Cuckold fantasies

I got home from work and Sam, my girlfriend, was still out. She told me she was bringing her ex home tonight for dinner. She had been needing him at his place a couple times a week for the last few months, but he still lived with his mom, and she wanted him to come over to our home, where she could be a bit more wild. He was probably reluctant to come over to my house, where Sam and I live, but she must up have finally convinced him that I was fully under her control.

I started dinner like she wanted, and set the table for three. I heard the front door open, and went over to say hello, otherwise I’d be in trouble. Sam introduced me and Tom, and I shook his hand, I tried to look him in his eyes, but immediately looked away. I felt really ashamed and embarrassed, after all he’d be fucking my girlfriend in my bed tonigh, and I had just made him dinner.

They sat at the table, I brought over the pasta, and served them, then sat down and kept quiet. They talked and laughed he became more comfortable once he realized I wasn’t going to cause any trouble. After dinner, they went to the living room with their drinks, and I started to clean up.

As I was doing the dishes I could hear Tom making sounds, and saying that feels good. Sam is going down on him. Then Sam called out, Babe, babe can you come here. I went to the living room, to see Sam topless, and Tom pant less. Yes honey, I said.i couldn’t look at him, and was just looking at Sam and her breasts. They both got completely naked, and she was going to reverse ride his cock. She told me to come kneel in front of them and watch him fuck her pussy.

I did as I was told, I watched my love fucking some kid that lives with his mom. She moaned, told him how big he was. All I could hear was her saying you’re so big, fuck me, you like that. He shot his cum into her pussy, she fucked him bareback and let him cum inside her. My cock was heard, my heart racing, but I also felt so awkward.

She climbed off of him and sat next to him with her legs spread, I knew what was coming, I would have to eat this guys cum out of Sam’s pussy. She said, clean me up. I got closer, still on the floor, I began by kissing her inner thighs, and then licking the juices that were there, before going and licking her pussy, getting a good amount of cum. Tom watched, and then said he’s good at that. She said, he’ll do you too, and told me to be nice to her friend. I felt sick, I looked over and saw his cock erect and still covered in his and her cum and juices. I licked him clean, and gave him a bj, I moaned in pleasure, called him daddy, and complemented how big he was. Sam then took him to our bedroom to spend all night fucking him. Leaving me on the couch, feeling sad, ashamed, horny and excited all at the same time.

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