Cum Diet by JasonSensation

Hi, I’m Kate, definitely of legal age. My dad, Mike, raised me alone, giving us more freedoms than other families. I was adopted as he wanted to have a girl, but he had trouble dating. I was fed formula from a bottle, but since there was no natural breast, I had a hang up.

My dad was trying to get me to give up the bottle, I would cry, wanting a pacifier, at least. After a frustrating afternoon, and no pacifier to be found, my dad was unable to shake the idea of wanting his cock sucked, and I wanted to suck something. We could both relieve our tensions.

Mike: Sweety, you’ve got to stop crying. I know we can’t find your sucker, but I was thinking you could suck something else. I like it when I have my peepee sucked. Do you want to try it? Some big girls like it.

Kate: Your peepee? How would I do that?

Mike: Mine looks a little different than yours. Let me show you.

My dad undoes his pants and underwear, I was standing in front of him, my mouth was the same height with his growing peepee.

Kate: It looks funny. You said big girls like it? How do they do it?

Mike: They do it the same way you suck your pacifier, without touching their teeth.

Kate: That’s kind of hard, do they do it like this?

I place my hands on his butt, and catch his cock in my mouth, unsure of what to do I hold it there.

Kate: (mumbles) Like this?

Mike, unable to believe what he had just done, takes a deep breath, letting the pleasurable sensation ride over him.

Mike: Yeah, but go ahead and suck on it, like you would a bottle.

I create a vacuum around the outer 1/3 of his cock.

Kate: Oh, daddy its growing! Are you ok?

Mike: Yes, it feels good. It grows when it feels good.

Kate: Wow, you must feel really good! It’s gotten so big!

Mike starts to thrust his hips, getting his erect member deeper in my mouth, it touches the back of my throat and I pull back, coughing.

Mike: I’m sorry, it started feeling really good, I wanted to go a bit harder. Are you ok?

Kate: Yeah, I just wasn’t expecting that. Do you want to put it down my throat for a bit? I want to get more of it in.

Mike: Go as deep as you like.

I grab Mikes ass again and gag myself on his cock. It feels stuck, at the back of my mouth.

Mike: I’m gonna push it deeper, ok?

I just nod. It feels really tight and I can’t breathe. But the look on his face told me I should keep going.

He pulls back, then thrusts forward. Again and again. I remember him telling me to suck. So, I suck a little bit. He seems to like it. So, I suck a little harder.

Then I wonder what would happen if I sucked really hard. Mike grabbed my head and started thrusting, his pubes tickled my nose, shoving his cock down my tight throat. All the sudden my vagina had a sharp tingle, and I notice it getting damp. I continue to suck, and boy did it feel good. I hoped we could do this again.

Mike: I’m gonna let some stuff out. It’s not pee, but its nutritious, so I want you to swallow it. It’s called semen. It’s used to get girls pregnant, but you’re too young for that, and we have to use a different hole.

That was a lot to take in. I wondered what it looked like, and how it would taste. I would soon find out. My mouth was too busy to respond. I just did as he asked.

He thrusts his hips and his penis began twitching. I could feel his semen flood the back of my mouth. There was so much! I forgot to swallow, and it started flowing into my cheeks.

I had to squeeze my lips around his cock to prevent any from getting out. I started to swallow, giant mouthfuls of it at a time, but it kept filling back up. It tasted bitter, but also kind of sweet, somehow, I really liked it.

His cock was continuing to twitch, and I was becoming quite satisfied, the frustration of not being able to suck was dying down. My mouth still getting filled, I was to do nothing but swallow and swallow and swallow.

My belly was getting full, I felt like I did not need to eat for a long time. I felt my stomach expand. I thought I was getting fat. I thought it would be kind of fun to get fat off of this stuff. His penis quit twitching, and I continued to suck slowly.

Mike: Oh my god, you did it. You didn’t spill a single drop. That was really exciting!

Kate: I loved sucking your cock daddy. I hope we can do it again!

Mike: We can do this every day, maybe several times!

Kate: Yay! I was thinking I could just feed off of this stuff. You said it was nutritious, right?

Mikes cock twitched at the idea and started growing hard again.

Mike: I think we could make a few of your meals my semen.

Kate: Yay! Daddy! When do you think I could have some more?

Mike: How about right now? But you’ve got to work for it!

Kate: Anything, daddy. Clean the kitchen? Mop the floor?

Mike: Maybe some days you could do that. But what I want you to do is just suck. Suck the way you did today. That’s all I really want.

Kate: Suck? Suck like this?

I wrap my mouth around his hard cock and move my head back and forth.

Mike: Keep your mouth around it. I’m going to pick you up and give you some kisses of my own.

I wonder what he meant. Then he picked me up and spun me around. My skirt flew down towards my head, he held me with one arm, and removed my panties with the other.

Blood was rushing to my head, and I felt dizzy. Then I felt some wetness around my vagina, and something slimy was touching it! I kicked.

I couldn’t believe it, he was licking me, I was so shocked, why would he do this? Then I felt it. The wave of pleasure coming over me, I was aching for more, I wanted to burry my pussy down on his tongue.

I was sucking harder and faster. I knew what it felt like for him, I was doing to him what I wanted for myself. He started getting into it.

He buried his tongue in my pussy, and my spine went erect. I never knew something could feel this good.

Then I felt something about to happen, like a sneeze, but down there. And it felt really good; it was getting better and better!

I was squeezing my legs on my daddy’s head, wrapping my heels around him and pulling him tighter towards me.

Taking the initiative, he puts his middle finger in me, and rubs my insides. Then his cock pulses, semen filling my mouth.

I was already making the sucking motion, and it went down immediately. My head becomes ice cold for a moment, and a shock went through my body.

My pussy started to twitch in pleasure. It felt sooo good. My dad started sucking all over my peepee, and it felt like he was swallowing.

I finish the semen in my mouth, then slap my dad’s leg repeatedly. He lets me down. My stomach was sticking out even more, I thought I was going to throw up!

I liked the feeling of my tiny skirt and no underwear. The air tickled me down there. I gave my dad a last little suck on his cock, as there was a drop left.

Mike: Did you like that?

Kate: I loved it daddy. I really liked it when you put your finger in me.

Mike: Yeah, I was touching your g-spot, it should have felt really good.

Kate: Thank you daddy, I can’t wait until next time. I want to go play now.

Mike: Ok, I’m going to go play video games in the other room.

After a few minutes of playing, I was unable to get the thoughts of our afternoon out of my mind. I walk on over to see what my dad was playing.

Some war game. He was still in his boxers. I walk in front of him and kneel down. I reach into the hole in his underwear and pull out his penis and place my mouth around it.

It was soft, but I still liked it. My dad did not say anything, he looked down and smiled, and continued to play his game.

Sucking on his cock, got my pussy tingling again. I began to finger myself, but it didn’t feel the same.

Still, it felt good, and I was able to have another pleasurable experience. I squeaked a little as I came, and my dad’s cock was getting hard again.

I wanted to have another orgasm like before, but I didn’t want to disrupt his game. I took his cock out of my mouth, got up, and carefully sat on his lap.

Careful not to obstruct his view or damage his penis. I felt his hot shaft on my lower back, on the inside of my skirt, riding along my tiny ass.

He reclines a bit, and I fall on top of him pressing down on his cock. It started pressing back against me, and I wanted to set it free, so I got up a little and let his cock sit between my legs.

It looked like I had a penis. I began grabbing it, rubbing it, and playing with it. Then I thought it would be funny if I sucked it, like I was sucking myself! I gave it a few bobs, but remembered my real goal, to cum like I did before.

I bet if we put our peepees together, we could both feel good. I began rubbing my pussy against his cock, getting the top of his shaft wet.

I lean forward and gyrate my hips, it presses against my pussy, and feels really good. Then I slide forward even more, and just before his penis springs back up, I grab it and sit back, the head of his penis right at my vaginal opening.

I start working it, moving my hips back and forth, trying to get the head in. My dad quits the game and starts thrusting his hips a little, to help guide it deeper.

He stands me straight up, with his cock right below me, still touching. I try balancing myself on it, trying to go deeper, but it’s too tight.

We keep working at it like this for several minutes. I look down and see a good portion has disappeared.

Then he holds my waste and pulls back, his cock scraping the walls of my pussy. Then he lets go, and I plunge down on it, his cock smacks the back of my pussy.

I yell in pain, but I quickly recover. It suddenly feels really wet, but his cock plugs me and nothing leaks out. He pulls out a little and starts thrusting again. I was shaking.

The sensation was too much for me. I start squeaking over every little discomfort. I felt his head grow inside of me and touch the deepest part of my pussy.

He starts fucking me, mainly for his own pleasure, but careful not to hurt me. I feel my pussy tingle again as it starts to feel good. I realize he is applying pressure to the same area he did last time.

My g-spot was being tantalized in a much more intense fashion. Then I felt something different on my g-spot, something moving quickly inside from the base of his dick to the tip.

It swelled up really big and knew a massive amount of semen was traveling through it and would soon me inside me.

Then a hot splash hits me as deep as possible, the pressure was pushing my pussy in all directions.

Half of his cock was still outside of me, and I could see his urethra expanding and contracting, swelling up really big, then travel up.

I needed to cum right then. I start bouncing on his cock, moving my hips forward to massage my g-spot. It was getting really hot, then even hotter.

Pleasure took me again in just the way I craved. I felt my pussy twitch for so long, I thought something was wrong.

Mikes cock clearly like my twitches and continued to spasm. Together we convulsed over and over. He would pulse slower than me, but more powerfully, and I felt like I was having a seizure.

The moment lasted for about thirty seconds, I was wondering when it would stop, then I thought several times, it wasn’t going to stop.

We rest, then after a few minutes, I stand up, my pussy still giving a few twitches every now and again. Completely sore but satisfied. Blood and cum drip out of me.

Kate: Wow, I’m bleeding. I’ll clean it later.

Mike: I’ll help you.

I fall on my dad’s chest and pass out. He does the same.

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