Customer Satisfaction

In the late 90’s my friend had a painting/wallpaper business and hired me to be his assistant. It was long hours and OK pay, but I was working with a friend, and it was better than most things I done to this point in my life. There was a boom for businesses like this in our city as people were buying up the older homes at a low cost and investing to have them remodeled.

One of these homes we worked on was owned by an eccentric couple. Looking at the photos around the house they were beatniks from 60’s and 70’s. I think he was a professor at a local college, and she was an artist. We were hired to remove and put-up new wallpaper in several rooms in the house and in the stairwell. It was an open stairwell that was about 20 feet high and some of the work was going to have to be done using scaffolding. We had just gotten to the house and were setting up the scaffolding to do some sanding work on the bare wall.

The wife, Mrs. Smith, walked by on the second floor and let us know she was going to take a shower. She was about five and a half feet tall with pixie cut brown hair. She wore large glasses and for a woman in her mid-50’s she looked good for her age. About 20 minutes later she came out of the shower, wearing only a towel wrapped around her she stopped at the top of the stairs, the bottom of the towel open just enough to almost expose her pussy to us. She let us know that if we needed ANYTHING that she would be in the bedroom. She walked away and we heard the door close. My friend looked at me and said “I’m not but if you want to I won’t blame you.”. I thank him for giving me the go ahead and I head up the stairs and to the bedroom.

I knocked on her door and she invited me in. She was sitting on her bed applying lotion to her legs.

“Can I help you Steve?”

“We were…you know… working on..” I stammered

“It’s OK, I don’t think we need the excuse why you knocked Steve” she said as she leaned back on her bed and let the towel drop. Her B cup tits had some sag but looked nice with small pick nipples. He pussy covered with a well-trimmed brown bush. “Why don’t you take that tool belt off and come here.”

I quickly drop my tool belt and take off my shirt. I start to walk over and realize I’m still wearing my boots and get them off quickly as well. I get on the bed, and she pushes me down, we kiss as she unbuttons and unzips my pants. She reaches in and grabs my hardening cock. She moans as she feels how thick I am. I kiss her neck as I get my hands on her tits, her little nipples already hard as I pinch them.

She moans more as I work my way down and start to suck and nibble on her nipples. She tells me I need to get my pants off. I get up from the bed and take my pants off. He eyes widen as she sees my cock spring from my pants. She smiles as she lays back and spreads her legs. I pull her to the edge of the bed and get on my knees, diving into her pussy. I lick my way around her lips, the trimmed hair tickles my nose as I work my tongue all around. Her fingers are in my hair as she moans and arches her back. I continue my work, enjoying the taste of her juice and the moans that she is making. After a few more minutes she wraps her legs around my neck, and I can feel her body tense up. I keep on licking and sucking on her clit as she cums on my face.

I let her recover for a moment, but I know I’ve got to get to work. I get up and my cock is ready to go. I stand at the edge of her bed and push my cock into her. Her pussy is tight and gripping me as my fat cock head pushes deep inside. I allow her a moment to adjust as she is stretching around my girth. I pull back and thrust hard into her. I continue to give her long slow hard strokes, she moans with every thrust. Her hips start to rise to meet me, I push her legs back to get more depth now. I start to moan with her as well. He pussy is just amazing, so wet and tight.

She tells me to lay down. I pull out and lay on the bed, she gets on top, positions herself over my cock and slides down my shaft. I watch her pussy take every bit of my cock. She grinds on my cock taking me deep as possible. Her head falls back, her eyes closed as she enjoys the feeling she is getting from me. I put my hands on her hips and start bucking my hips up into her, thrusting hard and deep. She falls forward and moans in my ear as cums again.

I push her off and tell her to bend over. I need to finish up and get back to work and doggie style always gets me to cum quick. I smack her ass as she presents her puffy red pussy. I push back into her as she drops her head, moaning how good my cock feels. I start to fuck her hard and fast. She is loving every stroke I give her. Very quickly I feel that familiar tingle, I’m almost ready to cum. I ask where she wants it. “Don’t you fucking stop, cum in me!” she moans. I get a few more thrusts in and finally I blast my load deep in her. I push as deep as I can as I feel ropes of jizz filling her.

I pull out finally and lay down for a moment. We kiss and she thanks me for a fun morning. I clean off and get back to work. My buddy looks at me as I come back to work. He just says “sounds like you had fun”. I just say yep and get back to work. We worked at that house for two weeks working in several room. Ms. Smith was very nice to me but that was the only time anything happened. I’m guessing it was a fantasy she had and decided to let it go. Either way I got paid well for the job and have a fun story to tell.

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