Daddy and his princess

So daddy has an ex which she was his princess, recently they reconnected she had been sending him pictures of her ass and of tight clothes zoomed in on her kitty, this has been driving daddy nuts with thoughts of fucking his princess using her like the fuck toy she used to be.
So one day daddy drives over to her house tells her to wear nothing but panties and bring a plug and a dildo it was about 8in, she does as she’s told and jumps in daddy tells her to face the window and put her ass in daddy’s face then tells her to spread her cheeks she does of course before she feels daddy tongue slide right into her princess ass, she let’s out a moan before daddy slides his finger in her already wet pussy getting it soaking wet she moans some more, daddy flips her around cock right in her face, tells her to swallow every bit she gags a Lil but makes it the balls daddy stuffs her holes with the plug and dildo and then daddy hold the princess head down deep before exploding in her mouth

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