared at me for a few moments then realization widened her eyes, “I have sex with both of you? In the same night?”

“Two men, twice the fun. You up to it?”

Kait laid to her back then reached for me, her mouth formed a stunning come on smile, then she declared boldly, “Oh Hell Yes, but why didn’t he stay? I could have you both, at the same time.” She paused, looked away for a quick embarrassed moment then recovered with, “I’m sorry, forget I said that.”

It was a shocking statement that shook up the father in me, but a quick visual of Kaitlyn sandwiched between two men encouraged my nuts even more, “That might be fun for you, but poor Sally would be alone.”

My daughter smiled, stroked my face and put her lips on mine softly then said with no sympathy, “She has fingers.” She rolled to her side and I slipped my erection back into her. We didn’t get wild or tear the bed apart, I fucked her slowly, caressing her from shoulders to hips until my balls relented and I filled my daughter. She didn’t climax but murmured her satisfaction, kissed me good night then slipped to sleep.

The next morning Kaitlyn woke me up by using her mouth to create another hard-on. I roused to see the top of her head while she tickled the end of my cock with her tongue. When she sensed I was awake she sat up, threw a leg over my lap and began to roll her hips, her pussy was sliding on my erection. She looked down on me and asked “Did you like her daddy, Sally? She wanted you to cum in her, did you?”

That question led to how Sally and I fucked then Kait told me what she and Zac had done. When she told me how my friend had put his mouth between her legs, I lifted her off my cock then put it in her. We screwed and talked for a few minutes then she upped the game by looking me in the eyes and saying, “I’ve been thinking about what I said last night, two guys at the same time, I think I want to try that, but only if you think it’s okay.” Having declared her desire, Kait started her day with another series of orgasmic convulsions. When she could move again, she went back down on me, she licked my erection then felt for my hand which she pulled to her back. She took two of my fingers and moved them until the tips of them were pressed against her anus. I dipped them into her nether hole as she started giving me head; I fingered her ass which was causing her to moan around my cock. It took only a couple more minutes until she got what she wanted; she took it all in one easy swallow.


Between my wife and my daughter my sex life was beginning to return to the days when I could screw a girl night after night. Kaitlyn and I had reached a point where we would steal a quickie when her mother was at the local store so there were a few times when I fucked mother and daughter on the same day. My libido was being treated to a female damn near every day or night and my cock and balls were exercising regularly. As any body builder or jogger will tell you, regular exercise tones the body, increases endorphins and becomes a norm. One night as Maggie panted into a pillow she said “What the hell is going on with you? We haven’t had sex like this in years.”

“Are you complaining?”

She pulled me into a hug and purred, “Lord no, I love it.”

We were parked on the ferry after the last regular season game, the girls were high on the excitement of an undefeated season, the first their school had ever had. Regular Volleyball season was ended, our team was undefeated and excited for the intramural championship tournament. The host school for the tourney was almost two hundred miles from our island and my mind was flooded with fantasies and daydreams, not about the games, but about the after-game celebrations. Private celebrations with Kait, Sally and Zac.

The boat just left the dock when Sally leaned forward from the back seat and whispered something into her father’s ear. He jerked his head around and caught her eyes, she nodded and smiled, not saying anything. Zac and Sally opened their doors at the same time then in seconds I had the pretty blonde up front with me, Kaitlyn and Zac were in the back. Sally didn’t say a thing but she leaned over my lap, reached for the switch that powered my seat then moved it back as far as it would go. When it was done moving Sally kissed me with hot wet lips and put her hand between my legs. Surprised as I was, I was not about to object or resist the girl fondling my nuts. My cock began to expand as she stroked me. She twisted around so she was face to face with me then we began to neck. I slid a hand up over her tight volleyball pants to the junction of her thighs and rubbed her hot damp pussy. Sally moaned into my mouth; her tongue launched a sweet invasion. While our mouths mated, she managed with one hand to open my belt and zipper then when my cock was free standing, she shifted around until she could bend over my lap. Just as her lips kissed the end of my erection I looked into the mirror and saw the back of Kaitlyn’s head as she bent over Zac’s cock. My daughter was giving him head while his step-daughter performed on me.

I was living one of my fantasies about the sexy sixteen-year-old girl. That she was blowing me while Kait mouth fucked Zac only poured more hormones into my blood. I slid a hand into her shorts then rubbed her ass while she treated me to a job. Sally gasped at the feel of my finger sliding over her anus then groaned around my erection. She wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft and bobbed even deeper, the crown of my cock was caressing the back of her throat. I slipped my long finger further between her legs and into her wet dilated hole and tickled her while she concentrated on making me cum. The ship’s horn blasted the short warning we were nearing the dock just as my nuts relented and gave Sally what she earned. I felt her lips seal tight around my cock as it cramped and spewed, her throat worked as she swallowed my discharge. I looked again in the mirror just as my daughter sat up and wiped cum off her mouth. I was not ready to go home. I wanted desperately go somewhere and fuck Sally until she passed out from exhaustion. I sensed Zac thinking the same thing about Kait.

Just as we pulled off the ferry an EMT wagon and fire truck turned on to the road ahead of us and quickly disappeared in a blaze of flashing lights. Sally was resting with her head on the window but looked up, “I wonder where they’re going?”

“I don’t know, but if they go up Matlin road it may take us a while to get home.”

Zac bent forward and said “Hurry up, find out which way they went.” I accelerated past the speed limit to follow the emergency crews. It was a house fire on the main road, the only road that we could get home on. Zac pulled out his cell and called Mae. “Hey, we’re trapped behind a road block of emergency vehicles, we might not get home for a while. Yeah go to bed, Sally can tell you about the game in the morning.” When he was done, he said to me, “Call Maggie, we’ll be late coming home.”

After I called my wife I turned to Zac, “Where to?”

He looked at me and Sally, then asked Kaitlyn straight out, “You want to go somewhere and do a little lap dance? Here, in the car?”

She stroked his face, smiled prettily, then consented quickly, “Yeah, we can do that.” My cock began to grow again as I turned around and headed to the small county park on the west shore of the island. Sally watched her step-dad and my daughter begin to neck then turned around, lifted her ass off the seat and slithered out of her shorts. She stroked my cheek with them for a second then tossed them to my lap as Zac groped my girl.

I parked about 50 feet inside the sign that says ‘Park closed from Dusk to Dawn’ and shut down the engine. The couple in the back were scuffling around and I watched as Kaitlyn straddled Zac’s lap then his exposed hard-on vanished under her skirt. Sally twisted around on the front seat then lifted Kaitlyn’s skirt to watch her step-father’s erection as he fucked her friend. I said to her, “Let’s go back there, more room.” We got out of the front then into the back seat of the big SUV next to the others. I loosened my pants then Sally came up and over me, her knees on the seat on each side of my legs. She lifted her skirt and I held my erection so she could center on it, then lowered until she was sitting on my balls.

The temperature inside Sally and the car was rising quickly as she rode my cock. The air was filled with sharp female cries of pleasure and the sound of groins slapping together. Zac and I had both gotten off by the blow jobs so the girls were going to enjoy a long heated sexual encounter.

Sally was the first to move to a different position. She rose up, turned around until her back was to me, laid her head on the front seat back then I guided my cock back into her. Zac put a hand over his daughter’s thigh and was fingering the side of her pussy as we fucked. Kaitlyn laid her head on Zac’s shoulder and locked lust laden eyes on mine. I reached over and pressed the finger that had been in Sally against Kaitlyn’s lips, she began to lick it clean. I saw when her eyes rolled up then she convulsed and groaned deeply as an orgasm took her completely. Sally turned to watch her friend climax which must have triggered her reaction because her cunt got softer, wetter and she started to vibrate as she held her breath. The girls came in harmony as they rode me and Zac.

We opened the windows for cool air, to regain some composure. Sally and Kait were content to cuddle with us side by side on the wide back seat of the car. After a period of quiet rest, I urged Sally to move to the outside of seat facing the door, I was behind her. Zac and Kait got into the same position on the other end of the wide seat. When Zac and I started fucking them from behind, our butts were bumping.

The four of us engaged in a close fucking orgy in the close fucking space of the car. In the next 45 minutes we swapped partners twice, Zac and I screwed both girls until they were sexually exhausted. We were so deep into the nature of what we were doing Kait let Zac finish without a condom then as soon as he pulled out of her, she wedged past Sally to me then begged me to cum in her too. Sally and Zac were not engaged with each other but watched me fuck my daughter until I orgasmed. Kaitlyn gushed with passion, “Oh my god, both of you, that’s so fucking hot!” as my cock pulsed, mixing my cum with Zac’s. At that moment I was thinking my daughter was going to be invited to a lot of future college frat parties.

Eventually we drove back to the main road and found we could get past the emergency vehicles so we dropped off Sally and Zac then went home. It was 1:15 in the morning when Kaitlyn and I came into the house. I checked on Maggie but she was asleep so I went to join my daughter in the kitchen for a glass of cold water.

It was Kait who started the next round of sex, “Daddy, can you do it more?” she whispered.

I looked at her and replied “Not with your mother in the house.”

My daughter smiled then stepped close enough that her tits were pressed on my chest, her lips on my ear, “I promise to be quiet.”

My cock which had been resting at half-mast started re-growing into a fully charged tool. I took my daughter’s hand and pulled it to the bulge in my pants, “What are you offering?

She took my hand and led me from the kitchen to the main room. She stopped at the back of the sofa then bent over it, stepped her feet apart and looked over her shoulder, “This way” she breathed softly. Kaitlyn hadn’t put her briefs back on so I lifted her skirt then freed the beast from my pants. She was well lubricated with two loads of cum so I easily split my baby’s thighs again. We needed to be quiet so I slow stroked the hot young woman bent over the sofa, my cock and balls caressed her softly as she ground her ass against my groin. I reached over for a breast and she moaned when I pinched the nipple under the blouse. She grabbed my hand away from her tit then spread her legs even wider. I heard her whisper something so I bent close, “What sweetheart?”

She didn’t answer verbally, she put a hand on my stomach and pushed me back until I slipped out. Kait gripped my hard-on then moved it up slightly until the head of my erection was touching her anus. She rocked her hips while holding me in place then pulled me on me until her sphincter stretched enough to accept me. I put my hands on her hips under the skirt then very gently began to anal fuck my daughter. I’d fingered her ass several times, but my cock in her was a first. My balls were boiling and the sensation of my erection in her butt just added several more degrees of heat to them. Kaitlyn was massaging her own clit when her legs and ass cheeks began to shiver, her breath came faster, she was ready to finish. I pulled back until just the tip of my erection was still in then my balls boiled over. Kaitlyn shuddered with her own orgasm and her promise to be quiet was forgotten, she started barking light cries of rapture as we finished together.

I had just finished convulsing when I heard a gasp behind me. I turned my head to see Maggie standing in the hall, the lights were out so all she could see was my silhouette standing beside the couch bent over Kaitlyn, “Who the hell are you, what are you doing? You’re raping my daughter!?”

Kaitlyn bolted upright and spun to face her mother. I stepped back in shock, terrified that Maggie had caught me fucking our girl. “You son-of-a-bitch!” I heard a gun cock, then nothing.


I came up from a deep sleep, my eyes were closed but I knew I was in a bed and my head hurt like hell. When I opened them, I knew immediately where I was. Twelve years earlier I’d spent nineteen days in a hospital and I recognized the room and equipment. I damn near died and my testicles were burned to a crisp from a high fever that lasted days; now I was back and didn’t know why. I rolled my head toward the window to see Maggie sitting in a chair reading on her Kindle. She heard the rustle of the bedding as I moved and looked up. She looked solemn, sad and bewildered, but slowly her eyes began to change to relieved recognition. “You’re awake?” When I nodded my head almost exploded, “Don’t move, you have a bad head wound.”

“What happened?” I didn’t remember.

“I shot you. Neil, I shot you in the head but the bullet didn’t go in, it hit at an angle and cracked your skull but it didn’t go in your head. You’ve been in a coma for eight days.” Tears welled up in her eyes, “I thought I killed you.” She started crying as she leaned over me and rested her head on my stomach.

I let her rest for a few moments then asked again, “What happened, you shot me?”

“You don’t remember?” I shook my head very carefully, “Honestly don’t remember?”

“Honestly.” Maggie didn’t say anything but got up and left the room. I my mind was in a turmoil, why did my wife try to kill me? About a minute later Maggie came back with our daughter in tow.

Kaitlyn took one look at me then launched across the room and latched onto me as if I’d been gone for years, “Daddy!”

The shock of my daughter landing on me hurt like hell, I pushed her up and tried to work out the puzzle. Nothing was making sense, my wife tried to kill me? Why? The last thing I remembered was my daughter’s joy at the end of the last game. The team was undefeated. After that everything was blank and that is what I told my family.

When I told them I couldn’t remember that night Kaitlyn burned red, my wife looked uncomfortable. Maggie stood, “I can’t talk about it yet. Kait, tell your father what happened” then she walked out of room.

Kaitlyn watched her mother leave then turned hesitant eyes on me, “You don’t remember what happened, why momma shot you?”

“No Sweetheart, why am I here, and why doesn’t your mom tell me?”

My daughter turned crimson, cast her eyes down and asked “Do you remember what you and me did sometimes?”

I was unsure why she asked and glanced at the closed door to make sure my wife was not hovering, I answered “Sex? Is that what you mean?”

She nodded; her long pony tail brushed across her shoulders with the movement, “That night, after the last game we did it again. With Sally and Zac. We were in the car and all did it together, we kept trading. After we got home, I asked you to do it in my backside, my butt. You didn’t want to but I did and kind of seduced you to do it. We were in the living room and that’s where mom found us and shot you.”

My head crashed back to the pillow; a wave of sharp pain jolted me from temple to neck. We did a foursome in the car? I fucked her ass!? My wife caught us!? “She saw us? She shot me because we were having sex?” Kaitlyn nodded again as tears formed and dripped down her cheeks, “She didn’t know it was you, she thought I was getting raped. I’m sorry daddy, I shouldn’t have started something when she was home. I thought we could because she was sleeping. We never did behind sex before and that night I really wanted to; I didn’t want her to shoot you.” Kait laid her head on my shoulder and began to cry.

After a long pause of confusion, I stroked my girl’s head then asked “What does your mother know? What have you told her?”

Wet, sad, eyes looked up and over her shoulder, toward the door then back, “She doesn’t know anything about Sally and Zac, I didn’t tell her that.” She paused, “I told her everything we did, the first time, the quickies at home and the night in the motel. I didn’t tell her about the second motel with Sally. She hates us both right now but she was so scared that she killed you, she listened and is trying to understand. Daddy, mom may be mad at you but she still loves you, she still needs you.”

“What about you, how is she acting with you?”

A meager grin, “She hasn’t thrown me out yet.”

My daughter and I sat quietly holding hands for a few moments then I took a deep breath of bravery and told her, “Get your mom in here.”

Kaitlyn kissed me on the cheek, “I was so scared daddy, there was so much blood and the cops were there forever. I love you.” She left to get her mother.

Maggie came into the room timidly, why she would bewildered me. She couldn’t look at me, with downcast eyes she said “I’m sorry I shot you Neil, I wasn’t thinking, I was outraged and pulled the trigger. I didn’t recognize you until you fell. Kait screamed and I thought you were dead. When I saw you were still breathing, I did what I could to stop the bleeding, Kaitlyn helped until the paramedics showed up. After that was a nightmare of explanations and interviews.” My wife’s eyes move up to meet mine and changed to cold steel as she looked at me accusingly, “I didn’t tell them why I shot you. I only told them I thought you were an intruder; nobody knows that you had your prick stuffed up her ass like a big fat turd. I tucked your dick back in and zipped you up so they wouldn’t question why it was hanging out.”

Damn! That was blunt, and angry, but I sensed she wouldn’t try to kill me again. I looked at the girl standing behind Maggie, she was bright red and looking at the floor. I hated to ask but it was necessary, I needed to know what was going on between them, “What did you two do after I was here?”

Maggie sighed deeply then glanced at our daughter, “Kaitlyn and I sat in the kitchen and drank two bottles of wine while she told me what had been going on right under my nose. I was too shocked to get drunk but the more she drank the more she talked. I didn’t have a fucking clue Neil; I couldn’t even imagine you could be screwing your own girl.” Her voice was rising, “She’s your sixteen-year-old daughter for Christ’s sake, what the hell is the matter with you!?”

Kaitlyn looked at the closed door sharply then stepped close to her mother and put a hand on her shoulder, “Mom, you promised” she said quietly.

Maggie turned and looked up at Kait, she took a deep calming breath, “You’re right, I did.”

“Promised what?” I asked.

She locked her eyes on mine, anger gritted through her teeth, “I promised your cute little homegrown piece of ass I wouldn’t kick your balls off while you’re in the hospital. I have to wait until you get home.” Shit. My marriage was in serious trouble.

I stayed in the hospital several more days and Maggie visited me each day. The visits were frosty but she kept me up on the volleyball tournament. Zac showed up after I was allowed to have visitors other than family. The first question out of his mouth was, “What the fuck happened?” I fed him the same line of bullshit Maggie told the cops. She thought I was a burglar and shot me. He accepted the story and not once mentioned Sally or Kaitlyn; as far as he was concerned screwing our daughters was still a secret. I told him that getting shot scared me so bad that I was going straight again, I would no more mess around with the girls. He agreed that might be best for me but he didn’t say he would stop taking his step-daughter to bed. I got home the day after Kait’s team won the state trophy.

The first few days in the house I thought the Air Conditioning was running full time it was so cold. I was banished to the guest room. On the sixth day it was Kait who took the initiative, “Mom, Dad, this has to stop. You two can’t live together like this anymore. I love you both and it hurts to see what I’ve done to us.”

“It wasn’t you Kait, you didn’t do this.”

“Yes, I did dad, I seduced you, I climbed into your bed and got you turned on and then I invited you to fuck me. If I hadn’t done that none of this would have happened.”

Maggie looked at her daughter obviously shocked at the forthright statement, “You started this? You didn’t tell me that, why did you do that Kait, what the hell were you thinking?”

She looked at her mother, took a deep breath then started, “Mom, have you ever been hungry, craved for something but didn’t know exactly what? Have you ever tried everything to stop the hunger but couldn’t? Momma, that’s what was going on with me. I was thinking about so many boys, I was making myself finished with my hands but I needed more. Twice I tried to let Ted have sex with me but I stopped because I got a picture of dad in my head. I thought it was because he wouldn’t like what I was doing, but even after I came home, dad stayed in my head. One night I heard you and him having sex and I knew what I wanted, what the craving was. I fingered myself the whole time thinking of him and when I finished, I wasn’t hungry. Daddy was the first boy I ever kissed on the lips and I knew I wanted him to be the first I had sex with. I got poor Ted all horny and excited, but I saved myself for dad.”

Mother looked at daughter for several long moments then admitted, “I know that hunger. That’s why you fucked your own father, you got horny for him, not some kid?”

“When you went to stay with Aunt Clarice I kind of went all haywire mom. That night I was so hot I went outside in my underwear to cool off, I thought about going to the beach and sitting in the cold water but I didn’t, I fixed up with makeup and waited for dad to go to sleep. After I made myself pretty for him, I sneaked to your room and stood by the bed for a half hour, my heart was hammering so hard, I was so scared, but I couldn’t go back. I laid down with him then started to play with him. When it got bigger and he woke up, we had sex. I seduced him momma, he didn’t seduce me. After the first time, he tried to send me back to my room but I didn’t go, I didn’t want to go.”

“How did you feel after that?”

“Are you asking if I was sorry or ashamed? No, I wasn’t, not until you shot him.”

Maggie threw me a look, “She never told me that. That it was she, not you who started all this. I was under the impression you got her into bed somehow, that you seduced her, not the other way around. How did you feel about your daughter throwing herself at you?”

What the hell was I supposed to say, that I hated screwing my girl? “The first time I was acting on hormones, I woke up and felt her next to me. I wanted to chase her back to her own bed but she was so warm, so turned on I got hard. I reacted to her advances just like the first time I ever talked a girl into having sex with me. It never entered my mind that what we were doing was wrong until we were done. When she came back from the bathroom, I tried to send her back, I tried to make her understand we had to forget what happened, that it should never happen again, but she waved off my protests and propositioned me again. We fucked three times that night. After we had clothes on and you were home, I was terrified that you would see what we did, that my home life was at and end. I swore to myself I would never touch her again.”

“You didn’t swear very hard.”

“No, I guess I didn’t. The next time we got together was on her birthday, we went out to the beach and messed around on an old blanket. When we came home you didn’t know or suspect, that’s when it became okay to screw her.”

Maggie looked at Kaitlyn, “On your birthday? I thought you two went for ice cream, but you had sex?” Kait nodded, unable to look at her mother, “You were walking around here with your father’s cum inside you and I never suspected?” Maggie paused to look at both of us for several long seconds then she took a deep breath and began to laugh, not an evil laugh, not a nervous laugh, but an outburst of pent up emotions, of understanding and acceptance. Kait and I stared while my wife laughed away weeks of anguish and pain. She paused long enough to take a breath then said “Oh my god, you two are the perfect bedroom commandos, you’ve been sneaking around screwing each other for months and I never suspected. Aw my god, that’s funny.” She got up, wiped laugh tears from her eyes then went to the kitchen for a glass of cold water. When Maggie came back to the room, the strained look she wore for weeks was gone, “Kait, go see Sally or something, I need to talk to your father.”

Our daughter looked at us hesitantly then asked “Are you going to shoot him again mom?”

Her mother chuckled again, “No, not today, but I need to talk to him alone, now go.”

When our girl was gone Maggie came to me, put her arms around my waist, her head on my shoulder then said softly, “I almost killed you. If you had died, I would have never been able to go on, I love you so much.”

“But —-?”

My wife tilted her head back, looked me directly in the eyes and said “But nothing; right now, I want you to take me to bed Neil, I need to feel you, I need to fuck you.” Angst turned to desire when she propositioned me. I wanted to pick her up and carry her to bed but my head wasn’t cooperating, the effort would have burst the stitches. Maggie led me by the hand to Kaitlyn’s room, “She became a woman in my bed, now we’ll make up in hers.”

We didn’t do a lot of making out or groping as a pre-sex warm up. Maggie stripped from her skirt and panties then lay on her back waiting for me, I pulled my pants and shorts off then joined her. My prick had grown into what she wanted so without foreplay she urged me over, between her legs. I split my wife’s thighs and started screwing her, surprised that she was so warm and wet. We didn’t get wild or overly hot for each other but it wasn’t even five minutes before Maggie erupted with an orgasm. She arched her back and shuddered from toes to head as she moaned lustfully “Cum you incestuous bastard, cum in me like you did with my daughter!” I lost what little control I had and obeyed her command.

I rolled off her, she was smiling softly. My head hurt but I started to get up, “Where are you going?”

“To get you a towel.”

“No. I’m going to lie here and drip all over her bed then when she comes home, she’ll know what the hell we did.”


“Two reasons, first she will know I’ve taken you back, and second she will know I am okay with you and her again.”

My wife’s reaction to Kait’s confession and her blunt seduction of me, puzzled me, “What do you mean, you are okay with me and her, can you forgive what we’ve done?”

She looked long and hard at me thinking, then replied “Of course I’m not okay with it, but I have to accept it, I don’t have a choice. Forgive you? I think I forgave you even before I knew what was going on. When you hit the floor covered in blood, it didn’t matter that you had just pulled your prick out of her, I was wild with grief that I had lost you. When the doctor told me you would live, I knew I could never hate you, I was overcome with relief that you were alive. And you know what Neil, I don’t hate Kaitlyn for any of this either, even now, after she told me how she went after you. I’ve had time to think about it all and I’ve been recovering from the shock, just as you are recovering from the wound. I don’t even think of what you’ve done as cheating on me, not anymore, she’s our daughter, not ‘the other woman’.” We got off the bed after the evidence of what we had done finished seeping from her, there was an unmistakable stain, large and wet right where Maggie’s ass dented the blanket.

That night the atmosphere at the dinner table was cautiously upbeat and cordial. Maggie encouraged Kaitlyn to tell me about the tournament games and winning the trophy. That kept the conversation going for the length of dinner and into the living room. A few times when Kait mentioned Sally I would cringe but Maggie didn’t suspect or know what she and I had been doing with our best friends. I thought it best if we kept that hush-hush. By the time we went to bed that night our home life was returning to normal. That was the first night since I got shot that my wife and I slept in the same bed, but I was alone when I woke up. My head was still not in the best shape so Maggie left me alone for the extra sleep. I went looking for a cup of coffee but stopped when I heard their voices, “I’m washing my blanket mom, I saw the mess, did you do that on purpose?”

“Yes, you need to know what I think, what I feel.”

“So, what’s the message? He’s mine, stay the hell away?”

I heard my wife smile, “I think it’s a little late to get that across. No, I guess I want you to know your dad will be my husband, your father as long as we live. I wanted you to see that I forgive you both and we are still a family.”

“That means you still feel the hunger?”

“Yeah, and your dad keeps me from starving. Kait, and I don’t hate you, not anymore. At first, I thought of you as a rival for him but I know that isn’t true and I think I understand what made you do what you did. You’re still my daughter and I couldn’t love you more.” The conversation stopped so I hesitated a few more seconds then stepped into the room as if I had just arrived. Maggie and Kait were locked together in a mother-daughter hug of reassurance; I was momentarily stunned to see Kait was two inches than her mother, I’d never really noticed before. They broke the embrace and both looked embarrassed to be caught in the intimate moment. Kaitlyn left the room; Maggie went with me for coffee.

Life returned to normal. My daughter and I resumed a platonic relationship but my wife was fucking me steadily. The stamina and regularity I had gained while screwing both didn’t wither, so Maggie and I were wearing out our mattress. We hadn’t had so much sex in years and we both enjoyed it tremendously. I also enjoyed our bicycle rides because when both my women were riding in front of me, I lived in a fantasy land of memories about both. I was curious about Zac and Sally so one day I asked Kait if she knew what they were up to, “They still do it a lot.”

“How do you know?”

“Oh come on daddy, it’s not like a secret. She asks me if you and me are doing it too.” Kaitlyn cast her eyes to the side, “I tell her we do sometimes.”


Kait got up to leave then put a hand on my cheek, her voice lowered to a whisper, “Because sometimes when I’m in bed, we do it — in my mind.”

Instant hard on. She didn’t see the effect she had on me when she stood to leave but my mind was doing sexual gymnastics with her, my pants were bulging with frustration. Kait paused, turned, then asked “Do you remember yet what we did the night mom shot you?”

Over the months my memories about that night had gradually sorted out, returned, so I answered “Yes sweetheart, every detail.”

My daughter’s eyes grew bolder, “I want to feel you behind me like that again, only don’t get shot.” My cock lurched; my balls clenched. Kaitlyn stepped close to me looked up into my eyes then kissed me briefly, softly, then said bluntly, “Daddy, I dream of letting you fuck my butt again,” she paused, “I get butterflies thinking about it.”

“But your mother—–.”

She sighed with resignation, “I know, we promised.” It was hours before my renewed erection for the girl faded, and that was only after I laid her mother.

Maggie were and I were enjoying a drink at the Rotten Log waiting for Zac and Mae to come by so we could relax with friends after a long work week, “Kaitlyn will be seventeen next week” Maggie reminded me.

“I know” I answered.

She leaned on her elbows facing me, “I think you should take her to dinner then somewhere to help her celebrate the day.”

“Where can we take her? What do you have in mind?”

“Not we. You. You are going to take her. Take her to dinner then for the night at a nice hotel. A hotel, motels are too tawdry.” She reached under the table and put a hand on my knee, her fingers drew circles on my leg as she said “She’s been mooning around for weeks, I know the signs. She wants to have sex with you but thinks it can’t happen anymore. Take Kait out and screw her until you’re both numb, it will be the best present we can give her.”

Skepticism formed the question, “We? You’re proposing I take Kaitlyn to bed again; you would be okay with that?”

Maggie grinned with a glint in her eyes, “She and I will both be okay with that. Isn’t that what you did when she turned sixteen, screw her? Well, do it again.”

“How many drinks have you had?” I had to ask my wife.

She smiled at me, her eyes glinted with fun, “I know exactly what I’m saying Neil, take our daughter on a date and treat her like you did me the night we got engaged. It’s okay, I’m good with it.”

My mind was foaming with fantasies. Maggie had suggested I take our daughter to a hotel and fuck her on her birthday. Weeks earlier Kaitlyn had told me she wanted ass sex again. A birthday celebration would be the perfect time do to please both the women in my life. The next day I called my daughter from work, something I rarely do, “Hi.”

“Daddy? Is something wrong?”

“No baby, I just wanted to hear your sweet voice right now, what are you doing?”

“Me and Sally are at the park.”

Good, she was somewhere that reminded her of what we used to do, the perfect time to bring up her birthday. “Look, I would like to invite you to dinner Friday evening, someplace of your choice in the city.”

“Friday is my birthday.”

“I know, that is why I’m asking. A birthday dinner.”

I heard my daughter smile; she exhaled a gleeful, “Yes! I would love to, where are you and mom taking me?”

“Your choice girl, and it would be just you and me, mom says we should have the night alone.”

Kait was quite for a few seconds then asked coyly, “Daddy? Are you asking me out on a date?”

“I guess I am sweetheart, an all-night date, are you free Friday?”

Her voice dropped almost to a whisper, “All night? Mom says we should have an all-night date? Without her? She would be okay with that?”

“It’s her idea, she suggested we celebrate your birthday the same way we celebrated last year, are you free?”

“Daddy, don’t lie to me, did mom really say that?”


The phone was silent for a few moments then Kait said with a gush, “I’ll always be free for you, don’t you know that?” When I heard that my cock began to fill my shorts.

Kait was home when I came in from work, she was fidgety, bubbling with nervous energy. The first chance to get me alone she asked “What are we going to do Friday, after dinner?”

“I thought we might spend some time around town then we can stay at the Hilton.”

Intense green eyes drilled into mine, she wanted reassurance one more time, “Are you sure about mom, did she really say that?”

I told her again, “Kait, this is your mother’s idea, she said that you and I should spend the night together.”

She paused, looked at me for a few moments, “But — Why?” I didn’t have an answer.

That night after Kaitlyn went to bed Maggie was sitting with me in the front room, “Have you thought about Friday, seducing Kait on her birthday?”

“Are you testing me? If I do something like that, will it be the final straw?”

My wife looked at me, eyes glittering with amusement, “Of course not, you won’t get a divorce that goddamn easy. I’m serious, I’m okay if you bed her again. I’ve had a long time to get used to the idea and I have to tell you Neil,” she paused, blushed pink, then continued, “I kind of get turned on thinking about you screwing her.”

I stared at my wife for several long moments, “Turned on?”

“Oui mon amour, I get pretty damn antsy when I imagine what you and she did. I get even more antsy when I think of you doing her again. So much so I wouldn’t mind if you went to bed with her right now.”

“Now? Tonight?”

Maggie moved to me and sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck then kissed me tenderly. “Tonight. Go. Go have fun with Kaitlyn, I’m sure she won’t reject you. If she does you can always get between my legs. I love you; I love her, and I get horny when I see you two together now. It’s the most perverted feeling I’ve ever had, but why do you think I get so fucking hot lately, go have sex with my sweet young daughter.” Maggie put her lips to my ear, “Play with her, seduce her, put your erection between that girl’s long sexy legs and fuck her; you can’t make her pregnant but you can sure as hell go through the motions.” In spite of what my wife had just done, just said, I was a bit hesitant to get off the couch, but as I walked away, Maggie said “Hey,” I paused, expecting her change her mind, “leave the door open.”

I stripped nude next to my child’s bed. She looked young and innocent as she slept but my erection was throbbing with need for the woman that she is. It had been months since the last time we had sex, and that night ended by my getting shot. I was pretty sure Maggie wasn’t planning on shooting me again but I looked cautiously at the open door before I pulled the blanket up and went to bed with Kait. When I was full length next to her, I put my hands to work, stroking her breasts under the gown then easing down her stomach until I held her pussy, she wore no panties. Kaitlyn stirred, her legs moved apart and she sipped a deeper breath. I pulled her nightie up so I could touch her then began to stroke her crack. The temperature under the blanket increased dramatically as she started heating up. I fondled my daughter for a minute or so, all the while she was warming and waking. “Daddy?” she whispered then rolled to face me. Kaitlyn opened her eyes, they were flickering fire, her arms went around my neck, her face buried in my shoulder and her leg lifted over my thigh. The end of my hard cock slid between her legs then she bent her back to move her pussy to where I could enter her. As I pushed in, she gasped a longer breath and let it out as a sigh of passion, “I missed you daddy.” Her cunt kissed my balls, she glanced back at the open bedroom door then looked into my eyes and breathed softly, “Is mom asleep?”

I pulled out until just the head of my erection remained in her then pushed back in “No, she sent me here Kait, your mother knows what we are doing.”

My daughter glanced again at the door but her mother was unseen, she looked back at me, eyes concerned, “Mom knows?”

“Yes sweetheart, she does.” I kissed her on the lips, Kaitlyn arched her back which pressed her pussy against my groin to get me as deep as she could then began to fuck me. Our passion built quickly as the sensation of screwing set free the feelings and desires we had tried to suppress over the last few months. As I slid in and out, her mouth sought mine and we began to make out as we fucked. She pulled her tongue out of my mouth then gasped “Ohhhoo, this feels good!” then she climaxed. She was vibrating from head to toes as she buried her face against my shoulder then bit me just as she did in the motel a year earlier. The exquisite pain from her teeth pushed me off the edge and I once again filled my daughter with a massive flood of love and incest.

We relaxed in the clouds for a few minutes bonded by the afterglow of sex then Kait drifted to sleep with a soft smile curving her lips. I left my daughter’s bed then returned to my wife. Maggie was lying nude over the blankets and when I laid beside her, she rolled to face me, “Happy now?”

“I wasn’t unhappy.”

“How does she feel Neil; how does she react when you slip it to her? Is she like me or what?”

I thought back to the first night, the night Kaitlyn came to me then asked if I still loved her mother. “She’s not like you, no one will ever be like you, in my mind, in my heart or even in my bed. My love for you, my desire and passion for you will never be replaced, destroyed or forgotten. No one, not even a sixteen-year-old will ever pull me from you.” I ended my declaration with a long tender kiss.

“You didn’t answer, how does she feel? What does she do for you? Has she sucked you off yet?” Maggie moved down my side until her head was even with my lap, she held my limp prick then licked the end of it, she smiled up at me her eyes radiated desire, “I can taste her” then she started in earnest to raise another erection with her mouth.

I didn’t fuck Maggie that night but finished her off through an intense overheated session of oral sex. As she rested in the afterglow, her face peaceful, her body fulfilled, I accepted that she meant what she said. My screwing our daughter was as pleasing to her as it was for Kait and me. It struck me that what we had done, were doing, was immoral, illegal and perverted as hell, but I didn’t feel any of those vices. I only know I felt like I had the perfect family life.

The next morning when Kaitlyn saw her mother, she scorched red in the face but Maggie was anticipating the meeting; “Kait, I sent him to you.” Nothing more was said, nothing more needed to be said.


Her birthday started with dinner at the Rooftop Steakhouse. Kaitlyn was animated in a teen girl way, not in a seductive adult way. I ordered wine the poured some from my glass into her water tumbler. When server came by, he saw the illicit drink but pretended to ignore the violation. He would get a better tip by not causing problems. Through dinner Kaitlyn was sipping wine and it was affecting her. By the time I paid the check she was getting as seductive as an adult woman, not a teen girl.

I took her to the hotel lounge where again we were not challenged for ID. For almost two hours we talked, drank and danced. “Dad,” Kait whispered while we danced, “I love this, the dinner, the drinks and the dancing but isn’t it time to leave?”

“You’re ready to go?”

My daughter pulled her head back, looked up into my eyes, “Yes, let’s get out of here and go to the room before midnight.”

“Why before midnight?”

My daughter glanced around quickly in the darkened room; nobody was paying us any attention. She slid a hand between us then pressed on the shape of my prick, “Daddy, my birthday ends at midnight and I want to unwrap my presents before it’s over.” Her bold declaration let me know that Kait didn’t need any more alcohol to loosen her up. We broke apart then left for the room.

In the room Kaitlyn opened the gift from her mother; Maggie had insisted she not open it until she and I were alone. Kait removed some tissue from the box then pulled out a short diaphanous negligee. Under the brief gown was an even briefer set of see through panties and a handwritten note, ‘Kaitlyn, I wore this the night your father proposed to me. Put it on, wear it for him, I promise you won’t have it on very long. Happy birthday. Enjoy’.

I waited restlessly in the main room of the hotel suite while Kait changed in the bathroom. She opened the door a crack and peeked through with her head tilted to one side, “Close your eyes dad.”

I was sitting on the end of the bed with eyes closed with my prick blown all out of proportion. It hurt from being stretched tight by internal pressure. I heard my daughter approach on bare feet then she put a hand under my chin and pulled my head up, “Hey my handsome lover, look at me.”

I opened my eyes and almost collapsed as a bolt of lust ripped from my eyes directly to my nuts. Kaitlyn was wearing the sheer white negligee. It hugged her body like skin from shoulders to hips then dropped to barely past the junction of her long thighs. The material was see-through except for the breasts which were covered by an opaque lacy fabric. She was wearing very brief white panties that didn’t hide the hint of dark pubic hair. My daughter had stopped growing at 5’10 but continued to add some very alluring weight. At that very moment I was transported back 19 years to the night my wife wore the same negligee, Kait could have been her reincarnation; except with longer legs. My erection grew another notch, strengthening to the same one that had screwed her mother the only night she ever wore the mini nightgown. Kait had teased her hair until it stood full and lush, framing her face, dark mascara and subtle blue eyeliner drew my stare; she had refreshed her lips with Mild Rose gloss. Her eyes were sparkling as I sucked in my breath and let it out slowly, shakily. My cock throbbed in sync with my racing heart. I put my hands on my daughter’s hips and pulled her close. She lifted her knees until they were on each side of my thighs then settled down on my lap. I wrapped my hands around her ass and pulled her tight so the bulge of my erection was lodged in the junction of her legs. Kait bent her head down and met my lips with hers. We started a long night of necking, petting, fondling and fucking with that first kiss.

I moved her off my lap so she was lying next to me, her legs hooked over the edge of the bed at her knees. I went around until I was on my knees between her legs and pushed them apart then put my head under the short skirt of the nightie. I kissed the lips of her sex through the panties then began to nuzzle, lick and make love to her with my tongue through the thin, transparent material. I ate my girl and she got hotter. Kait was rolling her hips, crushing her pussy against my mouth while gasping words of passion. She put her hands on my head and held me in place then started crying out shocks of ecstasy as she climaxed.

She was limp, totally quiet, so I lifted her around until she was lying full length on the bed, she watched as I pulled off my clothes. As each piece of clothing came off her smile got wider. When I was naked, she rolled to her stomach and invited me, “The first time we did butt sex I kind of liked it until momma shot you. I want to do that again dad, nobody will shoot you this time.” I got onto the bed and pulled her into a full body hug, she was hot, tender and so fucking exciting. I reached under the hem and pulled her panties down. When they were off, she put them to her lips and kissed the wetness caused by my mouth on them, she held them to me and I kissed them in the same place, Kaitlyn said softly, “Make love to me daddy.”

We fucked. We rocked and rolled all over the bed. Kait and I occupied the same physical space for twenty minutes then, when I had her arms pinned to the bed with my hands, her body pinned by my erection, she shivered with an orgasm. Her cunt flowed with hot fluids that only enhanced the pleasure of thrusting in and out of her. Minutes later when she was done quivering with her second orgasm, I helped her take off the rest of the nightie then rolled her to her stomach and urged her to her knees with her face lying on a pillow. I got between her legs and put the end of my erection to her anus then gently pressed into Kait an inch at a time, pumping slowly, letting her stretch and get used to me. My daughter began to react to the sensations of ass sex, she started moaning as if it hurt so I pulled out, “Are you okay?”

“Uh! Don’t stop!”

I slicked up my erection with a gob of saliva then put it back where she wanted it. It didn’t take long for her to accept me completely, Kait was rolling her back, panting her pleasure. Not five minutes after plunging into her nether hole my daughter again vaulted off a cliff into a freefall climax. She jolted with orgasmic shocks which triggered my balls. It felt like my nut sack turned inside out as the torrent of cum filled the deep, hot young girl. The feel of my pounding shaft erupting into her finished Kait’s monumental orgasm, punctuated by calls of rapture each time her body convulsed.

I collapsed to the bed next to the girl rasping for fresh air. The look of sated passion on her face told me Kaitlyn wasn’t a child any more, she was a woman and she was thoroughly enjoying that status. The seventeen-year-old woman went to the bathroom to clean up. Minutes later the door opened and my naked daughter date scampered back into the room, bounced happily onto the bed, “Now what,” Kaitlyn asked, “it’s still too early to sleep.” She licked a nipple on my chest.

We lay on the bed relaxed in the afterglow of sex talking quietly and sipping wine from a bottle we had brought. I was recharging, slowly, but definitely recharging, my body preparing for the girl again. It was maybe forty-five minutes later when Kaitlyn eased a hand between my legs, cradling my balls, she lifted up, leaned over my lap and kissed the head of my half hard cock. She slipped her prize through her lips and started suckling. It didn’t take but a minute for me to be sporting a hard-on for her. She lifted her lips from me, inviting me with sensuous movements of her body to screw her again.

Kaitlyn stretched out on her back, her arms over her head; her feet pointed to the end of the bed and let me look at her from sex styled hair to red painted toes. The first night she came to me she was teetering on the age of sixteen and in the agony of puberty; developing, but hadn’t reached maturity. This time I absorbed the full vista of the seventeen-year-old body, my cock got harder. The girl lying next to me had finished physically maturing and grown into prime womanhood. She put a hand on my cock and fingered me until it was as solid as stone then held her arms up and spread her legs, inviting me. I moved over her long shapely thighs, she prepared for me by pulling her knees up to my sides, laying her legs wide. The moment the head of my erection penetrated I stopped and looked into her deep seductive eyes. She put her arms around my neck, pulled me close and breathed quietly into my ear, “I like fucking you.”

I got curious, I pushed as far as nature would allow into my daughter then asked “Besides me and Zac, have you screwed anybody else?”

My daughter smiled up at me and confessed, “I haven’t done anything with Zac since that night, but Ted and me do it now.” I withdrew then thrust back into her so hard she moved inches up the bed. Kait grabbed my ass with both hands and helped me as I pistoned my cock in and out of her lust flooded pussy.

By the second time I blew my balls into the girl, I had sucked her lips, tits and cunt; I put a large hickey on the inside of her right thigh, we tried five or six positions. She had a series of orgasms while I was building to one gigantic climax. Our bodies were so hot, sweat covered us both which only enhanced the feel of our skins sliding against the other. She moaned out rapture when I licked the salty sheen off her neck and back. We were lying on our sides, spooned together front to back as my cock plunged through the lips of her swollen sex. It was two minutes to midnight when Kaitlyn cried out a series of climatic peaks from the second fuck that night. She melted to the bed, contented, with a soft smile gracing her lips, her eyes, her face. She didn’t move, she didn’t go to clean up, she closed her eyes and rested as her breathing slowed to peaceful. **


My cellphone chimed softly on the bed stand at 1:17 that morning. I pried open an eye to see the image of my wife on the screen. Slightly concerned I quickly answered, “Hi, is something wrong?”

“I can’t sleep.”


Maggie paused, “I think I’m horny, I miss you.”

“You think you’re horny?”

I heard her smile, “If you were here right now you wouldn’t be asleep.”

I rolled my head to look at Kaitlyn, she was snuggled against my side, happy to be near her daddy. “I’m not sure I’d be good company tonight, your daughter made sure of that.”

“Don’t you still have a tongue? It doesn’t have to be hard, just limber.”

“Goddamn it Maggie, you keep talking like that and I might have to wake your girl again.”

“Do it, wake her up Neil, then put the phone on speaker.”

Lust for my wife was building quickly, “Wouldn’t you rather watch?”

The phone was silent for at least five seconds then she said “The first ferry is at 4. I can be there around 5.”

“I’ll leave instructions with the front desk to give you a keycard.” My phone went dead.

Kait was still asleep when her mother stepped into the room just after five that morning. I woke up when Maggie eased into the bed nude. She pulled me over so we were lying face to face then kissed me awake. Her hand slipped between us to grip my prick. As my wife nuzzled my neck and fondled my cock, my butt was pressed against our daughter. When Maggie had my full attention, she kissed the lobe of my ear then uttered softly, “I need you, I need you right now” then rolled away and pressed her ass against my groin. I lifted her leg then pushed my erection into her. She shook from toes to head, sighed her pleasure then we started rocking our hips.

It took less than ten minutes before Maggie started cramping with shocks of rapture, each convulsion caused her to cry out. As her climax neared, she became more vocal until she was loud enough to wake Kaitlyn. When her daughter rose up to look across me to see her mother getting fucked, Maggie twisted her head far enough to lock eyes with Kaitlyn then erupted with her orgasm. Maggie’s body was flowing with ecstasy while Kaitlyn watched. After several long moments my wife calmed enough to urge me, “Finish it Neil, with her.”

Without hesitation Kaitlyn laid back and reached for me, I moved from between her mother’s legs to between hers. Maggie had brought me to the edge so only seconds after I penetrated Kait my balls released the tension and I came in my daughter while she and her mother watched each other. I rolled to my back between the two women and relaxed as each of them rested their head on a shoulder. I put my arms over their backs and my hands on their butts. Kaitlyn reached over my chest and stroked her mother’s arm then reached for her hand. Mother and daughter laced their fingers together on my stomach then Kait said softly, “Hi mom.”

Her mother responded, “Did you enjoy your birthday date?”

Kait smiled wide, squeezed Maggie’s fingers and replied “It was the best, thank you.”


Maybe thirty minutes after our wild birthday celebration Kaitlyn and I were talking, she was telling me how she anticipated going back to school. In mid-sentence her phone trilled, she picked it up, looked at the caller ID then hopped off the bed. As she stepped to the bathroom she said, “I have to answer this.” A couple of minutes later Kait returned and sat on the bed to me then asked bluntly, “Do you think you can get hard again; do you have the energy for more sex?”

My nuts pulled up a bit as I asked her, “What do you have in mind?”

“When you told me what we were going to do tonight, where we would be, I kind of invited someone to help me open my birthday presents. She’s coming up right now.”

The perverted bastard in my mind immediately formed an image, my wife and my daughter, together on Kait’s birthday. My libido immediately grew stronger, “Your mom is coming up?”

Just then we heard fingernails clicking on the hotel door, Kait got up, “I’ll get it.” She went to open the door without donning a robe or the nightie.

Fifteen seconds later Kaitlyn came back to the room followed by Sally, “Hi Neil.” My heart started thudding with increased hormones, my soft cock began to gain serious weight.

Kaitlyn hopped onto the bed, smiling while I stared in shock at the pretty blonde girl; she said needlessly, “I asked Sally to come here tonight, do you mind?” Sally didn’t wait for an invitation, she didn’t pause with indecision, she started stripping her clothes.

Not a full minute after entering the room Sally was naked and crawling over the end of the bed to me. She paused with her head over my groin then bent to lick the shaft of my swelling erection before moving further up. When her face was inches from mine, she said, “It’s Kait’s birthday but she invited me to share her present.” The sexy, nude young woman then put her lips on mine. Kaitlyn turned to her stomach next to me and watched avidly as Sally began seducing me. It had been months since the night in the car, the last time I fucked Sally, and in that time, she had gained even more alluring curves and dimensions. She and my daughter were both well-formed young women. My hands started exploring the magnificent globes of her ass while she kissed me.

As I fondled the girl I asked, “Where’s your dad?”

She flexed her hips, pressing her groin on my stomach as she replied, “He’s at home. He thinks I’m at your house with Kait, he doesn’t know that you took Kait for dinner and stuff. My boyfriend dropped me off at the ferry, I caught the last one over, and here I am.”

In a way I was glad Zac wasn’t there, this was my first chance to fuck his step-daughter without him hanging around, waiting his turn to fuck one of the girls. My cock grew another notch, Sally shifted over me until my erection was pressed against the split of her pussy. She pushed up off my chest with her hands then began to roll her hips, massaging my cock with her body lips. Her smile was infectious, her eyes magnetic. As she rubbed her cunt on me Kaitlyn reached between my legs and gripped my erection then pulled it up and centered it for Sally. Sally flexed her body to slide down on me then she started screwing me. Sally spent a couple of minutes riding my erection then leaned down and breathed into my ear, “Kait wants me to try something with you.”

Her hot breath on my ear almost pulled my trigger, Miss NRA just about got another shot of blanks, “What’s that girl?”

Sally rolled off me then moved away, “Move over, make room.”

I skootched across the bed so she had room to lie next to me, Kait moved to lie next to her, both were on their stomachs, I was looking at the firm shapely asses of two teen girls and my nuts started screaming for mercy. Kaitlyn hooked her left leg over Sally’s right leg then looked over the back of her best friend to me, “Ass fuck her daddy, she’s never done it.”

I stared at my daughter for a few moments then shifted to look into Sally’s face, she was smiling and while I watched she licked her lips and puckered me an air kiss, I asked the blonde goddess, “Your dad hasn’t done that?” She didn’t answer but shook her head ‘no’. Since this would apparently be her first experiment with anal, I approached her cautiously. I was on my knees between Sally’s legs, my erection was hovering above the firm globes of her ass. We didn’t have any oils so I licked a gob of saliva on my hand then smeared it over Sally’s butt. I probed into her anus with two wet fingers, stretching her, getting her ready. Sally gasped a deep breath, slapped a hand over my daughter’s arm and gripped it tight. Kait was watching wide eyed as I fingered her friend’s ass. When I pressed into Sally as far as my fingers would stretch, she moaned, shivered, then pulled her knees up, raising her butt off the bed. I put the head of my erection on her then carefully pressed in until the knob of my cock was encased in her sphincter. I saw her fingers tighten more on Kait’s arm then Sally started rocking against me, moving her butt as I penetrated inch by inch. She was grimacing, her face looked a strained as I slipped deeper. Kait sat up next to us then watched avidly while I butt fucked her friend.

Sally began to relax enough to feel the full length of my erection, I started pumping her softly, and the pained features on her face were replaced by a bourgeoning passion. The excitement of seeing my prick in her ass caused me to start fucking her so hard my groin was slapping her butt cheeks; by then she had accepted me fully and was gasping and groaning, rolling her back, taking me heatedly. She rolled her head to look up at me, moaned, the gasped, “Now Kait, fuck Kait!” then she collapsed to the bed, pulling off my erection. My daughter rolled to her side; I went behind her then lifted her leg over my thigh. Sally grabbed my cock then aimed it for me, putting the end of it to Kait’s pussy. Only seconds from pulling out of Sally, I penetrated my girl. Kait shivered with a strong thrill, clutched the pillow her head was on, then bowed her back, pressing on me with a heated sexual urgency. Sally moved around until her head was resting on my hip, watching me screw Kait. As I thrusted into Kait, Sally put her fingers on my erection, letting them slide on it while I banged my daughter. Kait began to huff long sobs of passion then I felt her stomach clenching, she was reaching her peak. I grabbed a tit and twisted the nipple just as Kait erupted. She was wailing, panting and moaning as her cunt massaged my cock. When she relaxed, I pulled out of her then turned my attention to her friend who had flipped over to her side for me.

I was less hesitant to drive deep into Sally’s butt the second time. She yelped, sucked a deep breath then blew it out as a long breath of formless sounds. Kait rolled her head to watch what her best friend and I were doing, a slight smile lingered on her lips, her eyes conveyed contentment. I anal fucked the sexy, lithe, seventeen-year-old blonde’s butt for a few minutes until she lost all body control and began to spasm. She got so fucking loud Kait reached over me to slap a hand over Sally’s mouth, muffling the yips of rapture.

They were lying on their backs, on the downside of hot sex, comparing notes. I was next to Sally, my nuts still packed with lust. “Hey girls.”

My daughter answered, “What?”

I grabbed my erection, waved it at her, “I still have a problem.”

Sally looked at Kait, Kait smiled into her eyes; with unspoken coordination they both sat up then laid with their heads on my thighs. Together the two girls captured my hard-on in their fists then began licking my erection from base to head while they stroked me. They alternated giving me a blow job, sucking, kissing and licking me until they achieved their goal. I groaned out a warning then began to convulse, blowing streams of cum. Sally pursed her lips and took the first shot over her tongue then Kait pushed her out of the way and took the second. After they got their tongues covered, they continued to lick my flowing semen like they were lapping melting ice-cream off a cone. When my fountain dried up, the two girls shook me up one last time by licking cum off the other’s mouth.

Kait was tired; tired from the wine and sex, so she curled up with a pillow and drifted into dreams. I was tired too, but with the alluring young Sally to keep me company, I didn’t go to sleep. We talked quietly, made pleasant passes at each other, then about a half hour after my daughter conked out, I fucked Sally once more. It was a quiet, peaceful union of sex interspersed with necking, fondling and conversation before we reached our goal of mutual satisfaction.

Maggie’s Confession

We were lying in bed, not engaged in sex, but talking about me and our daughter having an incestuous affair, “Why have you accepted me and Kaitlyn? Most mothers would be outraged, livid with hate and revenge to find out her daughter is getting screwed by her father, why not you?”

My wife rolled to her back and stared at the overhead fan for several long moments, I saw her chest rise and fall with a deep breath, she turned her eyes on me again, “I have something to tell you, part of my history you don’t know. My sister and I promised each other we would never tell, but I think I should tell you now.”

My curiosity was piqued, “What deep dark secrets can you and Clarise have? Were you two involved with each other when you were growing up?”

“Involved, yes, but not with each other.”

“Huh, what are you trying to say?”

Maggie rolled to her stomach, clutched her pillow and laid her head on it, facing me, “My mom died when I was sixteen, you know that. What you don’t know is how Dad, Clarise and I dealt with her death.”

My wife spent the next 45 minutes telling me about the Widower who had Two Daughters.

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